Roman Tales

Roman Tales Racconti romani Roman Tales is a series of sixty one short stories Written and published initially in the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera they were published as a collection in by Bomp

  • Title: Roman Tales
  • Author: Alberto Moravia
  • ISBN: 9780586042410
  • Page: 222
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  • Racconti romani Roman Tales is a series of sixty one short stories Written and published initially in the Italian newspaper, Il Corriere della Sera, they were published as a collection in 1954 by Bompiani All of the stories are set in Rome or its surroundings after World War II and focus on the common people of Rome Roma popolana The characters in these stories teRacconti romani Roman Tales is a series of sixty one short stories Written and published initially in the Italian newspaper, Il Corriere della Sera, they were published as a collection in 1954 by Bompiani All of the stories are set in Rome or its surroundings after World War II and focus on the common people of Rome Roma popolana The characters in these stories tend to be the unemployed, ex convicts, waiters, drivers, con artists, thieves and petty criminals, the average man or woman and the lower classes aspiring to climb out of poverty.All the stories are told in the first person with the narrator often unnamed, although details are usually furnished to provide a clue to the narrator s identity, such as their occupation, motivations and social status Moravia s Racconti Romani provide a snapshot on life in Rome after World War II, revealing much about the inhabitants of Rome in the early 1950s.

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    1. Alberto Moravia

      Alberto Moravia, born Alberto Pincherle, was one of the leading Italian novelists of the twentieth century whose novels explore matters of modern sexuality, social alienation, and existentialism He was also a journalist, playwright, essayist and film critic Moravia was an atheist, his writing was marked by its factual, cold, precise style, often depicting the malaise of the bourgeoisie, underpinned by high social and cultural awareness Moravia believed that writers must, if they were to represent reality, assume a moral position, a clearly conceived political, social, and philosophical attitude, but also that, ultimately, A writer survives in spite of his beliefs.Between 1959 and 1962 Moravia was president of PEN International, the worldwide association of writers.

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    1. Racconti romani = Roman Tales, Alberto Moravia Racconti romani (Roman Tales) is a series of sixty-one short stories written by the Italian author, Alberto Moravia. Written and published initially in the Italian newspaper, Il Corriere della Sera, they were published as a collection in 1954 by Bompiani. All of the stories are set in Rome or its surroundings after World War II and focus on 'the common people of Rome' (Roma popolana). The characters in these stories tend to be the unemployed, ex-con [...]

    2. Tổng cộng thì loạt truyện ngắn "Racconti romani" của đại văn hào Ý Alberto Moravia bao gồm trên dưới 100 truyện ngắn đăng tải thường xuyên trên một nhật báo nổi tiếng của Ý giai đoạn cuối những năm 1940 - đầu những năm 1950. Sau này loạt truyện được một nhà xuất bản bên đó tổng hợp lại, gồm 60 truyện, rồi qua tay NXB Trẻ thì lại tiếp tục chắt lọc cho ra tuyển tập truyện ngắn gồm [...]

    3. Nhân dịp đọc Những Câu Chuyện Thành Rome mình lại nhớ tới lão Hoàng Tử thành Rome. Lão mới giải nghệ cách đây ko lâu trong rất nhiều tiếc nuối, nước mắt và nước mũi. Với tư cách là 1 fanboy của lão, mình nghĩ rằng, có thể, chúng ta chỉ nên lãng mạn hóa chứ ko nên thần thánh hóa 1 con người.5 sao cho Ăn Cháo Đi Cho Dễ Tiêu4 sao cho Thằng BéVà 3 sao cho phần còn lạiMình chấm hơi thoáng tay 1 c [...]

    4. Ho appena finito di leggere i dodici racconti contenuti nel volume dei Racconti d’autore del Sole 24 ore.Beh, l’immagine che mi è subito balzata alla mente è quella del coatto Enzo che parte in macchina per il viaggio ferragostano in Polonia con l’amico Sergio nel film Un sacco bello di Carlo Verdone. I protagonisti dei racconti di Moravia somigliano a lui, o a Leo, il goffo ragazzotto trasteverino che si imbatte nella spagnola Marisol, o a Fiorenza, la ragazza romana anche lei “burina [...]

