Sang Hakim - The Judge

Sang Hakim The Judge Hakim Armando Acosta ditahan atas tuduhan mencoba melakukan prostitusi Beberapa orang termasuk Paul Madriani yang dulu pernah bermusuhan dengan sang hakim bersimpati padanya Karena dikucilkan dan d

  • Title: Sang Hakim - The Judge
  • Author: Steve Martini Diniarty Pandia
  • ISBN: 979605874X
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hakim Armando Acosta ditahan atas tuduhan mencoba melakukan prostitusi Beberapa orang, termasuk Paul Madriani, yang dulu pernah bermusuhan dengan sang hakim, bersimpati padanya Karena dikucilkan dan diejek rekan rekannya di pengadilan tinggi, Acosta terpaksa meminta Paul menyelamatkan kariernya dari ancaman hukuman Mula mula Paul menolak permintaan Acosta, namun ketikaHakim Armando Acosta ditahan atas tuduhan mencoba melakukan prostitusi Beberapa orang, termasuk Paul Madriani, yang dulu pernah bermusuhan dengan sang hakim, bersimpati padanya Karena dikucilkan dan diejek rekan rekannya di pengadilan tinggi, Acosta terpaksa meminta Paul menyelamatkan kariernya dari ancaman hukuman Mula mula Paul menolak permintaan Acosta, namun ketika pembela Acosta yang sebelumnya dipaksa melepaskan kasus itu oleh jaksa wilayah yang berusaha keras balas dendam, Paul harus maju menggantikannya untuk membela sang hakim.Ketika kasus itu berlangsung, wanita muda yang ditugaskan menjebak sang hakim ditemukan tewas akibat pembunuhan keji, dan Acosta lah tertuduh utamanya Alasannya Wanita itulah satu satunya orang yang bisa memberikan kesaksian yang memberatkan sang hakim Dengan adanya tuduhan pembunuhan itu, Paul menghadapi kasus yang paling berat, meresahkan, dan kompleks dalam kariernya.

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    1. Steve Martini Diniarty Pandia

      Martini s first career was in journalism He worked as a newspaper reporter for the Los Angeles Daily Journal, the largest legal newspaper in the country covering the state, the local courts and the civic center beat In 1970 he became the newspaper s first correspondent at the State Capitol in Sacramento and later its bureau chief There he specialized in legal and political coverage During this period he attended night law school and in 1974 took his law degree from the University of the Pacific s McGeorge School of Law He was admitted to the Bar in January 1975.Martini has practiced law both privately as well as for public agencies appearing in state and federal courts During his law career, in addition to other activities, he worked as a legislative representative for the California Department of Consumer Affairs, the State Bar of California, and served as special counsel to the California Victims of Violent Crimes Program He has worked as an administrative hearing officer, a supervising hearing officer, an administrative law judge, and for a time served as Deputy Director of the State Office of Administrative Hearings He is currently inactive with the State Bar of California, choosing writing instead as a full time occupation.In the mid 1980s Martini began his fiction writing career His first attempt at a novel, The Simeon Chamber, was represented by an agent and sold to the New York publisher D.I Fine within two weeks of its submission It was published in 1987 Compelling Evidence, his second novel, introduced his series character, attorney Paul Madriani, and was published by G.P Putnam Sons A national bestseller, the novel earned Martini a critical and popular following It was followed quickly by New York Times bestsellers Prime Witness, Undue Influence, The Judge, and The Attorney, each featuring the series character Madriani and his contrarian and irrepressible law partner, Harry Hinds.The List, published in 1997, a novel and thriller about the commercial book publishing industry, was the first Martini novel to depart from the series characters since the author reached the best sellers list Critical Mass, his next novel published in 1998, continued the departure from the courtroom as well as the Madriani series, though it involved a lawyer protagonist and was well within the legal thriller genre Critical Mass addressed issues of terrorism and the threat from weapons of mass destruction two years before the events of 9 11 It was a topic to which Martini would return in later years.Other novels by Martini include The Jury, The Arraignment, Double Tap, Shadow of Power, Guardian of Lies, The Rule of Nine, and Trader of Secrets.To date, two network mini series have been produced and broadcast based on Martini s works, Undue Influence by CBS, and The Judge on NBC.

