Invisible Warrior

Invisible Warrior Steve the self proclaimed Invisible Warrior has not had a typical life Trained by the VC Warriors he still has to prove his worth but with humor and sheer will he refuses to give up In one aftern

  • Title: Invisible Warrior
  • Author: Teresa Gabelman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Steve, the self proclaimed Invisible Warrior, has not had a typical life Trained by the VC Warriors, he still has to prove his worth, but with humor and sheer will, he refuses to give up In one afternoon, his life changes, as do the lives of three others Steve Richardson has a serious choice to make between two women and someone who holds his heart like no other.

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    1. This was another great edition to the series. I absolutely LOVE Steve. I have been waiting for his story from the very beginning. It was so nice to see a different side of him and to see how he has grown and matured. Oh, he still says funny things and jokes, but he has become the VC Warrior he was meant to be. I love how at one point, he stood up to them all and called them all out on their shit. And I loved how he gets his own family. Nothing is sweeter or hotter than a (view spoiler)[man with [...]

    2. I have been impatiently waiting for this book for what felt like years!. Teresa Gabelman did not disappoint with our invisible warrior. Steve is everything I imagined and more. Don't be fooled by his class clown joker persona, he is very much the guy who will make anyone happy at his expense however theres alot more to him that just the funny guy act. Steve boy has quite the temper when pushed to far and let me tell you I enjoyed the hell out of seeing that different side to him. I rooted for hi [...]

    3. Totally 5 StarsThis book was just as fantastic as the other ones in the series? As the series goes on there is so much action, mayhem, family love, and steamy love scenes with awesome characters. Loved it when each book picks up where the last one ended! I'm so happy that this is not the end of the series and I can't wait for, Ronan and Kira's story.

    4. Steve is such a smart**, "Steve nodded proudly. "Yeah, I did, didn't I?" He then glanced at Slade, "Scary ****, right?" Steve is just the sweetest man, "nah, just like Wally World and needed a reason to go,” he teased as he quickly grabbed the bags and headed inside. “I hope I got everything you needed.” If Steve needed to be he could be a persuasive man, "eff no I wouldn’t be okay with that, and I’d do everything in my power to change your mind to the point of prancing naked in front [...]

    5. I received a copy of this book for an honest review. I jumped into Steve’s book and enjoyed every second of it. Every time I think I know my favorite warrior Teresa writes another book. Steve is Steve crazy, fun and doesn’t know when to shut his trap. I loved watching Steve grow form a boy to a VC Warrior like no other. He is still his funny crazy self but now he has someone he is responsible for and he will not let her down. Mira makes one heck of an entrance lets just say bullets were flyi [...]

    6. Steve grew up! Wow just WOW!! I have always thought of Steve as like a younger brother and watching him grow up in each book has been awesome!! What a wonderful man he has grown into and a good badass as well!! I must say Teresa has left me wanting so much more at the end of this one. It's not a cliffhanger, but watching everything start to unfold in this one and knowing there is more and I mean a LOT more coming in the next one. Makes me want it NOW!!! Teresa you truly ROCK AS A WRITER!!

    7. Lackluster at best.Okay, you can't spend 10 books showing what an idiot a person is, and then attempt to show said idiot as a badass romantic leading man. Steve has never been my favorite character. He's made me laugh literally 2, maybe 3 times at most in the series so far. Mostly TG has just shown him to be a weak, blubbering idiot. This novel does absolutely nothing to change my mind. It feels forced, has a ridiculously weak storyline with a "new big bad", and just feels all around like it's g [...]

    8. Title: Invisible WarriorAuthor: Teresa GablemanCharacters: Steve and ??Review: Waiting for this book was like waiting for Christmas morning to arrive. When it FINALLY hit my Kindle, I gave a little sssqqquuueeee in delight.I’m so very happy to report that it did not disappoint.We meet Steve for the first time in Damon’s book. Steve was just a teenage half-breed and scared. Now, he’s a vampire and he’s grown up and ready to kick some ass. I have always loved him. When the mood got heavy, [...]

