Training Season

Training Season hrs minsUnquestionably talented figure skater Matty Marcus is willing to sacrifice everything for his Olympic dream but his lack of discipline cost him the gold once before Now the pressure s o

  • Title: Training Season
  • Author: Leta Blake Michael Ferraiuolo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • 12 hrs 12 minsUnquestionably talented figure skater Matty Marcus is willing to sacrifice everything for his Olympic dream, but his lack of discipline cost him the gold once before Now the pressure s on He needs a coach who can keep him in line, but top coaches don t come cheap, and Matty can t afford to stay in the game no matter how badly he wants to win.When a lucrativ12 hrs 12 minsUnquestionably talented figure skater Matty Marcus is willing to sacrifice everything for his Olympic dream, but his lack of discipline cost him the gold once before Now the pressure s on He needs a coach who can keep him in line, but top coaches don t come cheap, and Matty can t afford to stay in the game no matter how badly he wants to win.When a lucrative house sitting gig brings him to rural Montana, Matty does his best to maintain his training regimen Local residents turn out to be surprisingly tolerant of his flamboyant style, especially handsome young rancher Rob Lovely, who proves to be much than a cowboy stereotype Just as Matty requires a firm hand to perform his best on the ice, Rob shows him how strong he can be when he relinquishes control in the bedroom With new found self assurance, he drives himself harder to go straight to the top.But competition has a timetable, and to achieve his Olympic dream, Matty will have to join his new coach in New York City, leaving Rob behind Now he must face the ultimate test Has he truly learned how to win on and off the ice during his training season

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    1. Leta Blake Michael Ferraiuolo

      Author of the bestselling book Smoky Mountain Dreams and the fan favorite Training Season, Leta Blake s educational and professional background is in psychology and finance, respectively However, her passion has always been for writing She enjoys crafting romance stories and exploring the psyches of made up people At home in the Southern U.S Leta works hard at achieving balance between her day job, her writing, and her family.If you d like to be among the first to know about new releases, you can sign up for Leta s newsletter here eepurl bdn32H

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    1. *FREE today (11/24/17) at US! amazon/dp/B00H3KTRMC!***4.5 stars**This book has been tearing up my feed for the past few weeks. Tearing. It. Up. As with all books with a lot of hype, I was super nervous about how I would feel about this one. I am admittedly not a huge fan of femme MCs and will usually only read those kinds of stories from trusted authors. However, I was very excited to get this book as a gift and give it a fair shot. And I was beyond pleased by what I read. Beyond!In a romance, [...]

    2. 0 stars. DNF at 70 %. Full review posted December 17, 2013. I'm sorry but when an enema and shittin' in front of your partner is considered healing then I'm truly allowed to bitch.Je m'excuse, Stéphane, I know that you are not like Matty. Still, you have to suck it up because you're an excellent figure skater and a former two-time world champion. Plus, you're a fellow Swiss citizen and gay. Fits the bill. This bling bling gif depicts MattyEight songs later, he had glitter body paint smeared on [...]

    3. *fist pump* I absolutely ADORED this book! Where do I even start? Ok, first off, I'm a pretty big figure skating fan, so my interest was piqued just from the blurb. Ice Castles was a favorite movie as a child, I rocked a Dorothy Hamill haircut during the 1976 Olympics, The Cutting Edge came out right after I graduated from college and I was living in an apartment with 3 other women and we wore out our VHS copy of that movie together over late nights with pizza and beer and one of my absolute fav [...]

    4. 4.85 starsThis story was incredibly lovely, but damn how did a surprisingly innocent and sedate start, a glitzy and funny twink, turn into something so unexpected, believe me when I say the heat is on. Matty and Rob were wonderful, sharing this passionate and fiery love, I swear I could feel the glowing intensity. As if every time together was going to be their last, a beautiful experience. The kink and D/s was an eye-opener and written in a way where it felt natural and played with so much love [...]

    5. Written December 9, 20135 Stars for a romance with a proper STORYLINE - so beautiful - so full of strong emotions - a drama about figure skating and special needs - a truly great novel to remember"Training Season" has made me feel everything. My feelings have tried all ways and I'm emotionally totally exhausted after this amazing journey. There has been laughter, tenderness, love, anger, tears, surprise, impatience, desire, disgust, giggle, anxiety, fear, nervousness, happiness, great pleasure. [...]

    6. After reading everyone else’s reviews I know there is no way I can put it as eloquently and intelligently as those so I’ve decided to just tell you how this book made me feel. Filters off, this is gonna be real and raw.Ready?Ahem.*deep breath*OH MY GAWD YOU GUYS THIS BOOK IS SO AWESOME I CAN’T BELIEVE I GOT TO READ SUCH AN AMAZING STORY I LAUGHED AND CRIED AND LAUGHED SOME MORE I LOVE MATTY I LOVE ROB I LOVE BEN I LOVE MATTY’S MOM I WANT HER TO BE MY MOM TOO SO I CAN CALL HER DONNA I WAN [...]

