The Roundabout

The Roundabout Megan Phenix and her sister Nancy own a popular bar and grill in gay friendly Eureka Springs Following two failed relationships Megan has sworn off women but that seems to have only increased her ap

  • Title: The Roundabout
  • Author: Gerri Hill
  • ISBN: 9781594935206
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • Megan Phenix and her sister Nancy own a popular bar and grill in gay friendly Eureka Springs Following two failed relationships, Megan has sworn off women, but that seems to have only increased her appeal to single lesbians in town Labeled as playing hard to get , she finds that some will go to any lengths to snag a date with her Megan soon finds she s the source of amMegan Phenix and her sister Nancy own a popular bar and grill in gay friendly Eureka Springs Following two failed relationships, Megan has sworn off women, but that seems to have only increased her appeal to single lesbians in town Labeled as playing hard to get , she finds that some will go to any lengths to snag a date with her Megan soon finds she s the source of amusement for everyone, including her sister, as a partial photo of her appears on Facebook The town s resident nympho threatens to reveal the nude photo piece by piece unless Megan agrees to a date If only she were seeing someone maybe the women would leave her in peace.Leah Rollins thought fifty was too young to retire, so instead, she plans to open a store in the touristy shopping district of Eureka Springs Leah quickly learns that sisters Nancy and Megan Phenix are polar opposites one pleasant and friendly and one decidedly on the grumpy side as she and Megan spar over parking spaces and anything else they can find to argue about When Leah catches the attention of the multitude of single lesbians in town, including Nancy, she searches for a way out Could the grumpy grill owner next door be the answer to her problems Megan and Leah strike an unlikely alliance and conspire to rid themselves of the unwanted attention by fake dating Can they pull it off As they pretend to date and convince everyone in town that they really are a couple, the pretense becomes harder to hold on to But there s just one problem they don t really like each other.Or do they

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      Gerri began writing lesbian romance as a way to amuse herself while snowed in one winter in the mountains of Colorado, and hasn t looked back Her first published work came in 2000 with One Summer Night Many romances have followed, with the occasional murder mystery in the mix.Gerri s love of nature and of being outdoors usually makes its way into her stories as her characters often find themselves in beautiful natural settings When she isn t writing, Gerri and her longtime partner, Diane, can be found at their home in East Texas, where their vegetable garden, orchard, and five acres of woods keep them busy They share their lives with an ever changing cast of furry friends.Her favorite pastimes include camping, hiking, birdwatching though she insists she doesn t wear funny hats yet , photography, and cooking She collects things nature offers, like an unusual pinecone, colorful rocks, or an abandoned bird feather Dawn is her favorite time of day, the moment right before sunrise from the author s website

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    1. I’ve been waiting for Jae’s “Something in the Wine” to come out on Audiobook for awhile now, and I was intrigued at the very similar plot of Gerri Hill’s “The Roundabout”. Two people fake dating to get others off their back…what could go wrong? Or right?As usual, Gerri Hill’s writing style and dialogue is enjoyable. The MCs aren’t particularly amazing or memorable, but I like them well enough. The narrator did a fine job. All in all, I would normally flesh out this review a b [...]

    2. The Roundabout by Gerri Hill is what I would call a sweet romance. There really isn’t a lot of heat/ I want to ravish your body moments, and there isn’t any angst to dial up the tension. No, it’s just a cute story with some aww moments along the way.Megan Phenix is thirty-nine and has sworn off dating forever. After two monumental strikeouts in the love department, she has decided that relationships are not worth the hassle and heartbreak. To make matters worse, Megan is the hottest commod [...]

    3. I'm going to be the stick in the mud who says that a story in which a whole town thinks it's funny for a woman to have been stripped naked while blackout drunk, photographed, threatened with exposure, and incrementally put on display on social media doesn't make for the lighthearted romantic romp this attempts to be.

    4. This was such a fun story with a cast of hilarious women and funny antics. Megan and Leah were perfect together and all the crazy goings on on Facebook kept me smiling. So if you're looking for a good laugh and a sweet crazy romance than this would be just the story to read.

    5. So, this is a difficult book to review because so much of the plot revolves around the victimization of one of the main characters by a sexual predator. But that victim, Megan, is a vibrant character, full of life and spirit.Now a book about a sexual predator and her victim would be fine, these things do happen in life, the problem with this novel is that this is meant to be a light hearted romance and the author seems wholly unaware of what she's written.************Spoilers Ahead, proceed with [...]

    6. What a fun reading!!! I had a really good time reading this book. Even at times I thought this was a Robin Alexander's book, of which I am an unconditional fan!!! The characters are very funny, the dialogues and the situations have made me lol. And the romantic story has also seemed very good to me. I highly recommend reading this book.

    7. Like all Gerri Hill stand alone romances, I went into The Roundabout with mid-range hopes. Her books are never really stellar but they're almost always enjoyable in a light, easy read with moderately engaging characters who I want to see succeed and be happy.Unfortunately, this one didn't meet my expectations. The book was shortish but still felt bloated with lots of repeated words and basic information. It could have been tightened up quite a bit to make it move along at a better pace but, as i [...]

