Zack's Alligator

Zack s Alligator When Zack soaks his new alligator keychain in water it grows into a full sized and fun loving alligator

  • Title: Zack's Alligator
  • Author: Shirley Mozelle
  • ISBN: 9780060243098
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Zack soaks his new alligator keychain in water, it grows into a full sized and fun loving alligator.

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      178 Shirley Mozelle
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      Shirley Mozelle Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Zack's Alligator book, this is one of the most wanted Shirley Mozelle author readers around the world.

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    1. It was very short and really funny. I had a short while to pass the time, and I borrowed it from a little girl and read it. A sweet one to keep you entertained. ;)

    2. I adore this book. My mother used to read this book every night to me when I was a child. It's about a boy named Zack who gets a tiny alligator keychain in the mail. The alligator's name is Bridget when she gets wet she grows into a life size alligator. It's a really cute book for kids. With great colorful illustrations.

    3. I picked this book up at the library because I was looking for alligator themed books for a Blog Project (momquesttoteach/p). It turned out to be a lot cuter than I originally thought it was going to be and for that I am glad. I can't wait to see if Zack's Alligator Goes to School is just as cute. Spoilers? SpoilersSpoilersMaybe I am reading too much into the children's book, but I wonder if the entire adventure was imaginary as Bridget returned to key-chain size when she dried out.

    4. I found the book cute and whimsical, especially reading it to a Newfoundland puppy who prefers to always be wet. The illustrations added humour to the story.

    5. a very imaginative storybook. a little boy receives a keychain alligator as a gift from his uncle from the everglades. He puts it in the sink in the water. When it does it grows, then he puts her in the tub and she continues to grow. Then they go out and have 'fun'. But as she 'drys out' she goes back to the size of a keychain.

    6. This seemed at first like an easy-reader version of The Mysterious Tadpole: a boy gets a present in the mail which turns out to grow into a full-sized alligator when exposed to water. However, I found Bridget the alligator much less sympathetic than the Tadpole creature and wasn't convinced that Zach was really having so much fun with her. Aside from the initial coolness factor she seemed like a drag, always demanding things and making a mess. Also, parents in regions where alligators may actual [...]

    7. The text of the story has lots of repeated phrases and the story itself is one that will keep children interested. The pictures are done in soft but vibrant colors and demonstrate well the action taking place in the text. The illustrations are simple and cartoon-like and while they may appear dated, when the book was published in 1989 they most likely seemed fresher.Continue reading on Examiner Zack's Alligator by Shirley Mozelle and James Watts, using books in the classroom - San Francisco fict [...]

    8. Bridget, the alligator, said about the tv that it was a funny looking box. On the front cover the alligator was swinging. A police man came over and said that Zack needs a leash for the alligator. Alligators live in the glades and the glades is in Texas. Zack's uncle lives in Texas and he got this little keychain with an alligator on it and then Zack wanted it and that's how the alligator got alive and if he doesn't water her every day he'll be shrunk but she shrinks though and Zack watered her [...]

    9. Mommy's review from 12/11/11 - Julia said I had to rate this 5 stars. Personally, I'd give it 2 stars. It's not a bad story and I'm sure the premise will grab most kids out there but it's really just okay.I think Julia loved it so much because she's always been fascinated with dinosaurs and reptiles and she's had those little spongy things that grow when you put them in water.It's not a huge leap to imagine yourself in this boys shoes. I'm sure when Julia imagines it she's imagining me just as o [...]

    10. Out of the several children's books about animals I read this week for some reason Zack's Alligator stood out the most. Reading this book as an adult I felt that sense of being like a child again. In it Zack gets an alligator keychain from his uncle which comes to life when it gets wet. Through the book his parents don't believe that it's a real alligator so I felt the sense of being a child again because I was let in on the secret of the alligator. Very good children's book

    11. It was bad. It was BAD. It made no sense. WHY was the alligator little and it GREW?It was awful! It was TERRIBLE! It was the dumbest story in the whole world! I didn't understand it. I was hoping she would die at the end. She wasn't a nice alligator, and he kept her from his parents!What was the moral of the story? Never show your parents you have a growing alligator in your pocket! Even if it was sent by your aunt!

    12. NOV18 This book is suckch because it's boring an stuped.I just read the book because I could. Get time for busen about books and a read'n coce quis and its not posable.For

    13. Very nice imaginative tale about a little boy who receives an alligator in the mail from his uncle. The student who read this with me really liked the silliness of the story, and the writing was pretty good. So many of these kinds of books are just done-by-rote slop, this was a refreshing little change. Much more recent than Danny and the Dinosaur, but still has that Syd Hoff-ian sense of fun.

    14. This is my all time favorite children's book!! The book not only displays friendship and love, but it also teaches children persistance. If you want a pet you must take care of it, everyday. Zack gets this alligator as a pet from his uncle Jim. With this pet comes the responsibility of feeding her, cleaning up after her, walking her, and most importantly watering her. This book is a great way to entertain kids at the reading level 2 and teach them the responsibilities of having a pet.

    15. This book is an easy read about Zack and an alligator that his uncle sends him. All he has to do is add water. Zack and Bridget (the alligator) go out on adventures together and just have fun outside and at the park. Zack's parents don't believe Bridget is real but Zack knows she is. This is a great starter book for kids with big imaginations. Good read.

    16. Borrowed from the Kigali Public Library - Another 'meh' entry in the "I can read" subset of books that our daughter is currently loving. Her favorite parts were the alligator's fight with the garden hose and the secret that the alligator can grow and shrink. Illustrations were bland for me, storyline pretty flat and I was happy to return it to the library when it was due.

    17. This book is about how an alligator arrives in the mail and when Zack puts her in water she grows into a real life-size alligator. I liked this book because it has a higher interest plot which is good for developign readers. However, it also has simple sentences which makes it easy to read and follow along.

    18. I want a keychain alligator that magically transforms into a real alligator whenever you water it! I read this to a 3 1/2 year old boy and he's been looking at his toys a little different ever since. I'm glad the alligator reverts back to original size by dinner time. Something tells me having a real alligator wouldn't be as much fun.

    19. I really enjoyed reading this book. With the flip of each page, I found myself smiling. I just thought this was an overall great story for readers who are just starting to read longer books. I think its fun for them to read because it is a book that allows them to use their imagination slightly, but still develop their reading skills beyond what they already are.

    20. If your uncle sends you an alligator key-chain, and when you water it (as instructed) it grows and starts talking, what happens next? A big mess, and incredulous parents, obviously. Fun, but a little weird.

    21. I loved reading this book when I was a little kid!Each time my mom would go to the doctor's, I'd sit in the office reading this! I've been searching for the title, and I'm glad I found it. This is something I'd suggest reading to a young child, 3-7years.

    22. One of my favorite books as a child. About a young boy who gets a pet alligator! This is a good book for beginning to moderate readers because the pictures really help the readers know what the words are.

    23. this is the second book i chose to read as one of my aniaml fiction stories. i thought that this book was really cute. it showed how yung zack took care of his new pet and shared playing with her with is freind Turk. The pictures in the book were very good as well, this is a book i would use again.

    24. A fun book about a boy and his pet alligator who changes from key-chain sized to life size when you add water.

    25. Very cute--about a boy whose alligator key chain can grow full size when watered, and shrink back down when he gets too dry. Man I would have loved something like that.

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