Eli What If Jesus Had Not Come Until Today Who Would Follow Him Who Would Kill Him A fiery car crash hurls TV journalist Conrad Davis into another world exactly like ours except for one detail Jesus Chris

  • Title: Eli
  • Author: Bill Myers
  • ISBN: 9780310251149
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Paperback
  • What If Jesus Had Not Come Until Today Who Would Follow Him Who Would Kill Him A fiery car crash hurls TV journalist Conrad Davis into another world exactly like ours except for one detail Jesus Christ did not come 2,000 years ago, but today.Starting with angels heralding a birth in the back of a motel laundry room, the skeptical Davis watches the gospel unfold in today sWhat If Jesus Had Not Come Until Today Who Would Follow Him Who Would Kill Him A fiery car crash hurls TV journalist Conrad Davis into another world exactly like ours except for one detail Jesus Christ did not come 2,000 years ago, but today.Starting with angels heralding a birth in the back of a motel laundry room, the skeptical Davis watches the gospel unfold in today s society as a Messiah in T shirt and blue jeans heals, raises people from the dead, and speaks such startling truth that he captures the heart of a nation.But the young man s actions and his criticism of the religious establishment earn him enemies as ruthless as they are powerful.An intense and thought provoking novel, Eli strips away religious tradition to present Jesus fresh and unvarnished With gripping immediacy, Bill Myers weaves a story whose truth will refresh your faith.

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    1. Bill Myers

      Bill Myers was born into a Christian home, and although as a child he became bored with Christianity, he decided at the University of Washington quote, to make God my boss Ironically, at the University his worst subject was writing He claims to have prayed, and said that he would be able to do anything for God, except write Even so, he has become a prominent Christian writer, and has a large amount of successful books and films to his credit.

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    1. I heard author, Bill Myers, speak at a Christian writer's conference in California last spring. His voice mesmerized me. His message captivated me. At the end of the conference I purchased his book, Eli, for my husband and had Bill sign it for him, secretly knowing I would also benefit from this "gift". I let it sit on my hubby's shelf with his other "to be read" books. I plowed through my pile of "to be read" books, until December, a month off book club, fewer school days, fewer activities, mor [...]

    2. I read Eli a few years back. I've never been a huge fan of Christian fiction, but I found it at the local Goodwill and figured it looked interesting. Never would I have imagined that I'd still be referencing it some ten years later.I can't really speak to the writing style of the author, as some folks have. I've always been of the mind that an author's job is to connect with the reader. Do that effectively, and the reader will forgive any number of literary sins. Do it poorly, and it won't matte [...]

    3. Not actually all that great. The premise is that Jesus comes in the present day. I just couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that Bill Myers assumes the future would be the same whether Jesus had come 2000 years ago or today. Everything we see around us has had the influence of Christ. Nothing can escape that.

    4. 3.5 StarsThis book helped me to picture what life may have been like for the disciples of Jesus. It was a fast read, and gave me a better understanding of biblical events.

    5. I can't recommend this book strongly enough. Reading Jesus' story set in contemporary times helped me to see what the Bible has to say in a fresh light and this novel has had a profound, lasting effect on my faith and how I see what it means to be like Jesus. Absolutely, absolutely read this. At worst, you'll have enjoyed a well-written novel that deserves a place on the bookshelf of every Christian reader.

    6. Bill Myers, Eli, copyright:2000, ZondervanPublishingHouse, Grand Rapids, Michigan,This book by Bill Myers, "Eli" follows the story of a TV Journalist named Conrad Davis. He is thrown into another world after a car accident. He is thrown into a world where Jesus Christ was not born 2,000 years ago, but born in today's society. Jesus in this book is a man named Eli Shepard, who goes around d oing what Jesus did but in a white shirt and blue jeans.The first act of the book when Conrad is thrown int [...]

    7. So this is kind of a weird book to review. This is actually the second time I've read it- the first time was when I was a kid, and I pulled it off my parents' bookshelf because it looked interesting. I remembered bits of it, and a few weeks ago decided I wanted to read it again.It's still an interesting book. The writing style is pretty hokey in places, I won't lie, but then again flawless writing style isn't really the point of the book. It is basically a retelling of the Gospel story, set in t [...]

    8. In this evangelical novel, Myers utilizes a lot of dialogue to move the story along fairly quickly, and the parallel occurrences between the two worlds come together neatly. There is also a fair amount of action, and because Conrad is transported into a parallel universe where God sends his son to earth in modern day society, there is a challenge in trying to connect the experiences Eli and his followers go through with the experiences known of Jesus from the Bible. All of the characters are fla [...]

    9. This parallel history imagines what the world would be like if Christmas occurred not 2000 years ago, but 30 years ago. Some of the "bad guy" characters are a bit over the top, but it really clarifies how pathetic they truly are, rather than trying to make them seem Uber Evil.Since I was familiar with the gospels' version of the events, I was familiar with the parallels the author made, and it kept me guessing about which character represented whom (with a few obvious exceptions).As a general ru [...]

    10. I thought this was a very interesting concept, and I wanted to like it, but just couldn't. Maybe if it was a shorter book (432 pages?) it would have been worth finishing, but I've made it half way through and can't justify spending more time. I'm afraid what was a great concept was buried in a long, long book. Some story lines in the book are just ridiculous - beer that never runs out - because Eli (aka Jesus) is there? Come on! The story flings you back and forth between a man in a coma / alter [...]