    7. I can barely form coherent thoughts right now. This book made me so frustrated and weepy and anxious. And I loved every damn minute of it. Matty and Rob were wonderful characters. One of them could knock on my door today, and I'd greet him like a long-lost friend. Rarely do I find MCs this unforgettable and this REAL. Matty is a competitive figure skater who's stopped believing in himself; he's vain, a little self-centered, impetuous but also kind and insecure. He struggles with demons, starves [...]

    8. Normally I would have given this 2.5* rounded up to 3* because while I ultimately was quite bored, and the far too many, repetitive sex scenes also were of the sleep-inducing, non-erotic variant, there was a true femme in this and a cute family. The story unto itself didn't do anything for me. I didn't much like the main characters (it is telling that some of the side characters, like Bill and his lover, or the ranch hands were far more intriguing to me), and the whole setup suffered from such a [...]

    9. Late year buzz book this "Training Season" is. And for good reason. It seriously delivered the goods - well developed characters, angst for those who crave the ordeal (aka me), hot kinky sex, solid plot and strong story telling.My mind might short circuit during this review, so bear with me. I was going to go one way with this review but eh, I'm just going to barrel through. This book made my body want to cry but I couldn't. I thought I disliked certain aspects but looking at the story as a whol [...]

    10. If I had to choose a word that described Training Season, I think it would have to beSURPRISING . I know I could have gone with Awesome! or Amazing! or Fantastic because they're stock words that tend to come out when you want to really enthuse but as much as I felt all those when I was reading it, I also kept thinking " WOW, I wasn't expecting that! " It was almost like reading two different books ( its actually split into four parts and an epilogue ) when I first started I thought it was just g [...]

    11. Posted at Hearts on Fire Reviews Matty Marcus is a very talented figure skater, but poor performance and an injury have kept him out of competition. Now he’s short on cash and in order to be able to compete in the next Olympics, he accepts a six-month housesitting job in Montana for a friend of his mom’s. The natural beauty and tranquil lifestyle allows him time to recuperate from his injury and focus on his training without all the distractions of his friends and city life. Rob Lovely is th [...]

    12. Sometimes a book and the characters just grab you and won't let you go until they tell you their story. This was one of those books for me. I desperately needed to know what was going to happen between Matty and Rob but I also desperately needed some sleep because I work today. It was a struggle to not skip to the ending so I could get a bit of closure and grab a few winks but I resisted and managed to both finish the story and grab a bit of sleep last night. I'll be paying for it later but I ha [...]

    13. This book made me a bit of a mess really. Matty and Rob are beautiful together. Two-halves perfectly made to fit the other, beshert, soul mate, etc. The story is quite entertaining and done in three parts we see Matty's life change dramatically. I f***ing hated what Matty went through. Those moments in Montana with Rob were perfect--outside of time--exquisite.Rob’s voice was intense, almost as desperate as Matty felt. “Do you see the North Star? Wherever you are, whenever you see that, you [...]

    14. This book is truly amazing. Matty is a competitive figure skater who failed in the last Olympics and has dreams of coming back and winning gold at the next one. He's flamboyant and fabulous, very gay and proud of it. He takes a ranch-sitting job in Montana for six months from a skating patron because it's easy money and he can focus on his skating without the distractions of friends and the big city. Enter the next door neighbor, Rob, a gorgeous Montana rancher who is openly gay and who falls at [...]

    15. I am stunned. I am shocked. I am bewildered, beholden and breathless at what I have just read. What did I just read? A wonderful story? The most complete love story that I have come across? A gorgeous tale of love, hope, loss, acceptance, forgiveness and just a stunning tale…all of the above? You bet your sweet ass. Your sweet bruised ass or at least my bruised ass as I feel it has taken a beating of beautiful words that are so raw it’s as if I my own soul has been scoured by this book. What [...]

    16. When I read this, Training Season was basically the flavor-of-the-week. It gained attention on and more people were reading it. I am grateful enough for my unofficial Secret Santa who provided the book for me.Now, let’s start with the negative part firstWhat I Feel MEH AboutThis is a long book – and unfortunately, in the middle part, it FEELS long. The book is dragging its feet like a reluctant child. I don’t know if some scenes are completely necessary (e.g. there is a scene on a lake wi [...]

    17. Post-book euphoria alert!What a breath of fresh Montana air! I meanear skies, snow-capped mountains, free-roaming wildlife, wide open spacesoh my gosh.What's that? Have I ever even been to Montana? Well. I mean. No. But who cares? This book was fresh Montana air, I'm telling you!I loved the setting.I loved effeminate Matty. I loved rugged rancher Rob.I loved the pond. I loved the ice skating.I loved the CORN MAZE. (Holla, North Star.)I loved Matty's mom, Angus & Bill, Anja, and a host of oth [...]

    18. There was so much hype, hype and more hype surrounding this book that it made me kind of weary about reading it. It can’t possibly live up to all the love surrounding it, right? Well, it did! It so did.Guh. As soon as Matty and Rob meet… BOOM! instant, crazy hot chemistry. Chemistry that I could just feel right away, burning up the pages with such intensity, and that was before Matty even knew that Rob was gay. They formed a genuine friendship with each other first and I love that. I freakin [...]

