Just Keep Sweet

Just Keep Sweet Obstacles So many obstacles Nothing but obstacles Months ago I agreed to help Aspen Black take down the Prophet of the FLDS to prevent her daughter from being married at an early age and to save inn

  • Title: Just Keep Sweet
  • Author: MelissaBrown
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  • Obstacles.So many obstacles Nothing but obstacles.Months ago, I agreed to help Aspen Black take down the Prophet of the FLDS to prevent her daughter from being married at an early age, and to save innocent lives from systemic abuse on the compound.The obstacles in this case are mounting, as are my feelings for Aspen The tension between us is palpable and I know there s mObstacles.So many obstacles Nothing but obstacles.Months ago, I agreed to help Aspen Black take down the Prophet of the FLDS to prevent her daughter from being married at an early age, and to save innocent lives from systemic abuse on the compound.The obstacles in this case are mounting, as are my feelings for Aspen The tension between us is palpable and I know there s to our connection than the increasingly difficult case at hand But, she s not only married to the Prophet s brother, she s equally devoted to her faith Two obstacles that just may be insurmountable.But, no matter what happens, I will close this case Even if it kills me.

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    1. 5 stars!!! "I believe in you, Aspen, and I'll never stop believing in you, supporting you.”I love all of Melissa Brown's books, but there is something special about this series. These books consume you. They are unputdownable and keep you intrigued from start to finish. This book legit jacked me up. I started reading it before bed and I couldn't stop. I put it down at 50% because it was getting late, then I laid in bed for about 15 minutes and my mind was spinning. I had to know what was going [...]

    2. 4.5 ~ 5 STARS This is the continuation of Aspen’s story YET it includes the couple from the first book Porter and Brinley and so many well placed povs (not confusing or distracting at all) that totally add to the delivery of this exciting installment. The cover had me somewhat torn since its Detective Jonathan Cooke the man on the outside that Aspen has contacted through Brinley and Porter for help in her plight against the prophet Clarence Black. My friends the clock is ticking down till he t [...]

    3. 5 BRILLIANT STARS Such a brilliant, magnificent and captivating story!I don't know what else to say!! This book is so good, that once I start it I couldn't put it down! It was fast paced with twists and suspense! From the time I finished Mother before Wife I was in agony waiting to see where the story goes.This book surpassed my expectations! Melissa takes the reader on a crazy journey.Mother Before Wife has left us speechless after the cliffhanger. But in this book things are becoming more and [...]

    4. I swear on all things, this series, it’s insane. Legit, I read these books so freaking fast, because my heart races the entire time and I am dying to know what will come next. This is the second book in the Compound Series and takes place around a polygamist community. The heroine in our story is a devote FLDS, but has discovered a lot of things that has her questioning their prophet. That actually all takes place in the first book, this one actually picks up right where Mother Before Wife lef [...]

    5. IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE PREVIOUS BOOK, be warned of SPOILERS.The follow up to Mother Before Wife in the gripping Compound series was fantastic. Told in officer Jonathan Cooke's perspective, it gives us a rounded and fully charged telling of what's all going down at the FLDS.Picking up where MBW left off, Aspen Black is doing everything she can to save her daughter, Ruthie, from the clutches of the prophet, Clarence Black. Enlisting the help of Jonathan Cooke, Aspen sets out to stop all the revol [...]

    6. At the end of Mother Before Wife I was worried about Aspen & Paul's relationship. Paul loves his wife but his dedication to the Prophet and Heavenly Father clouds his decisions. This is frustrating for Aspen because she really needs Paul to believe in her and what she suspects is going on the compound.Aspen has no choice but to seek the support of Detective Cooke, he believes her and is determined to help her take the Prophet down. Above everything else, Aspen wants to protect her children a [...]

    7. 5 Stars! “Just keep sweet. Never let him see you sweat. We’ll win this . . . we will" Another spectacular read from this fast paced amazing series. This book picked up from where Mother Before Wife ended. It was intriguing as always especially since it was written in multiple POV. The first half mostly consists of Jonathan's POV. It wasn't boring at all but somehow I was hoping to read something from Paul, he was Aspen's husband after all. Well, it didn't came until around 55% and I'd say, i [...]

    8. BEAUTIFUL!!This story ruined me's so consuming,intense and intriguing I couldn't stop reading even when I felt my heart breaking.Melissa Brown made me a fan for life.She made me overlook my prejudices towards these types of communities so far from my belief and my knowledge.I love the characters something fierce and I really hope there will be a happy ending for them allminus the crazy,controlling, and evil ones.

    9. 5 "An Interesting Turn of Events" Stars!This series keeps opening new doors. But beware, this story ends in a cliffhanger, so there will be at least one more book in this series. I highly recommend the Compound Series to anyone who enjoyed the HBO cable show Big Love.Source: Prime Loan.

    10. I have been waiting for this book anxiously since the last one. When I received it, I basically stopped everything and started it. It picks up right where the last one ended. I had so many emotions while reading. I was nervous and felt like I was holding my breath the whole time waiting for the shit to hit the fan. It did not disappoint. It is told mostly from Jonathan, who is the police officer that is helping Aspen take down the horrible Prophet and in the meantime, developing feelings for her [...]

    11. No no no nooooo! This cannot be happening now. Argh! I need the conclusion ASAP! Just keep sweet is anything but sweet What I mean is it will have a lot revelations, secrets unraveled, even Porter's untold story broke my heart I couldn't believe how much he silently suffered. And an honourable mention of Paul's son, Isaac; I cried for that poor innocent soul. Just when I thought I couldn't loathe Clarence Black enough, this book just gave more reasons to. God he makes my skin scrawl every time I [...]

