The Fantasy Effect

The Fantasy Effect Everything was perfect Quinn our marriage our sex life Then there was Carson the star of all my dirtiest fantasies a forbidden temptation I couldn t have Or could I I thought I could bring my fant

  • Title: The Fantasy Effect
  • Author: Paige Fieldsted
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Everything was perfect Quinn, our marriage, our sex life Then there was Carson, the star of all my dirtiest fantasies, a forbidden temptation I couldn t have Or could I I thought I could bring my fantasy to life but now my reality is crashing down around me and I don t know how to stop it I had it all but wanted , and now I might be left with nothing.

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      I m a writer living in Salt Lake City with her husband, John, toddler, Mason, and Willy the Pug I love reading, cooking, sports, naps, ice cream, football, pumpkin treats and making lists Follow me on Facebook facebook paigefieldst Find me on Instagram instagram paigefieldsVisit my author page Paige Fieldste

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    1. 4.25Paige Fieldsted made a bold move with the subject matter of her debut novel, The Fantasy Effect. It is not one everybody will be able to read, but for those of you that can appreciate novels about flawed human beings, it is definitely worth the read. The one thing I can guarantee you above all else is that this book will make you FEEL!From the moment I began reading this story, I was hooked! The author’s writing style is undeniably addictive and captivating. The first chapter will have you [...]

    2. “There is a reason they’re called fantasies; they don’t belong in the real world. They should stay tucked safely away in the corners of your imagination, where they are bright and shiny illusions of what could be.”Warning : Not safe. The blurb says it all and then moreBefore anything else, just fucking please give me this moment to rant because up until now I cannot take this book out of my system.Dearest Paige,"FUCK YOU ! SIDEWAYS!!! HARD! TAKE THAT!!!" Oh Woman, take that because you j [...]

    3. Eu tô aqui querendo dar na minha cara! Por que eu escolhi esse livro?Por que eu continuei lendo?A ressaquinha boa da leitura anterior foi pro inferno com essa leitura aqui!ODIEI. ODIEI. O-D-I-E-I.Detestei a Chloe do início ao fim, porque como disse minha amiga: “Filhadaputagem tem limite!”ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    4. What a ride! I never thought I would like a book about cheating, but I actually really liked this one. The writing was great, and even though what Chloe and Carson did was horrible, they are only human. What I loved about this book was that the characters made mistakes and paid the consequences. Cheating is wrong, and this book didn't glamorized it or tried to justify it. Overall a great read and debut by this author.

    5. I was contacted through Indie's Ink to receive an ARC of this book, and I am now giving my voluntary, unbiased review.Let me start by saying that this is truly the toughest review I've had to writeI can't even imagine how hard it was/is for the author who not only wrote and published this story, but also stuck to this even though it is her debut novel! That takes guts, and I applaud her for staying true to what she felt needed to be written!Now, for the hard part. I'm struggling with how much I [...]

    6. 4.5 starsThe Fantasy Effect is the debut novel of Author Paige Fieldsted. It is an intense love triangle and affair novel. The perfect marriage. The perfect man. The perfect woman. Everything about the lives of Quinn and Chloe should have sealed the deal that they would be together forever. One night of fantasy play changed everything. Chloe began seeing Carson, Quinn's best friend, in a even greater light, and couldn't get him out of her mind. This book broke my heart. Poor decisions and betray [...]

    7. First, I have to say that this is not a romance book (which I thought it was, going in). This book is, however, an insightful examination of a marriage, of human nature, and of easy mistakes and hard decisions.Lots of good things about this book. The story is well crafted and the dialogue flows naturally. There is a great balance of conversation and narrative. The characters are multi-dimensional and, as much as I frequently yelled at them, I felt for them.What was tough about this book was the [...]

    8. This was a hard book. It's the story of Forbidden Fruit, acting on impulses and about following your inner fantasies. Its hard to read about cheating and trying to stay objective, especially when everyone seems happy in the marriage. I'm glad though that there was some HEA, and after reading the acknowledgements, I can understand a little more. I thought the scenes were nice and hot in those taboo and forbidden areas. I wanted to like the heroine, but her actions made me dislike her. I also thou [...]

    9. Have you ever fantasized about a forbidden person.ed after that guy, the one who melts your panties? But you never act on it because you know it would wreck your life? But what if you did and what if it was worth it or would it destroy everything?HOT fast-paged an an excellent debut! Well Done!

    10. Wow! This book was amazing. It checked off a lot of boxes of things that I like in a book. I love a good triangle. Chloe has always had a fantasy of having a threesome. It just so happens that she has always had an unexplained attraction to her husband's best friend Carson. When the opportunity comes up to get both things she has desired one night, she jumps at the chance. When fantasy starts to invade her reality, she wonders if it was worth it. Quinn is the ultimate guy. Devoted, sexy and doti [...]

    11. Holy wow, this book is steamy and so captivating. I was hooked from the beginning. There were a few themes and situations that I'm not too fond of, but the writing was excellent and I can't wait to see more from Paige.

    12. Red Thread Book Blog“There is a reason they’re called fantasies; they don’t belong in the real world. They should stay tucked safely away in the corners of your imagination, where they are bright and shiny illusions of what could be.” Everything was perfect. My marriage was amazing, Quinn was amazing, our sex life was amazing. I had the job of my dreams and a relationship most people only dream about. I had it all and didn’t even realize it. Then there was Carson with his blonde hair a [...]

