Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1

Wonder Woman Rebirth After suffering an unimaginable loss Wonder Woman must rebuild her mission as Earth s ultimate protector and championN T MISS NEW YORK TIMES best selling writer Greg Rucka returns to Wonder Woman wit

  • Title: Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1
  • Author: Greg Rucka Liam Sharp Stanley Lau Paulo Siqueira Matthew Clark
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After suffering an unimaginable loss, Wonder Woman must rebuild her mission as Earth s ultimate protector and championN T MISS NEW YORK TIMES best selling writer Greg Rucka returns to Wonder Woman with a tale that will forever alter the DC icon.

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      260 Greg Rucka Liam Sharp Stanley Lau Paulo Siqueira Matthew Clark
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    1. Greg Rucka Liam Sharp Stanley Lau Paulo Siqueira Matthew Clark

      Greg Rucka, is an American comic book writer and novelist, known for his work on such comics as Action Comics, Batwoman Detective Comics, and the miniseries Superman World of New Krypton for DC Comics, and for novels such as his Queen Country series.

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    1. The story keeps changingOk, so love it or hate it, at least this Rebirth issue had something to do withwell, Rebirth.Diana is suddenly overcome with the feeling that nothing is what it seems, starts to remember stuff n' things, and begins to question her many origin stories. This one basically takes you through WW's originalish origin story, and the New 52's origin story, so you can see how both stack up. She is, of course, questioning which (if either) is real, and why she's just now rememberin [...]

    2. It was a very interesting start of a new take on Wonder Woman. The art was really good and I like what they're doing with the character.I have to continue reading to see where this new path takes Diana.

    3. Alright, time to jump in for some more Rebirth and see what shenanigans DC are up to this week! Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 literally starts with Diana being reborn over and over again which is kinda amusing. THE STORY KEEPS CHANGING says Diana (and DC Fans the world over) - and we’re off!Greg Rucka begins his run by drawing a firm line under what went before. Is Diana Ares, the God of War? Nuh-uh! How about her New 52 outfit? So over! Because you know, what better way to start than by flipping of [...]

    4. I've not read much Wonder Woman, i know it's shocking i'm working on it. I thought this was pretty decent, Diana is trying to figure out what her true origin is, she remembers about 50 different versions of her life going on at once, and i'm just as confused as she is, but i'm intrigued to see where this one goes.

    5. Artistically unremarkable and narratively a little opaque. Perhaps the only Rebirth book that requires you read Justice League #50 first. Would have liked a little more about the emotional fallout of Clark's death rather than a reiteration of the Jason tease without any forward movement, but oh well. Definitely didn't convince me to pick up the new series.

    6. Greg Rucka is probably the best writer of all time for Wonder Woman because of his 2002-2006 run. This one was just kinda boring though. Maybe I am being unfair, it is only 1 issue after all and I did like the art. Although I have hope for the future of this series, this one just didn't really wow me.

    7. Received in a Comixology bundle that came with my advanced ticket for Wonder Woman This was a great addition to the bundle. I like Rucka's work with Wonder Woman so far and I need to read more of it. This one issue explored a lot of her differing origin stories. It also adds a dimension of depth to her that hasn't always been there (something that became evident when I read Sensation Comics #1 by William Moulton Marston). The other issues in the bundle did touch on some of her depth as a charact [...]

    8. Okay, after reading this issue, I am pumped for Rucka's Wonder Woman run!This was a really interesting issue for me to read. I'm pretty familiar with with Preboot Wonder Woman--her origin, her personality, etc, but I never actually picked up N52 Wonder Woman at all. Like how I felt about Superman, I didn't like what I saw of Diana during crossover events and in Justice League--she seemed very war-hungry, which seemed like the opposite of what Diana is supposed to be to me. But, I never did pick [...]

    9. It's a nice storyline and I can't wait to see how everything turns out. Although I have to admit that the flashpoint confuses me a lot. Are all characters aware of the changes in their own past or is it just Wonder Woman who tries to find the truth? Is she made out of clay or daughter of Zeus? I hope it will all be explained in the next issues.

