Beat the Reaper

Beat the Reaper Dr Peter Brown is an intern at Manhattan s worst hospital Pietro Bearclaw Brwna is a hitman for the mob And Nicholas LoBrutto Dr Brown s new patient who has three months to live has a very strange i

  • Title: Beat the Reaper
  • Author: Josh Bazell
  • ISBN: 9780316032223
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dr Peter Brown is an intern at Manhattan s worst hospital Pietro Bearclaw Brwna is a hitman for the mob.And Nicholas LoBrutto, Dr Brown s new patient who has three months to live, has a very strange idea that Peter Brown and Pietro Brwna might just might be the same person Dr Peter Brown is an intern at Manhattan s worst hospital, with a talent for medicine,Dr Peter Brown is an intern at Manhattan s worst hospital Pietro Bearclaw Brwna is a hitman for the mob.And Nicholas LoBrutto, Dr Brown s new patient who has three months to live, has a very strange idea that Peter Brown and Pietro Brwna might just might be the same person Dr Peter Brown is an intern at Manhattan s worst hospital, with a talent for medicine, a shift from hell, and a past he d prefer to keep hidden Whether it s a blocked circumflex artery or a plan to land a massive malpractice suit, he knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men Pietro Bearclaw Brwna is a hitman for the mob, with a genius for violence, a well earned fear of sharks, and an overly close relationship with the Federal Witness Relocation Program More likely to leave a trail of dead gangsters than a molecule of evidence, he s the last person you want to see in your hospital room Nicholas LoBrutto, aka Eddy Squillante, is Dr Brown s new patient, with three months to live and a very strange idea that Peter Brown and Pietro Brwna might just might be the same person Now, with the mob, the government, and death itself descending on the hospital, Peter has to buy time and do whatever it takes to keep his patients, himself, and his last shot at redemption alive To get through the next eight hours and somehow beat the reaper Spattered in adrenaline fueled action and bone saw sharp dialogue, Beat the Reaper is a debut thriller so utterly original you won t be able to guess what happens next, and so shockingly entertaining you won t be able to put it down.

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    1. Josh Bazell

      Josh Bazell has a BA in writing from Brown University and a MD from Columbia University He is currently a medical resident at the University of California, San Francisco, and is working on his second novel He wrote Beat the Reaper during the end of medical school and the beginning of residency Some of his favorite writers are James Ellroy, Ken Bruen, Michael Connelly and Peter Lovesey He states that he got the idea for this novel when going through medical school training and observed the tension physicians feel between doing medicine and their life outside of medicine So he wanted to write about a doctor who was also the opposite of a doctor.

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    1. Anybody who thinks the U.S. doesn't need health care reform should read this book. Since the author was a medical intern and the details about patient care seem horribly realistic, I think I'd rather read a Surgery For Dummies book and attempt my own future operations with a bottle of Jack Daniels, a carpet knife, duct tape and some rusty pliers rather than risk being admitted to a hospital after reading this.Peter Brown is a harried resident trying to get through another miserable day at a larg [...]

    2. Onvan : Beat the Reaper (Peter Brown #1) - Nevisande : Josh Bazell - ISBN : 316032220 - ISBN13 : 9780316032223 - Dar 310 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2008

    3. Hey fuckhead,Yep, you, the one with the track marks running down both arms trying to slide off into oblivion, with the tilted head and the faraway expression, staring at the sun like it’s some four-headed monster ready to steal your dreams, twitching for your next fix like some random dog left out in the rain too long, with a stutter-stepping walk and attitude, veering off from the rest of the universe like a bad dream; you might want to sit this one out, otherwise you might have more than jus [...]

    4. Utterly ridiculous, gratuitously violent, highly improbable, totally engrossing, lightening-paced. Why don't more people write like this?

    5. An outrageous novel that got me laughing a lot in between painfully gruesome situations, a plot worthy of comic books, and occasional absurdly implausible sex scenes. A young intern of Polish Jewish background, Peter Brown, tries to save patients from gross incompetence at the “worst hospital in Manhattan” while popping drugs to keep awake. It turns out he is former mob hit man in Witness Protection, and his cover is in danger of being blown. Much of the tale corresponds to reflecting back o [...]

    6. I’m a Charlie Huston honk. There, I admitted it. Like the first step out of twelve, I recognize my problem. And I feel unburdened. Free almost. I’m a Huston-holic. A junkie for Charlie’s magical mushroom prose. And like every good Huston-holic, I’m always searching for writers with a similar style. Writers that’ll grab me by the throat, worrying me like a dog.Enter Josh Bazell. A combination of Huston and Chuck Palahniuk, Bazell stuns with his debut novel Beat the Reaper, a brutal and [...]

