A.J.'s Angel

A J s Angel Luke Emerson is the last person Sebastian Wakefield expects to see strolling into his tattoo shop But Luke s not back after four years to take up where they left off Not even to apologize for the chea

  • Title: A.J.'s Angel
  • Author: L.A. Witt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Luke Emerson is the last person Sebastian Wakefield expects to see strolling into his tattoo shop But Luke s not back after four years to take up where they left off Not even to apologize for the cheating that broke them up Luke wants a custom tattoo, a memorial for someone known only as A.J Much as Seb would love to tell Luke to take this ink and shove it, he s a prLuke Emerson is the last person Sebastian Wakefield expects to see strolling into his tattoo shop But Luke s not back after four years to take up where they left off Not even to apologize for the cheating that broke them up Luke wants a custom tattoo, a memorial for someone known only as A.J Much as Seb would love to tell Luke to take this ink and shove it, he s a professional Plus, he s reluctant to admit, he wouldn t mind getting his hands on Luke again Even if it s just business Once Luke s in the tattoo chair, though, Seb finds himself struggling with all the anger and resentment he thought he d left behind and those aren t the only feelings reignited Their relationship may have been turbulent, but it was also passionate Four years clearly hasn t been long enough for the embers of that fire to go cold A few subtle hints from Luke is all it takes to make Seb consider indulging in some of that physical passion It shouldn t be that tough to keep his emotions from getting tangled up in sweaty sheets After all, it s not like he s in love with Luke any Right This 35,000 word novella was previously published.

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    1. L.A. Witt

      L.A Witt is an abnormal M M romance writer who has finally been released from the purgatorial corn maze of Omaha, Nebraska, and now spends her time on the southwestern coast of Spain In between wondering how she didn t lose her mind in Omaha, she explores the country with her husband, several clairvoyant hamsters, and an ever growing herd of rabid plot bunnies She also has substantially time on her hands these days, as she has recruited a small army of mercenaries to search South America for her nemesis, romance author Lauren Gallagher, but don t tell Lauren And definitely don t tell Lori A Witt or Ann Gallagher Neither of those twits can keep their mouths shutVisit her website at gallagherwitt.

    732 thoughts on “A.J.'s Angel”

    1. 2.5 starsThree things that makes this novella don't really work for me1) Luke (the cheater) doesn't really feel like making a redemption or penance this time around. I'm also not happy when part of his "confession" is that he doesn't feel sorry for the repeat cheating, NOT until the last time which makes Seb taking him back sort of2) proofing Seb is just a doormat to Luke. I'm not perfectly convinced for their love, not even until the very end, when the story gives the readers a promise/hopefu [...]

    2. A Hearts On Fire ReviewTHREE & A HALF STARS--"A.J.'s Angel" is an angsty, little emotional nugget of ex-lovers reconciling through actions and words.Sebastian is a tattoo artist, currently single and has never really got over the love of his life, Luke. Luke cheated on him numerous times during their past relationship and Sebastian always was sweet talked into taking Luke back. Until the last time, where Luke walked out into the arms of another man.Fours years have passed and who miraculousl [...]

    3. This was my second read and I honestly don't remember reading it the first time back in 2012. It was super angsty and, as it says in the blurb, contains cheating, so I surprised myself even WANTING to read it again.But I dearly love Seb and Luke didn't bother me as much as he should have. And there is a HEA. So, read with caution and save up your angst defense skills before tackling this one.I dropped this from 4 stars to 3.

    4. 2.5 stars AJ’s Angel handles the tricky and often misused cheating theme. Some people hate this entirely and if so you should avoid this novella. If you don’t mind cheating or on the fence, this one is still somewhat iffy but could appeal. The story relies on Seb’s questionable forgiveness, which is really him wanting hot sex which translates into memory loss about prior cheating. This isn’t always successful and the tone of the story is morose since the majority of emotions revolve arou [...]