    8. 3.5 starsI read this in just a few hours while I was on a plane. It was cute enough, and certainly provided enough entertainment to break up the mind numbing monotony of flying through the air in a metal tube, but I found myself a little disappointed at the end. There wasn't a whole lot of substance to this. It's a fake dating plot! There are so many opportunities for shenanigans! Sadly, most of those opportunities slipped by. There were also a few problematic points, in my mind. The scenario th [...]

    9. This isn’t my normal type of review – and there’s a spoiler about the storyline, so be warned.On the one hand this is a lighthearted enjoyable read about slightly older women in a small town searching for love. Its starts with a bunch of single friends and through a series of sometimes funny and sometime poignant happenings we get to the expected happy ever after. It's full of humour and the main relationship is delightful to watch.As with all Gerri Hill’s books its well written and craf [...]

    10. Got the audio version of this book. Fun book. Great dialog, the bickering and banter had me laughing out loud. The love story was a slow build and worth it. The narrator was really good.

    11. This was sort of a dumb gay harlequin-type predictable romance but an easy entertaining read for a lazy summer afternoon.

    12. >:(I am so mad. This book would have been so good! I love the fake-dating and enemies-to-lovers tropes, and there was even a romantic scene at the end that took place during a power outage! I love this stuff! HOWEVERI can't get past the awful conflict that drives the story forward. Main character Megan, at her birthday party, gets blackout drunk after receiving a voicemail from a nasty ex. After Megan passes out, her sister and friends abandon her, leaving her alone with the woman hosting the [...]

    13. "Laugh out loud funny"Listened to on Audible. Review written there: If you could sum up The Roundabout in three words, what would they be?Curmudgeon finds loveWho was your favorite character and why?Megan. She's cranky in the sweetest and funniest of ways. It's great fun to watch as Leah eventually (and kind of easily) slides past her defenses.What about Nicol Zanzarella’s performance did you like?All of it. She is great with all the characters and delivers a smooth and enjoyable performance.W [...]

    14. While you may commend the writer for writing a lesbian love story with older women as main character, it would have been better if they were not acting (the "couple" and almost all the town) as teens, not in the hormonal term which could have been sweet, but as those angsty-social-network-afficianado which has become the norm lately.I know it's harsh but that book was part-sad, part-boring.

    15. This was really a nice read!! I loved Leah so much!! And then Megan too. Mary B was so annoying if I was Megan, I would have sued her!! Leah is my favourite character from this book. I hope i be like when I grow up (still enjoying life)

    16. An excellent well written bookI very much enjoyed this book I had difficulty taking breaks , this is the first book I have read by this author, but it won't bethe last!

    17. Loved itGreat story line, sizzling chemistry and good humour, will definitely be a story I will read again. Thank you Gerri, again.

    18. Good bookI love Gerri Hill's writing, her books make me want to read more of her stuff. The characters in her books are like people we know and their situations are similar.

    19. feisty! the hazards of a small town never sounded so good! Definitely a good giggle throughout. LOVE Gerri Hill's characters in this dream town!

    20. Lite, enjoyable, just what I needed after Beartown. Don't get me wrong Beartown is a great book but not lite and not easy.

    21. Another excellent read from Gerri. From the beginning I could tell, this will be funny book that will make it hard for me to do anything but read.d so I did.

    22. This book is wrong. The facebook escapade was beyond disgusting. The only sane person is the MC. Even her fake girlfriend laugh about something that should be outrageous. At the end everything goes all peace&love, when the right course of events should have been with someone in jail or with a restraining order. And don’t get me started with the sister Thank god I’m an only child

    23. This novel, while entertaining and funny, was not one of my favorites by Ms Hill. Where normally there would be romance and pent up sexual tension, there was none. (At least until the last three chapters). I wouldn't say that the book was not enjoyable, it was. It was just not up to the usual standards that I have come to expect from this most excellent author.

    24. I wanted to read a lesbian romance. I wanted it to be a Gerri Hill lesbian romance. This was one of the only ones left I had yet to read. This is my least-favorite Gerri Hill book I've read. I just fell flat. It wasn't as good as her other stuff. I didn't feel like there was enough conflict for the characters. They didn't earn it, like I have come to expect in her other books. I know they can't all be Gulf Breeze or Snow Falls or Gathering Blue, and that's ok.

    25. This is my first ever time reading an actual published, actually focused on romance, lesbian romance book (instead of just fanfic, or angsty "gay" lit that isn't romantic and isn't happy). I have read *so* many heterosexual romances, so I was really keen to see how a lesbian one compared. They're not that different, though there was less emphasis on what their bodies looked like, less flowery language, and thankfully no "ANY WOMAN WOULD BE ATTRACTED TO THAT."I'm an absolute sucker for "has to pr [...]

    26. I found it a silly story. The name was really fitting, so the writer shouldn't have spelled it out in detail or force it to mention the title/word roundabout Nearing the end of the book. I found the roundabout way of story telling and the way everything progressed rather tedious. Since i finished it, i'll give it a 3 star (2,5) It's definitely not up to par with this author's other books, and also not with the expectations raised by the synopsis.

    27. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.Laughter and romance is the theme of this storyline. I was flying through the pages, truly engaged with the quirky characters and their story.

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