Silverback Dragon

Silverback Dragon He knows she s here somewhere close by so why can t he find her Can fate really be so cruel Harlan can sense his mate He has sensed her for months and yet he can t find her Is he too old Are his se

  • Title: Silverback Dragon
  • Author: Harmony Raines
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He knows she s here, somewhere close by, so why can t he find her Can fate really be so cruel Harlan can sense his mate He has sensed her for months, and yet he can t find her Is he too old Are his senses failing Maybe it s his imagination Maybe it s time to leave Bear Creek, and all his hopes behind Fiona has hidden away for centuries Only when she met the peopleHe knows she s here, somewhere close by, so why can t he find her Can fate really be so cruel Harlan can sense his mate He has sensed her for months, and yet he can t find her Is he too old Are his senses failing Maybe it s his imagination Maybe it s time to leave Bear Creek, and all his hopes behind Fiona has hidden away for centuries Only when she met the people of Bear Creek and learned to trust them, did she dare reveal her other side Only here has she acknowledged she is a dragon shifter That s what love does to a person, it allows them to be themselves It allows them to trust, to believe But something is stirring out there Something that calls to her heart and her soul She knows it s time to reveal her true self Whatever the cost And, from experience, Fiona knows the cost only too well Just when it looks as if she is going to get her own happy ever after, fate has one hand to play Two girls are handed to social services by their stepmother It s not unusual, Fiona has seen it many times before Five hundred and thirty one to be exact But these two girls are special Very special, and Fiona will sacrifice everything to give them the home they need Will her mate feel the same way Or will she have to make the ultimate sacrifice

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    1. *** We are continuing from Storm Bear, and Chrysi and Nevis' tale, to her Dad, Harlan finding his mate. This is different in that the main couple is older. Silverback Dragon shifter, Harlan, George Clooney look-a-like, can sense his mate, but hasn't been able to find her. Fiona has hidden her dragon from other dragons by disguising herself with a magical ring. She is a Social Worker who loves kids. They do find each other, each stunned speechless. (He's a George Clooney look alike.) The only des [...]

    2. Reviewed at Shifter HavenSince our first meeting with Fiona we’ve slowly gotten to know her other sides beyond the fierce, protective social worker devoted especially to orphaned shifter children. Very “dragon like” in her personality, she’s been a secondary but important character throughout the series. Now in Silverback Dragon she gets to shine as we finally get to know her history, the dangers she’s faced and the reason why Harlan had such difficulty in finding his mate in the mount [...]

    3. I absolutely loved this book, great finish to this series.The romance of these two mature people, coupled with a great story was wonderful.Fiona is the dragon lady social worker who we met in book one and who has also been a huge part of this series. We find out more about Fiona, her past and how she finally gets her mate and one huge family to boot.Harlan we met as the heroine’s father in the previous book and I really wanted him to find his mate after waiting for so long. When I started plot [...]

    4. Awesome !The last is always the best. I hate that the story has ended. Well it actually continues in my mind :) ;) . This book gave me such joy to read ! I can see I my mind three dragons flying together lol oops would that be a spoiler ? Maybe but it might make a person hurry to read the book ! I can promise this book will not disappoint ! I love it from beginning to the end and wish it would continue on . It was sad that the stories ended but I loved reading each and every book ! Thanks again [...]

    5. This is a series about a bear shifter community. For the most part, each book is focused more on the physical aspect of each bear finding his/ her mate and not too much on plot or character development.Probably the best one in the series. There is so much more depth to the characters, especially Fiona and what she has been through. I loved the way Ruby & Sapphi were portrayed as girls who are given to foster care, but who are strong.“In a car. You know, one of those things with four wheels [...]

    6. Wondrous Fantasy of LoveHarlan thought he'd never find his true mate. A centuries old Dragon shifter, he wasn't sure other dragons still existed. Then he & Fiona find each other. Both centuries old Dragon shifters know they've found their true mate. This is a lovely novella of maturity, competence and love. The blending of families is heartfelt. The protective nature of these two wise shifters provides direction and support to create a new family unit. Fiona has been a stalwart, but aloof, m [...]

    7. He is a silver haired dragon shifter who had never found his mate, but he had caught felt her bond in Bear Creek when he visited his nonshifter adopted daughter and her shifter husband. She is a dragon shifter who has hidden most of her life to escape the dragon slayers by becoming a social worker for shifter orphans and living in Bear Creek. The girls lost first their dragon shifter mother, then their nonshifter father, and then sent to social services by their greedy stepmother and her lover. [...]

    8. 3.5 Stars - Harlan and Fiona's story was O.K. They are both Dragon Shifters who have lived in hiding for a long time. Harlan has recently sensed his mate in Bear Creek. He is almost ready to give up his search. Then Fiona senses something herself, but is not sure if it is her mate it a hunter. She removed what cloaks her and discovers her mate. She is a social worker and there are two teenagers who need her.It was an O.K. read. I wanted more depth. These shifters seem only to shift towards the v [...]

    9. II am so loving this series! It is full of real world issues being dealt with by shiftershey, they are people too!Fiona has aided 531 shifter children, but has never found her own HEAHarlan is in Bear Creek to support and spend time with his pregnant daughter Chrysi. He has searched for his mate for centuries, and can feel she is nearby, but he can't find herd then he doesGood story, fast paced, and delightful read!I am seeing another possible story to come. *fingers crossed!* 🤞😉

    10. The whole series is wonderful but THIS is my favoriteI'm so very happy to read the story of older mates finally finding each other and that of the two girls that needed exactly what Fiona and Harlan could give them. The story was everything, and more than, I was hoping for. I'm looking forward to reading more shifter romances by this author, hopefully more about older mates finding love too. Oh and Sam the detective (and maybe Susie) seem like they would be fun to read about too. ::hint hint:: : [...]