    12. Amazing from start to finish! My heart is pounding. This series gets better and more intense with each book! I don't know how I'll have the patience to wait for the last book! ;)

    13. Okey If your reading this review. I am assuming that you have read the previous book. Mother Before Wife If you haven't then bugger off do your work I am not giving you a short cut.I don't think this book should be shelfed as romance. Yes thats a personal opinion but hear me out. When I read the previous book I was only hoping that this time round Aspen gets a caring man. Who is not like her previous husband if Aspen falls in love with him then it is a bonus. Then we met Paul god he gave me hope [...]

    14. oh my heck keep sweet, keep sweet. What has Melissa Brown done to me?I have been a fan of Melissa Brown's since her first book Bouquet Toss. She has always created true love stories. Stories that make me sigh, make my heart smile and make me believe in love. Well she just decided to add a little gasoline to that and wrote Just Keep Sweet. The intensity in this story is crazy good. I could not put it down because I needed to know what was going to happen. I wanted to throw my reader at Clarence B [...]

    15. Five stars is not enough for this book! The exciting sequel to Mother Before Wife, but definitely not the conclusion as there is another book!!!! The Compound series captured my attention pretty quickly since she released it when a real life compound was being questioned about plural marriage and abuse among the group. Currently, there are four books in the series with the first two being connected to each other. The next two, soon to be three, are intricately connected into more a trilogy. You [...]

    16. This series just keeps getting better! The twists! The turns! The jaw-dropping moments! I could read this series forever. Each book keeps topping the last and the storylines are blowing my mind! If you haven't started the Compound Series yet, it is a MUST READ!!!

    17. Loved it! Swoony and nail biting and I can't get enough of Pauld did I say swoony?! And what an ending! This is seriously becoming one of my top favorite series! Can't wait for book 4!

    18. There are times that I pick up a story and I love the swoon of the hero attempting to win the heroine over. Other times, I like to get lost in a fantasy and be taken to other dimensions beyond capability. Then there are times, like with the Compound series, that I’m taken on an incredible journey of ups and downs, leaving me breathless with the impact the story has left on me. I had a hunch that Just Keep Sweet would focus more on the action than the romance so I wasn’t sure how I would feel [...]

    19. I literally have goose bumps right now. This is the kind of story that when I read the last page I asked myself " What in the living Heck did I just read?" I'm beyond shocked. Of all the books I've read in the past, I don't remember reading anything quite like this before. This is a 5 star story. This is not a standalone or a romance, Mother Before Wife (The Compound Series #2) needs to be read first. Keep Sweet picks up where MBW ends with a cliffhanger.I will not go in to much details about wh [...]

    20. *Cliffhanger alert!* Again. I didn't realize this was going to be a trilogy (or more?). Had I known, I still would have read it but I wouldn't have felt this sense of panic when I got close to the end. Moving on.This really is an amazing series. This book picks up where Mother Before Wife left off. Aspen, no longer able to rely on her husband, enlists the help of Jonathan, a police detective, to try and take down Prophet Clarence Black and ultimately stop his impending marriage to her young daug [...]

    21. 4/5 starsThis was so good! I read it in one sitting, I literally couldn't put it done I was dying to know what happened next. But one thing is that I dislike how there's a fourth book out now? It keeps leaving us on cliff hangers this could have one book but it's still good.

    22. “Just keep sweet. Never let him see you sweat. We’ll win this . . .”First off let’s be clear that Just Keep Sweet is the follow-up to Mother Before Wife by Melissa Brown and you do need to read that book first. I would not recommend reading this book as a standalone. Just Keep Sweet is a romantic suspense heavy on the suspense. I literally was on the edge of my seat as I was flipping pages not only figuring out where Aspen would end up but how everything would all play out.“Nothing abo [...]

    23. This series is fabulous. I love diving into the compound life because it is different from other books I read. Just Keep Sweet starts off where Mother Before Wife ended. Aspen and Jonathan are still trying to figure out what the prophet is doing in the temple. They run into obstacles with their investigation and getting information. They get a break when a few people offer to help them with the case by stepping forward with valuable information. There are added POVs that add extra content to the [...]

    24. I Love this series! I've been completely enraptured since Brinley's story and I continue to feel that way. Aspen is such a compelling woman. Her faith is so strong, and complete, even in the face of such hate and evil. She infuriates and impresses me all at the same time. What a magical treat. This story was different from the others, in that we are getting the story from so many different point of views. The fact that it flows so effortlessly, and we feel the pain, frustration, all the emotions [...]

    25. To be honest, I was tempted to give this book three stars. I wasn't happy about how the romance turned out because I was wanting Aspen to be with someone else and I also don't think there should be a fourth book about the same plot. I would have been fine with a fourth that focused on different characters, but I find that I am tiring of the plot to protect Ruthie and this might make me sound bad, but I think she is a brat and I don't care about her all that much.Still I will be reading the fourt [...]

    26. Another cliffhanger. Would have been nice to know before hand. I'm tired of having to reread prior books in the series to jog my memory before I start the next book. I read a lot of books, I'm very busy and I just don't have the time. Maybe authors can put a little note in the beginning " last time in the ___series, " Like soaps used to do. Outside of being annoyed about that, the writing was excellent, I lost an entire day because I needed to know what happened.

    27. Once I started I just could not put this down and ending up reading it in one sitting. It is the 4th book of the compound series, here we have the perspective from the local law enforcer Jonathan Cooke. I love this series well worth a read even if the angle of polygamy was at first a little off putting - I have also since reading the first in this series been reading other authors who write crime/thrillers about polygamy and have found it all quiet interesting believe it or not!

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