Flyover Nation: You Can't Run a Country You've Never Been To

Flyover Nation You Can t Run a Country You ve Never Been To Blaze TV and top radio host Dana Loesch explains that the biggest political problem today is that the people who run this country have no idea what life is really like for ordinary Americans In fact

  • Title: Flyover Nation: You Can't Run a Country You've Never Been To
  • Author: Dana Loesch
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  • Page: 353
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  • Blaze TV and top radio host Dana Loesch explains that the biggest political problem today is that the people who run this country have no idea what life is really like for ordinary Americans In fact, they have contempt for the very people they claim to represent When the owners of a small pizza parlor in Indiana were asked by the local press whether they would ever caBlaze TV and top radio host Dana Loesch explains that the biggest political problem today is that the people who run this country have no idea what life is really like for ordinary Americans In fact, they have contempt for the very people they claim to represent When the owners of a small pizza parlor in Indiana were asked by the local press whether they would ever cater a gay wedding, they said no, citing their personal religious beliefs The internet responded with immediate outrage, posting death threats and vicious online reviews, and forcing them to shut down All for expressing a personal opinion rooted in faith, in response to a completely hypothetical question A new front in the culture war had been opened When the owners of the pizza parlor told Dana Loesch on a Blaze TV interview that they might never reopen, Loesch started a fundraising campaign Hundreds of thousands of dollars quickly poured in to support them The people donating weren t taking a stand against gay rights they just believed that a random mom and pop shop shouldn t be run out of business because media and political elites on both coasts caricature and vilify rural Americans Most of the problems with our country today can be traced to a very simple cause the growing disconnect between the government and media elites and the rest of us, the old fashioned, hard working, God fearing Americans who are proud to live in middle America As Loesch explains, too many people getting on their high horse about Wal Mart have never shopped in one Protesters outraged at small town cops have never been helped by one Environmentalists who claim to want to protect the spotted owl have never been in the woods with one Atheists who attack committed Christians have never sat in a pew with one Loesch doesn t take aims solely at the Democrats some Republicans in Congress and on the presidential campaign trail have also forgotten what life is like for the people back home While these so called leaders may have forgotten the people in coal towns and farming communities, the voters in those communities haven t forgotten Washington s betrayals And it will show in 2016 As one of the most powerful and recognizable voices on talk radio today, Dana Loesch is leading a revolution of America s new Silent Majority.

    Flyover Folk Clear up AOC s Confusion Represent, Don t Dec , Editor s Note While the media and other leftist elites ignore the millions of folks living in flyover states, they do so at their own peril it was this silent Flyover country Flyover country and flyover states are American phrases describing the parts of the United States between the East and the West Coasts.The terms, which are sometimes used pejoratively, but sometimes used defensively, refer to the interior regions of the country passed over during transcontinental flights, particularly flights between the nation s two most populous urban Arsenal of Democracy Flyover WWII Victory Capitol Flyover We are honored to serve as the Co Chairs of the th Anniversary of the End of World War II commemoration committee Alongside our Presenting Sponsor, Linda Hope who represents the Bob Hope Legacy as a part of the Bob Dolores Hope Foundation, we encourage you to join us in commemorating this historic occasion by supporting two seminal events in , marking the end of Christmas in Flyover Land LewRockwell Dec , Last year, a local guy started renovating a restaurant on Main Street that has been shuttered for at least fifteen years He d retired from the army and started a company that made a fortune clearing landmines in faraway lands where US nation building plans went awry Wasn t that a ripe business opportunity He s from here and loves the village and married his high school sweetheart Flypast A flypast is a ceremonial or honorific flight by a group of aircraft or a single aircraft The term flypast is used in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.In the United States, the terms flyover and flyby are used. Flypasts are often tied in with Royal or state events, anniversaries, celebrations and occasionally funerary or memorial occasions. Hottest Flyover Tech Companies at JPM Healthcare Flyover tech is flying high at the J.P Morgan Health Conference Here is Observer s list of the hottest companies in flyover tech at the J.P Morgan Healthcare Conference. Illinois provides the Democrats with a Midwestern base It s the holidays, which means you need something long to read while lounging around the house Luckily, we re taking a break from the news to give you an in depth look at each of the Flyover Donald Trump puts on a show in Ohio The Flyover Trump s truth Republican President Donald Trump was in Toledo, Ohio, for a campaign rally last night, claiming that Ohio had its best year economically in , even as the state lost jobs, I Graduation United States Air Force Academy A Welcome Letter from the Superintendent Dear Families and Friends of the Class of , On behalf of the United States Air Force Academy community, I am thrilled to extend my congratulations on your cadet s upcoming graduation Rose Parade Skies blue, spirits high Parade goers The st Rose Parade is a wrap Here are some snapshots from the New Year s Day spectacle, including the glitz and the less glamorous chores, such as volunteers cleaning up after the horses.