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    1. Armando Acosta is a judge disliked by nearly everyone-- especially the corrupt police officers who are the subject of a grand jury investigation conducted by Acosta. Acosta is arrested on a phony charge of solicitation and is suspended from the bench. However, when the decoy in the arrest turns up dead, it looks as though Acosta will be vacating the bench permanently. Acosta enlists the help of one of his least favorite attorneys, Paul Madriani, to help him beat the murder charge. In defending t [...]

    2. Even though this book was written 20 years ago, it still feels fresh and current. Paul Madriani is brought in to defend an unpopular judge accused of murdering a woman who was a witness against him in a prostitution sting. The plot also includes dirty cops and overly ambitious attorneys aspiring to public office. "The Judge" is very well-written with unforgettable characters. It's an early Madriani, who is still evolving into the crusader defense attorney we recognize from later books. You're ne [...]

    3. The JudgeLet me pleadThat my questNot enmeshWith verdictsDispensed fromThis woefulJudge's bench,For from thenceComes the stenchOf spiritMuch weakerThan the flesh.

    4. Enjoyed this book, good story, written this review twice, and it went to never never land. Lawyer Paul Madriani takes on a crooked union, a crooked police department and defends a Judge he dislikes. Along the way, the police department try and get him jailed and disbarred, and will stoop to nothing to stop him from finding out the truth. Twists and turns.

    5. Strong plot + annoying writing habits = 4 starsThe Judge is my second Martini book (the first as an audiobook) and I am almost embarrassed to say that I really liked it. I didn't realize that I was such a literary elitist (especially if you looked at the stuff I've reviewed) but deep-down inside I guess that there are just some books that I want to hate simply because everyone else likes them. Well, there's a reason why Martini's books have been perennial best-sellers - they're entertaining lega [...]

    6. Overview: Paul has gotten the kind of client that causes him to question his beliefs as a defense attorney. A judge, that he personally cannot stand, is caught up in a prostitution sting. The case mutates into a murder charge when the star witness, the decoy, is found dead of decidedly unnatural causes. Paul is willing to let his newest law partner take the reins of the case, until the prosecutor pulls a dirty trick. Now all that stands between Judge Acosta and a jail sentence is Paul Madriani a [...]

    7. Duh to me. I read this last year and forgot to enter it, I guess. That put me one book closer to reaching my goal. All I need to do is find a couple of more I forgot to enter and I get the big award for meeting my goal. Big Award. I want my big award.

    8. Another good Martini, right to the last drop. Good story, familiar characters and suspenseful right to the end.

    9. It's rare when life manages to touch the seemingly untouchable, but that's the scenario Martini describes so well in this book. One day, Armando Costa is an arrogant judge who has condescended without discrimination to lawyers who must practice in front of him. Then suddenly his life is overturned when an undercover female officer is murdered and the seemingly untouchable judge is arrested for the killing.Madriani is asked to defend the judge, and this is the tense page-turning story of that def [...]

    10. This is the first book that I have read by Steve Martini and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The plot was generally well planned out (there were a few loose ends that I would like to have had tidied up, but nothing that interfered with the story-line.) Characters were well fleshed out, in fact they were so well fleshed out, that the main female protagonist irritated me an immense amount. I have always loved court room dramas and this one did not disappoint.

    11. Loved itAs was true in Martini's previous 3 novels, this one starts out slow and a little prodding, but then it suddenly grabs you and takes you on an enjoyable ride. The story isn't really even about the judge, it's all about Madriani and his dogged pursuit of the truth. On to the next one.

    12. Attorney Paul Madriani has an adverse risk relationship with Judge Acosta. However, when Judge Acosta is accused of murder, Paul finds himself reluctantly agreeing to defend the judge.