    13. An uncomfortable but brilliant bookIn a perfect world it would be easy to condemn this book however the world isn't perfect and you can love someone but not be in love with them.This book brought back a million memories and feelings for me. The author captured the excitement, guilt and difficult position that I found myself in. I really enjoyed it but dreaded turning every page. The characters were believable and the story well written with just enough 'spice' without being gratuitous. Highly re [...]

    14. "The Fantasy Effect" is not just about a fantasy, but the very real consequences of fulfilling said fantasy. If you’re thinking of spicing up your marriage, remember to be careful what you wish for. I read the book quickly, I simply had to know what was going to happen if or when Chloe’s life imploded. I held my breath at times. The steamy parts did not disappoint! A great first outing from a new author!

    15. Wow 😳!!!!No words!! I've never read a book that ripped me apart the way this book did! Wow! The emotions, passion and heartbreak in this story will stay with me forever!!! My first book by this author but will not be my last! AMAZING!!

    16. I loved Quinn i don't know what I wanted to happen I kinda felt sorry for Chloe & Carson. Loved the story ❤️

    17. Absolutely awesomeOMG this book is amazing ,couldn't wait to see what happened actually felt like you were there watching it all

    18. I was totally engrossed in this book right off the bat. (Although, given how it starts, I'm sure I'm not the only one saying that.) Great characters. Great conflict. Half the time I wanted to argue with the main character, but I couldn't because I didn't even know what I wanted her to be doing. So complex. I loved it!

    19. I LOVED this book!!! I can honestly say I haven't felt the way I did while reading this book in a LONG time. I was being torn both ways and I seriously didn't know what I wanted to happen! By the end of this book I felt emotionally drained, but only in the best way! These characters I fell in love with then so fast. I think that's why it made everything so hard for me because I truly loved them both, but at the same time I loved the feelings it was bringing out of me. You know the book and writi [...]

    20. I'm not usually an erotica reader, but this didn't read totally like that. First of all, the writing was actually good. Second of all, the characters were pretty fleshed out, and you could really feel the tension between them all. As has been noted before, I still want moreDon't worry, though, this book is HOT. I won't blow it for you, but seriously, less than 5% in, and you are in the middle of a SCORCHING scene. Be ready to fan yourself off, for real! Can't wait to read more from this talented [...]

    21. What an amazing debut novel! So different from anything I have ever read before. This book took me on an emotional roller coaster ride. Chloe is a strong women who works for Nike in Portland. She's married to Quinn, the love of her life. However she fantasizes about having a threesome with her husband and his best friend Carson. Little does Chloe know that one night of amazing sex will send her down the rabbit hole and lead her to discovering new things about herself, she might not have learned [...]

    22. Okay readspoilers alertThe plot was the usual cheating spouse cliche with the best friend. Writing was pretty good and I felt the emotions of the characters instead of being told. Maybe that's why I didn't like the best friend Dani. It felt like she was verbally abusive to h and maybe even liked her husband. They both loved football. Nothing happened between them though. The heroine was annoying. She was indecisive, immature, and weak. I enjoyed the first half of the book but got tired of the h [...]

    23. I may have liked this more if I could figure out why any one of these men wanted Chloe. Maybe if it had given more background, so I can see how wonderful she must have been at some point, I would have saw the appeal. As it is all I see is a selfish woman who didn't care about anything but her own desires. Not much more to say about the men either. Quinn kept pushing for something his wife seemingly didn't want any more, if he hadn't would that have changed the outcome? Who knows. Carson, was jus [...]

    24. Wow! I can't believe this was this authors debut novel! Had I not known that I'd never have guessed, it was truly that well written! This book was just great, it had everything I look for in a book plus what I felt to be a way more honest and realistic Hero and Heroine complete with flaws and everything (I know, GASP right? Everything should be perfect in romance novels right?) The honesty and emotion was truly refreshing, life isn't always perfect, people screw up, and not everyone is great at [...]

    25. I liked it and I didn't. If you can't handle an amazing husband that gets shit on by his bf and wife than this book isn't for you. I rated it 3 stars because it wasn't bad it just wasn't my kind of book and I love all subjects Except this one I guess, I don't care what "connection" you have with someone if your so in love with your husband of 8 years, you ain't gonna sanely have an affair, it's just not believable. I read to 45% than I skipped to 80%. I couldn't deal with those 2 assholes.

    26. What would you do if your fantasy were to come true?Chole is married to Quinn and she has a little crush on his best friend Carson. When she ask for a 3some they have one. But things start to get worse. She dose the one thing that she shouldn't. When Carson pushes and doesnt stop she caves and the only thing left is to come clean but will it be what's she wants to happen or will everything blow up in her face? Not what I excepted but had me right from the beginning. Can't wait to read more from [...]

    27. This book is a roller-coaster-ride of a story and a guilty-pleasure-read all wrapped into one! It is unlike any book I’ve ever read before. The beautiful cover grabbed my attention but I found out immediately that the story was not at all what I expected. At the end of the first chapter, my thoughts were: “did that really just happen?, “what am I reading?”, and then “wait, was it a dream of one of her fantasies?” I wasn’t sure about continuing, truthfully, but curiosity won out, so [...]

    28. I felt like I was on a rollercoaster getting whiplash. I hated the subject of the book but I loved Paige's writing and way of story telling. but I hate books on cheating! I feel so incredibly bad for Quinn!!! I will read more from Paige but I hope there are no more books on cheating.

    29. I obviously have to give my own book five-stars, but really, sometimes I go back and read scenes and can't believe I wrote this!

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