    11. I loved this book and made it a book club selection last year. My whole family listened to this in the car.The story will stay with you a long time. My favorite quote is "you are only as good as your word".which maybe isn't so good. hopefully,if given the chance, you can always try again.

    12. Very thought provoking book. I found myself going back through the gospels to compare the stories of Jesus's life to what I was reading in Eli. This book places the setting of Jesus's story in modern day. I now completely "get" why Jesus was so controversial and such a threat to the establishment.

    13. What if Jesus had been born in our modern era instead of 2000 years ago? An amazing storyteller, Bill Myers, provides a riveting look into this alternate possibility. A man of Jewish descent is born to a young couple in 1970s Santa Monica, California during the height of the hippy movement. Told through the eyes of Conrad Davis, a man who questions everything to do with faith and who is catapulted into an alternate universe where Jesus has not existeduntil now. Taking human form as Eli Shepherd, [...]

    14. It's an interesting perspective on what if Jesus came into today's modern world instead of two thousand years ago. One big thing wrong with it as the story of Jesus is not just a story it's the good news the Gospel which is lacking from this book. There's no Gospel teaching at all in this. Maybe there isn't supposed to be but I think if one is going to talk about the life of Jesus one has to give the Gospel and Jesus and the Gospel go together hand in hand.

    15. Such a good book! It was interesting to see what it might have been like if Jesus came now vs. 2000 years ago, and how his miracles and sermons and all the stories I've read in the Bible could have been in modern times. I love the focus on forgiveness and grace. If I wasn't already a believer, I would be now.

    16. This was a very interesting novel that takes an average man and goes through his life in an alternative universe while he is in a coma from a car accident. This thought provoking story has the character "Eli" that parallels Jesus Christ, but in the modern era.

    17. Loved it so much I've read it quite a few times. And will read again. I've read a few of his books. He is an amazing author. I felt like I was there watching everything taking place. Ready to read more of his publishing's. Thanks for your wonderful books.

    18. What if Jesus wasn't born over 2000 years ago? What if he was born in modern times? Interesting premise in this novel.

    19. What if Jesus had not come until today?Who would follow Him?Who would kill Him?Conrad Davis, well known TV journalist is about to get a very unexpected view at his life in two different realities.We have always known that the biggest news story will be the lead story, the one with the most drama, the most impact, the one with a shock and awe to it.Yet Conrad Davis has been searching all his life for the perfect story that will take his life to new levels. That of a success, more money, more pres [...]

    20. Whenever you read the cover of the book, you get the gist of the story. Some are very obvious because of the summary or just even the title itself. This book is no exemption. The plot is clear and predictable since it has a basis.But what sets it apart? It is based on the greatest LOVE story in the world.Justice and Mercy.

    21. What if Jesus hadn't been born two thousand years ago? What if his ministry began now? What type of people would be his followers? Who would be his enemies?These are the initial questions that come into your mind when you first pick up this book, along with doubts that it will actually portray the biblical story or be "loosely based on truth" like a lot of modern books and movies have begun doing.Before I really dive into this particular review, I need to say that I don't read religious books of [...]

    22. There are very few books I can read more than once--not because I don't often find good books, but because there are so many books I haven't read and want to and don't want to spend time on books I've already read. Bill Myers' brilliant story, Eli, is one of the few (along with anything by Amy Tan). This book tells two stories, one about Conrad Davis, a reporter for a primetime news magazine who has nothing but his job. He's divorced from Suzanne, the mother of his daughter, Julia, and recently [...]

    23. This book tells two stories, one about Conrad Davis, a reporter for a primetime news magazine who has nothing but his job. He’s divorced from Suzanne, the mother of his daughter, Julia, and recently divorced from his second wife. At the beginning of the book, Conrad is in a coma following a car crash, and his daughter must come to terms with her feelings for him–having a series of flashbacks leading up to the incident that damaged their relationship–as she struggles to determine whether or [...]

    24. Beautifully written. I haven't read it in a while, because I lent it to someone and I don't remember who it wasdnessAnyway, this book avoided any irreverent look at Christ while still maintaining a modern-day outlook. It's really a discomforting, provocative thought to imagine what Jesus would do and say if He had come todayd then what we would do and say back to HimI think sometimes when reading the Bible, we tend to get caught in a false romanticismd that's somewhat excusable, because we don't [...]

    25. What if Jesus had not come until today? Who would Follow him? Who would Kill him?The above was taken from the back cover of the book. If you need anymore of a hook than that I'm afraid i can't help you.This book failed to earn its fifth star because this is one of those books that you can never be sure if the character Conrad Davis is actually in a alternate universe or if he's just having some vivid Coma Dream.The story jumps between the alternate universe (where Conrad meets Eli Shepard who's [...]

    26. I wasn't crazy about this book. I liked the concept, but didn't care much for the execution. Conrad is a reporter who is looking into a story about parallel worlds. He's in a car accident, and is in a coma. He finds himself transported to another parallel world, where Jesus did not fulfill His Messianic return 2000-ish years ago, but rather He is fulfilling the Old Testament prophecies in the present time, as "Eli". The book presents the Gospels in a current setting. Mary is conspicuously absent [...]

    27. Eli is typical of most bestseller kinds of material. The narrative is extremely good and keeps driving you throughout the pages. And then you get to the end and think, "Wait Is that it?"When I finished reading this, I stopped and felt my way back through it and realized that it just felt hollow. It seemed like a shell of something real, and a fragile one at that. Were I to touch it, press on it just a bit, it would crack open, and I would see the void and emptiness beneath.There are some points [...]

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