Wild Wastes

Wild Wastes Before world war two could reach its conclusion the world suffered what could only be defined as a cataclysm Legend has it that an experiment failed Catastrophically so And when it failed the center

  • Title: Wild Wastes
  • Author: Randi Darren
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Before world war two could reach its conclusion, the world suffered what could only be defined as a cataclysm Legend has it that an experiment failed Catastrophically so And when it failed, the center of the United States, from the Sierra Nevada to the Mississippi river became The Waste , where everything changed In The Waste, every fantasy creature, fairy tale demon,Before world war two could reach its conclusion, the world suffered what could only be defined as a cataclysm Legend has it that an experiment failed Catastrophically so And when it failed, the center of the United States, from the Sierra Nevada to the Mississippi river became The Waste , where everything changed In The Waste, every fantasy creature, fairy tale demon, or mythological monster exists From Orcs, to Neriads, Ogres, Trolls, Wratihs, Elves, Harpies, and even Beastmen They all exist, and all despise humankind In the ruins of the west and east coasts new governments have arisen With new jobs Vince is a Ranger, a profession whose sole job duty is surviving in the waste, and taking missions from the Ranger Guild Be it courier services, escorts, or simply exploring tombs and cities Taking up an escort mission, Vince encounters a situation that will shape his life forever onward As well as the lives of everyone in North America Warning This novel contains adult themes and moral ambiguities The main character is written as a real person in an apocalypse, and will not make choices that line up with society and cultural norms Spoiler for the faint hearted if you read further than this This story contains a harem.

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    1. Pretty solid.It's a good book with some nice character development. Interesting take on the whole post-apocalyptic thing mixed with magic. I would've liked more description about the wastes, but it was a great book. Looking forward to the sequel.

    2. This is a erotic fantasy. Not smutty or romantic but a fun erotic fantasy. Usually with such books it can boil down to MC hooking up with random faceless women with thread bare story and sex scenes that devolve into "look at her tits and my big dick!". This is not the case everyone is fleshed out and there is a solid story underneath, it never tries to be more than it is.This story follows a skilled ranger who decides to pick up a mission for some cash, this is in a world where old USA has colla [...]

    3. Love this book!!It's not smut book and i love that. Theirs actual story and character development that makes it on par with game of thrones which to me fits really well. Their is sex which is a little tame and more realistic sometime making me think these were personal experiences rather than just random watching some 80s romp video as research. I give it 5 because it was just that much of a entertaining read and even surprised me by the price I paid. Hell l halfway there the book I bought the s [...]

    4. Wasn't sure what to expect, but enjoyed the book immensely!!I liked theme book because it did not sugar coat what life would be if a cataclysmic event occurred. The author told a good story without trying to wrap up every single thread. I will be purchasing the next book in the series.

    5. This is going in my 'guilty pleasure' pile. It was thoroughly entertaining and I'll almost certainly read it again at some point. You can tell it's total wish fulfillment by the author, but it's well written, the characters have depth, and none of them are assholes or doormats. Vince, the main character isn't a total 'Mary-Sue', but there are hints there. Overall though, it's the female lead characters that really carry the story. Vince just seems to primarily be there to reap the rewards as a s [...]

    6. A great read.This book was a really entertaining. I had a good time reading the interaction between the characters. The one thing that I dislike about this book is the number of sexual scenes in it. I believed that it was good that the author added some of them, but I believed it was more than call for.

    7. Well done.The story kept my interest throughout. I enjoyed the coming of age fantasy theme with a post apocalyptic twist as well as the varios sexual relationship themes. I would recommend this book to fantasy fans who are open minded towards the idea of a culture very different from our own.

    8. What can i sayIf you like magic, Sex, alt world fantasy this book definitely is for you. If you on the other hand are a bit prudishIt is not. It is in my opinion definitely a GUYS book. Though i am sure there are women out there who will also love it. NOT YA in any sense at all. Eagerly awaiting the next book in the series! read this in one dayhad me hooked :)

    9. Gratuitous Sex Fun Action, Intriguing WorldIf you are sensitive to graphic, or sexual situations this is not the book for you. Author is graphic, but does not lean, on the violence and sex to keep the reader. The story and world are fantastic by themselves, the sexual content is just a bonus. Will follow author and hope to see more of this world.

    10. A great readWow is all I can say this book is legend wait for it ary the flow was great the battle scenes were life like in telling felt like I was watching in real life. Well done author

    11. Different in a good wayA slightly new take on the theme of fantasy blended with after civilization falls. Some of the content would certainly not be appropriate for young readers, yet, still a very enjoyable book. I look forward to seeing more from this author.

    12. Fine story I have two problems though, way to many errors. Needs editing again. Also some kind of glossary of all important people, who they are, what they do, and their positions in relation to the MC would be really helpful. The author has such a cast of characters that you can easily lose track of who's who.I can still recommend this book though as the story itself is very nice. Be warned, it has a lot of sex. It does say it's a harem book though in the description.

    13. This is an interesting empire builder with fantasy races, set in a wrecked world.The build up to the ending was pretty straight forward and what Id expect given where the book was headed. Elves as a vessel for excess magic is a really interesting idea and I hope that gets expanded on in the future books.Some of the details of the ending didn't seem to add up in my mind. The timelines for building up the city, the wall, the guard force all seemed overly compressed to create the net effect of the [...]