    5. Loved this one. Sebastian and Luke we're super sexy. As was there sex. I loved that the whole story of these 2 was told and not skipped around. I love a HEA. What I pictured the tattoo to look like was amazing and I'd go to Seb for one anyday. And I'm pretty picky lol

    6. 2.5 stars - almost 3 stars. The theme of cheating is one that I detest. I think that the only reason this book was palatable is that L.A. Witt starts with the cheating well in the past. Granted, the MCs are far from over the event (as it should be), but since we did not have to experience the awful event with the MCs it was a little easier to hold it to the side. So that was a good idea from the author.Seb is a tattoo artist. His serial-cheating ex boyfriend, Luke, comes into his shop with a tat [...]

    7. My first inclination was to give this a 2 stars; however, I realised that this was mainly because of my distaste for the theme. Cheating makes for tough reading and, although I'm not sure I would have been anywhere near as forgiving as Seb, this author handled the subject matter very well.

    8. An interesting story, one that would not have been top of my list if it wasn't a part of one of my favorite series because of the cheating theme. For some reason, I didn't even realize this was a part of that series and I found it somewhat detached from it, except for the trip to Wilde's and a quick peek at Kiernan (and who wouldn't want to peek at Kiernan?). Both characters were believable and the story realistic. The cheating happened in the past and was the reason Seb and Luke finally broke u [...]

    9. This is going to be a controversial book for some readers because it deals with the issue of cheating. Granted, the cheating doesn’t literally occur in real time in this book (it happened in the past), but still, it already sets one of the characters at a disadvantage in terms of likeability points. The book is told from Sebastian’s point of view – he’s the nice guy. Luke is the cheating prior ex-boyfriend. Since we never get inside of Luke’s head during the book, he remains more dista [...]

    10. 2.5 starsIt was a little better than okay for me. This read did not fulfill my expectations. For those who don't like cheating, albeit not in the book, but it happened, then you will not like this read or Luke who was the culprit who had no other reason for his infidelities other than his stupidity. I don't think there was enough about the good things of their previous relationship to even constitute a reason for the readers to get over it and move on with Seb. It just never clicked and often ha [...]

    11. It's hard to like Luke, Sebastian's uber-hot, super-cocky ex. We know what he did, we see that it left it's mark on Sebastian, and we want him to pay. But eventually, when someone has been genuinely penitent, it's time to forgive--that's the moment we live for in this book, and when it comes it's hard-earned. Of course Witt's sparky, engaging prose is fun to read, and the sex is VERY hot, but it's the struggle of her characters to accept their own human behavior that keeps ups riveted, and this [...]

    12. 4.5 stars. Very good m/m romance about a tattoo artist trying to understand why his cheating ex has shown up in his shop four years later to get a tattoo commemorating a mysterious "A.J." If the ending of the story had had been longer, this would've been five stars for me. Forgiveness happened too fast, then the ensuing struggles were merely alluded to in the epilogue.

    13. This has got to be one of the worst if not worst cheater books written in the recent years.Lover takes serial cheater back after he leaves him for another man.There is no remorse,no redemption.When asked why he did it he replies because he was stupid & felt no guilt.There is a single POV that make's this novelette even more unpalatable.

    14. Well-written story about a cheating ex trying to reconnect with his lover. Lots of emotion and angst in this story which might have worked better for me if it had been longer. I had a hard time accepting the "I was stupid" excuse and felt he was too quickly forgiven.

    15. This really didn't satisfy me. Not enough back ground story, and characters that really never made much impression.

    16. This was so good. A story about making mistakes and seeking forgiveness, as much as being hurt and wronged, and then able to forgive. It is short and sweet, but tells a story that I'll not forget. The fact that it is based in Seattle doesn't hurt either. :)People make mistakes in their lives. Luke did that by cheating on Sebastian. The question is, after so many years apart, can Sebastian forgive? Forgive and forget? Move on? Trust again? The thought of cheating sickens me. I know that I may be [...]