    9. The things the young kid was saying was never really expanded on so I always felt like I'm missing something. A short explanation was given to a few of the women but why did the kid get nothing? Really felt like it dragged the story down as a new to me reader as I didn't get it. If it was explained he's some sort of seer that would have solved the problem or at least give me something to ponder about.The gang is Mc but like a motorcycle gang? I think I missed most of this jumping in at this book [...]

    10. The one Warrior I've have been wanting and waiting to see come to book and WOW Teresa you made me laugh made me say oh no he didn't just say thatlol I loved how Steve has grown into his badass Warrior waySince Damon watching all these badass Warriors I was wondering how Steve would grow and boy he has grown up, but still has his same wit and goofiness Teresa never ever fails to make The Protectors one amazing series book after book she makes The Protectors a 5 STAR Series. Teresa I applaud you y [...]

    11. Epic readI don't know how to put into words on how good this book was. My little brother grew up into a hot bad azz invisible warrior! From the Jared and Sid show classic as always to Sloan the grumpy boss man to Ronan with his whip and the classic Steve and his 'steveisims'. The storyline was incredible, Teresa creates a work of art with her stories. You'll laugh and cry at the same time but you won't want the story to end. I would highly recommend this book series to everyone.

    12. The metamorphosis of Steve over the course of this series has been a wonder to behold. He retains his goofy essence, but has risen into the role of VC Warrior like no other. This story is such a great read I could not put it down. Teresa Gabelman has really put her heart and soul into this book, and while I eagerly await the next installment about Ronan and Kira, I feel really satisfied with this book and am just going to bask in that for awhile.

    13. What an AWESOME read!! I LOVED it!! Teresa you knocked this book out of the ballpark!! Steve's grown up into one BAD ASS WARRIOR!! I didn't want it to end!! You all should read the "THE PROTECTOR SERIES" you won't be disappointed !! I guarantee it!! You are one very talented author!!💕

    14. Who can not love Steve, he is always getting himself in trouble but has a heart of gold, great book, love all the characters!! It makes you laugh crying and makes you think !!! Definitely a must read!!!!!

    15. 4 "witchy" stars. I'm a huge Gableman fan. This story saw one of my favorite characters coming of age while still keeping his quirkiness. Loved it. I urge you my book friends to read this series, it's addictive😉❤️‼️

    16. Steve's story!We finally get Steve's story and it was worth the wait. In addition to learning more about our Invisible Warrior, we meet a new bad guy.

    17. Invisible badass did not disappointI wasn’t sure I wanted Steve’s book I liked his crazy personality since Damon’s book I was pleasantly surprised how Teresa wove his story and how the other characters always come into play I like to keep getting glimpses of how they all fit together as a team This book had twists and turns that made this more enjoyable. I can’t wait to see where someone else’s storyline takes us Great read Teresa and thank you for changing my mind

    18. Just when you think this series can not possibly get any better, it’s just takes your breath away completely. I have never laughed some much while reading a book, yet still found the story to be intense and gripping at the same time. Obviously I am going to say that this book is a must read for all paranormal lovers, but more than that. I think readers that have never picked up a vampire book should start reading this series. It will take you quite by surprise. It’s fun, loving, sexy and oh! [...]

    19. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader’s Copy of this bookSteve has been in everyone of the Protector series book and now he has finally come into his own. We have watched Steve grow from a angry half breed to a fully turned warrior. He is the jokester of the warriors even if he doesn’t mean to be. He’s always making me laugh whether he is talking about ant balls, driving a pink scooter like a bad a**, to now having a “porn ‘stache.He’s always been a fun loving man child until Mira [...]

    20. Love Steve's story!Love the fact that Steve is coming into his own. He still is a smart Alec and says the wrong things at times, but he started standing up for himself. All he needed was someone to care for and who cared for him.Mira came into his life with bullets flying, literally. She was in the back seat of a car, in labor, with people shooting at her and a social worker friend of Nicole's. Steve turned invisible and went to the car to help her. When two men were caught, they shot themselves [...]

