Wicked Redemption

Wicked Redemption I m not your typical bad boy Sure I m a muscle bound tattoo covered guy who loves to f k like a beast I love hot women and even hotter action But that s not what I m looking for now I came up rough a

  • Title: Wicked Redemption
  • Author: Ashton Blackthorne
  • ISBN: 9781521825952
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
  • I m not your typical bad boy Sure, I m a muscle bound tattoo covered guy who loves to f k like a beast I love hot women and even hotter action.But that s not what I m looking for now I came up rough and hard.I learned how to survive on the streets.But somehow my true identity was kept from me Filling me with a lust for vengeance A web of lies was woven about me keepiI m not your typical bad boy Sure, I m a muscle bound tattoo covered guy who loves to f k like a beast I love hot women and even hotter action.But that s not what I m looking for now I came up rough and hard.I learned how to survive on the streets.But somehow my true identity was kept from me Filling me with a lust for vengeance A web of lies was woven about me keeping me tightly ensnared But now that web is beginning to disintegrate Pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together For the first time, I m beginning to see the real me But completing the puzzle will prove to be my most daunting challenge yet The journey to self discovery is fraught with rage trayal danger st d passion With a beautiful woman I may not even deserve at my side, I will face the dark past For where I was once looking for vengeance, I will now find redemption Wicked Redemption.

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    1. Hot Hot HotWay to go Ashton you did it again Loved it Sir This is my new favorite by Ashton Love reading about Ash and Amber Girls it well make you wet, so be ready lol So ready for the next one Bravo Sir

    2. Wicked Redemption by Ashton Blackthorne, is book two in his Dark Series. And dark, it indeed is.In the second installment of the Dark Series, we catch up with Ash, as he discovers he has a brother. Not only does Ash discover family that he didn't know existed, but he also uncovers pieces to his father’s life, that he once thought he knew like the back of his hand. Ash’s brother has, without a doubt, a sad past full of battles, disappointment and a deep yearning to just be accepted and part o [...]

    3. Ashton Blackthorne knows how to write a book that draws you in. Hot, steamy sex scenes of course. But also always a great story line. We learn more about his brother, father and Amber! Big kudos for Amber. I don't like spoilers. So I'm not going to give any. There is so much that I want to say! Eeks! You must read this 5 star book!Merged review:Ashton Blackthorne knows how to write a book that draws you in. Hot, steamy sex scenes of course. But also always a great story line. We learn more about [...]

    4. Taking off where Twisted ends Mr. Blackthorne returns to continue the story of his life. However, more past demons are coming back to haunt them. Everything they knew to be true is shrouded in mystery, betrayals and lies. In an effort to get to Ashton, Ayden does some unspeakable things to Ash and Amber.The violent, drug laden past of Amber's ex-boyfriend and recently found out to be Ash's brother, Ayden is at the forefront of this book. Life with Ayden and Ash's mother is a sad affair filled wi [...]

    5. I got quite frustrated with this book in the end and couldn't finish it. I got through Twisted but found the writing style was too annoying No one has conversations like this is written; saying a persons name 2-3 times during a conversation to that same person! Every conversation was the same Couldn't do it-sorry!

    6. Wow just wow Wicked Redemption is an very emotional book, Ashton Blackthorne doesn’t disappoint with this book.This book is very emotional it pulls at your heart makes it feel like its tearing out of your chest as we learn of Adyen’s life, then the repressed memories that Amber has hidden. Get the tissues ready for Wicked Redemption you will need them.Wicked Redemption carries on from where Twisted ends with Ash, Amber and Ayden still together and Ash not doing good, What follows is how they [...]

    7. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 BUCKLE UP, BABY -- IT'S A HOT, BUMPY & WICKED RIDE! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Mr. Blackthorne has strapped us in to a hot, sexy, and EMOTIONAL roller coaster ride! There's so much depth to the characters that's revealed in this story that it makes me wonder where we'll be taken next.When reading Ashton Blackthorne books I expect to get the hottest sex scenes anywhere, but I wasn't prepared to be so emotionally invested in these characters. At the start I wanted to hate Ayden f [...]