    14. This book is a male power fantasy hard erotica. Not as bad as the GOR novels, but definitely problematic in some of its treatment of women, resulting in a longer than normal review from me. I do wish I could do 2.5 starsLet us get out of the way the world backstory. You will find more detail on the history of the world on the description of the book then in the book. That is a bit hyperbolic, but other then a few mentions it leaves the history of the world very hazy.The overall plot of the book, [...]

    15. Welp, let me toss it out right now. I listened to the Audiobook version which was narrated by Andrea Parsneau. And Parsneau is actually a fairly good narrator if you like narrators who personalize each character to some degree. Not sure if the book was editing again for the Audiobook but I couldn't pick up any major issues (I multitask when listening). I want to say it's an erotica but it's really more of a literary pornography or pornographic literature. Erotica is something that "arouses sexua [...]

    16. This always happens to me. It's 15 minutes before bed and I remember that I need an audio book for my daily work commute. Quickly I log on to , see a check audio book with decent reviews and grab it up because it looks good only to find out it wasn't what I expected. This was the case here.Long story short I thought I was getting adventure fiction and instead I go polygamy erotica/porn. So why the 3 stars. Well, despite it not being something that I would regularly read, it was well written with [...]

    17. You just know these types of books are written by a guy.Women write about one female having a bunch of male followers, not being part of a bunch of females following one male.This is pretty amusing.Ah! Found a plot hole. I love plot holes/typos. (view spoiler)[ The Dryad wasn't close to the soldiers when our protagonist was told to report to the capital yet she asked questions and the soldier replied (a human answering an unhuman slave? I was shocked too.) then when Vince returned to the injured [...]

    18. LOVED IT!!!!!!The world-building, character personalities, and stories were absolutely wonderful. I do not usually like harems but Orcs, dryers, elves, etc had such lively personalities, it was hard not to identify with them. Moreover, Vince is such a non-hero hero that it is funny how he finds himself in all of these quandaries. This tale is so different and the storytelling so imaginative that I found myself chortling out loud😂 A few editing issues detracted from a five star rating, but can [...]

    19. "An erotica with plot". I read it in some review before I listened to the book. I'd say that's quite accurate.What's better, though, is that it is a well-written plot. The character development is much better than I thought it would be. I feared that as more characters are introduced that each character will be forgotten and badly constructed, but that hasn't happened so far.The sex scene is great and weird at the same time, at least for me since it was narrated by a woman, but that's just my pe [...]

    20. I rather enjoyed this book. I can say that I do in fact like the world building for this. I also like the different interactions that go on between the different characters. I also like the fact that the MC is NOT a bumbling idiot. The fact that this turns into a fantastic harem is also funny, but the MC does have a believable set of morals that he abides by. I guess the best way to describe this book would be like this is a mix of GoT, Skyrim, and Fallout. I'm eagerly looking forward to what ha [...]

    21. Meh, seemed like an interesting premise, but it's just some ones erotic fiction. The sex is monotonous and cringy. Maybe people with an Orc fetish would like it but I couldn't take any more. Reached the 30% mark before just giving up on it.out of curiosity I skipped ahead a bit ~35% and he's ogling an ant woman naked. skipped ahead some more ~40% and he's pulling someone's pants down. This book is all sex scenes with only the minimal amount of story between them to get to the next girl.

    22. The entire book follows this formula1) The hero of the story goes from A to B2) He encounters a creature from fantasy (ogre/dryad/etc)3) He has sex with the aforementioned creature with pornographic level of details4) Repeat until the end The first two times it happened, I thought it was ok, something new, but the novelty wore off fast. If I read this, I would have stopped after a few chapters, but it's tolerable to listen to on audiobook while multitasking.

    23. Great book, good premise. The world is somewhere between fallout and the sword of shannara with a lite hint of anime influence. The protagonist is a strong character, who for the most part just does what he wants. The female love interests are unique and interesting. Overall this is a strong series that would still be worth reading even without the sex.

    24. PornA book that had potential but was thrown away because of the porn,the story was interesting but the pornography in it lost its appeal.I would recommend that you take out the pornography and the story would be a good one

    25. Outstanding!A Post-apocalyptic fantasy world that rocks! I love the characters and the rationalization for the relationships make sense. I’m looking forward to reading the next book .

    26. Very nice erotic fantasy. Nicely written, an easy and enjoyable read. I hope to see more from this author.The main character would make James Kirk blush at the variety of women.

    27. Interesting storyline but beware of adult contentA different approach to a post apocalyptic scenario. Ensure you read the disclaimer before you continue into the story. I could only give three stars due to the excesses in the book.

    28. So, wow. Unexpectedly an amazing book.It was. really good! Seriously, everyone had depth of character, morals, needs, wantsEveryone all tried and failed or succeeded. From villains to neutrals to the good guys. This is a rare gem.

    29. I think this was an excellent book. It had the right blending between explicit and a good storyline. I eagerly wait the next book in the series. This story sucks you in and hold you strongly. It's explicit nature is only the cherry on the top of an excellent story and plot.

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