Motro Volume One

Motro Volume One A reclusive young boy with superhuman strength tries to live up to the expectations of his dead father in an fantastic world of mechs and monsters What will it take to fulfill his destiny From illustr

  • Title: Motro Volume One
  • Author: Ulises Farinas Erick Freitas
  • ISBN: 9781620104088
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback
  • A reclusive young boy with superhuman strength tries to live up to the expectations of his dead father in an fantastic world of mechs and monsters What will it take to fulfill his destiny From illustrator and intricate world builder Ulises Farinas IDW s Judge Dredd , comes the first chronicle of the life and legend of a fantasy hero for the ages.

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    1. Ulises Farinas Erick Freitas

      Ulises Farinas Erick Freitas Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Motro Volume One book, this is one of the most wanted Ulises Farinas Erick Freitas author readers around the world.

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    1. First off, full disclosure: I got a free ARC of this book from NetGalley in return for an honest review.I admit this one lost me a bit, but given the rather meta themes of memory, destiny and guiding authors from above, that's probably quite intentional. It'd probably reward a reread or ten.What I did like was what I could follow on a page-by-page basis. Motro is a consciously mythic piece, evoking everything from Norse sagas to Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth; though there are times where it com [...]

    2. 'Motro Vol. 1' by Ulises Farinas, Erick Freitas and Ryan Hill is the kind of book I finish and wonder what I just read. In this case, I enjoyed the strange journey.This volume has three stories in the life of a strange man with superhuman strength named Motro. In the first, he is a young boy looking for his father. He is mocked and bullied to the point where he uses his strength to gruesome effect. Then he fights a prince and becomes a favorite son of a ruler. It's a world of strange inventions. [...]

    3. Okay, I honestly have no idea where to even begin with the hot-mess that was Motro Volume One by Ulises Farinas and Erick Frietas. Mind you, I've read some pretty awful titles in my life, but it has been a very long time since I've come across something of this calibre. This comic is not something that I could or would recommend to anyoneever. The story is supposed to revolve around a young boy who has superhuman strength, and he tries to live up to the expectations of his dead father. It's very [...]

    4. just read it like a silent film: skip the dialog, look at the images. something like geoff darrow crossed with moebius. story? who needs a story to make sense here. if you want a story read a short story. just the art is cool. story told in images

    5. Received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.There are some illustrators who are great writers, and there are some writers who can draw very well. This is not the case here. Motro is visually very cool, with a sketchy-punky-pastel aesthetic. Motro himself is a recognizable MC. There are some great concepts thrown in the mix. There are living tanks and motorcycles that grow from babies. The world seems to be the dystopia future of a swords-and-sorcery world. The author appears to have [...]

    6. Free copy provided by Netgalley in return for an honest reviewRating: 1 / 5Publication Date: 28th June 2017Review Date: 01st April 2017I decided to pick this up from Netgalley because the cover looked good, and the author is someone who has written for Judge Dredd before, which is one of my favourite franchises, and I demised that this must be pretty good for him to have written it.Oh boy. Don’t judge a comic by it’s cover.This was a mess. There was no discernible story line nor plot, the ch [...]

    7. I was enthralled by the art. It's this weird mishmash of Moebius, Geof Darrow and Studio Ghilbi. Set in a wild, apocalyptic future filled with frog-wizards and vehicles that communicate via emoji's . It's visually stunning. However the story was mostly incoherent. In broad strokes, the book is about Motro, a boy with the strength of 10 men. Just when you think the book is settling into the story, it'll jump forward several years into a completely unrelated scenario. It's jarring and leaves the r [...]

    8. I received a free copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I didn't much care for this graphic novel. I found the story confusing and wasn't quite able to figure out what exactly it was supposed to be about. I also didn't love the art and found it hard to follow at times. It was just not for me.

    9. Motro is a story with a broad scope, an legendary feel and an ambitious reach, telling the tale of young boy with an astounding strength who is seeking his place in the world. Each chapter looks at a different stage in his life, constructing a heroic chronicle through these small slithers, as a destiny begins to take shape. The world itself is somewhat like ours, but mashes up a fantasy setting with a post-apocalyptic feel for something decidedly off-kilter and strange, where characters range fr [...]

    10. A tiny motorcycle—I was hoping it was the main character—is in telepathic communication with a boy who has the power of ten men and even survives a direct blast from a tank. He has to save them all, according to his nightmare. He doesn’t want to fight, but has to, and eventually becomes the ruler’s new son. (Don’t ask what happened to the old one.)Fifteen years later he’s basically in charge and wants to go on a quest, no matter how many of his soldiers die. Thirty-four years later, [...]

    11. I have no idea who the audience is for this, but clearly it isn't me. Everything about this comic makes me wildly uncomfortable, it feels really forced and discontinuous, from the mishmash of 80s adventure plot points to the pastel pallette Maybe it's the way the characters don't have eyes or any way of making expression at all that throws me--in cases like this I expect the dialogue to fill in and provide some emotion. Some parts of the art are really detailed, some seem incomplete.This feels l [...]

    12. Just too bonkers for its own good – a sci-fantasy world, where vehicles speak in pictograms, and things get weirder and weirder – and more and more inconsequential as we go. It might be down to this being a 112 page book and I only got 85 pp on my netgalley file, but I don't think it would ever make any sense.

    13. Motro, Volume One by Ulises Farinas et. al. is a free NetGalley e-comicbook that I read in mid-February.Somehow, Motro is nerdy, philosophical, RPG, cute, Mad Max dystopic, and Saturday morning cartoon fun all at once. I immediately gravitated towards its gravelly pastel color schemes, character sensibilities, and anamorphic vehicles that talk in Sims-like emoji bubbles. I will definitely be seeking out more issues of this in the future!

    14. Granted, I read an ARC, so stuff will change before it's officially released in July, but I found it to be quite the enjoyable read. The pacing is a little off from time to time, between him as a boy, then him as a man. Also, halfway through, the color stops and it's just black and white, but I figure it's because it's a galley. Overall it was a good story about a boy in search of a family and the challenges he encounters along the way. Can't wait to see the final product!

    15. An immersive enough world that I wanted to keep reading but it was weaved together quite clumsily and the plot almost felt clunky.

    16. I really enjoyed the visuals of this book. The reading was hard to follow, which diminished the story. There are many cool concepts in here that I would love to explore further if the writing was easier to digest. Thanks to NetGalley for providing a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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