The Last Messenger of Zitol

The Last Messenger of Zitol Taken captive to the magnificent kingdom of Zitol an ancient American city with a passion for food gold and human sacrifice Rishi is forced to decide between betraying her virtue or being sacrific

  • Title: The Last Messenger of Zitol
  • Author: Chelsea Dyreng
  • ISBN: 9781462118960
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
  • Taken captive to the magnificent kingdom of Zitol, an ancient American city with a passion for food, gold, and human sacrifice, Rishi is forced to decide between betraying her virtue or being sacrificed to the city s pagan gods.

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      Chelsea Dyreng Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Last Messenger of Zitol book, this is one of the most wanted Chelsea Dyreng author readers around the world.

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    1. This book is about Rishi who gets taken captive to the great city of Zitol, about which her grandfather used to tell her fantastic stories. Rishi gets chosen as the Messenger, which means she'll be sacrificed to the gods in a year. Her future seems really bleak until she meets Nadal, who is supposed to be the king of Zitol but is being shoved aside by the awful SpeakersThis was a rather unique story. I honestly haven't read anything quite like it. Although it was written in the point of view of [...]

    2. I received an advanced reader's copy of this book. I haven't read the author's debut, The Cenote, although after having read this one, I may. Her style is similar to that of Shannon Hale, very thoughtful while emphasizing deep and layered character development. The author's choice of setting is perhaps my favorite aspect of the story. I've been to ancient Mayan ruins and was intrigued by their brutal games and ancient symbols. I can tell that Dyreng has researched the Mayans extensively and it f [...]

    3. This is a breathtakingly beautiful book! I was completely enveloped in the setting--the sights, smells, and tastes. (I want a tortilla smothered in meat and avocadow!) I just adored Rishi from the very beginning. I love her courage and spirit and passion for truth. I was hooked from the first sentence and read the first page twice before I continued because it was SO good! It just got better from there. There are deep, and sometimes hard, issues dealt with in this book, and Chelsea Dyreng handle [...]

    4. The story is told by Nadal (The future king of Zitol). He starts off telling you that this book was written by him. He is conceited and self absorbed. He tells you about Rishi and that she is pure and nothing like him and that she has to die. Well that got my attention! But as the book goes on, he starts to grow on you. He has his own opinions on his future kingdom. But the Speakers have changed the way things are done over time and they basically run things and Nadal realizes that he is only a [...]

    5. 4.5 StarsSteeped in an ancient culture, THE LAST MESSENGER OF ZITÓL will take readers on a journey of danger and romance they won't soon forget. It's a story full of heartbreak, a people bent on violence, family and friendship, and a budding romance. Perfect for readers who enjoyed THE CENOTE or books with adventure, sacrifice, and love.One thing that strikes me about both of this author's books is how powerful they are and how she doesn't sugar-coat anything. This story was blunt and strong an [...]

    6. ***4.5 stars***This book was not what I expected. That is a compliment to Chelsea Dyreng. She has once again surprised me with her writing and story.Rishi is a young woman living an idealistic life on her island home with her family. She has everything she needs and wants, except an adventure to Zitol. She listens to her Grandfather's stories about the city and imagines it to be a wonderful place. She quickly learns the truth when she is kidnapped from her home and taken to the city. It is not a [...]

    7. I loved the author's first book, "The Cenote," so I was excited for this book! Rishi lives on an island and loves hearing her grandfather's stories about Zitol. When she is a teenager, a tragedy occurs on her island and she and four other girls are kidnapped. They are scared and do what they can to survive. When they get to their destination, they learn the horrible truth of why they were kidnapped and Rishi once again fights to survive.I'm glad to say that I loved this book, too! Rishi's life o [...]

    8. The world needs more girls like Rishi! I love a strong female character. And I love a book with substance and a powerful message.I smiled at the clever way Dyreng addressed important themes through Rishi's journey. Through her story, Rishi debunked several accepted traditions of Zitol, and reminded all of us the lies we are fed through pop culture and media such as: "There is only one way to get the attention of a man. You must be passionate, imploring, seductive." Or, "Let your instincts make y [...]

    9. I neglected all cleaning and chores Saturday so I could finish reading Chelsea Dyreng’s The Last Messenger of Zitol. My bed wasn’t made, there were toys all over the floor, and I didn’t go grocery shopping, but I didn’t regret it. My couch hadn’t felt so comfortable and exciting in quite some time.Chelsea is someone I know personally, and she is my friend, but I would never give an embellished book review, even for a friend. I will honestly say that I loved this book. It took me a litt [...]

    10. All I can say after reading The Last Messenger of Zitol is WOW! Chelsea creates such a vivid description of a time, place, and culture that is foreign to me. She has a knack for drawing the reader so far into the world she's created that we can feel the sea spray on our faces and taste the juicy sweetness of the indigenous fruits. And when Rishi is languishing in the tower, waiting to die, we feel her hunger.Chelsea expertly weaves underlying messages throughout the story, like hidden gems among [...]

