Podle skutečného příběhu

Podle skute n ho p b hu Fakt e esky vych z ji tvrt pr za Delphine de Vigan znamen e tato francouzsk autorka si u n s na la svoje po etn v rn publikum V dy si v ak pro n p iprav nov p ekvapen tentokr t je to rom n Podle s

  • Title: Podle skutečného příběhu
  • Author: Delphine de Vigan Alexandra Pflimpflová
  • ISBN: 9788020716958
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fakt, e esky vych z ji tvrt pr za Delphine de Vigan, znamen , e tato francouzsk autorka si u n s na la svoje po etn v rn publikum V dy si v ak pro n p iprav nov p ekvapen tentokr t je to rom n Podle skute n ho p b hu, dramaticky graduj c l en vztahu dvou en, kter se postupn m n v opravdov psychologick thriller Tajemn L kter razantn vstoup dFakt, e esky vych z ji tvrt pr za Delphine de Vigan, znamen , e tato francouzsk autorka si u n s na la svoje po etn v rn publikum V dy si v ak pro n p iprav nov p ekvapen tentokr t je to rom n Podle skute n ho p b hu, dramaticky graduj c l en vztahu dvou en, kter se postupn m n v opravdov psychologick thriller Tajemn L kter razantn vstoup do ivota spisovatelky, m v echny parametry, aby skl zela obdiv, z rove v ak je typem osoby, kterou by dn spisovatel nem l nikdy potkat A a se to zprvu nezd , v tomto p pad je to v n nebezpe n jde toti o ivot.

    • Free Read [Memoir Book] ☆ Podle skutečného příběhu - by Delphine de Vigan Alexandra Pflimpflová Û
      430 Delphine de Vigan Alexandra Pflimpflová
    • thumbnail Title: Free Read [Memoir Book] ☆ Podle skutečného příběhu - by Delphine de Vigan Alexandra Pflimpflová Û
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    1. Delphine de Vigan Alexandra Pflimpflová

      Delphine de Vigan is an award winning French novelist She has published several novels for adults Her breakthrough work was the book No et moi No and Me that was awarded the Prix des Libraires The Booksellers Prize in France in 2008 In 2011, she published a novel Rien ne s oppose a la nuit Nothing holds back the night that is dealing with a family coping with their mother s bipolar disorder In her native France, the novel brought her a set of awards, including the prix du roman Fnac the prize given by the Fnac bookstores and the prix Renaudot des lyc ens.

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    1. This was so fascinating and cleverly written and constructed. I had questions from page one, and even now after finishing the books my mind keeps running through what happened.This was slower in pace but the book makes up for it with the intriguing characterisation of L. and the need to know what happens next. You are given enough throughout the book to keep your interest piqued, but not too much that you feel spoiled.Review copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review.

    2. Whatever you write, you are in the domain of fiction.This book totally astonished me. The blurb grabbed my attention immediately; my interest was further spiked by a recommendation from an author whose novels I adore. And then I started reading it, and did so with growing delight and relish as I slowly realised it was absolutely perfect. Because this was my experience, I can't help but think that's the best way to approach it, and I don't want to give too much away. But that implies this is the [...]

    3. VERDADE ou MENTIRAREALIDADE ou FICÇÃOO Começo“ALGUNS MESES APÓS A PUBLICAÇÃO DO MEU ÚLTIMO romance, deixei de escrever. Durante quase três anos não escrevi uma linha.”Quem escreve estas linhas?A Delphine ou a Delphine de Vigan?Qual delas decide escrever ou deixar de escrever? Nem uma linha, nem uma palavra. Só de olhar para um bloco, para um caderno ficava com náuseas. Pouco a pouco, o gesto em si torna-se ocasional, hesitante, usar uma caneta era cada vez mais difícil, mal abria [...]

    4. “Thriller diabolicamente perverso. Vertiginoso mise em abyme psicanalítico.”Le PointQuem resiste a ler um livro assim definido?Pois não sei o que me aconteceu que não vi nada onde encaixar tal definição. Talvez ler a Delphine depois do Proust, em simultâneo com o Eça, procurando semelhanças com a Rendell, seja condená-la a uma “morte certa”…Da minha leitura(vertiginosa para me libertar rapidamente do enfado) parece-me um pastiche, “colado com cuspo”, de outras obras liter [...]

