Playing James

Playing James Rules What rules Plucky beat reporter Holly Colshannon has a flair for the dramatic a nose for trouble and the remarkable ability to smile through any indignity though her latest assignment is about

  • Title: Playing James
  • Author: Sarah Mason
  • ISBN: 9780345469557
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rules What rules Plucky beat reporter Holly Colshannon has a flair for the dramatic, a nose for trouble, and the remarkable ability to smile through any indignity though her latest assignment is about to test her mettle Newly promoted to crime reporter for the Bristol Gazette, she must shadow the unsmiling though undeniably delicious Detective James Sabine through hiRules What rules Plucky beat reporter Holly Colshannon has a flair for the dramatic, a nose for trouble, and the remarkable ability to smile through any indignity though her latest assignment is about to test her mettle Newly promoted to crime reporter for the Bristol Gazette, she must shadow the unsmiling though undeniably delicious Detective James Sabine through his action packed days, and then capture all the danger and thrills of a cop s life in a daily column for the rag.Well, on the bright side, she gets her own byline On the down side, delectable James is hardly overjoyed to have her around But soon her columns are a hit with readers who can t get enough of her personal adventures riding shotgun with the sexy crime stopper.Who ever expected law and order to be so romantic Certainly Holly s rugby playing boyfriend and James s super gorgeous fianc e are enough to keep any sparks of electricity in check In the end, though, love always evens the score

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    About "Sarah Mason"

    1. Sarah Mason

      Sarah Mason was born on 1971, and grew up near the sea in Cornwall, England She obtained a degree in Maths from University of Bristol At the age of 25 she began importing gourmet popcorn from USA and selling it to everyone from Sainsbury s to Virgin cinemas, she soon became a millionaire and was running a company with a seven figure turnover When she married she sold the business on, she decided take a few months off to decide what she wanted to do next, and she started writing She lives in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, with her husband, two children and a West Highland Terrier.

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    1. this is being made into a rom com, right? Or has it already been done? It's one of those books that was made to be a film, with some upbeat, annoyingly smiley type blonde in the lead role and a grouchy somewhat unshaven leading man as the love interest. It had a touch of shopaholic about it (but nowhere near as irritating as the characters can be in that particular franchise!) and Holly's optimisim never wanes, even in the midst of catastrophe. I have to say that the end, whilst you know where t [...]

    2. Holly Colshannon is a young journalist who thinks her career is about to take a terminal nosedive when she is moved from covering ‘pet deaths’ for her local Bristol paper and made Crime Correspondent – a poisoned chalice if ever there was one.However, a brilliant idea from the new police PR officer sees Holly shadowing a detective and writing a diary column about his working life. Detective James Sabine is bit of a sour puss – although he does have very nice green eyes – and he’s fur [...]

    3. I'm frankly amazed at the relatively high reviews this book has received from other reviewers. As a piece of chick lit, it was frothy, hugely contrived, tried too hard to be humourous and won't be remembered past the last page.Holly Colshannon is a two dimensional journalist for a local paper in Bristol, who is to shadow a detective as part of a new diary feature. The two do not hit it off to begin with, but, what do you know, they start to thaw towards each other ready for a rushed finale where [...]

    4. The pacing of this book is awful! They spent so much time on the cases, the narration for which felt completely repetitive and didn't really further the relationship between James and Holly, and then the author remembered after 97% of the book was over that she forgot to throw in the romance and crammed it into the last three pages after randomly making the fiance MWAH HA HA evil and letting James experience all these revelations about how in love he is with Holly off the page.

    5. Buku ini sukses bikin aku jejeritan (hampir, tapi sebenarnya tidak) kayak orang gila saat membaca bagian-bagian terakhirnya. karakter Holly dan James punya chemistry yang bagus. di awal cerita buku ini sama sekali benar-benar menceritakan kebencian mereka satu sama lain. walaupun James Sabine orang yang menarik tetapi Holly tetap pada pendiriannya bahwa dia tidak menyukai pria ketus itu. di tengah-tengah, cerita juga berputar di dalam kasus yang mereka tangani. yah kasus biasa sih. padahal aku l [...]