    11. This book is amazing! I loved reading every bit of it. I loved the characters, the plot, the setting. Every bit of it really sucked me in and made me want to continue reading until the very endbut I'm getting ahead of myself.I loved the way that at the beginning of the book, it's narrated by a character that we haven't met yet, so we don't know who it is. I haven't seen a book done quite this way before this one and it made it super fun.I liked all of the villagers on Rishi's island. I love the [...]

    12. This was a fantastic read. The narrator, the selfish young king, is witty and a joy to read. He pulled me along so easily through this story, and when it finished, I almost wanted to cry because I didn’t want it to end. Rishi is a young girl with three mischievous older brothers who kind of torture her in her youth. They grow up on an island, learning stories about the great city of Zitol from her grandfather. When Rishi is a teenager, a tragedy happens to the people on her island and she is s [...]

    13. This is the second book from a wonderful author! Rishi is raised on an island, where virtue is taught and held sacred. When she is a teenager, her island is attacked and all of the virgins are kidnapped and taken to the big city of Zitol. In Zitol she is chosen to be the virgin they will sacrifice to their gods.This book is a fabulous read for teenage girls! Rishi is a strong example of having moral courage, even in the face of death!Chelsea Dyreng has a gift of creating fabulous characters in u [...]

    14. I really enjoyed the authors first book, The Cenote, so I jumped at the chance to read an advanced copy of this new book. I read it out loud to my teenage daughter while she was on the couch recovering from surgery and I will always look back on this time as a magical time where we were both transported to a different time and world.Chelsea is a gifted storyteller and her books have been page tuners for me. This book is about a teenage girl who is kidnapped by dogmen because of her virtue. She i [...]

    15. I enjoyed reading this story and especially liked Rishi and her brothers. It was cool to read a story that placed a lot of emphasis and value on sexual purity because that's not something you often see. It might make for a difficult read for someone with an abuse history or shame issues because of some of the content in the tale. One girl is raped during the story, though it's not graphically described.I liked the messages about sacrifice and love and felt like they were well-integrated into the [...]

    16. I received a digital copy of The Last Messenger Of Zitól from Cedar Fort Publishing in exchange for my honest review.I loved this book! From the concept to the characters to the theme to the climax all the way to the end. I loved Rishi’s pure nature and how her example and teachings transformed Nadal and helped him to change for the better. How they learned to sacrifice their desires and gain self-control was a very powerful message. This book made my heart glow near the end.To see more of my [...]

    17. Waiting is so hard! I started writing Rishi's story SIX YEARS AGO and I am so excited for this book to finally make its debut. Rishi's story is about courage, determination and sacrificing all for life's greatest prize: Real Love. This is the book I would have ached for as a young woman, and I know that there are many determined young women and men who will find Rishi to be a fellow ally in their search for what matters most. I can't wait for you to read this book!

    18. My endorsement:A natural storyteller, Chelsea Dyreng has crafted an ancient adventure that readers will love! Written from multiple viewpoints, Chelsea has a unique way of writing that brings her characters and their stories to life the moment you turn the first page. I could not put this novel down!An ARC of the book was provided by the author.

    19. This is a win review. This is a really good book about Rishi and she gets kidnapped and taken to Zitol and she might get sacrificed to appease the Gods. She decides to make friends with The selfish King to try and stay alive. The book has an ancient theme to it.

    20. loved this book! it was nothing like I had expected it to be. Read my full review on my blog! bondingoverbindings.c

    21. Once I got into this book I couldn't put it down. The only issue I had was that I'm not a huge fan of first person narratives so I had to get past that. The characters were amazing and well developed. It was a completely unexpected book for me and I found myself surprised by the twists and turns the story took. Towards the end you could definitely tell that it was written by an LDS author but it was still incredible. Definitely will read again one day.

    22. This book is fabulous! It is inspiring, joyful and light despite the fact that there is murder and mayhem in it. I came away from this book with a light heart and smile on my face. I am more enchanted with the world and the goodness that resides within people because of what Rishi experienced within this book. Thank you!

    23. 3.5 stars. It was a 4 star book until the ending when it became unbelievable and a bit too cliche. At times I felt it was also a little slow and quite predictable (you know she's not going to die), but I still really enjoyed the book. I like that virtue is celebrated and goodness is praised.

    24. I love it when I assume a story will go in one direction from reading the summary and I'm totally off about it. The Last Messenger of Zitol by Chelsea Dyreng is such a story. This YA historical fiction began with a type of note from a person who was not the main character and we learn from him, a royal named Nadal, about how the story came about. His voice told me enough to keep my interest. Okay, I'll admit it, Nadal fascinated me. And then I met Rishi, a virtuous, strong young woman who is sou [...]

    25. This was an enjoyable read with a great message. I'm hoping that both of my daughters read this so I can discuss it with them, and so they can learn some valuable lessons that are taught in the story. This is definitely a young adult read, so a few things were obvious to the adult reader (For a more adult read I highly recommend Dyreng's debut novel "The Cenote"!), but I still loved reading this and was very anxious to see how the story would end. I loved the cultural references and could tell t [...]

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