    5. Ufffff, qué librazo! No sé qué es más espeluznante: una tremenda historia autobiográfica hecha novela o una tremenda historia falsa con tintes tan reales que crees que es verdadera. En ambos casos y en ambos libros, la autora me deja estupefacta (una palabra que uso por primera vez!). Me mantuvo interesada y a la expectativa desde el inicio y cada vez más hasta el final. La amo! Me recuerda un poco al Mr Wynn de Baricco aunque nada tienen que ver las historias. Que rico es leer!!!!!

    6. "Vielleicht ist eine Begegnung, ob nun eine amouröse oder freundschaftliche, genau das, zwei Funken Wahnsinn, die sich erkennen und gefangen nehmen."5 SterneUnd hier ist es also, mein bisheriges Highlight der belletristischen Herbst-Neuerscheinungen! Delphine de Vigan begeistert und überrascht mich doch immer wieder aufs Neue.Zur Handlung will ich eigentlich gar nicht so viel sagen. Sollte man auch nicht, denke ich. Der Klappentext reicht vollkommen als Vorabinfo, den Rest muss man selbst lese [...]

    7. Идва момент, в който всеки автор, писал за себе си или за семейството си, несъмнено е бил изкушен да пише и за след това: да разкаже за раните, за горчивината, за обвиненията в оклеветяване, за развалените отношения с фамилията. В новата си книга „По действителен случай” Делф [...]

    8. Ce livre m'a profondément marquée, obsédée complètement pendant la lecture, fait rager, sourire, m'a émue, bref, je découvre cette auteure et j'ai hâte de me lancer dans ses prochains ouvrages. Et comme elle a une plume magnifique pour nommer certaines choses essentielles, je recopie ici trois de mes extraits préférés. Pour ne pas les oublier :-) "Rares sont les amis dont nous pouvons nous dire qu'ils ont changé notre vie, avec cette certitude étrange que, sans eux, notre vie tout s [...]

    9. Based on a true story really wasn't for me. But I should make it clear that in this case it is most definitely the story rather than the writing quality that was my issue. I actually rather loved the way Delphine De Vigan writes so I'll hopefully read some more from her in the future.This is about this book though.Problem being this has been done before and honestly? In my opinion better. The mysterious meeting of two minds, an ongoing friendship developing that becomes toxic or perhaps mutually [...]

    10. Ainda que já tivesse um título publicado por cá (Nô e Eu | Guerra e Paz, 2015), Delphine de Vigan era para mim uma desconhecida. A verdade é que a autora francesa, que começou a sua carreira escrevendo sob pseudónimo em 2001, venceu com A Partir de uma História Verdadeira um dos mais importantes prémios franceses da literatura, o Renaudot. A personagem principal deste romance chama-se, tal como a autora, Delphine, e vive, como aquela viveu, um grande sucesso após a publicação de um l [...]

    11. tribulationsdunevie.weeblyJe pensais que l'auteure ne pourrait produire meilleur roman que Rien ne s'oppose à la nuit. Je me trompais grandement. La preuve est ici.Cette année Delphine de Vigan nous propose un roman qui jongle entre autobiographie et fiction. Le lecteur garde le doute, subtilement entretenu par l'auteure, jusqu'à la dernière phrase.D'ailleurs, l'autobiographie, le "Vrai" est un sujet récurrent du roman. La fiction est-elle toujours d'actualité dans la littérature ? Passio [...]

    12. I can tell you that I almost gave up on this book. The author took way to long to get into the meat of this story. She just went on and on about L. I was seriously getting sick of L and was ready to throw the book across the room. Not exactly sure why I did, but I continued on. Am I glad I did? The ending told me why the author carried on, but I still think she went overboard. She could have shortened it a lot more and I think it would have kept me more interested.Thanks to Bloomsbury and Net Ga [...]

    13. 16/20Un roman passionnant dans lequel Delphine de Vigan provoque angoisse et tension pour jouer avec le vrai et le faux. Captivant !Ma chronique : myprettybooks.wordpress/2

    14. This is a slow burner, don’t expect to go into this one and be met with action and mystery straight away… Or at any point, really. This whole book is a character study, and if you’ve been following my reviews for a while, you know I’m not hugely into these kinds of books, unless I’m absolutely captivated. Unfortunately, I wasn’t complete captivated by this one.I really loved the writing in this novel, it was superb and if de Vigan wrote more books in my favourite genres, I’d likely [...]

    15. This has not yet been translated into english. I offer my condolences to all you english speaking folk. It probably will be translated someday. Look forward to it. It's a literary thriller that will blow your little tiny minds.I shall translate the title for you at least: Based on a true story. De Vigan has written a novel about herself and her experiences after publishing Nothing holds back the night. She falls into depression, she experiences writer's block, and everyone keeps asking her "What [...]