    21. Book 11 in seriesI’ve always been pretty much on the fence in relation to Steve in the past Books. He is set up as a humourfilled guy who talks a lot about ant balls, sharting and being terrified of the various other warriors and so when Steve was shot and turned and given warrior status in spades book I was a tad miffed because he failed he died but was given warrior status? And I kinda though that he wasn’t warrior stuff he was too happy too jokey too fluffy! So when he miraculously develo [...]

    22. I have waited a long time for Steve's story and Teresa didn't disappoint me. This book had me in tears and laughing my butt off more than once. Hands down Invisible Warrior is my favorite book in this series which is really hard to do since all of Teresa's book are awesome. I love how we get to see the serous side of Steve. Mara is sweet but strong in her own waye has to be to go through everything that has happened to her in her life. Once fate brought them together they couldn't stay away from [...]

    23. Steve has finally come into his own, a perfect match with Mira. From the beginning he takes it in stride with an open heart and an open mind. His protective instincts kick in and he realizes something is different with her that she is special.Steve has always been the doofus of the bunch. Everybody's little brother, always the goofball and a bit of a ditz. But first and foremost he always had a great attitude and was the comedian of the group. People from this read this and didn't take him seri [...]

    24. Check out this review and others atTwinsietalkFacebook/TwinsietalkTwitter/TwinsietalkTsu/TwinsietalkNewsletter : eepurl/brwkPv I received this book from the author for an honest review.Holy crap. Steve grew up and totally manned up. I mean I will admit I was excited but a little worried because we never see Steve as an alpha guy. The joker? Totally! But the alpha? So I was super excited to SEE the story that Teresa was writing for us diehard fans. Man, Blown away. Steve totally knocked my socks [...]

    25. Steve has always been the comic relief in the previous books and to be honest, he still is ; )Yet somehow TG manages to make him a credible, sexy Alpha H as well. Cause when it comes to Mira, he will do anything to protect her and her daughter.The story starts with a shootout surrounding the car where Mira is giving birth. And the rest of the story is just as OTT, but I loved it!Mira was the perfect foil for Steve. A sweet natured witch whose on the run with her 'less than sweet' natured sister. [...]

    26. Witches and Vampires I laughed and cried. Action and will keep you turning the pages till the end. Excellent story. Funny. Bloody. Lovable characters.Mira is a witch and is on the run from a warlock. She’s pregnant and gives birth in a car in from of the Warriors compound. Steve is the funniest and craziest one of them all. He’s a half blood vampire and a VC Warrior. He helps delivery Mira’s baby and feels a connection between them.There is a curse on Mira, whoever she falls in love will d [...]

    27. I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH ABOUT NOT JUST STEVE, BUT ABOUT ALL OF THE VC WARRIORS!! MY GOD I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!! Literally every release day for a new book I finish it THAT same day (for both the Protectors Series and Lee County Wolves)I just can't ever put them down! But then I'm completely bummed out because I just have to wait however long until the next one*sighs*I was so excited to FINALLY read Steve's book and Teresa did not disappoint!! The laughs, oh my sweet baby Jesus the actual LOLs coming [...]

    28. Loved It!!! Book 11 into a series and I'm still as addicted as I was from book 1. That's how much I love these books. I was only a few pages in and I had my comfy slippers on. Those familiar bursts of laughter that I can only associate with these Warriors and i knew I was done for. I flew through the pages and enjoyed every minute. Steve has always been a favourite of mine, I just love his ability to put his foot in it no matter what the situation. Bless him. But this book we really see him come [...]

    29. Hilarious!I knew Steve's story would be full of humor and smartass comments! You just gotta love him! I liked Mira as his mate also and with the addition of witches and warlocks it looks like the VC Warriors will keep going strong. Only problem to me is that with the last few books there seems to be less and less romance/steam which also felt rushed at the end of story. I still look forward to Ronan's story next and see how that goes in the romance department. I own all the books in The Protecto [...]

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