    8. Wicked Redemption blew me away, yet again another phenomenal, sexy book by Ashton Blackthorne! There is so much at stake here - Ayden’s revelation, Amber’s blackouts, Ash trying to protect Amber and recovering from this turn of events, and so much more! There are so many different facets to this book, all so varied, yet they connect all of these characters in unexpected ways. My heart was pounding as I tried to figure out Ayden’s agenda and his history. I wept for Amber, my heart simply ac [...]

    9. I volunteered to read an ARC of this book for an honest review for the author - This book follows the book Twisted. It continues to explore Amber, Ashton and Ayden's past and present. I was delighted and shocked at the turn of events in this never ending tale of woe, deception and angst. It is hard to believe that so much can happen in a family, but then again a lot of us have skeleton in our family closets. Every time I thought I had things figured out, another "proverbial wrench" was thrown my [...]

    10. Wow!! What a book! It kept me at the edge of my seat from the first page to the end. Mr. Blackthorne keeps you on an emotional roller-coaster throughout the book. It is one of those books you just can’t put down.In Wicked Redemption we learn a lot more about Amber’s past and the effect it has on her. Also, we learn about some hidden secrets in Ashton’s past. We see more of Amber and Ashton’s life together. They are hot, sexy and passionate. The book also explores Ayden’s twisted life a [...]

    11. This book is just WOW!!!This is so full of emotion and secrets and truths on so many levels and so steamy it will grab you right at the beginning and wont let you go until the very end trying to find out more.We see a lot of the past come out for each character and learn a lot of Aydens sordid past each having their own issues but the support Ash and Amber have for each other will touch your heart.My heart hurts for all of them that they have had to endure so much in their life that no one deser [...]

    12. One of my top ten 2017 reads:Wicked Redemption takes you on an emotional. dark and twisting journey full of secrets and discoveries, lies and truths, past demons and actions, emotional and physical pain, family drama and the unwavering love of two people in an erotically hot and sensual carriage ride. The strength and integrity of Ashton and Amber's struggles will stay with you long after the last word. This superb and flawlessly written book will bring tears, will make you laugh, but most of al [...]

    13. This book made me feel horrible for the things that Ayden and Amber went through, and the secrets that Ashton found out. It also made me feel angry for what Ayden did to Amber and Ashton. And of course my heart swelled to see how much Amber and Ashton really truly love each other

    14. Wow!! Can you say love-hate relationship with Ayden??!! One minute you feel sorry for him, the next what the hell??!! Ashton definitely learns some surprising things about his Dad, that I surely did not see coming Amber, just wow, she went through alot. A definite must read. Just hang on for the wild ride, that proves to be an awesome one.

    15. First Person Melodrama👿🔪🔫This book is just another soap opera like supposed autobiographical book by the elusive faux author, Ashton Blackthorne🐺🍌🌋✋. He, she, it, tells this silly tale in first person, which is extremely annoying to start with. The book is a disjointed schizophrenic mess.Our of nowhere, Ashton🐺🍌🌋✋ discovers he has a full brother, Ayden🐯🍌🌋💪, he knew nothing about. Ayden🐯🍌🌋💪 is an ex con. Their deceased father had refused to r [...]

    16. Hauntingly SadWicked Redemption continues the story of Ashton Blackthorne, his girlfriend Amber and Ayden Donovan. It begins with Ayden having stabbed Ashton after Ashton rescued Amber from Ayden. Ashton finds out that Ayden is his brother, raised by their drug addict Mom while Ashton was raised by their rich father. Ayden's life has been hard while Ashton has had it easy. This book tugs at the heart strings, but makes you wonder if anyone can truly recover from the circumstances he has lived th [...]

    17. Wicked Redemption (Dark book 2) by Ashton BlackthorneMr. Blackthorne has done it again. This next installment in the Dark series is sensational. With each new book we are sucked deeper into the complex relationships of our characters we have grown to love since the Insatiable series. Even though we are still reading about Ash and Amber the addition of Ayden has added a dark element to the series that drags us to the seedier side of society of drugs, prostitution and deplorable living conditions. [...]

    18. WOW. Mr. Blackthorne this book is HOT Let me try and put into words how awesome this book is and how it also gripped my heart. Sir You are a Phenomenal writer, this book is Deep, and Dark and the Sex is HAF Amber has always been my favorite and was trilled that they finally get together but a part of this story became very personal to me. As I sat there and read Amber and Aydens story it gripped my heart. I not only shed a few tears for them but for every one of us who ever had to deal with what [...]

