Falcon on the Wind

Falcon on the Wind She s kidnapped on the morning of her royal wedding by her groom s most dangerous enemyTreachery leads battle hardened Highland lord Darach of Glenshiel to abduct an innocent wealthy Lady Laurien d Am

  • Title: Falcon on the Wind
  • Author: Shelly Thacker
  • ISBN: 9780380762927
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback
  • She s kidnapped on the morning of her royal wedding by her groom s most dangerous enemyTreachery leads battle hardened Highland lord Darach of Glenshiel to abduct an innocent wealthy Lady Laurien d Amboise, betrothed to the knave who betrayed Darach and his men Stealing the delicate beauty from the steps of Chartres Cathedral on her wedding day, he vows to keep her saShe s kidnapped on the morning of her royal wedding by her groom s most dangerous enemyTreachery leads battle hardened Highland lord Darach of Glenshiel to abduct an innocent wealthy Lady Laurien d Amboise, betrothed to the knave who betrayed Darach and his men Stealing the delicate beauty from the steps of Chartres Cathedral on her wedding day, he vows to keep her safe and untouched for she is a hostage to be bartered for the freedom of his beloved Scotland.But soon he discovers that his lovely captive has unexpected strength, fire and plans of her own From a besieged French castle to the untamed Scottish Highlands, Darach and Laurien are swept up in wild adventure, dangerous secrets and forbidden love that puts their honor and their lives at risk.An RWA Golden Heart Award Finalist Best Historical Romance of the YearA full length novel of 115,000 words Originally published under the title Falcon on the Wind This extensively revised Author s Preferred Edition ebook includes new scenes never before published Also includes exclusive bonus content The Making of HIS STOLEN BRIDE The Story Behind the Story.

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      USA Today bestselling author Shelly Thacker has earned lavish praise from Publishers Weekly, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Detroit Free Press and The Oakland Press, who have called her historical romance novels innovative, addictive, erotic and powerful A two time RWA RITA Award finalist, Shelly has won numerous other honors for her novels, including a National Readers Choice Award, several Romantic Times Certificates of Excellence, and five straight KISS Awards for her outstanding heroes The Detroit Free Press has twice placed her romances on their annual list of the year s best.When she s not at the computer, you ll find Shelly reading with her kids, knitting in local cafes, or kickboxing at the gym She lives in Minnesota with her husband and two daughters For the latest news and sneak previews of upcoming books, visit her at facebook AuthorShellyT or shellythacker

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    1. 4 and ½ Stars! French Nobleman Abducted by a Highland Chief First released under the title Falcon on the Wind, the story is set in Scotland in 1294 and tells of Lady Laurien d'Amboise, who step father would force her to wed the cruel comte de Villiers. She is just about to escape when she is abducted by Highland lord Darach of Glenshiel who needs her to secure France’s support for Scotland.Laurien thought to return to the convent at Tours where she grew up but that was before Darach captured [...]

    2. In desperation, seeking to obtain an alliance with France in their battle with England, Lord Darach of Glenshiel undertakes a mission to abduct the betrothed of the French King’s most favoured adviser who has been demanding hefty bribes to not oppose the treaty. Demand after bigger demand which the Scots neither have the resources nor the time to pay. Knowing how much the Comte wants the marriage the Scots hope to turn the tables on him by kidnapping his bride in return for his promise to ensu [...]

    3. I thought it would never endThis book was a chore to read. It just went on & on & onThe events were redundant, the plot predictable, and the characters boring. I quit reading it several times, because it just wasn't a good story, but felt I owed it to the author to finish. I wish I had those hours of my life back. I just cannot understand all of the five-star reviews.

    4. I would give this book 3.5 stars, if I could.The first half of the book was very hectic, with a lot of fighting scenes, running away, blade waving. The relationship between lead characters takes a back seat in the first half. The author spent a lot of pages describing why they were where they were and not enough time (for my taste) to illustrate the relationship. I had trouble picturing Darach in my mind. Too many words about everything and everyone that is around the lead characters but not eno [...]