    5. Questi racconti catturano perfettamente lo spirito di Roma: l'indolenza, il fatalismo, il disincanto, ma anche l'irriverenza e la sbruffoneria, della serie "c'avemo bona lingua e mejo mano".

    6. Шофьори, миячи, боклукчии, палячовци, дребни мошеници, „чочарки“, „зевзеци“ - все обикновени хора, с обикновени историйки, но разказани от Моравия така, че зад всяка външна обикновеност се виждат все едни и същи копнежи. Родили са се средно бедни, малко простички, че и леко [...]

    7. This collection of short stories by Albert Moravia is my panacea for life. This is the kind of book that would always put you in a better mood. The humor was excellent and that's, for me, my favorite thing about the book. For example. one of my favorite stories from this book was 'Mario'. Where we have this guy, Gino. He heard from an old lady that his wife was cheating on him with a man and when he insisted on her telling him the whole story, she said : I just repeat what I heard from this woma [...]

    8. In 1960 the film of Alberto Moravia's great 1958 novel,"Two Women" was released. It was directed by Vittorio de Sica and starred Sophia Loren, two great Italian talents. Sophia won an Oscar for Best Actress for her moving portrayal of a mother caught up with her young teenage daughter in the turmoil of World War Two.But what drew the publicity was the SCANDAL resulting from its condemnation by the Roman Catholic Church. I was a 12 year old Catholic boy at the time, but only caught up with the fi [...]

    9. I read “Racconti Romani” by Antonio Moravia while attending middle school in Rome, Italy in the early 80s. Our brilliant teacher, Emilia Zincone, whose husband at the time was a journalist for the authoritative Italian paper “Il Corriere della Sera”, had met Moravia personally and she really made it come alive in a way that it opened our eyes to a strange but fascinating world of adult emotions and circumstances. What also made it interesting for us was that all the stories were set in o [...]

    10. يك راننده، يك راننده است. يك كارگر، يك كارگر است. يك رئيس هم يك رئيس و همه آنچه بي‌تفاوت از كنارشان مي‌گذريم يك چيزي هستند محصول همان بي‌تفاوتي، اما يك نگاه رندانه از جنس موراويا همه اين يك ‌ها را تبديل به قصه‌اي خواندني و لمس‌پذير مي‌كند.يك راننده، راننده‌ايست با قصه خوان [...]

    11. Thành phố Rome trong cuốn sách này không hề có những đôi tình nhân, những chàng trai lãng tử hay những tình yêu lãng mạn mà đầy rẫy bọn đầu trộm đuôi cướp, lừa đảo, làm bạc giả. Alberto Moravia là một nhà văn đặc biệt hài hước.

    12. بعد تجاربي السيئة الأخرى مع مورافيا لابد أن اعترف انه ابهرني بشدة في هذه المجموعة القصصيةمورافيا هنا يظهر مقدرته على تصوير مواقف بسيطة يكتشف من خلالها الإنسان مدى تناقضه أو يكتشف فيها الإنسان حقيقته او جهله او ضعفهإنه يستخدم القصص القصيرة كعدسة كاميرا يلتقط بها لقطات سريعة [...]

    13. Nineteen stories - slices of Roman life! - from post-war Rome, reflecting the essential vitality of ordinary Italian lives, liberated from much of the burden of the violent, recent past but still struggling with an unimaginable future. The short-stories are told in simple language by narrators who wrestle with common-place moral and social dilemmas that modern life has thrown-up; this honest simplicity gives the stories, beautifully translated by the admirable Angus Davidson from Moravia's origi [...]

    14. A peek under the carpet of the real Rome, how real Romans are still today, at least the Rome I know so well. A homage to the 1800's poet Belli , who wrote in Romanesque dialect on the Roman plebeans, short stories finely wrought in the first person, on the spirit of the people who inhabit the Eternal City.Very entertaining reading, each story is a gem and is very digestible, easy reading, but which often leaves a ghost lingering in ones mind, for the realness of the story told by Moravia. I admi [...]

    15. This, along with Nuovi Racconti Romani, is the book that one should read before a trip to Rome. This is the Rome that no guidebooks tell you about. This is the Rome of the unemployed, ex-convicts, waiters, drivers, con artists, thieves and petty criminals. Racconti Romani includes sixty-one short stories, each one of them less than ten pages long, that seem to be based on true facts and real characters. Alberto Moravia skillfully draws well-defined characters in every day situations that represe [...]

