The Strawberry Hearts Diner

The Strawberry Hearts Diner Being broke unemployed and stranded back in the tiny town of Pick Texas was not part of Jancy Wilson s plan Yet here she is watching her car literally go up in smoke along with her last ditch hop

  • Title: The Strawberry Hearts Diner
  • Author: Carolyn Brown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Being broke, unemployed, and stranded back in the tiny town of Pick, Texas, was not part of Jancy Wilson s plan Yet here she is, watching her car literally go up in smoke along with her last ditch hope of staying with her cousin in Louisiana When Jancy spies a Help Wanted sign hanging in the window of the quaint Strawberry Hearts Diner, the memories of the two years sheBeing broke, unemployed, and stranded back in the tiny town of Pick, Texas, was not part of Jancy Wilson s plan Yet here she is, watching her car literally go up in smoke along with her last ditch hope of staying with her cousin in Louisiana When Jancy spies a Help Wanted sign hanging in the window of the quaint Strawberry Hearts Diner, the memories of the two years she spent there as a teenager and the lure of the diner s beloved strawberry tarts are enough to draw her in and plant her feet but only temporarily.Raised by parents who refused to settle anywhere for long, Jancy has never known what it is to have roots Now that Jancy s swept up by the warmth and character of this quirky little community and by the pull of an old crush it s beginning to feel like home She s making friends and even discovering the sweetness of falling in love But when the town is threatened, Jancy knows it will take than its legendary tarts to save it Can she fight for this little Texas town knowing she might not stay forever

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    1. Carolyn Brown

      Hi I m twenty five years old and movie star gorgeous The camera added thirty plus years and a few wrinkles Can t trust those cameras or mirrors either Along with bathroom scales they are notorious liars Honestly, I am the mother of three fantastic grown children who ve made me laugh and given me story ideas than I could ever write My husband, Charles, is my strongest supporter and my best friend He s even willing to eat fast food and help with the laundry while I finish one chapter Life is good and I am blessed Reading has been a passion since I was five years old and figured out those were words on book pages As soon as my chubby little fingers found they could put words on a Big Chief tablet with a fat pencil, I was on my way Writing joined reading in my list of passions I will read anything from the back of the Cheerio s box to Faulkner and love every bit of it In addition to reading I enjoy cooking, my family and the ocean I love the Florida beaches Listening to the ocean waves puts my writing brain into high gear.I love writing romance because it s about emotions and relationships Human nature hasn t changed a bit since Eve coveted the fruit in the Garden of Eden Settings change Plots change Names change Times change But love is love and men and women have been falling in and out of it forever Romance is about emotions love, hate, anger, laughter all of it If I can make you laugh until your sides ache or grab a tissue then I ve touched your emotions and accomplished what every writer sets out to do.I got serious about writing when my third child was born and had her days and nights mixed up I had to stay up all night anyway and it was very quiet so I invested in a spiral back notebook and sharpened a few pencils The story that emerged has never sold but it s brought in enough rejection slips to put the Redwood Forest on the endangered list In 1997 Kensington bought two books for their Precious Gems line Two years and six books later the line died with only four of those books seeing publication But by then Avalon had bought a book and another, and another Ten years later the list has grown to thirty nine Last year Sourcebooks bought the Lucky Series which is in the bookstores now They ve also bought The Honky Tonk Series which will debut with I LOVE THIS BAR in June and will be followed by HELL, YEAH, MY GIVE A DAMN S BUSTED, and HONKY TONK CHRISTMAS.Folks ask me where I get my ideas Three kids, fifteen grandchildren, two great grandchildren Note I was a very young grandmother Life is a zoo around here when they all come home In one Sunday afternoon there s enough ideas to keep me writing for years and years Seriously, ideas pop up at the craziest times When one sinks its roots into my mind, I have no choice but to write the story And while I m writing the characters peek over my shoulder and make sure I m telling it right and not exaggerating too much Pesky little devils, they are I have a wonderful agent, Erin Niumata, who continues to work magic and sell my work I m very lucky to have her and my editors who continue to believe in me.Happy reading

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    1. Seventy year old Nettie and forty year old Vicky are co-owners of the Strawberry Hearts Diner in the small town of Pick, Texas. Just when the ladies are wishing that they had more help in the diner Jancy Wilson finds herself in the parking lot with her old beat up car going up into flames. Jancy had just planned on visiting her grandmother's grave in the small town but with little cash and no way out of town she spies the help wanted sign. Jancy finds herself waiting tables in the diner and plan [...]

    2. Publication Date: July 18, 20174 stars! This is the first book I've read by this author and I really enjoyed it.It took me a couple of chapters to get used to the author's voice but once I did, the story flowed very smoothly for me.The story centres around 4 strong, independent women who are all related either by blood or friendship. All these women are at different ages and different stages in their life, living in the small town of Pick, Texas.It's a story of family and friendship, learning to [...]