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      Dana Loesch Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Flyover Nation: You Can't Run a Country You've Never Been To book, this is one of the most wanted Dana Loesch author readers around the world.

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    1. Could not put down. The values of today are not what they use to be. Everything you read is so true. Dana Loesch knows how to write and makes it an interesting read.

    2. I laughed, smiled and nodded in agreement a lot when reading Flyover Nation. People in big cities and on the coast may not understand our way of life or values here in the rural heartland but they're worth fighting for and preserving. Dana hits on a lot of issues affecting culture today and discussed just how out of touch the progressive movement is with the values of many of the people who live the middle (aka flyover). A solid book that feels very personal and really hits home.

    3. This wasn't bad but I'm sick of people who have success, especially in media and/or politics, writing books about subjects they don't really know much about and telling people who aren't exactly like them how stupid they are. And I especially don't appreciate being automatically lumped into a group (and the wrong group at that) because the author wants to accuse a group of some sort of crime or wrong doing, all supplied in a smug tone of superiority. Painting with a broad brush has never helped [...]

    4. Perfectly sums up what's wrong with the Washington cartel and the extreme disconnect with everyday Americans.

    5. Goodness. This woman has a ton of insults. Very creative ones at that. She pretty much constantly insults the "coastal" and makes unsubstantiated claims about how they live. How do I know she is wrong about the lifestyle she attributes to those who live in coastal states? I'm from Washington State. I've worked in factories, I come from an area that has plenty of farm land and I'm certainly not some rich person sipping martinis. I browsed the reviews on and plenty of those from Flyover states di [...]

    6. Dana Loesch е готина мацка, журналистка и в момента един от говорителите на NRA. Интервютата й са интересни и забавни и затова реших да прочета последната й книга, темата и съдържанието на която, по типично американски книгоиздателски маниер, е обяснена сбито и ясно в подзаглавиет [...]

    7. I've listened to Dana's radio show for a couple of years now and I love her no nonsense attitude towards politics and her love, as she puts it, "for God, Family and Country, in that order!" She is not afraid to share her beliefs and her disdain for the "cultural elite". Flyover Nation, tugs at Americas heart strings, shedding light on the differences of the coastal (So called American Elites that pretend to understand American Values, but are truly concerned with how big their pocketbooks are, h [...]

    8. This is a very good book because it makes you think. The premise is that the coastal americans, with more people, more electoral votes, and more lifestyles similarities, have walked over middle America or what Dana calls flyover nation. Flyover nation belives strongly in the second amendment, limited government, religious beliefs, and are the main reason for our current 2016 political upheaval. This book is opinion based not too many hard numbers and research like her other book. It is a must re [...]

    9. This is wonderful book about all the Coastals trying to run MidAmerica when they never been here or know nothing about us. I lived on the West Coast for 60 years and never knew one thing about the Midwest. I loved page 61, Questions for the Media Elite. When did you dine by choice at IHOP or Country Buffet? Name a country Western song. Do you have an American made car? What goes on a Big Mac. Name six products you can buy at Walmart. Name a current Nascar driver. What is your pastors name. I now [...]

    10. An interesting and quick read by gun control expert and author of 2014 bestseller Hands Off My Gun. This memoir details her childhood and upbringing in small-town Missouri as well as her journey to being a conservative political author and radio and talk show host. Includes inside information on politicians, celebrity agitators, etc. and discusses background on issues such as crime rates, terrorism, feminism, conservationism, etc.

    11. Fast-paced, well-written, with plenty of snark, Flyover Nation exposes how so many liberals in Washington and other "coastals" disregard the heartbeat of America, the people and values that so greatly influence our nation.