    16. No me cabe duda que Moravia es mi cuentista favorito. Cada pequeña pero gran historia de este libro, es una verdadera aventura. Me llevó mucho tiempo leer el libro completo, porque cada una de las 61 historias están escritas como si fueran una novela. Y aunque son cortas en duración, su contenido es muy condensado.Hay autores que pueden decir mucho con pocas palabras y Moravia es uno de ellos.La mayoría de estos cuentos tienen los elementos esenciales para poder haber sido una novela comple [...]

    17. وجدت هذا الكتاب في اخر زيارة للمكتبة كان متروكاً خلف مجموعة من الروايات الحديثة الطباعة لفت انتباهي تصميم الغلاف القديم و اوراقه الصفراء الداكنة و المتأكلة المشبعة برائحة التخزين الطويلو بما ان الكتاب كان لــ البرتوا مورافيا فمن الصعب تجاهل مثل هذا الاغراء كل الشخصيات تؤد [...]

    18. In general the stories tell of commonplace events in each narrator's life, sometimes spanning only a single afternoon or evening. Taken together they provide a snapshot of the Roman working class, but they are perhaps even more interesting individually: each is a study of character, a portrayal of a small sample of the diversity of human experience, and an attempt to understand how people think, and why they behave the way they do. The overriding sense is one of unhappiness and loneliness, of pe [...]

    19. با این‌کتاب می‌شه فهمید که واسه نوشتن ِ یه‌داستانِ خوب نباید دنبال موضوعای بکر و توپ بود و می‌شه از دلِ اتفاقاتِ ساده‌ی زنده‌گی ِ روزمره چه‌چیزا که ننوشت.دنبالشو نگیر؛ بدل؛ راننده‌ی کامیون؛ فکور؛ خرچنگ‌ها؛ قلدر اجباری؛ من که حرفی ندارم و دزدها در کلیسا از بهترین داستان [...]

    20. I love Moravia's short stories! They are fun and retro :) Really entertaining, brilliant. About an era long gone but the stories are timeless. It's a nice summer book if you want something non-chick lit for the beach.

    21. Alcuni racconti noiosi, altri piu' interessanti. Non terribili, ma l'enorme numero talvolta faceva si' che diventassero prevedibili dopo avere letto i primi.

    22. As always with Moravia: whoever we are and whatever we do, we're simply human beings and we should be glad we can't help about it.

    23. Сложно поверить, что этому сборнику почти 60 лет. "Здесь не поживитесь" и "Кинопроба" — это истории, которые можно наблюдать здесь и сейчас.

    24. Great stories about Roman life in the 1950s. I learned that Rome is Rome is Rome. It's called the eternal city for a reason.

    25. Another of my early Penguin paperback finds, and very enjoyable, too – though probably less so if you are a female reader as all the short stories are told in a first-person male voice and – if one is allowed to say this without being accused of one ism or another – an Italian one at that. Nevertheless, the narrators for the most part are, at least by the end of each story, candidly self-aware and, if not always self-critical, able to see the funny side of things.Lorry drivers find themsel [...]

    26. Amazing, amazing collection of short stories. This is the first book by Moravia I read and I was bowled over by his penetrating observation. The best thing I liked about Moravia is his ability to draw out humour from everyday incidents. The translation of the stories from the Italian to the English is very well done. After finishing the book, I wanted to know more about its writer. As I googled his name, I came across this insightful obituary of Moravia. It will give you a good idea about him. n [...]

    27. This is another laundry room find. Very witty and reminiscent of way my Italian friends think. The stories are short and to the point with some hint of irony in each passage. Someone who fancies themselves clever is being made a fool. The obvious is not so obvious. Some twist that would be humorous if it were not for the fate of the poor characters. Fascinating that this cultural cleverness rings through out story after story from Moravia. Worth a read, especially given what he's able to weave c [...]

    28. Hầu hết các chuyện đều viết ở ngôi thứ nhất, mang cảm giác bí bách và khó hiểu. Chuyện đùa ngày hè và Đứa con là hai truyện ổn nhất mình có thể đọc được. Chắc chắn sẽ không bao giờ chọn lại quyển này đâu =))

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