    7. This book is A-MAY-ZING. Straight up. Please read this.It's hilarious and wildly disturbing all at the same time. Bazell is like the Chuck Palahniuk for sane people.This will just be easier if I quote Ron Charles."Beat the Reaper is a hypochondriac's nightmare but a reader's dream. Josh Bazell concocted this comic thriller while working as a medical resident at the University of California, San Francisco, and if anything he describes here is true, we should all become Christian Scientists."I wan [...]

    8. When I started reading this, I had the vague expectation that it was going to be some sort of urban fantasy. It wasn't. But that didn't keep me absolutely loving it. It's funny, clever, fast-moving, irreverent, and horrifying in turns. I highly recommend it. Unless you're a hypochondriac. If you are, you should avoid it like the plague. (heh.)

    9. 3 ½ stars (Note: Posting again since apparently not received via e-mail updates.)A while ago I mentioned in a review-commentary that I was due for some light reading, some brain candy. After some back-and-forth discussion, Beat the Reaper won out over a couple of other suggestions. As it turns out, it’s not a book I would ordinarily pick up, and if I had, after skimming the first few pages, I might have put it down once I saw that this author was hell-bent on inserting a lot of profanity and [...]

    10. I finally received a copy of this book 5 weeks after the Pulp Fiction group chose it as their monthly read. Go AusPost! But it was an ugly copy that felt like it had been photocopied, including a glossy print for the flimsy cover. Must do better work at publishing actual books people.About two thirds of the way through my interest was waning and I decided to check out the 1 Star reviews to see if others were having the same problem I was having with it - the flashbacks were slow and largely unin [...]

    11. I just finished BEAT THE REAPER by Josh Bazell- simply put- it is one of the greatest comic crime thrillers I have ever read- I am talking the Immortal Elmore Leonard/Carl Hiaasen territory - Bazell wrote this- his first novel while completing his residency at a hospital (he is now a full doctor I believe) I am still shocked at how perfect this book was- it had everything- even hilarious footnotes(a la Terry Pratchett) and a main character who is so endearing and lifelike that you cant help but [...]

    12. This is one of the most unique and entertaining novels I've read in a long time. At the age of fourteen, Pietro Brwna is orphaned for a second time when someone murders the grandparents who had raised him for much of his life. In school, Pietro befriends the son of a mob lawyer, Davide Locano, and the Locanos become his new surrogate family. But Pietro is determined to hunt down and kill the cretins who murdered his grandparents. With Locano's assistance, he identifies the killers and dispatches [...]

    13. lately my book reviewing reminds me of that old snl skit where the guy reviews porn: 'interested, interested, really interested, then i lost all interest.'i don't know if it's me or not. this book started off with a bang. the tone of the narrator was a little obnoxious -- although isn't that a requirement for crime fiction? and why is that? it's' tired. but that aside, the writer is entertaining and informative (truly some of the greatest hospital anecdotes i've ever read -- you almost wish he w [...]

    14. Well,the style of this book is to be edgey. I have no problem with that in general when it works for the story, but this was just angry to be angry. I didn't see the point. I hated every character in the book, the author didn't see any reason to make anyone of them likable. I couldn't take it anymore so I stopped it. uuhhggg.

    15. Wow what a book. I only picked this one up for the Pulp Fiction book club and I never even looked at what it was about. Boy was I in for a surprise.I started it tentatively as it kicks off with a doctor who seems rather handy in a fight and knows things a normal doctor wouldn't. From there it just ramps up and up and up. Part medical comedy, part gangster action this book floored me and I love every second of it. It feels like someone crossed Scrubs with The Sopranos. And it was smart. All the p [...]

    16. Peter Brown is not your normal Manhattan ER doctor. When it comes to skeletons in the closest, he has tons. One of those skeletons he forced him to enter into the Witness Protection Program. Peter has been fighting with his demons for years. Peter was ready to start his day out like any other morning…with a walk in the park but there he gets mugged, than he receives an invite by a sexy pharmaceutical nurse for some TLC, and finally as if Peter’s day couldn’t get any worse, he new patient h [...]

    17. ok, here's the thing at first i didn't think i was going to like this book that much. it seems a bit pretentious, especially the opening few paragraphs. its obvious they were meant to grab you and throw you into a world. and it works, only maybe you're not so sure its a world you care to explore. but here's the thing: i just kept reading and reading. it was engaging enough to keep me up all night just to see where things were going to go. its a bit like an episode of 'er' with flashbacks to 'the [...]

    18. I was recommended this book last year, and while it looks interesting, I kept putting this book off. I’m not sure why I did, as this book was so much fun to read. Think mob book (in the style of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels or Snatch) meets Scrubs but with a much darker sense of humour. Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell tells the story of Peter Brown, an intern for Manhattan’s worst hospital. Dr. Brown is in the Federal Witness Protection Program having previously been a mob hitman named [...]

