Den of Shadows

Den of Shadows The Gambler s Den weaves its away across the desert But will it stop at your station While fighting off poverty in the blistering desert heat a travelling casino offers one night of solace OneThe Gamb

  • Title: Den of Shadows
  • Author: Christopher Byford
  • ISBN: 9780008257484
  • Page: 350
  • Format: ebook
  • The Gambler s Den weaves its away across the desert But will it stop at your station While fighting off poverty in the blistering desert heat a travelling casino offers one night of solace OneThe Gambler s Den weaves its away across the desert But will it stop at your station While fighting off poverty in the blistering desert heat a travelling casino offers one nighThe Gambler s Den weaves its away across the desert But will it stop at your station While fighting off poverty in the blistering desert heat a travelling casino offers one night of solace OneThe Gambler s Den weaves its away across the desert But will it stop at your station While fighting off poverty in the blistering desert heat a travelling casino offers one night of solace One night to forget all your troubles But once on board there is to the show than meets the eye enter Franco, the elaborate ringleader, Wyld the stowaway thief and Misu the fire breathing showgirl.In a kingdom ruled by the law Franco ensures his den remains in line, ruling with an iron first But when he s faced with saving the fate of the train, and those on board, he may be forced to break his own rules Life on the den isn t just a job but a way of life And now you re about to find out why Welcome to the den Perfect for fans of Caraval, Rebel of the Sands and The Night Circus.

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    1. Christopher Byford

      Christopher Byford Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Den of Shadows book, this is one of the most wanted Christopher Byford author readers around the world.

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    1. 3.5☆ Beautifully Descriptive I want to start off by saying how Magical and Exciting the Book Cover is.However for me the Book took ages to get going. Don't get me wrong Christopher created a beautifully descriptive story capturing the magical feel to a casino,the varied Characters aboard the train, the life on board the train and the many places it visited. He built up the atmosphere and the scenes delighting my senses.But for me it just lacked something. I'm struggling to put my finger on ex [...]

    2. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to the author, Christopher Byford, and the publisher, HQ Digital, for this opportunity.Can we just acknowledge how mesmerising this cover is!? In all honesty this is where my excitement for this book stemmed. And once I had then read the synopsis, which was remarkably cryptic and alluring, I just knew this was going to be the book for me!The Gambler's Den brings a brief night of respite to the poverty-stricken and hard-wo [...]

    3. Netgalley Arc provided by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.2.5 starsThis has been one of those curious "it's not the book, it's me" case.Maybe I have read too many action-packed, quick-paced books lately, but this ride started very slowly and it took forever -almost to 50% into the book - to take up speed, and I still thought it was dawdling.At first I did not notice, because the writing is beautiful: elegant and clear. The setting was promising and so was the start. I totally want [...]

    4. The Gambler's Den weaves its way across the scorching dessert, stopping at certain towns and offering its overworked and underpaid townfolk one night of solace. One night to forget all their troubles, let loose and have some fun. But once on board there's much more to the mysterious traveling show than meets the eye: enter Franco, the captain and heart of the train, Misu, Franco's second hand and fire breathing showgirl, and Wyld the young stowaway thief."Some called it a circus. Some referred t [...]

    5. Many thanks to Christopher Buford, HQ, and Netgalley for the free copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. The Den of Shadows takes us on a journey through the Sand Sea, a vast desert waste where humans live with crime and corruption , hard labor and low pay with little entertainment. At the beginning of the story the kingdom of Eifera is very briefly mentioned, so briefly that it left me wondering why it was really even mentioned. There must be a story there that will be developed [...]

    6. "I can't stand the idea of not being in control, that something is pulling my strings to reach a destiny I can't influence" * * 2 / 5This book took me on such a roller-coaster ride of feelings. It has such a promising and solid start that I thought it would a 4 or 5 star read for sure. Then it sort of plodded along aimlessly, picked up a bit near the middle with some Western-vibe gunfights and political malarky, then shuffled to the end of the book. Den of Shadows could absolutely work for you i [...]

    7. ****I received this book from NetGalley and HQ Digital Publishing in exchange for an honest review!****This book was right up my alley. I really dig anything that reminds me of the 1920s golden age. The idea of the Gambler's Den, going from depressed town to town giving the hardworking loyals something to celebrate and take their minds off their troubles just sounds like it could have so many wonderful stories surrounding it.Which leads me to my only complaint: there just wasn't enough in this t [...]

