Her Fateful Debut

Her Fateful Debut Classic Regency romance with a dash of suspenseBeautiful Miss Penelope Swinton wants to live out her life as a spinster in her beloved Northamptonshire but with an ailing father and an entailed estat

  • Title: Her Fateful Debut
  • Author: G.G. Vandagriff
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Classic Regency romance with a dash of suspenseBeautiful Miss Penelope Swinton wants to live out her life as a spinster in her beloved Northamptonshire, but with an ailing father and an entailed estate, she must come to London and enter the Marriage Mart And if she must marry, she is determined to marry for love.In a brief respite from the social whirl of the season, sClassic Regency romance with a dash of suspenseBeautiful Miss Penelope Swinton wants to live out her life as a spinster in her beloved Northamptonshire, but with an ailing father and an entailed estate, she must come to London and enter the Marriage Mart And if she must marry, she is determined to marry for love.In a brief respite from the social whirl of the season, she retreats from the restrictions of the ton to sketch in the park and stumbles over a French spy When Penelope finds her life in danger, Viscount Beau Wellingham steps up to protect her however, he has secrets of his own Wellingham leads a clandestine life as an agent for the Foreign Office trapping spies In defending her life, he unwittingly puts her reputation at risk In order to save Penelope from society s scorn, Beau presses for a betrothal Though she resists, he insists Soon Beau is unable to deny the attraction he feels towards her Before he can act on his feelings, danger rises again This time, his life is on the line With a desperate spy closing in, Penelope must choose the safety of what she has always known or a chance for love But will she be too late

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      G.G Vandagriff is the author of twenty four books and is an 1 Bestselling Author The Last Waltz, the first novel in her 20th Century Historical Romance Series won the Whitney Award for Best Historical Novel in 2009 There are now two books in that series Exile and Defiance Twelve of her novels are Regency romances, compared by critics to the witty novels of Georgette Heyer She has also written a lively genealogical mystery series featuring Briggie and Alex, two whacky widows, as sleuths Other genres she writes in include Contemporary Romance, Women s Fiction, and Suspense GG graduated from Stanford and received her master s degree from George Washington University She worked as an associate editor at Stanford s Hoover Institution, an assistant treasurer in the Harvard Treasurer s office, a bond analyst at Fidelity Investments, and an international banker for Continental Illinois National Bank later acquired by Bank of America.She and her husband David are the parents of three children and six grandchildren, her greatest joys in life Her favorite novel Jane Eyre She also loves Florence, Sundance Resort, The Voice, hot chocolate, lilacs, and dachshunds.Find out about her books, download a free novella, and sign up for her newsletter at ggvandagriff Also, be the first to know when Vandagriff s next book is available by following her at bookbub authors G.G.Vandag to receive new releases and discount alerts.

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    1. I picked this light Regency romance up as a Kindle freebie (it's now back to $2.99). A country girl with Connections, Penelope Swinton, comes to London for the Season. She has a nice young rector at home who wants to marry her, but she's hoping for something more, like, say, a love match. She gets more excitement than she bargained for: While she's out drawing pictures in a London park early one morning, she makes the mistake of sketching three men and one of those men does not want his likenes [...]

    2. At 20% in, I realized I was only continuing reading to catalogue the book's sins and decided it was an unhealthy preoccupation and stopped. I was going to give a detailed list here, in fact, but I have to ask to what purpose? And since I have no good answer to that, I'll just stick with this: this book's audience is an uncritical one that will accept a romantic story on its most surface level, trusting in the author's earnest presentation.

    3. Well that was just adorable. [SPOILER WARNING - the plot is not complex, but review possibly a bit spoiler-ish]If like me you require the occasional, "Despite his reputation as an incurable rake, handsome Duke falls madly in love with spunky, unconventional heroine" kind of book, you could do much worse than Her Fateful Debut. I enjoyed it very much even though it commits sin of being the first in a trilogy - but since this book stands on its own, not unpardonable.The hero and heroine in this ca [...]

    4. (3.5 Stars) A lot of Regency romances follow a certain formula and this one is no exception. I love it when authors add a little extra zing to their stories to make them more original than that said formula. This one did have a spy element, but other than that, it fits right in with the genre. I wanted just a little more to make it stand apart.Penelope (aka Penny or Pen) is a young lady who is just coming out into society. She finds herself in a compromising situation that demands a betrothal. B [...]

