Arthur's Perfect Christmas

Arthur s Perfect Christmas Arthur wants everything to be perfect for Christmas but nothing seems to be turning out right Finally he realizes what truly makes Christmas perfect

  • Title: Arthur's Perfect Christmas
  • Author: Marc Brown
  • ISBN: 9780439381161
  • Page: 213
  • Format: None
  • Arthur wants everything to be perfect for Christmas, but nothing seems to be turning out right Finally he realizes what truly makes Christmas perfect.

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    1. Marc Brown

      Marc Tolon Brown is perhaps best known for his Arthur series of children s books.He lives on Martha s Vineyard and in New York City with his wife, Laurie Krasny Brown He has three children, sons Tolon and Tucker, and daughter Eliza The names of his two sons have been hidden in all of the Arthur books except for one Arthur s Tooth.

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    1. I read this book to my class. I was really surprised by how much this book jumped around and different follow a clear story. My students got the opportunity to watch the movie afterwords and the book was very different than the movie.

    2. This excellent story made for a memorable Christmas television movie. One of Marc Brown's later Arthur Adventure books, Arthur's Perfect Christmas (published in 2000) tells a well-layered story featuring many of Arthur's friends and their ways of celebrating the holidays: Francine, Muffy, Buster, and the Brain. George Lundgren was added to the mix for the movie (celebrating a Swedish Santa Lucia Christmas), and I noticed several other small changes to the plot, but the book is definitely suffuse [...]

    3. First sentence: It was three days before Christmas, and Arthur wanted everything to be just right. There would be lots of snowe perfect treed a delicious turkey dinner.Premise/plot: This picture book is an adaptation of the Arthur Christmas special, Arthur's Perfect Christmas. Arthur wants a PERFECTLY perfect Christmas. D.W. wants one thing and only one thing: Tina the Talking Tabby. Muffy wants many, many, many things. Francine just wants to be heard--for a change. Baxter, well, he wants to REL [...]

    4. I honestly prefer the episode, since it gave us the hilarious subplot of Binky making awful homemade baked goods (Binky learned that you are supposed to take the pecans out of the shells when you make pecan pie; sugar makes brownies sweet, and you need to peel the bananas you use in banana bread).Also, this episode reveals that the the Brain is African American and celebrates Kwanza. That makes me wonder if bears were slaves, because slavery did happen in the Arthur universe. From Phony Fern (Se [...]

    5. I really liked how they brought out that other people celebrate other things besides christmas. our family celebrates both Hanakkah and Christmas

    6. An Arthur Christmas adventure where Arthur focuses entirely too much on having a perfect Christmas. In the story, the readers are also taken to other winter celebrations like Hannukah and Baxter Day. Kwanza and the Roman Winter Solstice are also mentioned in an attempt to be all inclusive. Most of Arthur's friends get to make an appearance in the story, which is nice. A debut appearance is made by Arthur's Uncle Fred, who ends up saving Christmas for Arthur, after Arthur's perfect present for hi [...]

    7. Overall, this book is very good. It tells the heartwarming story of Arthur and his family and friends through the Christmas season as they try to experience each person's "perfect Christmas." The lesson of what is most important at the holidays is one we can all learn. However, this book is quite a bit longer than a typical Arthur book. I felt that this one might be more suited to an advanced elementary school reader. My daughter, who typically loves Arthur books, burnt out on this one just a li [...]

    8. I like this book because I like Arthur and he thinks it's gonna be the worst day ever and in the end it's the best. Muffy made a party and Francine couldn't come because she was in middle of being with her family for Chanukah so Muffy got really mad because she wanted her to come so they became not friends, then Muffy said sorry so they became friends again and they each said why they like their holidays.

    9. I like this book because Arthur's trying to make the perfect Christmas and it wasn't working out so well, while Muffy was trying to make a party and Francine was trying to tell her that she couldn't come because she had a Hannukah party at her house with her family. So in the end Muffy came and said sorry and started to share her toys with Muffy.

    10. D. W. is only thinking of herself, and her wonderful party. She invites her best friend, who tells her she can't come, because she will be celebrating Hanukkah. D. W. doesn't listen, and she is upset when her friend isn't at her party. Later she learns about her friend's Hanukkah celebration. Arthur's perfect Christmas has snow in the end.

    11. I read Arthur thinking it would awesome to relive the books of my childhood and found that I was let down. As I was reading, I was wondering why, if Francine's Hanukkah is so traditional and family oriented, the family's highlight of the holiday is going to the movies? What is up with that? Hmmoverall, this is a very charming winter holiday story. It has something for everyone. =)

    12. PK-2Abook about how different families celebrate the holiday in different ways, from Hanukkah to Kwanzaa. Arthur fans never knew before that Arthur was a Christian, Francine a Jew and the Brain an African-American.I would read this during the holiday season so that all students would feel included.

    13. This is a fun book about Christmas and Hanukkah in the "Arthur" series. It has a good message, some Murphy's Law moments (Anything that can go wrong will go wrong) and cute illustrations. It's a great book to read aloud at Christmastime.

    14. This is a good book. The lesson to be learned from this book is that just because things don't go the way you want or expect them to be, They can still be great. It also brings up lots of different religions and shows that everyone does not celebrate Christmas the same way. We can all be different.

    15. When all Arthur wants is a perfect Christmas, here is what could all go wrong but watch how it turns out. Its a good book about how things you want so badly to go perfectly can go all wrong but turn out to be perfect in the end.

    16. Too much crammed into a small book. Any of the 7 different story lines could have been written into 1 book from that characters perspective.

    17. Typical Arthur book, full of kid angst and humor with colorful, funny illustrationsemes: family, friends, Christmas, gifts, Hanukkah, traditions

    18. good early reader, using text to relate to the television show many of the stories hae been repeated in the show.

    19. In my opinion all Arthur books deserve a 5 star rating! They teach various lessons to kids, have great illustrations and relate-able characters.

    20. I was a big fan of the show when I was a kid, and enjoyed this book. It was certainly a good Christmas book for children. it was very adorable!

    21. This is a newer Arthur book, which means that the character are more recognizable, but the previously detailed scenes have been simplified. It's still a cute story with a heartwarming message.

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