    12. This was a good book by Dana Loesch, that goes over the Washington beurocrats misunderstanding of the "fly over states". She makes several good points on just how out of touch these people's representatives are with middle America. The only thing I didn't appreciate was her constant defense of capitalism after making an un-capatalist statement. These came across as trite, petty, and tiresome. For example, she talks of different news anchors salaries and how out of touch they are with the America [...]

    13. I like the premise of the book, i.e the "coastals" who run the country are so far removed from the people and land they fly over, yet they're the ones making decisions for the very people with whom they're so out of touch (Think Hillary who hasn't driven a car since 1996 and is up to her neck in dirty $, or Trump who got a "small" $1M loan from his dad, or one of the 43 other examples in the book).Unfortunately, many of the "issues" were either just kind of stupid (the difference in coastal life [...]

    14. After reading and enjoying Hands Off My Gun, Dana Loesch’s first book, I was excited to get a copy of Flyover Nation: You Can’t Run a Country You’ve Never Been To. It did not disappoint, and I had the book completed over one weekend.Flyover Nation was as much autobiographical as political; exploring the ideological differences between the heartland, known as Flyover Nation, and the East & West Coasts where the left-of-center elitists attempt to demonstrate their understanding of nobles [...]

    15. I really enjoy reading Dana Loesch's tweets, listening to her when I get the chance, and watching her on YouTube. I agree with her almost all the time. She and I share the same views, especially concerning the 2nd amendment, abortion, and #NeverTrump. At the same time, I've taken her to task for when she's attacked people's looks rather than what's going on inside of that person. That, and I disagree with her views on cats and James Bond. However, in this book, Dana does a tremendous job of lett [...]

    16. This really deserves 3.5 starse family anecdotes are really interesting and let you know a lot about the author, whether good or bad. It's the best part of the book. The actual argument being made, however, is standard mass market conservative stuff, and there's no new ground laid here. If you don't mind that, however, it's a good read.

    17. A good book, but I felt I was part of the choir my being from "flyover nation" myself. Some very good parts but a lot of things that I am very familiar with that seemed redundant to me. One quote that I liked was "Democrats have the lock on people because of what they think they are not for what they are in reality."

    18. Flyover nation goes into varying aspects on the ever increasing gulf between urban and rural areas. A must read.

    19. Loesch has hit a grand slam with this book which talks intelligently about numerous conservative issues in a plain-spoken manner. Her thesis is pretty much summed up in the book's title and is that the elites on both coasts in their Hollywood mansions, network studios, and Washington D.Ceakhouses are living in a different universe from ordinary Americans. Typified by Obama's remarks about Americans in flyover country bitterly clinging to guns and religion and Hillary's mocking dismissal of them [...]

    20. Dana does a nice job with mixing biographical writing and current political issues. Having lived in CA for 30 yrs in the South for 6 and Mountain West for 5 and Midwest the balance of the time I recognize first hand her message that government and political direction are led and controlled on the coasts and everyone else can pound sand. It is fairly narrow but when you've experienced enough states government leadership, you can see where she's close to center but not spot on. I found it an enter [...]

    21. Flyover Nation is AmericaGreat read. I learned a lot about Dana and her life so far. I happened to be living in the St. Louis area (Hillsboro) when she was just getting started in radio and with the Tea Party so it was interesting to learn more about that experience. If you grew up in Flyover Nation, as I did, you will be reminded, if not, you will learn for the first time, the values that make up the heartland of America.Get your copy and start reading today.

    22. Don't get me wrong, I love Dana Loesch on the radio, but short form radio is definitely her strong suit. I got the book hoping it might go into greater depth on her thinking on things like gun rights and the environment,but while these are chapters in the book, she just just alternates between reminiscing about her youth and vitriolic attacks on the Left.Listen to her show, it's fun, don't read the book.

    23. If the point is to persuade this book just doesn't work. If the point is to preach to the choir, it is enjoyable. Even if I agree with most of the author's meta-points, the author's way of presenting them gets in the way of being persuasive.

    24. If you are conservative living in the South - you already know what is in this book. Politically dated. Two "wordy" for me, but I do not read this type of book for pleasure.

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