    3. A life-weary woman breaks down in a small town she meant to pass on through, a help wanted sign brings her to a special diner that may just feed her soul. Another Texas small town story with a bit a humor and a whole lot of country-loving heart to enough.First of all, word of caution, do not read this one while hungry. The strawberry tarts and down home cooking at the diner will have you salivating. It sure did me.This is a gently-paced character-driven plot that focuses on the lives of four wom [...]

    4. 3 StarsI adore Carolyn Brown as an author, but I have to say that this isn't my favorite.It was a cute and sweet story, and I liked the characters a lot; but I just felt that there wasn't nearly enough conflict.There are a few different story lines going on. Jancy's past and her relationship with Shane; Emily and Rider's relationship; and a con-man shows up in town to try and buy it. All made the trappings for a great story, but any conflict that should have been there were quickly dealt with. I [...]

    5. This book was all these tarts are awesome, the best ever and oh my I am drooling! I need to try those strawberry tarts. My mouth was watering through out the entire book.Jancy has no one and then she gets stranded in her gran's hometown. Poor thing, she only meant to visit the grave and then she is there, no money, no car, nothing to her name. But this is a C Brown book and that means a lovely small town where people are friendly. She gets a job, she gets a place to sleep. There are some great p [...]

    6. Three and a half stars: A sweet, down home romance. Perfect for when you need something light and cozy. Jancy is trying to make it to Louisiana on a wing and a prayer. After a quick stop in Pick, Texas, to visit her grandmother’s grave, Jancy puts on her lucky cap and prays her car will make the final stretch. Unfortunately, the car breaks down and burns up right in front of the Strawberry Hearts Diner in Pick. Luckily, Nettie and Vickie are in desperate need of a waitress, so they hire Jancy [...]

    7. DNF I'm pretty sure I already know how this book ends and I've read 23%. This book is so sugary sweet my teeth hurt. It's literally so sweet, I lost interest. Completely. I can't force myself to keep reading it. I've given it multiple shots, and I just don't care. Maybe someday I'll try again. But for now, I'm moving on.

    8. This is a modern Texan small-town story, the kind of town so small there are not even any takers for jobs. In a more down to earth version of Steel Magnolias, we spend time with a young lady passing through Pick, whose car chooses that spot to go on fire, and who is offered a job waitressing at the Strawberry Hearts Diner. Jancy already knows some of the good folks in Pick, since her grandma lived and died there, and this means Vicky and Nettie are happy to hire her and give her a room. Just lik [...]

    9. Sweet, Feel Good StoryI loved the small town story and down to earth characters. Nancy and Shane were adorable, as were all the others. This was an engaging story without the heavy angst, and it left me feeling light and happy. I’ll definitely check out more from this author.

    10. **2.75**What the hell happened with Carlton Wolfe? That whole plot justended? Everything kind of happened a little too quickly for my taste. But I guess that was the whole point about small towns?

    11. Y'all, after finishing this lovely audio book I want to live in Pick Texas and hang out at the diner have burger basket and a strawberry tart. This is a sweet story that carries you away from the ugliness that the world can bring.

    12. Quirky, sweet, fun and emotionally upbeat small town romantic journey learning about oneself and the possibility of planting roots after only ever knowing a rooming lifestyle. Jancy Wilson is a sweetly sassy young woman down on her luck, broke down is the small town of Pick, Texas out front of The Strawberry Hearts Diner she remembers from the brief time her parents and her lived here. Raised by parents that refused to stay anyone place very long she is surprised to find that her original plan o [...]

    13. Full disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the publisher via GoodReads' First Reads program in exchange for an honest review.I don't read romance novels expecting to get any kind of revelatory storytelling, I read them because they're comforting. In an increasingly frustrating, frightening, sad world, romance novels make me feel like everything is going to be okay. Carolyn Brown's books are predictable, but in the best way. The comforting way. And this one was just what I needed.

    14. How have I not read Carolyn Brown before now? I loved the small town vibe and the delightfully quirky characters. Everybody knows everybody else's business and uses that knowledge to help each other along, usually in the best possible way. Folks stand together against a threat from outside the community. Friendships are strong and unexpected love (and its consequences) is cherished. I voluntarily read an advanced review copy provided by the publisher via Netgalley and I offer my opinion in respo [...]

    15. A small town wonderThis is a charming book about a small town in Texas and his inhabitants. The main character Jancy is a young woman, at the end of her rope who by accident finds herself back in one of the many places she lived as a child. It soothes her soul, saves her financially and gives her a new purpose in life with really wonderful people.It is sweet and gentle, with vivid description of the characters, the businesses and the hearts of the people.Their willingness to help each other and [...]

    16. This vanilla romance is sweet as saccharine and totally forgettable. It does not stand out from the crowd in any way. It was cute and nice and well written but if you ask me, in a month, what I thought of it, I probably won't remember a thing about it.