    19. There were just so many good things about this book and there have been so many good reviews with recaps, this will just be a short list of what worked for me.I have to begin with Matty. I loved his unapologetic flamboyance even in the face of Montana manly men and (view spoiler)[even in light of the fact that he was considered "too gay" by the judges that hold his figure skating success in their hands(hide spoiler)]. His dedication to a sport that seems to smack him down at every turn and to hi [...]

    20. I found myself pulled along by this book, both enjoying and annoyed by figure skater Matty Marcus and his attitudes, adventures and development. It's refreshing in a way to have a main character who is immature and self-centered, and yet fairly sympathetic. We see so many perfect heroes. And Matty pays the price more than once for his idiosyncratic approach to life. Matty reminds me of some real people, where enormous talent is just not matched by a dedication and work ethic, and organizational [...]

    21. ***Audio review***As you can see from my book review below, I loved this story and Leta has sweated blood and tears [and spent an awful lot of money] bringing this to her readers. Michael did a great job for the most part too, I loved his Matty voice fact I loved every voice, his female ones are brilliant and Elliot was a hoot [such a drama queen], BUT his Rob voice came across as stern, old (even though he was only supposed to be 29 or so) and without much intonation IMHO, and to be perfectly h [...]

    22. *** 4.5 Lovely, Glittery North Stars ***There are few things I love more in life than a book about what happens when two very different worlds collide; they’re just so full of promise and wonderful creative possibilities! So, when I read the blurb for Leta Blake’s new novel Training Season, about an over-the-top competitive figure skater forced by circumstances and injury into close contact with a rugged Montana Rancher, I knew I was going to be putty in Ms. Blake’s hands. And I was.How ca [...]

    23. I feel like a better title for this book would be "Perfect Season" because that is what it was all about to me. It's what we want: perfection. It's what we want to see in others: perfection. It's where we want our lives to be - the place we want to live. It's just not always the most realistic viewpoint to carry.I'll spare you the blurb, which actually describes this gem perfectly.From the characters to the prose to the level of angst and love this one delivers a Gold Medal winning performance. [...]

    24. I wonder if Johnny has read this fictionalized account of his life.The resemblance is uncanny.Anyhoo, I ❤ Johnny. That bitch is fierce.Sure, he can be a crab sometimes, but *shrug* he's a diva. What do you expect? Comes with the territory.Rob Lovely is… lovely.Make no mistake, Johnny is star of this dope show, though.This is the first time in a looooonnnnngggggg time I can remember really, really liking ALL of the secondary characters. Yes, even Kevin with his weirdo, brazen and half ass cru [...]

    25. 1.5 starsOh Boy, I really don't know if I really want to write all the reasons of why I dislike this story more than I like it.I know other reviews said wonderful things about this story, and at one point I thought perhaps I was reading a different book or my poor English was playing tricks on me.Whatever the reason I didn't love it as much as other readers did.The first thing that I found that the story was way too long, and in some parts it bored me to tears. I could not finished in one go and [...]

    26. 4.5 Stars This will be short and sweet becausewell it's the weekend and time is limited. Bottomline I found another hidden gem amongst my book pile. I think I avoided this one mostly due to the length. And it did take me a bit longer than I like to read it, but it was well worth it in the end. Matty and Rob had great banter and chemistry. Nothing makes me happier then some good humor in my books. It was a bit on the insta lust side but then you can see and feel the feelings developing. Things ge [...]

    27. In so many ways I do not know how to rate this bookThe writing and story were really good and the sex scenes were out of this world hot you were there in the moment and choreographed to the minds eye very well.The characters read true and I loved all the interactions between the different people in the story. It is always a revelation how much professional athletes sacrifice just to try to stay competitive, and Olympic athletes take this crazy life to a whole other level. It has always astounded [...]

    28. An amazing book. I loved Matty and Rob, but that whipping scene squicked me the hell out. BDSM is *not* my thing at all. At least the safeword (view spoiler)['cowbell'(hide spoiler)] was funny as hell.One part of the book that felt was a little forced was when Matty was with his best friend, Elliot (stereotypical bitchy queen) and the story goes to 3 inch metallic leather high heels, purses & makeup. Yeah, not so much and it felt really fake and out of place in the story. But the funny thing [...]

    29. Listened to Nov '17 Well, I tried to read this and it didn't work out. Then while scrolling for audio books I saw Michael Ferraiuolo was the narrator for this and the WhisperSync option was available so I got it. I loved it. Opposites AttractSports RomanceKinkWrapped with a happy ending. 5 Stars.******************************August 23, 2017This book's just not for me, I think. This was my second attempt at it and we just don't gel. I paused and said I'd go back but haven't felt the desire to.No [...]

    30. Michael Ferraiuolo rocks this narration! He brings out Matty's stubbornness and desire and Rob's strength and comfort. His character voices are on point and, quite simply, enhanced my listening experience. This audio was fantastic!I absolutely adored, loved, cherished, cheered, and cannot extol enough eighty-five percent of this book.Part Three and some of Part Four devastated me. Devastated. Me. I felt as though Leta Blake ripped my heart out, chopped it into little pieces, threw it in a garbag [...]

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