Guardian's Key

Guardian s Key Guardian s Key tells the dark legend of Crystal Keep Into this magical fortress protected by the all powerful Guardian comes a young woman searching for her own special magic and her own self

  • Title: Guardian's Key
  • Author: Anne Logston
  • ISBN: 9780441003273
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Guardian s Key tells the dark legend of Crystal Keep Into this magical fortress, protected by the all powerful Guardian, comes a young woman searching for her own special magic, and her own self.

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      115 Anne Logston
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      Anne Logston Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Guardian's Key book, this is one of the most wanted Anne Logston author readers around the world.

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    1. I love this book. I've already re-read it four or five times since I first picked it up six years ago and I plan to re-read it again. And this is from a girl who very rarely re-reads. What can I say, I'm a sucker for the old she hates him-she loves him trope where the love interest is initially the mysterious bad boy the heroine sees as an antagonist. Plus, the concept of every door opening into another landscape (including one into an amazing library) is wish-fulfillment for me. However, do not [...]

    2. sorry, can't get on board with a book where the protagonist falls in love/ends up with the man who rapes her. especially when the book justifies the rape and makes it seem like no big deal. yuck yuck yuck.

    3. After seeing reviews comparing this to the movie Labyrinth, but with a romance, I couldnt wait to read this book. Yes I admit I ship Sara/Jareth *blushes*Dara is a daughter of two magicians,but as she had no powers of her own she ran away from home.She became servant at a castle and fell in love with a young man who is the heir to the kingdom.They cannot marry though because she lacks magic talent (seems being a commoner isnt too big of an obstacle for marrying,but being magicless is.)The story [...]

    4. Dara goes to get an answer from the Oracle, but she has to get by Vanion, the latest Guardian to get it. While in the magic castle (no kidding, an ACTUAL magic castle, imagine that?) she winds up finding how the Oracle came to be, what makes the Guardian - plus she rescues people trapped in their own little hells inside the mysterious rooms of the no-kidding-Magic-Castle.It was okay, but I don't like the thread where Vanion tricks Dara, seduces her and then she falls in love with him. Not that h [...]

    5. It may not be the most well-written book I've read, but I am starved for Problematic Villain Love Interests. I enjoyed it well enough and it certainly did its job. There were more than a few select scenes that spoke directly to my very specific interests.

    6. Okay, so I read this book off of a suggestion that it was similar to Ella Enchanted, so I snatched it up and read it hoping to find a fantasy story with a strong, independent female protagonist with just enough romance to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.And it was sorta like thatIt was similar in the fact that the main character was female and was written in the first person point of view. She is fairly independent and winds up saving herself or whatever. The setting is the good ol' middl [...]

    7. "Misunderstood Jerk, Take #579,354." I'm going to go spoiler here ---spoiler-he basically rapes the protagonist (you are splitting hairs if you say he didn't -- it's just gross either way) but she goes for him in the end because she feels sorry for him. Lady, you're crazy and there is no way I can identify you. If he'd been a bit spiteful in the beginning then showed some depth gradually I could have swallowed the basic premise, but using someone like that then coming up with a half-assed excuse [...]

    8. Although magic and fantastical events happen throughout the book, much like Howl's Moving Castle it is really more about the main character's growth and coming into her own strength and confidence. Infact the two books are quite similar in tone and plot. If you liked one you might like this one too (this one has less humor though). It's a very self contained story, not a huge sprawling world-traversing adventures or a high culture navigation of treacherous politics.

    9. I would probably give this a two and a half. It took me a really long time to read, I think mainly because I just didn't find it that interesting. The ideas were interesting as such, but I just dont think the delivery was quite engaging enough. The characters were somewhat bland mainly because there was no time given to investing the reader into the characters. Overall it was a fine read, but not a book I couldn't put down.

    10. Wow, time changes perspective! I read this years ago and was never bothered by the shallowness of the characters, or the really ridiculous idea that --spoilers--she's going to forgive him for being a rapist, and fall in love with him.What?The?Fuck?All that said, it's still engagingly readable, and well paced.

    11. Even when I was so in love with Anne Logston's heroines I kept every title possible on my shelf, this one was difficult to reconcile. I think I read it through at least three times, trying to let Logston persuade me that a "relationship" beginning in trickery and rape can eventually become voluntary, even sweet?Yeah, no. In the end, that's a bridge too far.

    12. I always loved this book and all the author's other stories. I wish she had written more books. Her characters are approachable and yet appropriately foreign. The land is just obscure enough to not be ours but yet relatable enough to make it viable. I love her humor and her characterization.

    13. Really good book. It's got a really interesting story line, and it's easy to get drawn into. You might be able to guess the ending, but it's not the most obvious.

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