    10. Rucka may not be a stranger to writing Wonder Woman, but I (unfortunately) haven't read his version of Diana until now. I've loved most of his previous work writing female leads (Batwoman, and Renee Montoya in The Question, Convergence: The Question, and Gotham Central are some of my favourite comics, period) so when I heard he'd be taking the reins for this run, I was thrilled. He's playing it smart with Rebirth, introducing audiences to a Wonder Woman who, in the midst of all the different sto [...]

    11. This Wonder Woman comic was so fucking satisfying, and you know why? Because they addressed the big elephant in the room - the new (and shitty) backstory for Wonder Women in the New 52, aka boring demigod, and how it may not be true.No, you don't say?They address a lot of things relating to her origin - what is real, what isn't, is she an only child, does she have a brother, etc. I am SO excited to see what they do with her comics from this point on, especially since one is going to be a continu [...]

    12. This is the first time that I have experienced Wonder Woman and I feel like I was thrown into the deep end without being able to swim. This issue was confusing to me because Diana is struggling with her identity and her origin. I guess with Rebirth they are resetting Wonder Woman's origin story and they are doing this odd thing where she doesn't really know who she is. I think they could have done this with more ease for newer readers and made Diana less confused. I wasn't the biggest fan of thi [...]

    13. 3.5 as an average: 3 for the story; 4 for the art. I fully admit that I'm no regular aficionado of the graphic novel. (Though comic books for The Archies and Caspar the Friendly Ghost were my "thing" at ages 5 & 6 lol.) The cover of this edition tempted me at the library yesterday, especially as I'm very eager to see the new Wonder Woman movie. It's about time that we had a feature film with this greatest of all female superheroes!! (And no, "Electra" just didn't work. And Cat Woman is more [...]

    14. Loved the art work! It's been a reeeally long time since I've read a comic book, and this was a great reintroduction for me.

    15. Okay, so she sees the story keeps changing so now we are going to follow her being rebirth again on the Rebirth series. Let's see how it rolls!

    16. Freebie when I brought tickets to the movie. Interesting issue of the whole Rebirth and constantly changing of stories. Liked that.

    17. Much like my feelings toward Superman, I've never really followed Wonder Woman or been a fan. I know the basic outline of her origins and abilities, but not much more than you could glean from reading her page. That said, this book makes for a decent jumping on point, ORYes, that's the word of the day in this book, "or". You may or may not know that Wonder Woman has had conflicting origin stories over the years, and it's never been quite clear which is the true canon at any given time. In the i [...]

    18. A retelling of her origin, mostly in narration boxes, that was written well enough not see it as another boring origin story. Wonder Woman seems somewhat aware of the big glitch between her regular origin and her New 52 origin, that has her have a little introspection. With her new costume change in the middle of the comic (and I really liked that silver armor, . times), we see a different artist take over, I don't know if that's a hint of things to come with the 'next issue' line stating issue [...]

    19. Though I was unknowledged about the storyline details of Wonder Woman and what she endured during the new 52 (aside from becoming the God of War, the outfit change and the coupling of her with Superman). Glad to see I won't have to worry about that, with "the story keeps changing" as the run on theme for this issue to help set-up her truth and identity crisis she will confront very soon. I wonder if this will coincide with the main storyline in DC or something different. But so far this was a gr [...]

    20. Great Hera! Now that Wally is back and everyone knows that something *cough* Doc Manhattan *cough* has messed with the past 10 years, we see Wonder Woman struggling to find out her true self. In the mirror scene, we see Diana and glimpses of past versions of her. The DC Universe knows, they're coming for you, Dr. Manhattan.

    21. For a first episode in a soft reboot this really doesn't rock the boat or offer anything but a giant tease of things to come. This was okay and far from bad, just wanted something a little more interesting to set the tone of this so called rebirth. Just felt a little underwhelming.

    22. A good recap featuring the character and the ongoing DC universe mystery. I would recommend this to new readers who haven't picked up the main DC Rebirth Special.

    23. I'm a fan of Greg Rucka and his previous works with wonder woman, he's amazing, and this issue was awesome. I was expecting not less from him.

    24. If you know me, you must know how much I love Diana and how high my expectations were towards this and I was not disappointed, this was AMAZING.

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