    16. Totalmente impresionada con De Vigan,una narradora excepcional y la novela magnífica,simplemente magnífica. huellalibrosicc.e

    17. Very interesting. A hypnotic meta thriller, trippy psychological mindf*ck of a novel. Single White Female with a literary angle. Found this on Netgalley and it piqued my interest, plus it's always good to broaden one's views by reading foreign literature. French know psychotic obsession and do it well. What sets this book apart from many similar works in the meta ness of it all, Delphine the main character is in fact Delphine the author, who after putting out a profoundly personal book retreats [...]

    18. Un roman psychologique exceptionnel, d'un suspense qui vous empêche de le lâcher, impossible de faire une pause, j'enchaînais ma lecture pendant des heures sans me rendre compte que j'étais épuisée. Je ne peux pas résumer ce livre à un simple thriller psychologique, c'est beaucoup de choses à la fois, ça parle de littérature et de la pane d'écriture surtout, la dépression post-succès quand l'auteur n'a plus rien à écrire et cette pression de l'entourage, des lecteurs qui s'attend [...]

    19. Reseña disponible también en mi blog: ceresplaneta/2La protagonista y narradora de esta novela se llama Delphine, como la autora, y también es escritora. En el relato nos cuenta que desde que publicó su última novela no ha podido escribir nada, ni una sola línea. Mientras transita por la famosa crisis de la página en blanco en su vida aparece un personaje tan misterioso como fascinante: L. La novela de De Vigan se llama Basada en hechos reales. En un principio, uno podría pensar que lo q [...]

    20. Comment écrit-on après un best-seller ?Delphine de Vigan avait connu un immense succès en 2011 avec "Rien ne s'oppose à la nuit", un roman largement autobiographique qui m'avait enthousiasmé et enthousiasmé avec moi des milliers voire des millions de lecteurs.On imagine aisément qu'un tel succès inhibe. Comment écrire un nouveau livre sans qu'il soit fatalement comparé au précédent ? Comment ne pas décevoir un lectorat impatient ? Nombreux furent les écrivains qui ne réussirent pa [...]

    21. Toto je pre mňa kniha roka. Najlepšia akú Delphine de Vigan napísala, pretože v nej nevystupuje len ako matka a partnerka, ale hlavne ako spisovateľka, ktorá bojuje s pochybnosťami o vlastnom talente. V tom období stretáva záhadnú L ktorá je stelesnením ženskosti asi ako speváčka Beyoncé vo videoklipoch. ",Koľko času treba k tomu, byť takouto ženou?ʽ hovorila som si, keď som pozorovala L ako som pozorovala desiatky žien pred ňou, v metre, v rade do kina, v reštaurácii [...]

    22. Je dois le dire, je n'étais pas préparé pour une telle expérience littéraire. Derrière ce masque choisi par la narratrice, on retrouve un roman extrêmement fort, bien plus troublant que l'on ne s'y attendait au commencement. Delphine de Vigan a créé des personnages auxquels l'esprit se colle, dans un mélange de réalité - donc de Vrai, symbole central de l'oeuvre - et de fiction. C'était une lecture à ne pas lâcher, vivante presque, alerte, à perdre souffle. Du suspense plein la t [...]

    23. J'ai dévoré ce livre. Qu'en dire ? Delphine de Vigan nous plonge dans un récit "fictobiographique" surprenant et terriblement inquiétant. Elle interroge sur le rôle du Vrai dans la fiction, sur notre goût pour le Vrai, elle donne parfois des débuts de réponse, mais nous laisse cogiter. Une écriture comme toujours juste, simple et sophistiquée à la fois. Superbe livre, peut-être son meilleur

    24. I was so tense while reading this. Loved the calm, straight forward tone of the book in contrast to the increasingly suspicious and outright sinister actions of L. A totally believable but mindfuck of a text. For people who like a slow burn, who like to be pushed as readers, and who enjoy dark literature - you should read this!

    25. A longer review is forthcoming but I have to say I was disappointed. I’ve never read any books by de Vigan and I expected to love this, based on the blurbs and the synopsis and the rave reviews on . It’s a metafictional novel that’s a slow burn; voice-driven and atmospheric. These are all stuff I would expect to enjoy and interest me. My problem is the language and style. To me, a first-person novel that deals with a character’s interiority, because it relies utterly on the narrator’s [...]

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