U Turn TROUBLE That s all she is and all she ll ever be What in the hell was I thinking getting involved with her Everyone knows her reputation precedes her But I ll be damned if I don t like it Hurricane Av

  • Title: U-Turn
  • Author: Leaona Luxx
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  • Page: 275
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  • TROUBLE.That s all she is and all she ll ever be.What in the hell was I thinking getting involved with her Everyone knows her reputation precedes her.But I ll be damned if I don t like it.Hurricane Ava crashes to shore wreaking havoc, the beautiful disaster she is.And I love it.What s worse, she does too.So, why am I in love with her Because, she loves me.She just doesn tTROUBLE.That s all she is and all she ll ever be.What in the hell was I thinking getting involved with her Everyone knows her reputation precedes her.But I ll be damned if I don t like it.Hurricane Ava crashes to shore wreaking havoc, the beautiful disaster she is.And I love it.What s worse, she does too.So, why am I in love with her Because, she loves me.She just doesn t know it yet.

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    1. Leaona Luxx

      Leaona, also known as Lea, lives with her husband, cat and two dogs near Myrtle Beach She was born and raised in WV by her parents whom she adores before attending Marshall University A small business owner and mother of three, she enjoys Carolina Panthers and Marshall University Football, reading, writing, gardening, crafts, NASCAR, TWD, hot rods, and surf fishing.Leaona was inspired to write while she raised her family, never dreaming one day, she would be published While loving all genres of books, Lea writes contemporary romance stories that are not your everyday love stories Gritty and true to life, she draws from her life and loves to create her characters Leaona s debut novel will release June 7, 2016 Cherry Grove is the first in The Cove Series She s your everyday girl and lives to connect with her fans via social media Leaona also doesn t mind dishing about her favorite authors and their books Beach, life, and love.

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    1. First off, I am going to be blunt and honest with you--- I HATED AVA in Changing Lanes. Everything she did in Book 1, just drove her farther and farther down the rabbit hole I had created just for her. That’s how much I hated her. But leave it to the fabulous Leaona to put a twist on Ava’s story causing you to fall in love with her in book 2. Leaona, captured Ava in a way through book 2 that will have you enamored to the full capacity with Ava’s and Riley’s story. I just thought Brannon [...]

    2. Title:U-TurnAuthor:Leaona LuxxSeries: Highway 17U-Turn was a great 5 star read. This is the second book in the Highway 17 series.I am emotionally exhausted after reading this book.This is Ava and Riley’s story. Riley has known Ava since childhood and he has always cared for her. While in the service he couldn’t stop thinking about her.Ava is still the troubled girl that Riley knew growing up. When Riley returns he is determined to make things work with her and show her what love is. Because [...]

    3. This is my first book by Leaona Luxx. U-turn is a story of redemption, and finding yourself. It is book 2 in a series, and while you don't have to read the first one to read this one, I recommend it. When I started reading it, I didn't realize it was book 2, the secondary characters almost take over this book.It was disjointed in that I didn't know who was who, what part they actually played in the back story. I knew the secondary characters had stories, but I was so confused by who was what and [...]

    4. U-Turn by Leaona Luxx 5/5 stars Leaona Luxx takes you on an epic emotional roller coaster until the very end. She definatly keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire book, this book was intense and beautifully written. Hurricane Ava the girl that everyone seems to hate but I connected with her on so many level. You can’t help with want to root for her every step of the way. Then Riley walks back into her life and shows her that life is more than the mistakes she has made. This book is the [...]

    5. Leaona Luxx nailed it with Ava and Riley! We first met Ava in Changing Lanes. I'll be totally honest with you, I couldn't stand her. Fast forward to U-Turn, I absolutely love her! She has had so much devastation and loss in her life yet she didn't give up. She's done some things she not proud of, but who hasn't? Deep in her heart she is an amazing woman, so deserving of a loving happy life. Riley, wow! Everyone should have a Riley in their life. He's so loving and caring. He's also very independ [...]

    6. This is the very first book that I have read from Leaona Luxx and I plan on reading another one. She knows how to pull a reader into her books just nice and quickly. Ava is just a perfect female in this story and why would I say that for, she stands on her feet just nicely and she really speaks her mind. Ava comes off as a bad type of character but honestly we all can't have a good character sometimes they end up needing a character that comes off a little bad in a sense. There are many characte [...]

    7. Ava and Riley's story is as a beautiful as it is heartbreaking. If you are looking for a book that will shred your emotions and options the this is one for you.Riley has always tried to look out for and protect Ava but as the saying says 'you are your own worst enemy' and this describes her prefectly. This story takes you on a journey through Ava's life and it's not pretty. Everyone has an opinion on Ava and because of her actions in the past most don't have a old word to say about her. When you [...]