    6. Holly, wartawan amatiran, tiba-tiba mendapatkan tugas dadakan utk mendampingi detektif polisi keren, James Sabine yg akan segera menikah dlm wkt 6 minggu lagi. James yang tidak menyukai Holly karena (a) Holly itu wartawati (b) koordinasi gerak tubuh Holly yang tidak sinkron dan bisa membahayakan James dan diri Holly sendiri, sehingga menjuluki Holly sebagai biang penyakit, hama, wabah dan semuanya jadi satu. Holly, dibawah tekanan editornya disuruh merayu James untuk mendapatkan detil-detil ceri [...]

    7. I downloaded Playing James to my Kindle when I was in dire need of mindless fluff. That's about what I got--and it wasn't even particularly memorably mindless fluff. Some beach reading romances at least have fun characters or catchy dialogue or something that will once in awhile come to mind again later--or, at very least, make you a little sorry when you finish the book because there's no more fun to be had there. This one didn't have any of that for me. It almost felt like Mason was trying too [...]


    9. Fun, sarcasm, adventure, romance and anything a reader can ask for Playing James has it allI started this book and I just couldn't keep it down. The way Sarah Mason presents the story, as a reader I felt living the character of Holly. I actually giggled with her and made faces on the rude, knife sharp comments of James. Though the ending was somewhat clinched n predictable, it can be forgiven, as other than the end, the entire book was just too good to complain about.Playing James made a special [...]

    10. This book was exactly how I love my chick-lits - funny, quirky and with lots of heart. We're first introduced to Holly Colshannon as she calls the casualty department on behalf of her friend who has atuation. She makes plenty of later appearances in the ER throughout the book, all of which had me laughing out loud. Detective James Sabine doesn't know what he has done in his past life when his Chief saddles him with Holly, who has been thrown into a new job as the crime correspondent for a paper [...]

    11. I am giving this 3.5 stars. This is a cute fun book that would be a great romantic comedy movie. Holly is a reporter who gets a chance to be the paper crime reporter & gets assigned to follow a rugged good looking detective on his job. Looking for a fun read one weekend that is not to serious & easy to enjoy, this book is it

    12. Um, definitely have never had a book start off quite like this, best friend of lead female character has a condom stuck, well, um, where condoms go.I love how Holly gives her car a name. I do to and don't understand why people think it is weird. (My car's name is Essie by the way)So I'm guessing this author is from England or something because of the lingo I am reading here, adds a little something to the story for me.The author does a great job of writing this story in a way where I felt like I [...]

    13. Jadi wartawan bagian berita kematian hewan pastinya bukanlah hal yang menyenangkan dan tanda sebuah karir yang bagus, tapi ketika Holly Holshanon harus menjalaninya karena boss-nya merasa itulah satu-satunya bagian yang cocok untuknya.Ketika salah satu rekannya, reporter kriminal berhalangan, Holly diberi tugas untuk meliput pencurian obat di rumah sakit, adalah berita kriminal pertama yang harus diliput Holly.Ternyata, Joe, boss-nya suka dengan tulisannya, dan kebetulan juga, reporter kriminal [...]

    14. I found the story to be utterly delightfull. I would catch myself laughing out loud. There is a particular scene where she is involved in an accident with her foot, a wine bottle, a hen party, and an emergency room.How it ends(view spoiler)[The night before James is to be married. Holly is summoned by his fiancé Fleur to stay away and not contact him ever again. That she has in fact manipulated him into a marriage because he is a good man, and honor his commitments. Let’s just say she uses hi [...]

    15. Waaah, bagusssss banget. I loved the way how Holly and James falling in love. Dari rasa sebal dan bertengkar sana sini, sampe buntutnya mereka berdua toh, gak bisa mungkirin perasaan cinta yang timbulTotal saya dah baca 3 kali, dan tiap baca pasti mengkhayal saya sebagai Holly. James nya? bisa siapa aja yang lagi masuk tampang idola saya kebanyakan sih pemain bola haha, either itu Ryan Giggs, Lee Sharpe, or Chris Sutton yah, gak ngaruh lah. yang pasti saya terbawa suasana banget Kisah perjalanan [...]

    16. I picked up this book with a need for some feel-good books after digesting a pretty intense and big book. This book did the trick, splendidly i would say. The book started off with a bang. It was funny and i got into the book really quickly. I would have never imagined such outlandish situations that Holly got herself into. It was hilarious and i was turning pages feverishly. The plot was fresh and original even though it had a pretty cliche ending like every other mindless fluff. The dynamic be [...]