    11. It's about time Fiona got her mate and her HEA. And this story did nor let me down. Fiona is a dragon in hiding. Harlan can sense his mate but not pinpoint her exact spot. Both are lonely, centuries old dragons who believe they are the last od their kind. Imagine their surprise when they find each other and because of Fiona's job as a social worker for special children, come across to orphaned girl dragons that need parents. Cant they go from single to a family in the blink of an eye?

    12. Super Series!Silverback Dragon is an awesome book! Fiona and Harlan's story is a thoroughly satisfying love story. Love reading about matured characters, especially when they are as special as Fiona and Harlan. It was fun to catch up on characters from previous books, too. The story line had lots of suspense and surprises. Are we going to read more about Sam and Susie? I hope so. They seemed like they each needed their own HEAs. And Mrs. Donaldson was kind of a mysterious. What's her secret? Lov [...]

    13. Silverback Dragon book6 I found this book to be a great experience to readI love the MC and this story was told this book has romance action and overall good shifter elementsthat I liked this book had great content.I was glad to see Fiona get her HEA. Overall this book was a great read for me.If ur someone that likes to read shifter romance then this book is for you.I voluntarily read An Advance reader copy of this book and my opinion are my own.

    14. i love the addition of dragons to bear creek! fiona before was such a great godmother and i am so glad she gets to have a happily ever after of her own. Also harlan, i love harlan. such a shrewd business man in the book with his daughter and such a hopeless romantic in this one. the different faucets of his personality make him even more likable. i hope we get to hear more about ruby and sapphi too!

    15. Fate, amazing and unconventionalWhat a wonderful and meaningful story. I have goosebumps and a huge smile. Fiona had always been my favorite with her stern demeanor and tight upper lip attitude. A feeling Harlan was her mate made it that much better. Add in Ruby and Sapphire for a ready made family, plus finding Fiona pregnant and I'm one thrilled reader. Hope more will come to enlighten us on their Fate.Recommending this to all my friends and family!

    16. My favorite couple Totally a 5 star rating. Not sure if this is the last in this series, though the best so far.Fiona has secluded herself from life, afraid of the past.Harlan is a self made man who adopted and raised a daughter by himself.Will these two older dragons finally find the happiness they bothdeserve?

    17. Oh! This book is so good! 💞This book is about Fiona, the social worker, from other books in this series and Harlan. Fiona and Harlan are both dragons, who are a bit older than the average romance couple. But that doesn't make them any more deserving of finding their fated mates. It so beautiful to read about an older couple finally finding their mates. 💞💕💞

    18. Fiona's happy ever afterWhat a great story. When Harlen and Fiona meet in the very first pages of the book I was wondering if the story would lose it climax mating. Boy was I wrong this was a story I would love to keep reading. Lots going on so hopefully we have updates and cameos in the upcoming books.

    19. Well that didn't take long to be able to read Harlan's Story. I was right in my theory he would be fated to the red dragon lady Fiona. This was another excellent book. Love all of the characters and how they all just fall together. Hoping that there will be more of them :-) Thanks for your intuitive imagination Harmony Raines, keep those books rolling :-)

    20. Out standingOh my goodness, again these stories are great to read, and take in and feel as you read, be in the story with the characters as you read, and and wanting oh so much for each story to keep on going and to give you more, And not stop! But they always do So I am satisfied with what I can get from what I read of the wonderful stories. Great

    21. Loved itThis was a cute short story. Fiona deserved a family of her own. I did want to woop in happiness when Harlan and Fiona made love the first time. Proof that that those of us in our 50s can still get it on. Great read Harmony Rains. I am getting ready to read the next one. I love the series.

    22. Yay! Fiona!I was so impatient for Fiona's story. I thought it would happen much sooner in the series. It was worth the wait. Made me laugh, Jim!p for joy, maybe even cry. There was even a full circle moment where Fiona comes full circle from her first entrance in the series. Thank you for writing this book.

    23. Silverback DragonWhat a beautiful story. Wow this story was wonderful and full of interesting twists. Bear Creek is a absolutely a great place to be . These stories are so clear that you can picture the town and all the mountains that surround the town. I hope that there will be more of Bear Creek.

    24. Fiona gets her SilverbackI'm so happy to Fiona break out of her shell and accept the love fate has brought her. Sexy Harlan is about to give up ever finding his forever love when FATE intervenes and bring them together. In addition to starting a new relationship they are tasked with providing shelter for two young dragons. This was a fun read to see another side of Fiona.

    25. Another great tale from Harmony Raines.I do love this author's books. I read everyone I get my hands on. And I love how Fiona finally finds her mate. She and Harlen make a great couple and with their kids, a great. Loved it. Very well worth the read.

    26. WonderfulWhat a wonderful way to end a wonderful series. I just love your Bear Creek series, you managed to bring tears to my eyes. I love how you made everyone so real and lovable!

    27. WowRoxanne/Samantha is the epitome of good digger. Take marrying a man for his money when your already married to someone else. I'm glad Ruby, Sapphi, Fiona and Harlan got their NEW but I'm hoping that Sam gets one too

    28. Fiona and Harlan = Great Reading!!Superbly written story. Love these and all the characters of Bear Creek. This is a rather fast read with fantastic and memorable characters. A lot of love and action. Some sexual content.

    29. Fantastic ReadAnother fantastic read! I was glad to finally see Fiona get her bappily ever aftere had become a favorite of mine. Can't wait to see what happens for Sam.ems like hes the next one in need of a happy ever after.

    30. Silverberg DragonI'm so happy Fiona had her happy ending plus a baby of her own. I never expected the whole step mom story to turn out like that. I'm glad she got what she deserved. I definitely recommend reading this series.

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