• Title: 伊藤潤二自選傑作集
  • Author: Junji Ito
  • ISBN: 9784022928863
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
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      449 Junji Ito
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    1. Junji Ito

      Junji It Born in Gifu Prefecture in 1963, he was inspired from a young age by his older sister s drawing and Kazuo Umezu s comics and thus took an interest in drawing horror comics himself Nevertheless, upon graduation he trained as a dental technician, and until the early 1990s he juggled his dental career with his increasingly successful hobby even after being selected as the winner of the prestigious Umezu prize for horror manga.The most common obsessions are with beauty, long hair, and beautiful girls, especially in his Tomie and Flesh Colored Horror comic collections For example A girl s hair rebels against being cut off and runs off with her head Girls deliberately catch a disease that makes them beautiful but then murder each other a woman treats her skin with lotion so she can take it off and look at her muscles, but the skin dissolves and she tries to steal her sister s skin, etc.Ito s universe is also very cruel and capricious his characters often find themselves victims of malevolent unnatural circumstances for no discernible reason or punished out of proportion for minor infractions against an unknown and incomprehensible natural order.His longest work, the three volume Uzumaki, is about a town s obsession with spirals people become variously fascinated with, terrified of, and consumed by the countless occurrences of the spiral in nature Apart from the ghastly, convincingly drawn deaths, the book projects an effective atmosphere of creeping fear as the town s inhabitants become less and less human, and and bizarre things begin to happen.Before Uzumaki, Ito was best known for Tomie, a comic series about a beautiful, teasing and eternally youthful high school girl who inspires her stricken admirers to murder each other in fits of jealous rage Eventually, unable to cope with her coy flirtation and their desire to possess Tomie completely, they are inevitably compelled to kill her only to discover that, regardless of the method they chose to dispose of her body, her body will always regenerate.In 1998, during the horror boom that followed the success of Ringu, Tomie was adapted into a movie Since Tomie, many of his works have been adapted for TV and the cinema.

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    1. "What will happen to me when I have an eternal dream? The morning after I have a dream that never ends, what will I have become?"After the year of extreme tension waiting for the publishers to finally churn this out - though I suppose the combination of congealed shark's blood, cursed dream crystals and alien rib-bone they have to bind Ito books in is pretty difficult to piece together - it's not disappointing.This particular combination of stories really resonates with me for some reason. I'd r [...]

    2. An excellent selection of horror manga, Junji Ito's Shiver collects stories that will be new to those who have already read the astounding Uzumaki, the bonkers Gyo, the impish Dissolving Classroom, the affectionate Cat Diary: Yon & Mu and the eclectic Fragments of Horror. Those who have read Ito's exhaustive exploration of gender politics, Tomie, will remember the story re-printed here, which features that titular and ever -resurrecting femme fatale tormenting a painter, a photographer and a [...]

    3. Once again, I'm left in awe both at Junji Ito's formidable artistic talents and his extremely perverse imagination. His stories display a twisted creativity and nightmare logic that most of the modern western Weird Fiction writers can't even begin to display, but which would probably earn him the acclaim of the Masters of the genre: one can imagine Thomas Ligotti nodding his head in approval after reading "Marionette Mansion," and certainly H.P. Lovecraft (well-known to be one of Ito's stated in [...]

    4. Excellent! Great stories, of course, from a Master, but perhaps most interesting is his commentary at the end of each story. It's always fascinating to get a glimpse into how a great story-teller weaves tales from mundane nothings. My favorite stories were Hanging Blimp, then Honored Ancestors, The Long Dream, and Greased, which was the most disgusting (in all the right ways). Hanging Blimp was the scariest, I thought, but all the stories are unsettling, and many of them would make great short f [...]

    5. Going on hold until I finish the anime season I've never read Junji Ito before because I always thought his stories looked weird and gross (which I was right about but I'm not as grossed out as I thought I'd be.) The anime is airing currently though and I've been enjoying watching it every week. Only thing that kind of bugs me is how short the stories are and I know he has other longer manga that I would probably like more instead. This book, though not in order, seems to be what the anime has p [...]

    6. Fantastic, as I would expect Junji Ito to be. Great existential horror with a pragmatic style of storytelling. Beautiful art that is a testament to Ito’s natural talent. Cool commentary that follows each story and gets into how he came up with his ideas. I love Shiver. Highly recommended.

    7. Oh my god. I'm not usually squeamish about things that aren't egg whites or drool (hey, we've all got issues), but now thanks to this book I will fear small holes, pimples, and giant heads. Thanks, Junji Ito!(Seriously, DO NOT READ if you have a weak stomach!)

    8. Fantastic collection of short stories hand-picked by Ito himself! Fans will not be disappointed.1. Used Record - A mythical record of a scat recording made from the afterlife has people killing to get their hands on it. An understated story with some classic Ito moments. (4/5)2. Shiver - This is why I read Junji Ito. Very creepy art. A jade ornament has a curse and whoever has it will start getting big holes all over their body until they die. In the meantime, a mysterious doctor arrives to give [...]

