Wet Moon Volume 4: Drowned in Evil

Wet Moon Volume Drowned in Evil Alternate cover editionIN B KRQ Y MCleo s forbidden romance with Mara A pregnancy revealed Audrey s babysitting catastrophe And much Volume of Einser nominated creator Ross Campbell s hit series co

  • Title: Wet Moon Volume 4: Drowned in Evil
  • Author: Sophie Campbell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate cover editionIN B00KRQ0Y1MCleo s forbidden romance with Mara A pregnancy revealed Audrey s babysitting catastrophe And much Volume 4 of Einser nominated creator Ross Campbell s hit series continues its examination of Cleo and the rest of the residents of Wet Moon with the deft mix of humor, drama, and heartbreak readers have come to expect.

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    1. Ooooo, Wet Moon is getting crazy!! Having read one or two other Ross Campbell books outside of the Wet Moon storyline, I knew he was capable of some twisted tale-telling, but this is the first Wet Moon book that really digs into some of that. We're back with Cleo and the gang, as Trilby drags them to a comic convention (costumed, even), and Audrey finds out how far Fall has fallen (and how much Beth cares about her), and Cleo starts a new job and makes a new friend (who starts out cool and turns [...]

    2. This one was good, but probably not as good as the previous one. I adored the idea of the convention, but I kinda feel like it was way too short! I wanted to see more costumes and more shenanigans there. ;) This is the book that turned me against Myrtle though. I mean, she was troubled from the start, but here it seems to be growing. I think it was the fact that she didn't want Cleo to even talk to Zia on the phone for fear of losing her friendship. It's just so unstable and needy (not to mentio [...]

    3. Re-reading this again.I'm still totally loving this series. Volume 4 really starts to explore more about the minor characters Audrey and Mara are just wonderful. Audrey totally hilarious with her babysitting problems, and a really great live journal. Mara the only girl who could possibly look cute holding cockroaches! They go to a scifi/comic con! Cleo has her first day of work and the very cute gay boy pukes. This series is just wonderful and perfect. It's so fucked up and college life. Until t [...]

    4. I have to be honest that the art is starting to turn me off and hamper my enjoyment of the books. Maybe it's because I'm reading one every few weeks so the art is still fresh in my mind, but I feel like they are starting to look like giant sexy babies.I've read his explanation for the change in character design, but I'm not feeling the evolution in his style. Obviously these are my own opinions and obviously from the majority of reviews, I am in the minority. The story he is creating is intrigui [...]

    5. This series has really started to grow on me, I'm so glad SPL picked them up. Cleo and her friends are starting to develop in interesting ways as characters, and there's definitely some creepy stuff going on in the town of Wet Moon -- I can't wait to read the next volume & find out what's happening. I also really like the way Campbell draws women, except I don't really get his fixation with girls missing limbs -- there's two of them in this series, and I know that there was another in that M [...]

    6. Wow! So things are starting to happen. Though I guess it could turn out to be a fantasy or something. We'll see what happens in volume 5. Definitely liking this series. Still reminds me in some ways of Love and Rockets, though Campbell's style also reminds me of Vaughan Bode's work as well. There's a certain rounded, organic quality to his line at times

    7. Entre una convención de historietas y la previa a un juego de softball salen a la luz sucesos que prometen consecuencias: El destino de Meiko, la aparición de una singular "desconocida", un nuevo rol para Mara y el ingrato secreto que conecta a las hermanas Lovedrop arman un nuevo damero, mientras una ignorada Myrtle podría dar un paso a un camino sin retorno. CONTINUARÁ.

    8. Events definitely take a turn here, and while the change in art style is still very noticeable, it's exciting to see these well-bedded-in characters having to deal with some full-on plot points. Volume 4 certainly ends on a tense note.

    9. I like Wet Moon very much, but I don't think this was the best volume I have read. The art work is amazing, but sometimes I get bored with the story. But there are some characters that I really like so that's why I'll keep reading Wet Moon.

    10. Again, not a fan of the big eyes but I'm pretty hooked on the story at this point. Want to know more of what's going on with Myrtle, especially. Would prefer to see the focus on someone other than Cleo - she's not all that interesting to me anymore.

    11. The series continues well, although this volume drops a star for having a little too much of Cleo's journal. Big chunks of handwritten text break up the story a little too much.

    12. The best volume yet. Now that I've had the chance to get to know the characters, I'm getting really involved in what's going on in their lives.

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