    5. Shelly's writing paints each scene with a life-like touch. Sexy Highlanders, dangerous perils, seemingly insurmountable obstacles, heartbreak, and suspense galore keep the reader on the edge of their seat. Add in a sweet and steamy romance and you've got a splendid, well-balanced tale. It had seemed entirely sensible at the time. A simple way to test the truth of her claim that she had lain with de Villiers. To show her that lying to him was useless. To make a point. Instead, he had ignited a [...]

    6. THIS GOTHIC MEDIEVAL ROMANCE IS A KEEPER!!His Stolen Bride is a "Keeper" Very engrossing and exciting fast paced storyline!! I will be re reading His Stolen Bride again an again through the years.It is the year 1295 and Lady Laurien d'Amboise has been rushed from her Tours a convent she was raised in since 9yrs. old. by her step father Louie d'Amboise. Louie has arranged Laurien's marriage to the King of France's cousin Compte Jacques de Villers, and evil opium addicted foul man. Jacque has obvi [...]

    7. Darach is a mercenary from Scotland fighting the English and his brother Galen dies in an ambush. So Darach and Malcolm another Scots come up with a plan on how to get the King of France's support. Kidnap the Comte Jacques de Villiers bride Lady Laurien. Lauren has lived in a convent for 9 years and does not want to marry. Comte Villiers hits her and she decides to escape, but she is taken first.I don't wait to tell everything about the book it would spoil and ruin it for you before you read it. [...]

    8. Darach I loved him, he could be a brute but there were times where he was like a teddy bear, "rolling onto his side, he drew her close. “Sleep, milady. I will keep you warm tonight, and safe.” He pulled the blanket over her, wrapping one arm around her waist as he settled beside her on the furs. “And for one night, at least, neither of us will be alone.” I loved how at ease and playful he could be, “however,” Darach amended, “I suppose we must have nourishment if I am to keep up my [...]

    9. Filled with everything I love about reading romanceThis book is filled with everything I love about reading romance. It had an exciting and entertaining story that had me riveted to the end and transported to another time in history, interesting characters that I thoroughly loved and enjoyed, an evil villain and of course a wonderful passionate romance between a beautiful and brave heroine and a handsome, sexy strong hero. Laurien was kind, innocent and brave and I admired her greatly and I love [...]

    10. Enjoyed the book very much. Lady Laurien d'Amboise is to be wed today, but not f her choosing.Her stepfather she has not seen in nine had given her no time to object and little time to say farewell to students, novices, and nuns who had truly been like sisters to her for eleven years. She was hopping the the wedding could be stopped.On the way to the church she was kidnapped by a Scotsman. This was not the way she had planed it.

    11. For the most part I liked this book and all of its characters. Darach's character was Highland hero, but besides being very protective I did not get a Highlander feel. Lauren's character was written well. I read the excerpt for book two. I don't care for time travel. I was hoping the series would be a story for Henri.

    12. I enjoyed this book. I liked the plot and the relationship between the main characters. It did get a little long, but I'm looking forward to the other books in the series.

    13. Can you change your mind? Laurien just wants to go back to the nuns but her future has been taken away from her and she will live the rest of her life as a wife to a evil man. But before that happens she is kidnapped by a scotsman and he needs her to save his family & friends.Darach had no choice he has to take her but he never knew that she would be such trouble. She tries to escape numerous of times and she almost gets them killed and yet he still won't let her go.She doesn't want to leave [...]

    14. I wanted to read a shitty book. I searched high and low for a shitty book. I found it. Full of happy coincidences and the rest, I wanted a death at the end but it was just too bloody good to be bloody true. Weak plot twists, and while I did fall in love with the characters at the start, those plot twists ruined it. Too much of a rollercoaster that by the end I just wanted them both to die! Anyway. Worth a read if you're bored but it is twee. Also not much about Scotland, either.

    15. A book about kidnapping: the woman falls in love with the kidnapper. Although is looks like a boring item, it made me want to read on and on. Shelly made it an interesting item: how do people cope in extremely situations. I enjoyed the time I was reading and am looking forward for the next to read in the Stolen Brides.

    16. Finding true loveAmazing story that kept you into the story and wishing that the good guy would finished the bad guy. This book kept my interest all though the story.