    8. I couldn't imagine loving someone all of your life. That's how Riley felt about Ava. He's loved her since he was 6yrs old. He's always known that she was better than her past, that she may have made mistakes but she's always been worth loving. Convincing her is going to be an uphill battle. She's has many deep wounds, some people don't even know about. He almost gives up a couple times, but in the end he feels she's worth it.

    9. Ava and Riley's story I loved it!!! Ava went through A lot when she was little and she has ptsd and certain things sets her off. This book had love drama and chaos. This book was definally emotinal too. They both hold secrets but will it be good enough to let love in. Leona did an outstanding job on this book.

    10. What happens when the one person you love doesnt believe in themselves or there self worth Will Ava's past get in the way of what could be a fantastic future, can she overcome the obstacles that are thrown in her way. This is an absolutely fantastic book and I highly recommend it to everyone. If i could Give it more than 5 stars I would as I couldn't put it down. It had everything a great book should.ant storyline, characters and plot and also last but not least a great ending.I hope there's goi [...]

    11. This is the first book of Leaona Luxx's that I've read, and I really enjoyed it! It hurt to read about Ava's childhood and how it derailed her in life. Riley was great - strong, male and he truly cared about Ava. He was just what she needed in her life. Great sexy story with bite. I loved it. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

    12. What the hell was he thinking getting involved with her, all she ever will be is Trouble, her reputation is everything everyone remembers about her, but hurricane Ava crashes to the shore and starts wreaking havoc, she is such a beautiful disaster, that doesn’t stop him from loving her. He can never understand why he is so in love with her, but he knows she loves him too. She just doesn’t know it yet.U-Turn is book 2 in the Highway 17 series. I didn’t read book 1, but these can be read as [...]

    13. U-Turn (Highway 17 Book 2) by Leaona Luxx is the second book in the Highway 17 series. I have not read the first book but I was able to understand what was happening with the main character. I would recommend reading the first book first so that you have the background information on the character. This story is a continuation of Ava's story, this time she wants to turn her life around. This is also my first story by this author but I fully enjoyed how she was able to pull me in from the first w [...]

    14. U-Turn (Highway 17 Book 2)By: Leaona Luxx5 out of 5 starsThe story U-Turn (Highway 17 Book 2) by Leaona Luxx is a military romance story. This is the love story of Riley and Ava. Riley has always loved Ava and has vowed to always protect her. Now Riley has returned to town after being gone for a while. Will Riley finally tell Ava his true feelings for her? Ava’s life is a complicated one, to say the least. Her lifestyle and actions fuel gossip and people form opinions about what sort of person [...]

    15. U-Turn is book 2 in the Highway 17 series by Leaona Luxx. I absolutely loved the first book, Changing Lanes, and experienced an extreme number of highs and lows. Leaona Luxx is an incredibly talented author who gives a reader everything in her books. I detested Ava in Changing Lanes, and thought she was a desperate and bitter woman playing on her childhood to keep a man who didn't love her. She was on a path of self destruction, that was as ugly as it was beautiful. I mean, beautiful in a way th [...]

    16. U - Turn (Highway 17 Book 2) by Leaona Luxx 5 StarsAva, a hot mess, with a reputation of being the town whore, and nothing but trouble. She wants so badly to change all that and just doesn't have enough faith in herself to make it happen. A tragic event in her past has her believing there is no hope for happiness for her. She has a daughter who lives with her ex Brannon, and his wife Torrie, and no matter how much Ava loves her, she knows this is the best thing for all of them. Her ex’s new wi [...]

    17. “She’s beautiful. A beautiful disaster.”This is book two in the Highway 17 series, with that said I read it as a standalone and didn’t struggle to understand any story lines within the novel. Leaona Luxx did a great job weaving the entirety of each character and their backstory into the present so well that I did not feel I was missing anything. However, it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, and I will be going back to read the first in the series and learn more about Brannon, Torrie and Andie, as well [...]

    18. Title: U-Turn (Highway 17 Book 2)Author: Leaona LuxxStars: 5 Ava and Riley are the couple in this story.  U-Turn is the second book by Leaona Luxx in the Highway 17 series.  I was not a fan of Ava in the first book, so I was kind of hesitant to want to read this one.  But Leaona Luxx is an amazing writer, and she made me fall in love with someone I thought I couldn’t even like.   Growing up with no parents, and being raised by a grandmother that didn’t want her, set Ava on a path of se [...]

    19. Ava and Riley’s story is so emotionally driven, I cannot remember the number of times I had tears in my eyes. I highly recommend this read, I could not put it down. I was so absorbed by Ava and Riley’s story, it was infectious!Ava is a girl with a dark past, causing her to act out from feelings of unworthiness and loneliness. She quickly spirals out of control and does some unspeakable things to those she is meant to love.She has re-evaluated her life and with the help of those she tried to [...]

