Bound Together

Bound Together Jesse is an unclaimed omega He s also been a member of an exceptionally nasty drug cartel in California who s been wanting to go legit for a long time Connor was a mid level drug runner who turned on

  • Title: Bound Together
  • Author: Aiden Bates
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jesse is an unclaimed omega He s also been a member of an exceptionally nasty drug cartel in California who s been wanting to go legit for a long time Connor was a mid level drug runner who turned on his bosses when he found out they were involved with something he couldn t accept He s also a single alpha U S Marshall Max Sandoval knows that Jesse and Connor s enemieJesse is an unclaimed omega He s also been a member of an exceptionally nasty drug cartel in California who s been wanting to go legit for a long time Connor was a mid level drug runner who turned on his bosses when he found out they were involved with something he couldn t accept He s also a single alpha U S Marshall Max Sandoval knows that Jesse and Connor s enemies are all looking for single men Pairing them up should throw people off their scent, and it saves the Marshalls on housing Having Connor claim Jesse also ensures that Connor will always have a bodyguard on hand, because Jesse s skills are valuable and their bond will force Jesse to stay by Connor s side Unfortunately, neither the omega nor the alpha is initially enthusiastic Neither of them has ever wanted to be part of a claimed pair, and Connor is terrified of forcing himself on an unwilling omega Mutual reluctance and unfamiliarity leads to misunderstandings, caused by powerful attraction, high stakes and the constant threat of danger This is a non shifter male pregnancy gay romance book This book contains sexually explicit content not suited for those under the age of 18 The book is approximately 50,000 words, has a happy ending and does not end in a cliffhanger.

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    1. Unlikeable MCs. Reversed Alpha and Omega roles. Bad sex. Cheating. No romance. Endless hormonal arguing. Stupid behavior. Unpunished selfish manipulative brother (the REAL bad guy).

    2. The Blogger GirlsThe main reason I’d read this book was because it had gotten quite a few low ratings, and some of the reviews were just so awful that I needed to see what all the hoopla was about. For some odd reason, I am one of those readers who tend to like books that many others hate. The only thing I can think of is that I am rating the actual story, the writing, and the emotional (good or bad) impact it has on me, and not rating the likability of any one character. For instance, I love [...]

    3. With the amount of 4 and 5 star reviews, I was looking forward to a different story than the one I read. I was intigued by the idea of a forced mating. The presentation here was not done well at all. The first chapter was good but that was it. I hated the MCs who argued at least for the entire first half of the book, where I stopped reading. No clue when or if they ever stopped. They were immature, but supposedly some smart criminals who had turned straight. The alpha acted like an omega and the [...]

    4. That omega/alpha story plot is the stupidest of all story plots, I read till now. Author "Aiden Bates" wanted to make changes in relationships so readers get 1 omega playing the alpha role and 1 alpha who's ego is hurt because his omega doesn't want him. And the fun begins - blah.Also, omega character Jesse is one of most annoying characters in the whole story plot.

    5. Conner is a fuck face asshole!!!!!!! And Marissa What a fucking snatch!!!!!! This is one of those stories where you really just wish that the mc's don't get together. I don't think that this can even be considered a romance. It's more like a cautionary tale.

    6. I liked that the omega was a strong guy, and not one of those wanna-be's that pretend or swear to be strong at the beginning, and then become putty in the alpha's arms anyways.I also enjoyed that the alpha was sort of an idiot and he was blamed a lot, too! The usual perfect, almighty and never-failing alpha gets old, so this aspect really felt fresh here.My favorite character might have been Max though, what a great big bro!The story was too short for my tastes though, I would prefer a longer, s [...]

    7. And this author he's great a great storyteller I totally recommend this bookI love this book The Story Aiden writes great books I recommend all his books thanks Aiden keep writing great books

    8. DNF. Horrible book. Main character is a cheating, cold-hearted POS. This book is considered MM romance but there is not an ounce of romance between either character.

    9. Bound Together – Aiden BatesCouldn’t put this down…I have never loved characters this much while spending so much of the book ready to throttle them before. This is not a sweet love story where alpha and omega meet, succumb to their baser instincts and face the threat together as a unified front. Instead, Connor and Jessie are manipulated into a claiming and spend most of their time as their own worst enemies, drawn together but letting their insecurities and false impressions colour every [...]

