Stained Glass

Stained Glass My name is Alexi Sokolsky and I am broken Stripped of my magical power and forced to escape the Russian Mafia I loyally served for so many years everything I am has distilled to one pure drive survi

  • Title: Stained Glass
  • Author: James Osiris Baldwin
  • ISBN: 9781535413701
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Paperback
  • My name is Alexi Sokolsky, and I am broken Stripped of my magical power and forced to escape the Russian Mafia I loyally served for so many years, everything I am has distilled to one pure drive survival But the Universe has other plans for me beyond scrapping in the streets Someone has murdered two shapeshifter elders and stolen twenty children from a group home in YoMy name is Alexi Sokolsky, and I am broken Stripped of my magical power and forced to escape the Russian Mafia I loyally served for so many years, everything I am has distilled to one pure drive survival But the Universe has other plans for me beyond scrapping in the streets Someone has murdered two shapeshifter elders and stolen twenty children from a group home in Yonkers, and the shapeshifters of New York are baying for blood With their leadership fracturing under the pressure, they need a Spook, a mage able to do the dirty work the police can t stomach Problem is, revenge is rarely as easy as walking up and putting a bullet between someone s eyes All I have to go on is a trail of bodies full of broken glass and rumors about the fate of the missing children rumors so dark that they shock even me To recover the kids and regain my life, I need to get my magic back The question is whether or not I can do it in time to save any of us.

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    About "James Osiris Baldwin"

    1. James Osiris Baldwin

      Dragon Award nominated author James Osiris Baldwin is a transgender man from Australia who writes gritty LGBT inclusive, dark fantasy and science fiction He was the former Contributing Editor for the Australian Journal of Dementia Care and has also worked for Alzheimer s Australia.He currently lives in Seattle with his lovely wife, a precocious flame point Siamese cat, and far too many rats His obsession with the Occult is matched only by his preoccupation with motorcycles.

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    1. Stained Glass, the second installment of the Hound of Eden series is as packed of action as the first one, also this one deals with darker themes. Though Alexi's journey feels less personal due to he getting involved with a motorcycle club of shapeshifters that have a terrible problem in their community. However, with the progression of the story you get to see that Alexi's actions and turn of events are important to him to understand that sometimes you cannot relay only on yourself to solve eve [...]

    2. An improvement over the first novel, which is not to say anything was wrong with the former. Both are well written and thought out. Character growth continues as does Alexey's strange, sometimes distant, mannerisms. This reinforces my belief that he is not functioning normally on the mental spectrum. He seems a bit removed from people and emotions. Cold, but not in the cruelty sense. The character has issues picking up on nuances and emotions yet still feels.It's solid book for the author to del [...]

    3. This was an amazing turn to Alexi's story. James Baldwin continues to impress with an ever expanding spectrum of characters. What I truely enjoyed was that you never feel there are side characters. Every new person feels like an entirely fleshed out individual that you actually want to know, or hate.Yet again, James keeps me reading even when I dont usually prefer the first person style. An amazing book and an amazing series.

    4. This story keeps ramping up and Alexi's world is about to come crashing down. Can you ever leave the organization? Well maybe, maybe not. After the events of Blood hound Alexi just wants to leave, learn about his abilities and start over. Yet the Boss is not going to allow that and Alexi loses everything, including his familiar and his magic. Alexi finds himself on the street, reading tarot for 5 bucks a session looking like a homeless person and in general hating life. It was on the corner wher [...]

    5. Great follow upThis series is insanely good. Cannot wait to read about the next stop on Alexi's magical, murderous journey. Loved every bit of it.

    6. Well written sequel which introduces new characters, expands on the morphode and dermal highway and raises the stakes for Alexi.

    7. Great writing. Solid story. Good look into the magical/occult world with heavy russian influences. Great follow up to Blood Hound.

    8. I've reviewed a couple of books in this series already (I'll link the reviews below) and I've said before that this isn't a series that you can start from just about any book.You have to begin with book one - Blood Hound, or maybe the prequel novella - Burn Artist, but I'd really suggest the former as the novella - as interesting as it is - feels like an extra given to people who are already into the series.It wasn't until I posted my review on Book 3 - Zero Sum, that I realized I haven't shared [...]

    9. Alexi is backAlexi Sokolsky is my new favorite anti-hero. This time around he is fighting without access to his magic, trying to find a group of missing kids. The only thing this book did was feed my need for the next one.

    10. It's a very interesting series so far. It's deep, there's a lot of introspection and thought. Good writing and creative magic as well as diverse characters. Both personality wise and their actual physical representations. I recommend it.

    11. A very different book in a good way. It has a lots of wonderful action and fantasy elements. The main character has a lot of problems (I am guessing Asperger) and a lot of loss and pain. At times I had to take a break from his life it just got to be to much.

    12. SuperbNot for the faint hearted, but oh so worth the read. This series is deep, raw, surreal, gritty, hard, harsh and poignantly beautiful by turns. Love everything about it, and this is another excellent instalment.Highly recommended.

    13. Our favorite mage is back, but this time he is working for the good side.This book contains violence, strong language and is very very good.

    14. Adding depth and breadth to the world he set forth in Blood Hound, Baldwin drags Alexi through a grimy followup to the events of the first book.Hauled out of the insular and planned life he vastly preferred, Alexi's next task introduces him to a new cast of characters.Reading through the story told in these pages immersed me in a desperate fight that was intensely human and spellbinding; Despite the supernatural aspects of the story, or perhaps enhanced by them, Baldwin has a gift in his ability [...]

    15. Stained Glass is the faster paced sequel of the first Alexi book Hound of Eden which I also loved a lot. The book is full of plot twists and surprises and even though there is a lot of information about the backstory, it's clearly written and absolutely NOT boring. The information we get in this book made a lot of puzzle pieces fall in place for me, and I could get a clearer view about Alexi's world and his magic. I especially liked the fact that the book is fast paced, with shorter and longer c [...]

    16. I got my copy of Stained Glass and started reading it at around 6am. I told myself multiple times I should stop and finish it later. But at the end of every chapter I had to know what happened next. So I read. And I read. And I read. When I reached the end of the book I was so sad. There was no more book left. I devoured the book in about 10 hours of continuous reading. I can't remember the last time I did something like that. It has been YEARS.Love the characters. They all seem fully fleshed ou [...]

    17. This was an incredible follow-up to Blood Hound. It expanded the magical universe and introduced an amazing and diverse expanded cast, and DEFINITELY satisfied my appetite for colorful, intricate body horror. The protagonist’s character development took a ~very~ interesting turn while remaining consistent and believable. The series’ arc is shaping up to be much broader and more world-threatening than originally anticipated, despite some vagueness and confusion in the details of the mythos’ [...]

    18. Awesome book - I couldn't put it down! Second book in the Alexi series - combines magic in a somewhat recent setting (I think it's set in the 1990s) with the grit of organized crime. It's not often that the second book is as good as the first, but this is, without a doubt. I can't wait to read more about Alexi

    19. The second book is wonderful. You should read the first, Blood Hound. It's a dark, action urban fantasy novel about a magical mafia. It's good!

    20. A great follow up that shares more about Alexi as a person and seeing him grow, stressed and he seems to be acting better with people, understanding more.

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