    20. U-Turn ( Highway 17, Book 2 ) By Leaona Luxx 5/5 Stars U-Turn is the second book in the Highway 17 Series by Leaona Luxx. It is an excellent read in every single way!! You'll find yourself laughing and crying throughout the entire book!!I'm not even sure where to begin with this book review. I have never read anything by Leaona before. But let me just say, I'm now a huge fan!!I haven't read the very first book in this series either. But now I wish I did!! But you can read U-Turn as a standalone. [...]

    21. This is the first book I have read by Leaona Luxx and I must say I will definitely read more by her.This story will pull you in and have you turning each page to see what happens to Ava and Riley.Ava is a strong female who has had more wrong than right happen in her life. The small town she lives in has always used her for gossip, and some of it rightly spoken, but what it has done to her self-esteem keeps her from moving on. She decides after some soul searching, and with the help of Torrie, th [...]

    22. 4 StarsU-Turn is the second book in the Highway 17 Series by Leaona Luxx. It is a contemporary romance that is quite raw, intense and heartbreaking at times. Ava has a pretty tragic story. She has struggled with life and is basically a hot mess. She can’t seem to get her act and life together, no matter how much she wants to. She has quite a reputation for ‘sleeping around’ which only adds to her burden and self-worth issues. She really doesn’t believe she deserves or will ever be able t [...]

    23. I absolutely loved this story!!!! It was a fantastic read! The characters are amazing! They have a lot going on and a lot to work through but I just fell in love with them from the beginning. Ava has been damaged so bad by her past. She really doesn't know what love is and it has caused her problems. She is trying to turn herself around and make better choices but it isn't easy for her. She has low self-esteem and doesn't feel she deserves to be loved and she really doesn't know what love feels [...]

    24. U-Turn is Ava and Riley’s story. It was soooooo emotionally driven. A rollercoaster of emotions for sure! When I read Changing Lanes I DESPISED Ava! I wanted to strangle her, and she needed a good @$$ whopping! But I must say Leaona Luxx showed us a whole other Ava in U-Turn. One that I grew to LOVE! Ava is a troubled young woman with a deep, dark, troubled past. Ava does awful things at times to the people closest to her. Her feelings of being unworthy and lonely cause a not so good pattern o [...]

    25. U-Turn (Highway 17 book 2) by Leaona Luxx4 StarsU-Turn is the second book in the Highway 17 series by Leaona Luxx. I read these outnof order and this book did give some back story of book one so I wasn't lost as it touched on some of the big points in the first book. Told in dual POV you get to be in the minds of Ava and Riley. Ava is trying to get her life back on track, not just for herself but for her daughter. She doesn't know what love is supposed to feel like so when Riley starts stirring [...]

    26. U-Turn is the 2nd book in The Highway 17 series if you haven't read Changing Lanes go read it now!In this book you get the lovable characters from book 1 and it also links into characters from Cherry Grove & Still Creek. Leaona Luxx has done it again this book is just. EVERYTHING. When the book ended I was no, I need more!In Changing Lanes to say I wanted to kick Ava's butt for all the stunts she played on Brannon, Torrie and also her own daughter Andi would have been an understatement, but [...]

    27. Eeeeeeekkkkkk new favorite series!I have a confession to make: I had forgotten that I signed up for this book. I actually began to read the first chapter when I realized I was somewhat lost as to what the plot was about. So I gave book one, Changing Lanes, a go and devoured it in one sitting. Sometimes you read a blurb and think 'this sounds interesting' not knowing that it will become a new favorite book or series. I would highly suggest you read book one before two to get a better background a [...]

    28. U-Turn, by Leaona Lux, is the second book in the Highway 17 series. This is a new adult/college themed romance with a military essence. Despite being the second book in a series, this story could be read as a standalone. However, as most series goes, it is beneficial to read the other books that are in it to get a broader understanding on supporting characters or backstory that assist in providing further character development.This is Ava's story. Ava is a broken soul, trying to find a way out [...]

    29. U-Turn by Leaona LuxxFive StarsU-Turn is the second book in the Highway 17 Series by Leaona Luxx. This Is the first book I have read by this author. I loved the book, but would have like to have read the first book in the series to get more of the back story. I'm going to go back and read Changing Lanes. Leaona has created such an intricate story line and characters that pop off the page. U-Turn has has such a twisty turny plot line it had me on the edge of my seat though the whole book. It is a [...]

    30. I'm not even sure where to start with this review. Leaona Luxx continues to outdo herself eith each new book she writes. As an author who already sets the bar high, she continues her Highway 17 series with U-Turn. This story follows the town whore, Ava, as she seeks to turn her life around and better herself. Ava desperately wants to be a woman that her daughter can be proud of. Yet, as with most small towns, breaking through the mold is a challenge far grater then some can managed just when red [...]

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