    19. Great mix of medical thriller and mob revenge tale. Main character is a foul-mouthed and very funny former hit man who's hiding out as a doctor in a run-down hospital. If his former boss/mentor finds him, it means he's probably dead. I was hooked immediately and especially liked his hilarious and ironic footnotes.

    20. I rarely if ever do this, but I'm doing it now. I loved this book. It is a great book. It is funny, savage, shocking, smart, and a great read. Go forth. Obtain it. Bathe in the madness. Giggle into your tea. Look with suspicion upon doctors. Gasp in horror. Be Bazelled.

    21. Beat The Reaper is pure modern noir. The dialogue is bold and stylish (with hints of Raymond Chandler), the characters are simultaneously over-the-top while still having those nuanced touches of humanity that makes you believe in them anyway, and the pace is relentless. It's an incredibly well-written book that I devoured in just a few days.The story centres around an ex-hitman who winds up in witness protection, goes to med school, and becomes a resident at a hospital so vile you start to wonde [...]

    22. Josh Bazell is a rare writer in a way that he graduated with a B.A. in English Literature yet gave up its PhD program to earn Doctor of Medicine. He is now a medical resident in San Francisco, probably spending his time doing remedial procedures doctors do with a nice story to boot. It was a huge surprise for me then to find a first-print copy of his debut novel Beat the Ripper stuffed casually inside the bargain bin for all to see. Set in a ramshackle New York hospital, it tells the story of Pe [...]

    23. I like that this is tagged "Adult" over there in the genres list. That is accurate! All of the athletic oral sex and hospital patient genitalia descriptions started to feel a little out of place after a while, since this book has plenty of other things going on (although one of those patient's genitalia actually solves a medical mystery, so I supposed that's justified.) Regardless, Dr! Josh Bazell's hospital- book-meets-Goodfellas gives a swift temple punch to all those generic medical thrillers [...]

    24. " So I'm on my way to work and I stop to watch a pigeon fight a rat in the snow, and some fuckhead tries to mug me!"The first line has sucked me right in!!!!!5/18/12Finished this book last night. It is one of the best things I have read this year!Frenetic pace, dark/odd humour, surgeons/doctors, Mafia, a reforming hitman, and a fabulous gross-out at the end!! It absolutely rocks!!!!I absolutely loved this shit! I almost feel empowered by reading it. I may need to socialize outside of my head mor [...]

    25. A due terzi della lettura mollo platealmente il libro, nonostante le mie tendenze da lettrice martire che deve arrivare all'ultima pagina anche della cagata più cagata del secolo, solo per la (inutile) soddisfazione di poter dire di averlo letto effettivamente. Il bello è che non è neanche 'na merda da leggere con la mascherina in viso, è un libro oggettivamente valido, o almeno non malvagio, che semplicemente è la combinazione vincente per farmi dire "non è proprio il mio genere". Vedi di [...]

    26. I wish I was stuck in an airport with Josh Bazell’s Beat the Reaper, but as I wasn’t flying anywhere this week I took advantage of my nine year old’s baseball tryouts and knocked out the last third of this sucker in one sitting. The novel blends weird medical facts, a hit man in witness protection, and a narrator quickly running out of time before mafia thugs descend on the hospital in which he’s hiding. Beat the Reaper would make a cross-country flight feel like a commercial break; it [...]

    27. In my view this is a crossing of three of my favorite novels, Everything Is Illuminated, The Godfather and The House of God: The Classic Novel of Life and Death in an American Hospital, compound by Tarantino’s screenplay writer. In other words: a hard-boiled mafia story set in a modern American hospital with a backstory set in an East-European schtetl during Hitler’s war. Since Tarantino has his fingers in the game you have to read very carefully: The speed of the writing is contagious and i [...]

    28. This is the #1 pick on the IndieNext List for January 2009, which is why it caught my attention (that and the obnoxiously bright cover it has!). The best description I can come up with for this book is if the series "The Sopranos" and the series "Scrubs" had a child, and made Quentin Tarantino and Amy Sedaris it's godparents, this would be the baby. The main character is a former Mob hitman who is in the witness protection program, finishing up his medical training (his way of making up for all [...]

    29. A killer turned healer, sounds like a good thing. This book pushes these extremes to the limits of credulity. And when it appears that the story has gone as far as it can go, the reader is presented with an ending that only a medical student with too much time on their hands could have dreamed up. This book has to be close to the ultimate in the medical thriller genre. The narration of this story is told through the first person voice of a former hired killer who is now a physician working in an [...]

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