    8. Den of Shadows was absolutely amazing. It is full of mystery, intrigue and felt a little bit magical. This author knows how to grab your attention with beautiful world-building, without drifting into the realms of purple prose, and definitely had some interesting ideas. Imagine that your town receives an invite to a mysterious event. A mysterious event which turns out to be a train, the Gamblers Den, run by a fantastical conductor and a crew of talented performers. Imagine this train will let ev [...]

    9. Den Of Shadows felt like a mix of gangster movies and westerns. And also like kind of a letdown.Byford crafts this world that might end up interesting: a goddess instead of a god; a civilization united largely by train tracks, spread through a land of sand and ruin; a train that brings fun and debauchery to every town it passes, cementing its status as a legend of this vast desert. There is a lot to mine here, so it's a pity that the book decides to dig in all the wrong places.A hefty chunk of t [...]

    10. *ebook given through Netgalley which doesn't have an effect on my opion*I enjoyed this book all the time! It was quick read,but the reader is given so much in these pages. Characters are wonderfully written,style of writing is amazing and the story is right amount of magic and mystery. I would recommend this book to anyone! So what are you waiting for? ;)

    11. From reading the synopsis of this book I expected it to be an incredible fantasy novel. With claims such as 'perfect for fans of Caraval, Rebel of the Sands and The Night Circus.' However, what I got was a disappointing, slow read.(ACTUAL RATING: 1.5)I expected so much more from this book than was given to me. I went into it excited and I ended it utterly disappointed. I don't feel as if there was any plot at all until about 80% of the way into it, and even then, the action only lasted for 10% o [...]

    12. Review up on my blog: bit/2pAcCi6Ok, let’s start with the big one. This isn’t really like The Night Circus or Caraval as much as I think one might be led to believe. It doesn’t have the fantasy elements or the really lyrical prose that characterises those two books. Where Caraval and The Night Circus really focus in on long descriptions of the setting, Den of Shadows looks far more at the people involved, with less descriptions of the goings on that occur on the train.But I loved that! I d [...]

    13. A wonderful western romp!Ohhh what I damn fine tale this is! After enjoying the original release of this book (Gamblers Den), I was very excited to hear that this story was reappearing with new content and edits. Just like when I read the original, I found this story engaging from the get-go, from the idea of salvation riding the tracks through the bleak desert landscape to the debonair central character which I could very easily picture in my mind’s eye. I found the story to hold all the expe [...]

    14. Some books lure you in with pretty blurbs and colourful covers but then the quality of the actual content is still a hit or miss situation. This one was a total and complete miss. It’s been a while since I read a book where I couldn’t find a single thing that I would enjoy. It’s a shame because I really thought I would like it.From the very beginning I knew it wasn’t my kind of book. I was expecting adventures from town to town as the Den traveled through the desert. I was waiting for sp [...]

    15. Instead of the carnival coming to town, it's the Gambler's Den, a casino that brings lights and laughter to the barren desert towns. Franco the ringleader that gathers a crew of fire eaters and thieves. Until their luck hits a road block in a kingdom's capital city where law is held in an iron fist and the crew of the Gambler's den must use all their tricks to get out. I really enjoyed the small bit of the world of the Den of Shadows, you have a huge divide between the rich and the poor. The Gam [...]

    16. *Thanks to Netgalley for providing me this ebook in exchange for an honest review*This book is recommended for fans of The Night Circus and Caraval, but honestly, if you liked those I doubt you would like this one. Den of Shadows follows the same premises, a mysterious place for pleasure and games meant to wrap up the participant in its magic. But Den of Shadows is grittier, dirtier, less lyrical and magical, and more “adult” than the other two. Franco Del Monaire fixed up an old train with [...]

    17. *I received this book thanks to Netgalley and the publisher in exchange of honst reivew*The Gambler's Den is a train that pass throught Eifera, a vast region that it's most like a giant desert with few ruined town all around and big railway. It's a world between far west and a strange kind of steampunk with a train where Franco offers money, gambling and entertaining, along with a bunch of showgirls guided by Misu.This book is described as something that fans of The Night Circus adn Caraval will [...]

    18. Let's start with the blurb, because I should have noticed one of my own warning signs right off:The Gambler’s Den weaves its away across the desert… But will it stop at your station?While fighting off poverty in the blistering desert heat a travelling casino offers one night of solace. OneThe Gambler’s Den weaves its away across the desert… But will it stop at your station?While fighting off poverty in the blistering desert heat a travelling casino offers one night of solace. One night t [...]