    5. Pleasant story about a young gentlewoman, Miss Penelope Swinton, whose recent arrival in London to make her society debut is marred by her unfortunate observation of a meeting among spies, one of whom is determined to kill her for fear that she will expose him. Beau Saunders, the Duke of Wellington, is an agent of the Crown. He saves her and kills her assailant, but this unfortunately occurs at a ball and speculation runs rampant that this was a love triangle. Beau and Penelope agree to marry to [...]

    6. A Cute Recency RomanceI really enjoyed this book! The author wrote a recency romance but then added a little action/suspense, which is one of my favorite combinations. There is a lot to like about our two main characters, and while they are complete strangers that have been thrown together, theirs was a sweet romance.

    7. *FULL REVIEW*review to come I think I have 3 maybe 4 to do. Life is going to calm down soon so don't be surprised when I have multiple reviews popping up on my feed. ;-D---------------------------------------------This was a fun, witty jaunt into the Regency era. I really enjoyed all the characters and the storyline. Penelope has come to London to finally have her debut for the season. She is a country girl and not used to the rigors and expectations of society. So of course she is awake long be [...]

    8. Her Fateful Debut was a fun, clean romance. I received a free e-Arc from Ebooks For Review in exchange for an honest review. Although I have been reading romances for a couple of years now, I am much newer to the historical romance sub-genre. I do enjoy books in locations outside of the U.S especially if they give me a good sense of being there. I can honestly say that although I enjoy reading about this era in British history, I most certainly wouldn't want to live there. The entire concept of [...]

    9. I really liked this one. A delightful Regency romance with a thread of danger to keep things exciting and some swoon worthy kisses! :) You'll definitely want to read this one for yourself!Miss Penelope Swinton may be a little naive when it comes to the ton, but she is also smart, a quick learner, and a delight to be around. When circumstances force her into the path of Viscount Beau Wellingham, he soon finds himself falling under her spell. But will those same circumstances and a death cause Mis [...]

    10. Romance, Clean, mild Christian elements This has to be my favorite of all of GGV's novels that I have read so far. The characters seemed more real, more human, more genuine. Some of them just haven't 'fit' for me personally as a reader. This was definitely an interesting 'fall' with some side moments and characters that made the novel a fit for me. I would have given it 5 stars except the ending seemed to fall apart detail wise for me (seemed a bit rushed or lacking details?). It wasn't as lush [...]

    11. This was a fun and lighthearted Regency book. It didn't have any surprises in it, and it's a quick read. Penelope has gone to London to have a Season and sees a meeting between spies in the park. This endangers her, and Beau steps in to help. They are forced into an engagement, but soon find themselves falling in love.The excerpt to this book says there is a "dash of suspense," and I would say that is very accurate. There really is no suspense and I wasn't worried for a moment that things would' [...]

    12. The suspense in this book gets started from the very first page! That made the story way more fun than it otherwise would have been. I liked Penelope (Penny or Pen, as she's sometimes called in the book) she's really young and really naive, because she's never been to London before. It's her first season and sometimes she makes little mistakes because she isn't quite sure what's expected of her. That makes her all the more lovable in my eyes though. I liked her pluck when she was talking to the [...]

    13. Vandagriff has done it again. I always think that she can't possibly write another book as appealing as the one I just read, but she always manages to pull it off. I found Her Fateful Debut to be as compelling as all Vandagriff's other works that I have read. Beau and Penelope are both sympathetic and interesting characters. Beau, an experienced Londoner and employee of the Foreign Office, inadvertently meets Miss Penelope in a park early in the morning when the double agent he is working with a [...]

    14. Penelope Swinton is in London for less than 24 hours before she is embroiled in both scandal and danger - all from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Beau, also known as Viscount Wellingham, is determined to protect her life and her reputation - even though he has just met her!I loved Penelope - she was a fun, spirited heroine who didn't always take the easy way. Tom, the vicar's son back in her country home of Northampton, has always planned to marry her and offers her a nice quiet, co [...]

    15. I had a harder time with this book than I expected. At first, I didn't feel the tension that was supposed to be there. I didn't feel threatened or alarmed for Penelope. All the words indicated it but the emotion wasn't there. Then, the method the author said was used to snap someone's neck was incorrect. I happen to train in that particular method of martial arts and we are definitely not taught how to break necks (even at the higher belts). With those two things happening fairly early in the bo [...]

