Michigan Roll

Michigan Roll Rated one of the Best Crime Novels of by the New York Times Book Review this is a mystery with a twist Four oddballs end up in the same resort where a throng of drug dealers spells relief fro

  • Title: Michigan Roll
  • Author: Tom Kakonis
  • ISBN: 9780312916848
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rated one of the 10 Best Crime Novels of 1988 by the New York Times Book Review, this is a mystery with a twist Four oddballs end up in the same resort where a throng of drug dealers spells relief from the summer heat d e a t h Martin s.

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    1. Tom Kakonis

      Tom Kakonis has been hailed by critics nationwide as the heir apparent to El Leonard and for good reason His stunning thrillers Treasure Coast, Michigan Roll, and Criss Cross, among others, blend dark humor with gritty storytelling for compelling, and innovative crime noir capers packed with unique, sharply drawn characters and shocking twists

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    1. I received a free copy of this via NetGalley in exchange for this review.)A crime novel set in Michigan? A slightly shady hero? A woman roped into doing something against her better judgement? A lowlife with delusions of grandeur thinking he can steal a fortune in drugs and get away with it? A couple of thug characters, one of which likes to engaging in long rambling conversations that function as veiled threats as a way to intimidate people?Seriously, how is this NOT an Elmore Leonard novel? It [...]

    2. Timothy Waverly's business card describes him as an "Applied Probabilities Analyst," which is Waverly's idea of a little joke. Timothy is an ex-con out of Michigan who now makes his living in south Florida as a professional gambler, trimming the doctors, dentists and others who search out a little high-stakes action while on their Florida vacations.Waverly did a stretch for accidentally killing his ex-wife's lawyer. The ex-wife is now remarried and living in Traverse City, Michigan, with the you [...]

    3. This is an earlier Kakonis thriller and it's objectively inferior to his later standalones, but is still very much recognizably his work. There is that dialogue precision of dropped propositions, rough and tumble characters, love stories that never quite work out, although this book features distinctly less white trash, a distinctly classier main protagonist and a distinctly more straight forward plot. The latter is noticeable and somewhat regrettable and Kakonis certainly improved as a narrator [...]

    4. A “Michigan Roll” is a roll of bills with low bills on the inside and a few high bills showing, intended to fool gambling opponents about the size of your stash. In this 1988 novel by Tom Kikonis, Timothy Waverly is a professional cardsharp in south Florida whose boss—-the man who stakes him—-is Bennie Epstein, a fat Jewish philosopher with an upbeat attitude and a deep affection for his best cardsharp. Waverly’s business card lists him as an “Applied Probability Analyst,” but in f [...]

    5. Tim Waverly, ex-con and current gamblin' man, leaves sunny Florida for the autumnal chill of northern Michigan's tourist coast. His plan is to spy on his ex-wife, maybe try to reconnect or steal away his now-teenage son. But those plans don't really come to fruition as he's sucked into the troubles of one young Chicago debutante nicknamed Midnight. She's up here to find her estranged brother who tried to double-cross the mob, before he's found and chopped up by the two local hatchetmen---a psych [...]

    6. Found this 1988 book at a used bookstore up north. Kakonis is a retired english professor from Calvin College. This story takes place outside of Traverse City. Its a great mystery story with many sub-plots. Once you start it, you don`t want to put it down.

    7. So soHad the promise of being a good action thriller, but never quite got there. Ending was disappointing, didn't really bring things to resolution. Lots better out there.

    8. Michigan RollAlthough it was a good mystery, I found myself bored with to much background. Most of it could have been cut, and not affected the story at all. I will definitely think twice before reading another one of his books.

    9. Several weeks ago I read a review of this book that likened it somewhat to the works of Elmore Leonard. Since I like Leonard’s works, was actually reading an Elmore Leonard book at the time, and was intrigued by the review, I checked the book out from the library as it is not currently available as an e-book.Oh, what a mistake that was! There truly are similarities to Leonard’s works, particularly in the way Kakonis does not hesitate to use racially denigrating remarks, sexually degrading te [...]

    10. There was too much violence and foul language, especially when the author was a retired professor from Calvin College.I quit reading at page 35.Okay, so I got past the foul language. I understood better when I realized that the characters were ex-cons. That makes the language more understandable. I was amused by the crude language mixed with sophisticated language of the narrative. okThe plot is quite incredible, but somethings in life are very surprising. It seems the author was trying to tell [...]

    11. Michigan Roll by Tom KakonisGraphically brutal crime thriller is an appropriate description for this book. Kakonis has the ability to create deeply flawed characters that never-the-less propel an action stuffed adventure.Waverly has issues and his soul searching leads him in a journey to his past that embroils him in some Midnight problems. A missing package of drugs appropriated by a minor delusional miscreant puts an assortment of escalating bad guys on Waverly's field of play. A plethora of u [...]

    12. This actually a pretty good crime novel. The professional gambler/ex-con/ ex-professor of literature/hero, Timothy Waverly, is pretty believable and likeable. Pretty deep too. That being said, I'm not too sure about some of characters he comes up against. Perhaps the author was trying to add some humor to the sadistic gangsters and trying to make you like them more too but it makes you wonder who would hire them as hit men. I must say this would make a pretty good film noir. The beautiful woman [...]

    13. Just great reading. As books written and published in earlier times this novel lacks the techno jargon so familiar in many more modern reads. Though some terms not familiar to me it is as easy to glaze over those words as it is a foreign language phrase. Action on top of more action with characters as colorful as any I’ve met between pages. Warning to future readers there are terms amongst the pages that would be considered racist, bigoted, or not politically correct in today’s world. But al [...]

    14. This is a very entertaining and interesting book. It is light on description and heavy on action. The characters were drawn from a Damon Runyan playbook, and had remarkable strengths and weaknesses. The evil ones were truly evil, and the good ones were questionable. The book follows Waverly, a professional gambler as he examines his life and steps out of his world. As a lost soul he travels to a place of his youth and the home of his lost son. He makes a number of connections along the way, none [...]

    15. Uneven thriller about a professional card counter who takes a time off to return to Michigan. Dated language, and at times predictable plot and pacing. Very 70s style thriller that is best not analyzed too closel

    16. Unusual cast of characters and plenty of action make for good escapist reading if you don’t mind the graphic violence and language. Thank you to Brash Books and NetGalley for an advance copy of this book.

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