    9. I have read several of Junji Ito's books by now and I have to admit this collection it not my favorite. If you go into this already being a Ito like me, you'll probably enjoy it. However if this is your first reading his work you might want to start with 'Fragments of Horror' or 'Uzamaki'

    10. This is a very solid collection of Junji Ito's work. Aside from one story, I hadn't seen any of these before. Ito included a couple of pages of commentary and notes after each story, which was great of him. The commentary is always short, but insightful. The most interesting thing I learned from it was that he seems to be able to make stories quickly if he has a vivid image of something in his mind. Below are my thoughts on the individual stories.Used Record - This story is, unsurprisingly, abou [...]

    11. A broader selection of horror shorts from Ito's formidable back catalogue, Shiver presents us with 10 more stories (including the first Tomie tale he wrote) that range from almost comically surreal to full-on gross-out body horror. As before with previous short story compilation Fragments Of Horror, Ito's sublime art is the main draw here - I feel his storytelling skills work better in longer form, but you couldn't accuse the man of having few ideas, even if some are more bizarre than remotely f [...]

    12. Another dynamite collection of utterly bizarre stories from Junji Ito. Shiver is comprised of previously released work that has yet to be collected together.The book contains ten short manga stories, and is a mixed bag in terms of success. The highlights for me were Hanging Blimp, Marionette Mansion, The Long Dream and Greased. These four stories perfectly capture what I love about Ito's work. They are dark, scary, gross and completely unique. The rest of the stories weren’t terrible (I didn't [...]

    13. I have read all of Junji Ito's works, and this being his most recent one, of course I had to pick it up! My favourite story would have to be the balloons with human faces. It was so creepy!! Nikki has a talent for making faces and bodies look positively horrific. Everything is twisted and grotesque and his works aren't for the faint of heart! If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, then I would steer clear.

    14. This was a really good selection of short stories that all drew me in each better than the last. I couldn’t put it down it was such a great read. Definitely one to keep in my collection. However some of the stories were just a bit too strange and repetitive for my liking but may be perfect for another reader.

    15. "Hanging Blimp" and "Marionette Mansion" are unforgettable nightmares in print form and help buoy this stellar collection of stories by the singular Junji Ito. I may also never look at cooking oil the same again.

    16. As much as I love Junji Ito, this book was a tish confusing to me. Not because the stories weren't great, they were, it's that one of the stories he chose for this collection had already been published in America. "The Painting" is one of the tales in this book, but it's also one of the tales in his "Tomie" collection, which was released earlier last year. This was baffling to me. There are tons, TONS of amazing Ito stories that have never been published in English, but they chose one that we've [...]

    17. I think what makes this collected really enjoyable is Ito's commentary. He has this dry sense of humor that sort of gives you a chance to breathe between disgusting and unnerving storiesories that are almost always influenced by some mundane experience Ito had.

    18. These stories were all creepy and clever. I very much liked the one with the balloons in the sky as well as the story about the record. The art was beautiful and the style of it was right up my alley.

    19. I adore Junji Ito and once again I am floored after closing the cover of Shiver. Probably not the best thing to read right before bed, but what the hell. This collection features stories handpicked by Ito, including a Tomie story. ❤

    20. The second story, Shiver, is one I wish I could erase from my mind. There are not many things I've discovered that make me uncomfortable to the point of inducing panic, yet Shiver was a major Trypophobia trigger. I don't think I want to sleep tonight.

    21. Nothing like itThe short, gruesome and disgusting stories are very unique, I can't think of anything else like them. Each one is a self contained nightmare with a surreal quality to it. A must read for horror fans.

    22. Very good. I liked most of it but Hanging Blimp was the real star of the show here. Fashion model and The Lon dream were enjoyable. I didn't like Honored Ancestors, Shiver or Painter that much. This book is worth a read for Hanging Blimp aloneat story was a masterpiece.

    23. What can I say? I love Junji Ito. The extra author commentary was excellent and the stories were (of course) awesome. One of them actually grossed me out!

    24. Shiver is excellent from start to finish. It was actually tough to decide which story was my favorite, but I think Greased Oil takes it. Hanging Blimp and Shiver are both strong contenders though. On the other end, I thought Fashion Model: Cursed Frame was by far the weakest story of the collection. I was also admittedly a little disappointed that they included one of the already released Tomie stories instead of something fresh.Four and one quarter stars.

    25. God. This was a terrifying yet enjoyable collection of short stories. I can’t unsee some of the imagery depicted in this book.

    26. *Shakes fist at the sky* JUNJI ITO, HOW DO YOU DO THIS MAGIC THAT YOU DO?I love it. I love it all. And now I'm dying because WHEN'S THE NEXT BOOK??

    27. 5 out of 5 starsI have always loved horror stories. Yet few manage to evoke that raw fear and discomfort so many strive for. Junji Ito’s works are one exception. Never have I come across a Juji Ito story that hasn’t managed to make me feel something. Releasing tomorrow, December 19, 2017, Shiver: Junji Ito Selected Stories is certainly no exception to the rule.Shiver is a hardcover manga filled with almost four hundred pages worth of short horror stories by Junji Ito. All vary in theme and t [...]

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