    17. I loved this women's fiction book that was about family and family of the heart, a small town sticking together, and budding romances between several couples. The great thing about reading a Carolyn Brown book is that you don't have to go through major dark moments, even though there is certainly some turmoil. But overall, I could read this book and be confident all would work out in the end. I loved each of the characters and how they related to each other and grew to respect and love each othe [...]

    18. 5 The Strawberry Hearts Diner Stars- ❤ Audible Review HERE ❤I don’t know what I expected when I picked up this book but I am go glad I did. Jancy finds herself right where she needs to be, and surrounded by people who just want to help her. But she needs to find this out on her own. Nettie and Vicky own The Strawberry Hearts Diner and when Jancy needs a job they are more than happy to let her in. I think they needed her as much as she needed them and Vicky’s daughter Emily comes home she [...]

    19. I have been very down lately and a friend recommended this as an antidote. I have to admit that I usually read much heavier stuff, as you can see from my reading list, but I just really enjoyed this lovely book. I wish that I could head off to Pick, Texas and eat a strawberry tart at the diner. As I grew up in San Antonio and in rural Texas, Carolyn Brown's characters spoke to me with the gentle eloquence and humility of people I know and love. It lifted the black shroud of depression for a litt [...]

    20. this is a story that takes place in a tiny town in Pick Texas I love small town story's being a small town women myself. I want to hear more about the characters Jancy and Shane. my favorite characters in the story is Jancy ,because she's a strong women and stands up for herself. she makes it fun to read but love all the characters in the story. I didn't want to put it down. you will love this story it comes out July,18th it is stand alone. it was easy to get to didn't want to put it down

    21. This book has been a very cozy and comfortable reading for me. At this time of the year - meaning November, December and January - I like to read positive stories which make me feel good so that I can end my year on a happy note and begin my year on a happy note. Plus I love the Christmas spirit. And I want my reading to amplify it. I know it might sound silly or naive, but it is the way I like to do things. So this book fits the bill. The story is not a romance but Women's fiction. The author k [...]

    22. Book InfoPaperback, 286 pagesExpected publication: July 18th 2017 by Montlake RomanceISBN 1477848762 (ISBN13: 9781477848760)Edition Language EnglishOther Editions (3)Source:Netgalley EARCBuy book fromB&NBOOK BLURBBeing broke, unemployed, and stranded back in the tiny town of Pick, Texas, was not part of Jancy Wilson’s plan. Yet here she is, watching her car literally go up in smoke—along with her last-ditch hope of staying with her cousin in Louisiana. When Jancy spies a Help Wanted sign [...]

    23. This is a small town, clean romance, easy read. There are actually 4 romances going on in this story. Pick, Texas is a small, community oriented town where everybody knows everybody’s business and history. Jancy spent two of her teenage years in Pick. Her dad had wanderlust and they moved around frequently. Both her parents are gone now. She hasn’t had an easy life but she’s trying to pick up the pieces and start over. She has stopped in Pick to visit her granny’s grave and is on her way [...]

    24. Make sure you have a provision of strawberry cause you're gonna want to eat it ;pWelcome to Pick, Texas, in a little café called the Stawberry Hearts Diner, where three generation of women will serve you breakfast and the latest news in town. Vicky, 40, and Nettie, 70, are happy to have Emily(Vicky's twenty-one years old daughter) in town for the summer. But what is she hiding ? And Emily is not the only new helper.Trouble car bring Jancy to the parking of the Strawberry Hearts Diner. She lived [...]

    25. You can't read a Carolyn Brown novel without getting attached. Her characters have a way of thawing out the coldest heart. The Strawberry Hearts Diner is another inspirational tale that worms it's way into the heart and makes a reader take notice. Jancy is a wanderer. She seems to have wanderlust in her blood, but her reality is much different. She longs to settle down and make a home for herself, permanently. Yet, circumstances continue to make that goal hard to achieve. When an unexpected turn [...]

    26. only just ok = 2.5* (but nothing really wrong so rounded up)Set in the small town of Pick, Texas this is fairly standard Carolyn Brown. But I would say one of her lesser offerings. It seemed to me the story lacked focus. Is it about Jancey Wilson and how she finds a home and love in her former town? Is it about the relationship between Nettie, Vicky, Jancey, and Emily? Is it about the town of Pick? There is also a lack of tension which would be fine except for the rather ridiculous inclusion of [...]

    27. Are there any editors left in publishing?Between the poor grammar and misspellings and inconsistencies and lack of continuity I was ready to pitch my chick lit out the window. I did not. It's a library book.I loved Carolyn Brown's Cadillac Texas series and was looking for more of the same in Pick, Texas. Her characters were pretty nice, (would like to know some folks like these), but the story was just too sweet and not because of Nettie's tarts. If you like to see Happily Ever After coming from [...]

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