    10. 3/5 I have an abusive love hate relationship with this book, ironically one not too different from the actual relationship being portrayed in the story (if one can even called it that.) It started with an arrangement that came awfully close to dub-con, that already screamed drama. What I didn't realize, however, is that the angst and drama would continue to be folded over and over for the majority of the book without any consolation or breath space in between. It's so frustrating since half of t [...]

    11. If this was a 'Choose your own Adventure Book'en Connor would of died and Jesse would live due to the broken bond (NO Spoilers here!). Unfortunately, this was not a choose your own adventure, and I had to painstakingly read through the story of Connor and Jesse. I am NOT saying this is a horrible book, more so that it is not my favorite one of the author. With that said, my rating of the book is related to the story itself.In the beginning, both Connor and Jesse were at fault due to their action [...]

    12. Very frustrating!The only reason this book got a two star rating instead of one star is because it had a halfway decent ending. The book was well written with only a few errors, which was nice, but other then that it was not to my liking at all. Connor and Jesse get thrust into a relationship, which would suck for anybody, but the worst part is their attitudes towards one another. For me, the two main characters completely ruined this book with their immaturity and their consistent habit of blam [...]

    13. I literally wanted to kill Connor he was such a fucking asshole. It was so bad it was shocking. I usually love aiden bates but this book had zero romance just angst, despair, depression, self loathing.

    14. ***2016 has been a very unstable year. Not only have I lost favourite role models in droves, I have been into dark places more times than I could count. Yes, I experienced highlights as well but the darkness has had a big impact this year and the only way to keep it at bay was reading, mass reading, back to back books with no stopping and no reviewing. I do apologize to all the writers that I won’t be able to review their books yet but I will get to it. Promise!***

    15. I want more!I have to admit, I hated Connor for a while and really wanted to slap a couple of the other characters' attitudes. In addition, there were some editing issues that were a little annoying.That being said, it was a really interesting and enjoyable story. There was a satisfying and plausible resolution to their situation and a HFN/HEA.Could Kevin get his own story? Maybe end up with Max, who finally admits he's bisexual?

    16. The story line was a good premise but I found that the characters were too antagonistic. Each accusing the other of saying things that the other didn't say. That weird misinterpretation of each others words was annoying by the endIt got three stars for that reason. I dislike he said / he said stories when all they really had to do was TALK to each other not AT each other.But that's my pet peeve, so enjoy!!

    17. FrustratedThis book was so emotional to meI cried a few times because it left me frustrated and sorrowful. I did like the story once it ended but I would have love a longer look in after the MCs got it together. This book has action, sexy times, mystery, and a bag full of sadness. Read it!

    18. I didn't hate this book, but I didn't love it either. I found that I was stressed out for at least 65% of the story, as the main characters fought, disagreed, misunderstood, and gave up on eachother. I think I need to take a break from omega/alpha stories for a while - my last 3 reads haven't been very goodeven for a guilty pleasure read.

    19. Oh man, this book was intense for me. I was so anxious for Jesse. Conner was such a douche, it made me feel sick to my stomach how irresponsible he was. Jesse had such a rough life. Even though not much is told about his life, it was obvious that it wasn't good. I'm a bit speechless. I'm having a hard time expressing how much this affected me at this moment.

    20. Maddening. a good way.Connor ticked me off throughout almost the entire book. How he treated Jesse kept making me mumble much worse than "jerk! " The story , while ticking me off on a continuous basis, was very good. I wanted to smack some sense into Connor.Max is greathis wife? Didn't care for her at all.All in all , a great story.

    21. Oh My Gosh, Really ? Read Read Read !!!Jesse and Connor are perfect ! Perfectly misfits, but it works well. Talk about cross purposes through out a story. Lol !!!Aiden, my friend, you have done it again ! A great story with all the heart soul, and fire one should have. Thank you as always for sharing your talent. Hugs.Kathy

    22. AwfulI managed to push on through half this book, hoping that Connor treated Jesse would change, before giving up. Connor is an absolute a**hole. Terrible way to treat his 'mate'.

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