    17. Well written story exploring the concept of forgiveness and trust. After being betrayed by Luke 4 years ago, Sebastian needs to deal with his feelings when Luke makes an appointment with him to get a tattoo. Perhaps forgiveness comes a little too easy in this story and Luke's motivations are not fully understood but it is difficult not to feel some level of sympathy and hope things work out for these men. They obviously shared something special (at least sexually) before Luke's cheating. "We bur [...]

    18. Why doesn't this have better reviews and a higher rating? 5 I love LA Witt stars. Wonderful, sexy, sad story about forgiveness, love, and unexpected happy endings.I understand why people are bothered with the "quick" forgiveness, but this is a novella and the epilogue clearly explains that they are still working through things and that it hasn't been perfect or easy. Just my two cents.

    19. I would've given this 5 stars if the reasons why Luke changed his ways had been clearer and if we could've read about them trying to rebuild their trust in each other.

    20. Four years. I hadn’t seen his face in four goddamned years, and out of the blue, he marches into my shop like he has every right to be here.I love tattoo shops. The smell of the ink, the whir of the machines, the artistic genius - all of it draws me in and makes me want more. I have a ton of respect for tattooist’s and the work they do turning skin into body art. With all that said, I was sure I was going to enjoy this third volume in L.A. Witt’s ‘Wilde’s’ series. Plus, I was curious [...]

    21. 3.5 starsThere may be a couple spoilersI have a mixed review to offer here. Though the book is written as well as all of LA Witt's offerings, I simply didn't enjoy it as much as her usual work, which I think is simply because the story is mired in thick hurt, disappointment, and anger. It never really lets up throughout the story, and though it is a relatively short book, it simply wasn't very enjoyable to read.Cheating is a tricky subject for readers. I appreciate that it is written about, but [...]

    22. An L.A. Witt book is an auto read for me - I have loved each and every one she has written so far and pre-ordered A J's Angel so it downloaded automatically. I loved Seb - he sounded sweet, snarky, funny, sad, very human. I didn't like Luke. And that affected the whole story for me. I'm not sure if I was hoping there was a reason for him being a complete dick all those years ago or what, but I just couldn't forgive him. Seb did and I know that should mean I can too but I just didn't think he des [...]

    23. 3.5 starsWhen Luke walks into Sebastian's tattoo shop, he'd rather drive a tattoo needle through his eye than speak to him, but he needs the money and Luke needs a tattoo. They were first loves, but Luke cheated on him repeatedly and Sebastian finally had enough but has never gotten over it. However Luke flirts away and despite his better judgement, Sebastian ends up in bed with him, but then backs off. Okay, I get that Sebastian's Dad said people can change, and I don't prescribe to the once a [...]

    24. I don't think I have a firm stance on cheating in books - sometimes I loathe it, other times I'm okay with it. In this book, the infidelity happens prior to the book starting. We meet Seb and Luke, four years after they Luke cheated on Seb (several times). They have not had contact in all of those years, and Luke comes in for a tattoo. From here these two struggle with their intense attraction for each other and of course, deal with their messy past.It's a pretty short novella but does a good jo [...]

    25. 2.5 starsSeb never got over his cheating ex. So when his ex shows up for a tattoo, hostility and sparks run amuck. I had difficult time with this story. I really wanted to love it, but I found it unbelievable how quickly they found themselves in bed. It's hard to sympathize with a cheater. His apology/reasoning seemed flat. I can't fully recommend this one by Witt. I like her other stories better.

    26. I really liked Seb, but I really don't see why he took Luke back. And for all his repetitive cheating in the past, Luke wasn't nearly apologetic enough. Seb was more apologetic toward Luke for saying something marginally unkind. And Seb's father urging Seb to give Luke another chance I don't get it. Why would Seb's father be sympathetic toward the man who cheated on Seb and broke his heart?

    27. 3.5Lovely story about 2 ex lovers who meet back up after 4 years. Though they broke up because of infidelity, that is not a theme in here. Rather, the cheater comes back in order to apologise for his actions. My only qualms is I would have liked a longer story and more input from one of the characters.

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