    19. Another fantastic story by Mr. Blackthorne. This story definitely delivered on being darker. It provided a few twists I never saw coming. You get to see more into Amber as well as Ayden in this book. Make sure to check it out! The cliffhanger has me looking forward to Justified, I need to know what happens next. Mr. B's writing keeps me coming back for more every time.

    20. 5 StarsI give Wicked Redemption by Ashton Blackthorne five stars. This is book two of the Dark Book series, you must read book one before you read this one so you have the back story. I have read every single one of Ashton’s book and I cannot get enough of them. This is a dark alpha male romance. If you love bad boys, alpha men, guys in business suits and dark romance this book is for you! Aston did it again! This book grabbed me from page one and pulled me right into the story. I had a very h [...]

    21. Well done Mr. Blackthorne. So many emotions, but so worth it!Wicked Redemption picks up right where Twisted left off. I was pleasantly surprised to have some questions answered, but was not prepared for the emotional ride I was taken on. We learn more about Ash and his father which was really interesting to say the least. Amber, we learn more about her childhood and my heart broke for what she's been through. I Hate to say this but Ayden stole the limelight in book. For all he's been through he [...]

    22. As I continue along this journey and read every book in each series by Ashton, I can definitely see his writing skills are progressing and getting so much better with more complex characters. This book I assure you did not disappoint!Its very emotional as it is tragic at times. Its one of those books you don't want to put down, it just has this way of drawing you into every scene and making you think about it afterward. I'm never one to give spoilers or try to describe a book in detail but if yo [...]

    23. All I can say right now is WOW. Wicked Redemption is book two of Ashton Blackthorne's Dark series. This book is even better than Twisted, the first of this series. Mr. Blackthorne has come a long way since Broken and has just gotten better than ever!Wicked Redemption we are taken on a journey into the pasts of Ash, Amber and Ayden. We see how their pasts have affected who they are now. They each in turn struggle with the new revelations of their pasts, some locked away and some kept hidden.I was [...]

    24. Ashton Blackthorne has struck gold again !! This 5 star read is exasperating, with twists and turns that a Big Dipper would be proud of. The characters have depth and each one; Ashton, Amber and Ayden have Secrets held deep within the darkness of their souls.Redemption can only truly be achieved, if we can forgo that evil sin which leads us to utter depravity The history of these characters comes to the fore like never before, after the kidnapping and the knife attack both Amber and Ashton have [...]

    25. This book is just as hot and steamy as Ashton Blackthorne, Sir can only deliver. In this book, we find out more of Ayden (brother) and Ashler (father) life before Ashton. Ayden's life was less than stellar, which leads him to where he is now. During this time, Ashton has significant revelations about his father and the life he led (OMG!). Ashton is torn in learning his father has led a different lifestyle that he was unaware of (this will blow your mind). More importantly, we see more of Amber t [...]

    26. WowWow what a story. Very heartbreaking and heartwarming as well. To think this is a life story. I would definitely not want to live it but I loved reading about it. Love the series and can't wait for next book to come out.

    27. Wicked Redemption is Book 2 in this outstanding series. You are taken on a journey further into Ashton's personal life. The more you learn the darker his life gets. The story transitions flawlessly through each character point of view. Amber & Ashton's souls collide and forge an unbreakable bond. Their unconditional love assists each other as they begin to process new information about their past. Ayden's tumultuous past is revealed. His story depicts the viscous cycle of addiction. His poor [...]

    28. I have to start with wow. Ashton and Amber are again hot as can be together. But there is so much more emotional "baggage" with each character it makes you get to know each of them and some of the triggers they have. Amber is very strong but also someone you can look up to for what she has been through, and she has not let it define her. Ashton is learning more and more about his family and being a protector and the person Amber can trust and lean on. Ayden, well we are starting to see what has [...]

    29. Wicked review was another awesome read by Ashton Blackthorne I started reading it I couldn't put it down. This book picked up where part one left offI highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who wants to read it.I promise you that you will not be disappointed when you do one click it

    30. This author's books are astounding! Every book I read gets better and better. Mr. Blackthorne sure knows how to grab your attention from the first page. Once I pick up his books, I simply can't put them down. This book brought out all kinds of emotions in me. It also shed a lot of light on a few things! Do yourself a solid and definitely one click!

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