    17. I just don't know where to start with this book? The story was good and I was genuinely engaged with this until the end but I think it's the main characters that annoyed me.It wasn't like she was a wimp or he was a bully or anything, I just didn't really buy their romance unfortunately. It just sort of came out of nowhere, lack of descriptions for both characters didn't help either. Call me old fashioned but I think I just prefer sexual tension building up which was sort of absent from this stor [...]

    18. Do you need a second opinion on this book? Visit and explore oceanpearlbooks.wordpress. OceanPearl Books endeavors to provide well-informed book reviews, business readings, parenting tips, and consulting services for our clients worldwide. And it's all for Free!OceanPearl Books - Book ReviewThe Highland Lord Darach of Glenshiel plans on abducting the bride of his enemy, Lady Laurien d’Amboise. The plan is to barter for peace treaty with the safe return of Lady Laurien d’Amboise. What Darach [...]

    19. Such Plot! Much Twists!This book is adorable. The plot set-up is sound, & we are encouraged to emote strongly about these characters we have barely met. The twists, turns, skulduggery & shenanigans are equal parts believable & ridiculous. Our heroes become well rounded as we switch between perspectives - another bonus to encourage plot - which gives us back story as well as plot progression & suspense, with a teeny tidbit of "NOW what?!"While this story is by no means groundbreak [...]

    20. Romance, treachery, and actionHeroine is kidnapped before her arranged marriage to a villainous Comte and her kidnapper is a cold hearted, hardened Scottish warrior intent on protecting his country and saving his people. She is feisty, troublesome and not the least bit afraid of the Scotsman. The Scotsman I s exasperated by his prisoner's wearying attempts to escape him, yet admires her tenacity and courage. Before long they realize they are fighting on the same side--trying to keep each other a [...]

    21. Historical English/Scottish/French romance with lots of violent realism.Highland lord Darach of Glenshiel has to kidnap the Lady Laurien d’Amboise on her wedding day at Chartres Cathedral. They go on a cross country road trip and fall in respect, and then fall in love which is the right way to make a good relationship.There is a LOT of politics which totally grabbed my interest, but might bore the pants off other folks looking for a 'romance book'. This is a historical romance.I liked it, alth [...]

    22. This is the story of Darach of Glenshiel and Lady Lauren d'Amboise. Lady Lauren was going to be forced to marry a man she was afraid of, but on her way to the chapel she was kidnapped by Darach who was doing this to help his people. Lauren keeps trying to escape to get away from both of them. This was a great story and well written and I loved the spunk in Lady Lauren. I liked the connection of the main characters. I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. I don't think you would be [...]

    23. This was a fun read. I love stories where two people come together under terrible circumstances and grow to love each other. The kidnapping aspect was fun because Laurien was wishing desperately to not have to marry the evil prince and her wish was granted when she was kidnapped by Darach on her wedding day. Her kidnappers protected her and treated her well, even though she was constantly trying to escape them and resisting her growing feelings for Darach. I look forward to reading the rest of t [...]

    24. His Stolen Bride by Shelly Thacker is a fantastic read. Ms Thacker has provided readers with a well written book, complete with amazing characters. Darach and Laurien's story is full of action, drama, sizzle and suspense. This fast paced story had me glued to my kindle from start to finish. I enjoyed reading His Stolen Bride and look forward to reading more from Shelly Thacker in the future. His Stolen Bride is book 0.5 of the Stolen Brides Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a compl [...]

    25. Loved the bookLove this author.Thacker has such talente! The characters are so well described and develop along through the story. Another original plot with exciting adventure and sensual romance. Thacker does a wonderful job of making the romance sizzleelectrifying! I would most definitely recommend this book to other readersIt made a big hit with me. I think I would easily seek out and read anything Thacker wrote.

    26. Heart wrenching, Tear jerking , historial masterpieceThis story was seriously amazing! One of the 'books you could see in the movie type of stuff' lol. Just how the writer handles each word and sentence. Makes you feel transformed likeyou are a part of the storywhich is seriously rare for some books in now days. This is a perfect summer read and if u are not too hyped on historical booksis would make you want to read more of this author and the genre itself.

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