    19. I was so intrigued by the concept as described in the blurb. The description was short and pithy, full of mystery and the promise of hidden depths Add in the delightful cover art and great title and the comparisons to The Night Circus and Caraval, and I was sure I would fall right in to this one.Not so much.It started slow, but a lot of books do. (Although not either of the comparators I mentioned, incidentally.) I'm willing to give a book 50 pages (unless I hear from a trusted source that I nee [...]

    20. This book has some beautiful elements, but overall it fell short for me. The plot just failed to develop. It was rather slow and I didn't quite understand what the point was. What was it building toward? I guess I just expected a lot more from this one. The writing wasn't bad, it just wasn't a very interesting adventure. I was constantly waiting for the story/adventure to really kick off, but it never did. The whole thing felt like a prologue of sorts. Perhaps that is exactly what it was, since [...]

    21. I am reviewing this book for NetGalley, whom I received it from. 4/5 stars. This book almost was a 3/5 but it was saved by the compelling ending which was well written and engaging. I found the first 100 pages of the book to be quite slow, don’t get me wrong, when I was reading it I was interested; but, one of the things that I love about books are when I am left thinking about them when I’m not reading, and this book just didn’t do that for me. Right after the 100 page mark things shifted [...]

    22. Thanks to Netgallery for providing me with a digital copy in exchange for an honest review!The synopsis of Den of Shadows completely hooked me in, but sadly the execution did not convince me at all. Despite the book being not that long, I struggled to get through it. Here are a few reasons why:» The beginning starts with a huge info dump, which is really not a good way to keep a reader engaged. I was quite put off when I had to get through so much background story to get to the actual story. It [...]

    23. This book is a rich development of a world that is closer to the Wild West than to hard science fiction. It is strange that it begins with a division between those who have the best of everything and those that support this lifestyle and yet the former have no role in this story. It is a slow read with very little going on for quite some time. The thing that keeps you reading is the style of writing and the world building and character development which are both well handled. Frequent flashbacks [...]

    24. It was like The Night Circus sans the romance and the whimsy. And that's not bad! I loved the premise and the setting of the story - about a train that offers one great night to remember to erase all the other bad ones spent in the middle of a sea of sand. It was a great slow burn of a novel and I loved how it started out as if the train was magical and invincible but it it turns out that the people behind it, who were the reason behind the magic, are only human after all. Somehow, it felt to me [...]

    25. I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I liked this book. I went into it not knowing anything besides the blurb and the fact that I really liked the cover. I have to say that it didn't go in the direction I thought it would - it's less about the working of the train and more about the people and a plot that doesn't actually involve the gambling. The line on the front about being invited to the Gamblers Den is somewhat misleading to me but it didn't ha [...]

    26. Den of Shadows was a wonderful start to a series that promises to offer us some fantastic settings and brilliant characters, and definitely one I can't wait to explore. In this installment we're introduced to a new world, new characters and villains. While this isn't a large read (there are only 176 pages) it packs a punch and builds a brilliant desert world that has wild west elements. Wyld is the mysterious stowaway thief, who we only get snippets of throughout this book, but I would love to s [...]

    27. For some reason, I just did not connect with this book as much as I thought I would. It tells the tale of The Gamblers' Den, a steam locomotive that travels through the desert, visiting outpost towns and allowing their inhabitants to enjoy a night of cards and festivities. The setting is interesting and while there is not a great deal of world building, you do get a sense of a wild west environment, that is slightly steampunk skewed. The idea is interesting too and the characters are reasonably [...]

    28. It's not even 200 pages long ( on my eReader) but every word had me wanting more of this awesome story!Den of Shadows is an awesome, if not a little short, book about the mystical train casino that comes into towns for a night and vanishes the next morning. The story is full of awesome and deep characters who work and live together on this train of wonders. We get to know a few of the characters better and live with them through sleepless nights full of work, drama and even a little romance. Den [...]

    29. Christopher Byford has created a world that had me blown away! The way he's built this incredible country l, filled with desert sands and trains that pass through, had me completely hooked from the start. This is truly a story of the people on the train and how it survives in a world of the goodies and baddies that fight for it. The characters were wonderful and I can't wait to see them grow over this series. You love to hate Franco, you want to know Wyld's secrets and I just want to be Misu!Den [...]

    30. Sci Fi & Fantasy , Teens & YAThis is my current read for review by NetGalley. Even though the beginning is about the backstory and how the gambling den came about with the train you don't have to be a train buff to get into the story. Feels sort of steampunk with the locomotive train and dress. A lot of gambling and drinking being brought up so not suitable for younger children. I love the characters and the story caught my interest. Only about 40% so far so update to followOkay the stor [...]

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