    13. DNF. This was just another lawyer in trouble getting a big case, blah, blah, blah. I thought the story was too slow and it seemed to me that a lot of the dialogue was immature and sophomoric.

    14. This was my first Steve Martini book, I have to admit, it was a little difficult to get past the stupid name of the author. It feels too much like a gimmick. Of course, now I'm hoping that Martini is a pen name and not the author's real name.Anyway, the book is good, but not great. I was reading a Michael Connelly Lincoln Lawyer book at the same time and it was easy to see who the better author (Connelly, in case you've never read his stuff). But this book was good and although I had determined [...]

    15. THIS SUMMARY/REVIEW WAS COPIED FROM OTHER SOURCES AND IS USED ONLY AS A REMINDER OF WHAT THE BOOK WAS ABOUT FOR MY PERSONAL INTEREST. ANY PERSONAL NOTATIONS ARE FOR MY RECOLLECTION ONLYPlot synopsis: Shenanigans in the police union have attracted the attention of an abrasive judge. He is leading a grand jury investigation into the union's finances when he is arrested for prostitution and later murder. Paul Madriani is dragged into the case as the judge's defense attorney as a favor to a friend a [...]

    16. Paul Madriani doesn't lose any sleep over judge Armando Acosta until the judge finds himself arrested for prostitution and then murder. As much as he dislikes Acosta, Madriani can't believe the charges against him. In a circuitous route, Madriani ends up defending the judge. Because of the sensitivity of the issue, all judges have recused themselves and a judge from Washington state comes, with his boots & cowboy hat, to oversee. The battle of the brains becomes a chuckling dual, but truth a [...]

    17. Steve Martini is one of the best legal thriller writers. His protagonist, Paul Madriani, is in my opinion his most interesting (and certainly his most successful) character. And The Judge is (also in my opinion) the most successful novel in the series. There is a scene in The Judge (that I will describe only as the 'Cable TV Man Scene') that is so brilliantly written, so tense and beautifully unfolding, that should you not have read Martini and should you read this one scene, you will be a fan f [...]

    18. (#4 in the Paul Madriani series) Another great courtroom drama. Another surprising and slightly disappointing ending. The judge Madriani has become to hate (Acosta) has been charged with solicitation…and then murder. Paul ends up defending the judge against the same DA who fired his lover, Lenore. There are courtroom scenes that tend to drag a little but I love how the author pulls out the element of surprise when Madiani is presenting evidence. Will be interesting to see what happens next.

    19. Not as clean as a Tourot or Grisham, but still entertaining. To me, Grisham develops a story line beautifully, and you don't have to suspend reality, with the story line being carefully constructed and developed, all very believable. In the Judge, there were a few, albeit very few, times where I felt myself feeling, "well that's not very likely". But those times weren't enough to interfere with the story, and it was still an enjoyable legal thriller.

    20. I think this might have been my first Steve Martini book. In fact,this was actually the first book I read in years that started my passion for reading. I can't remember the last book I read before this (not including college). My husband picked it out for me at the library while he was there with our children. I couldn't put it down. Steve's writing is very easy to read and follow. They are all very suspenseful.

    21. A engageing courtroom and political drama with all that goes with it: sex, drugs, corruption and egos.A good read let down a bit by how it was written. The start from the plot was very slow but once it picked up it was very engageing and hard to put down. The climax of the story was great and an interesting twist however the end of the plot was very truncated and disappointing, like the author had given up.

    22. A pesar de ser el primer libro que leo de Steve Martini. La sentí un buen libro , primeramente los personajes a pesar de que Acosta y Leonore giraban en torno a las acusaciones que se les hacia. Hasta ultimas páginas del libro se encuentran pruebas concretas. Me hubiera gustado que el caso en cual se estaba investigando fuese más morboso y cruel y que el verdadero asesino fuese más perspicaz e inteligente. Buen libro

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