    16. This is my favorite of all ten of my Regency romances. I am sure that if I'd had the chance, I would have fallen in love with Beau Wellingham--dresses like a dandy (as camouflage), is very athletic, knows Jujutsu, loves roses, is tender when the situation calls for it. And he knows how to kiss!

    17. ChoicesIt is interesting that she has so many choices and that love was not originally her motivation with her final choice Or was it? Cryptic enough? Well I wouldn't want to ruin the fun for anyone!

    18. So, this book was short, sweet and cute. It was a perfect distraction for my long flight after working 16 hours on vacation and got me just in the mood to see my sweetie at the gate! The book chronicles a rather rushed romance between a notorious rake of society and a young ingénue that had potential in society but scandal forced her marriage. I know, it sounds predictable, but the little added plot points of their relationship blooming and the pitfalls of their brief engagement were a small ch [...]

    19. I thought this books was good. It has a good, believable story line. Heroine, gets caught up in a spy plot, needs to be rescued by hero. Instead compromises her reputation and has to offer marriage. I was a little perturbed by the girl. She is young and naive and not sure about what she wants. She made so many dumb decisions. The guy, older and wiser, but also makes mistakes about their relationship. Both went into the relationship for different reasons but they finally stopped denying they at l [...]

    20. Clean romance with some suspense thrown in to keep it interesting. I have enjoyed other books by Ms. Vandagriff and I enjoyed Her Fateful Debut, as well. The only violence in the book, is not graphic, so that is a big plus. There were a few times that I wanted to shake the Heroine and say "Just TALK to him!" Why are people so afraid to communicate? Yes, I know it's a story, but sometimes I just want to read about characters who know how to communicate.Overall a good story that I would not hesita [...]

    21. The was a great book and a pretty quick read. I loved the mystery the author added in, although it was a little violent – not gory or gruesome though – just people protecting themselves and others around them. The ton seem to be like the gossipers now-a-days. They love to tell stories, no matter how untrue they are. I adore historical novels and the history that is involved in them. The way the English lived is fascinating to me – how women can’t be seen alone with a man because it will [...]

    22. Not my kind of story. I picked this up because I needed something light and sweet to read during a heavy work week. I got light, but am leaving unsatisfiedA light read on the side with a fast pace, a wishy-washy heroine, and a "perfect" hero. My main problem with this book is that Penelope's best feature seems to be that she is a beauty and then a few times throws in she is an "Original" and not like the rest of female ton society without any examples of this to contrast with this declaration. I [...]

    23. G. G. Vandagriff has delivered another adorable regency novel. Like most of her books, Her Fateful Debut was fluffy and predictable but she does fluffy and predictable so well that you really can’t fault her. It is a great book to read when you just want to relax on the couch and not think about anything. If you are looking for something deep and insightful, this is not for you.

    24. A story with real substance that all will enjoy.As a man I am not supposed to enjoy what some might call a woman’s novel, but I have to admit I really enjoyed it. It is written by a pro, and that is obvious. But the story never lags, it is always interesting and does not violate ones moral beliefs.

    25. This was a sweet, formulaic read. I like historical romance and regency books, so it was fun. I liked the dandy twist, when people aren't always what they appear on the surface. It was very predictable but it was what I expected and hoped for. It's a quick, fun, light-hearted read and I enjoyed it enough to read more from this author.I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

    26. This was a fun and quick regency read. I enjoyed the story and the characters, especially the main ones. Penelope and Beau are a wonderful couple. I loved how sweet Beau was with Penelope, especially when he went to see her when she was taking care of her father. It was a good mix of romance and intrigue. I'd recommend this to my friends.

    27. Enjoyable Book This is an engaging book. It is a story of the time when the fashionable set did not arise before noon and anyone who did was thought to be strange. Two people met during this time and circumstances put them together again and again that romance was formed surprising them both.

    28. Light readingThis was an enjoyable, light read. It seems that those that do not follow the dictates of society have the most fulfilling lives. Fine in a book, but not necessarily the best for real life.

    29. A favorite author writes another entertaining storyClean, exciting plot good characters what more could an avid reader hope for. Well the next book comes to mind and I am off to read it.

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