Careful of the Company You Keep

Careful of the Company You Keep After finding her husband cheating Renee returns to her hometown to start again But she is looking for love in all the wrong places Danielle has a great career as a nurse but her personal life is a

  • Title: Careful of the Company You Keep
  • Author: Angie Daniels
  • ISBN: 9780758217479
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • After finding her husband cheating, Renee returns to her hometown to start again But she is looking for love in all the wrong places Danielle has a great career as a nurse, but her personal life is a mess She enlists Renee to test the loyalty of her man, but when the seduction goes too far their friendship could be in jeopardy.

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    About "Angie Daniels"

    1. Angie Daniels

      Angie Daniels grew up on the South side of Chicago, Illinois At a very early age, she spent nights creating soap operas with her younger sister until the two drifted off to sleep Never did she realize that her longtime dream to become a published author would someday become a reality In 1999 Angie decided it was finally time to return to her love of writing She took a year off to write her first book Intimate Intentions, which started off as a simple romance novel and later escalated into 542 pages of romantic suspense After two submissions, Angie was offered a four book contract with Genesis Press and her first book was released in 2001 In 2003, she also signed with BET Arabesque, and Kensington s Dafina imprint in 2004 In 2006, she added Parker Publishing, Aphrodisia and Harlequin Kimani Romance to her list In 2010 she will release her twentieth novel Angie currently resides in Missouri.

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    1. Readers this was an amazing story full of DRAMA, challenges, courage and lots of sex scenes. This book is about the struggles that these four friends share Kayla, Renee, Danielle, Nadine. Renee and Danielle are thick as thieves and will do anything and I do mean anything for each other. It's drama right from the beginning to the end. I was laughing out loud reading some of the scenes and at the end you will be crying. I was really hurt at the end by what happen to Renee some may think she deserv [...]

    2. I have to say the book was pretty entertaining. It is about four friends, but really focuses on two Renee and Danielle. I just really could not believe grown women with teenage children could behave the way these woman carried on. A lot of their behavior was extremely childish, and just plain stupid at times. Now if these characters were 18-24 then maybe I could see it, but women in their late thirties to mid forties I just don't buy it. As I was reading some of the scenes I just really couldn't [...]

    3. Careful of the Company You Keep was full of "girlfriend" jaw dropping drama! I hate to read predictable books and this novel was nowhere near predictable. I enjoyed every minute of it. I was a little disappointed by the ending but it didn't take away from the story. Loved it!

    4. This book was good from the first page. I couldn't put it down. This book was unpredictable and it keep me on the edge if my seat.

    5. CAREFUL OF THE COMPANY YOU KEEP by Angie Daniels was a quick read. I have always been told that age doesn't always give you wisdom. When reading about the girlfriendsDanielle, Renee, Kayla and NadineI was reminded of that. Their livesups and downsr ended. It takes all kinda of people to contribute to a sisterhood circle. Nevertheless, I believe they all lacked in the area of substance. (not meaning to throw shade).Is ongoing chaos and confusion normal? Is sleeping around a norm for women in thei [...]

    6. Originally, I wanted to give this book 3 stars but the end of the book made me change that to 4 stars. This is my rationale: In the 300 pages prior to the last 80 pages, all of the adult characters really pissed me off. Everyone was being so childish and uber selfish! They acted like they cared about their children but all of their actions showed that it was all about themselves and not about the children. I felt bad for those children because none of their parents were good role models at all. [...]

    7. So ashamed to admit I read this and if I didn't have a book goal to finish before the end of the year this would be one of the ones I would quickly take back to the library LOL!! The writing was poor and I became tired of reading the word "damn" before a male character would say anything, ie "Damn, you're sexy. Damn, you look good, Damn, can I get at you She did capture me with the cliffhangers at the end of every chapter. The only thing that kept me reading was I wanted to see what the male cha [...]

    8. I was not feeling this book at all. It seemed like from the first page she was trying to go for shock value rather than tell a story or prove a point. I did finish reading the book, why, I don't know. but I did. I can't say that I enjoyed it. It was just a series of having sex with men and getting together with their girlfriends. The back of the book suggests it is going to be about the rift between Renee and Danielle coming in between Kayla's wedding. It was not about that at all, it also sugge [...]

    9. I Think that this book is great. It had a lot of action in it. The two main characters Renee and Danielle have a lot in common and a lot of conflict. They both have trouble with their love and sex life. Renee is a player, she doesn't trust anyone. and she has sex with everyone. This results in her and her friend getting into a big fight and not talking. Danielle is stuck on stupid and grow up and find a real man that will always be there for her. instead of looking for the best she goes for youn [...]

    10. This is my first time writing a review, so I really don't want to write much. However; I will write, this is a very good book. I was anxious to know what would happen next. With every sentence read, I was curious to know what would happen next. Although I guessed what may happen next sometimes, it didn't ruin the read. This book made me laugh out loud, sit up as if I were watching a movie and feel sadness for some of the characters at times. It also allowed me to remember certain feelings and em [...]

    11. Drama, drama, drama from page one. This book was definitely interesting and gave our book club something to talk about. The women's lives were filled with drama and a lot of issues that come along with life in general. Yet, these women could only focus on sex. They appeared to think of nothing else, and the characters' conflict centered around whether or not to engage in sex with a variety of men. The unfortunate part is that they seldom used protection, which lead to dramatic problems for the c [...]

    12. A cautionary tale filled with drama and entertainment, as well as scenes that are sometimes explicit and oftentimes dragged out longer than necessary to drive its point home. The ending was a bit abrupt; few elements were unexpected while some were a bit predictable; however, the author has a style of writing that kept me turning the page from beginning to end.

    13. I enjoyed this book. For some reason I read Book #2 first: Trouble Loves Company. It was so good I read it on a Sunday the whole thing. Then went online to see if there was a sequel only to learn I was reading it. In the Company of My Sistah's, Trouble Loves Company and Careful of the Company You Keep. I read them all and you should too.

    14. OMG!! This is a must read. This story is one that every woman that is currently dating needs to read. The ending will shock you. They are right you should be careful of the company that you keep all the time. Sometimes we tend to forget this but this book will remind you of why it is so important to be careful of the company you keep.

    15. This book was crazy good I could not believe the things that was going on my cover was different but I would love to read more of her books so yes yes yes this book was almost as good as Carl weber book I loved it

    16. All I can say is Wow One friend got HIV from former lover he gave it to her purposely One friend got married and the other was shoot do to mistaken identity

    17. good book. each lady had issues they were dealing with. was surprised at the ending. lots of sexual overtones surprise that two of the ladies did not practice safe sex. lots of drama

    18. Couldn't put it downI highly recommend this book. It's fast moving, several good stories that tie together. Reminds the read about true friendship.

    19. I have not read a book quite this graphic in a whole. It was needed to illustrate the importance of the company you keep.

    20. All I will say is read the 12st paragraph of the book, read it and then get back to meWorth the time, and you'll enjoy it from cover to cover, and Beware of the company you keep!

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