    17. Playing James by Sarah Mason was hilarious. Holly was one of the most funny characters I've ever met. After single-handedly donating a seeing eye dog and part of another one due to her language, Holly decides that something else should be put in place. So instead of using the traditional four-letter words, Holly and the rest of her workplace has adopted the use of much hated vegetables. So it's hard not to laugh when she utters a "holy turnips" in the middle of an internal dialogue.Holly has jus [...]

    18. Playing James benar2 chicklit yang menarik, tidak membosankan dan sangat menghibur. Bikin gw terkikik kikik geli pas baca niy buku.Chicklit ini menceritakan seorang wanita muda yang bernama Holly Conshannon yang bekerja sebagai wartawan di sebuah surat kabar yang tugasnya meliput pemakaman hewan2 peliharaan. Tiba-tiba wartawan yang biasanya bertugas di berita kriminal mengundurkan diri dari kantor Holly dan sang bos menugaskan Holly untuk menggantikannya. Kemudian Holly diminta untuk membuntuti [...]

    19. One of my early Brit Chick Lit reads. Thoroughly enjoyed it and had a good laugh especially towards the end when Holly's mistaken for a homeless person as well as her many visits to Casualty. I also loved the vile fruits & vegetables profanity in lieu of curse words - in order to cut down on the foul language (there's a fee for every expletive uttered) at her place of work the staff has resorted to substituting the names of fruits and vegetables for your everyday run-of-the-mill swear words. [...]

    20. Our dear Holly is a reporter without a good story she is the youngest reporter at her office and therefore is given the dirt job to be the crime reporter and to trail after the hot Detective James Sabine.The klutzy heroine kinda grows on you as you keep reading the book and there are parts where you will laugh out loud and how she ends up in the hospital so often!The story is not through our hero's eyes and therefore you only get to know him through Holly. But whatever i saw, i loved!The fiancee [...]

    21. aku emang cuma ngasih 3 bintang, cuma sebenernya aku suka sama buku ini. ceritanya sih standar, tentang cewek yang ktemu sama detektif cowok yang tadinya musuhan tapi lama-lama jadi saling suka. sinetron banget deh. tapi ramuannya terasa pas, bahkan permainan emosinya juga bagus, bikin ketawa-ketawa dan serius di saat yang cukup tepat.dan lagi, membaca si tokoh cewek kaya berkaca pada diri sendiri. di sana si cewek digambarkan ceroboh dan koordinasi tubuhnya kurang bagus. well, just like me. mak [...]

    22. I love reading this book. I found it when I was perusing the shelves at the library and the story stuck with me so much that a few years later I had to purchase a copy. Many a rainy day has been spent with me on the couch reading Playing James. It is a fun, sassy read. It is one of those books that I turn to like an old friend. The heroine isn't perfect and she isn't trying to be. The hero falls in love with her in spite of her meddling. It pulled at my heart strings and made me smile. what more [...]

    23. I debated between giving this 2 or 3 stars. Truthfully, I was so ecstatic to read it, but it was wholly disappointing. I don't think I'll ever read another book by her again. For the most part, it was predicable yet erratic The ending just came abruptly. And there was no real explanation for why not an adequate one anyways, in my opinion. So amusing sometimes, though. All in all, not a good book. It wasn't well-developed or well-written.

    24. Yet another chick-lit I can't seem to read.I know they say to open up with a bang, butextracting a condom from a best friend's nether-regions?Over the phone?! No way will I continue to read past this stupidlittle scene!

    25. So funny and hillarious !!! Re-reading it still got me laughing the chemistry between Holly and James (^_^) more about this book, just check my complete review at here : ( lemarihobbybuku/2 )

    26. A really good friend gave this to me and I tried. I really tried, but just couldn't get into this one. Maybe it's the British thing; maybe it's because I'd just read Something Borrowed which was a far, faster-paced romance. Sorry Sarah Mason. Maybe another time.

    27. A very light and nice chic lit I love it it made me laugh and feel all the feels with holly I love that there was a lot of things to reveal until the very end of the book. Sadly i want more of "Homes" the last chapter was just not enough

    28. at first, i never like read chicklit stuff and this book made it (i liked it so much) cheesy but cute love story and i started to become sarah mason's fans

    29. I only made it to page 28 and then I had to stop due to the mass number of exclamation points. It was starting to hurt reading and anticipating them. Just far too many.

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