Gus & His Gang

Gus His Gang In Gus Blain plays on every trope of the classic Western Perfectly blending caricature and cinematic pacing humor and high octane action he delivers an exuberant graphic novel ode to men and women

  • Title: Gus & His Gang
  • Author: Christophe Blain
  • ISBN: 9781596431706
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Gus, Blain plays on every trope of the classic Western Perfectly blending caricature and cinematic pacing, humor and high octane action, he delivers an exuberant graphic novel ode to men and women chasing each other, and to the bonds of friendship that tie together three unforgettable cowboys.

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      114 Christophe Blain
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    1. Christophe Blain

      Christophe Blain is a French comic book writer and artist.

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    1. Much fun. I especially like the homage to Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson, "My Rifle, My Pony, and Me." Chris Blain has obviously immersed himself in western fiction and film. We have everything from Butch Cassidy to The Villain, Deadwood to Goin' South in this book. We even have Rooster Cogburn's two-gun ride with reins in teeth from True Grit. Anyone who knows and likes westerns will enjoy this romp.

    2. No wonder I feel reading european comic, I just read the biography that Chris Blain is French.If you ever encounter European Comic, this book is a compilation of Gus titles, which format exactly the same mostly 8 panel per page. If you think about it, most european comic is full color, if because of that they were called graphic novel than they are all. But none that's matter, I have uncomfortable moment reading this book, the size is too small with picture a bit unusual (need time to adapt with [...]

    3. A set of stolen reviews, copy & paste style, of Gus & His Gang by Joe McCulloch, /Dustin Harbin, & Abhay Khosla, respectively. If you're interested in more, please visit the links.& yes, The colors in this thing are absolutely freaking AMAZING!--------------------------------------------------------------------------"a pastiche of American cowboy fiction carried across thirteen chronological vignettes, following long-nosed Gus, oval-headed Gratt, and broccoli-haired Clem as they [...]

    4. Christophe Blain aime particulièrement les univers bien masculins. Après les marins, il s’attaque aux cow-boys, à quand le football, la course automobile et la guerre — la politique c’est déjà fait et puis il y a la parité ! Si ces rudes gars sont capables des pires actions et n'aiment rien de plus que leurs camarades — et l'argent —, il n'en sont pas moins très intéressés par la gente féminine. Et c'est justement sur ce sujet qu'est centré ce premier tome des aventures de G [...]

    5. I was excited when I heard this book was out, based on Isaac the Pirate. I think I like those books more however. Gus & HIs Gang is more rambling. Short, seemingly extemporaneous episodes. In fact "Clem & His Gang" might be a more appropriate title since the book ends up focusing on him.The story is a fun adventure story. Wild West outlaws trying to get laid. Doesn't try to be anything more than that. The artwork is inspiring in that it's descriptive without being fussy. That makes it so [...]

    6. It took me a few pages to recognize the writng and graphic awesomeness of this tome. The more I read/viewed the more in love with it all I became. Beautiful stuff. Typically the western genre is not my forte, however this french comic-tician is above all an artist and a story-teller supreme. Gus and his Gang are bright and vivid characters. The fact that they are basically superhero outlaws is just a minor, albeit spectacular, point of interest. The core of these stories (and guys) is their long [...]

    7. The art in this book seemed almost too hasty in its execution, but was nevertheless gripping. I think the childish nature of the art provided an interesting contrast to the adult nature of the story and may have been borderline disconcerting. I also found it interesting that the book meandered away from it's titular character as much as it did, though given that Gus was one of the more two dimensional characters I've ever read I can't blame Blain for making that choice. Overall I'd say that this [...]

    8. Shockingly good. I expected a ludicrous spoof of cowboy Westerns. While it is funny, what I got was more post-modern and interesting, with complex characters containing elements of the poet, the father, the gambler, the lover, the thug. It reminded me of a synthesis of Trondheim's Dungeon and Sfarr's Vampire Loves. Since Blain has worked with both creators, I shouldn't be surprised.Really top-notch cartooning, good dialog, and genuine weirdness. Highly recommended.For more on comics, horror, hum [...]

    9. 'Gus and His Gang' is a collection of short vignettes following a band of outlaws in the old American West, as they rob banks and trains, and embark upon various romantic entanglements as they bounce from town to town. The story is loose and a tad disjointed, so anyone looking for a complete narrative might be disappointed. And the focus of the stories half-way through falls on Clem, one of Gus's outlaw buddies, and his relationships with a mistress, his wife, and daughter. Blain's artwork and c [...]

    10. There's simply no getting around it. This is my FAVORITE comic book ever made. Non-stop laughs coupled with a story that grows and matures thematically as you turn its pages. Blain really captures what it feels like to be a young man talking with your buddies about girls, girls, girls as is typical and eventually segways into the inevitable stages of growth that all boys must endure to become men. A book that really hit me deeply, I simply can't say enough about it.

    11. Calling this a western is somewhat misleading. For Christophe Blain the bank robberies and train heists are really only the background for the love lives of these three outlaws. I wouldn't be surprised if there are more volumes in this story, and I'll read them, too, if they're anywhere as good as this one.

    12. This is the second book in a row I read blind and the second in a row I did not enjoy. It claimed to be a translation (with no mention of the original language) and the stories were confused and pointless - not the good kind of 'I don't know where this is going but really want to know'' pointless but rather the 'why am I still reading' pointless.

    13. The most orange comic book I've ever seen! There's something incredibly fun and sweet about Gus and said gang. I like the vibe of this and Vampire Loves: whatever genre you're in, you'll always be a fool for love.

    14. This was OK. Chris Blain draws beautifully, I love his inking work. The only problem with this are the scripts, it is full of clichés and jumps back and forth too much. There is a lot of sex in it, which is not a complaint, but it feels like watching a Frech Film, where they talk a lot and suddenly thery are in bed together.

    15. One of my favorite comics of all time.Christophe Blaine's art really delivers. G&HG has some of the best use of color around. The story itself is nothing too mind blowing but the subtleties in the character interaction is where this book shines. This is of the most realistic depictions of female psychology I have seen in a comic.

    16. Definitely a 3.5. I'm not sure you need to like graphic novels or westerns to like this--because it's more than a sum of its genre parts--but, sure, it might help. It was surprisingly sexy and disjointed and exciting.

    17. Chapter after chapter of outlaw romance. Cruising for women in the elusive El Dorado interspersed with train robberies and stagecoach holdups. Cartoonish characters that can be rugged and ruthless with the best of them, but clean up very well for a night out on the town. Deeelightful.

    18. Blain's cartooning is fantastically good. He's among the best working today. But as a novel, this ambles and rambles, and eventually leads nowhere in particular. Maybe that was Blain's plan, but it left me feeling like I'd been cheated out of a conclusion (or left out of an in-joke).

    19. Best comic I've read in forever. Pure fun, and it looks like it was fun to make too. It doesn't really end, but with something like this maybe you don't really want it to.Beautiful colors, too.

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