Rising Storm

Rising Storm Miles from the laid back lifestyle of No Name Key and just shy of the raucous nightlife of Miami and South Beach lies Coconut Grove a tropical oasis with a distinct Bohemian flair Lately a seedy u

  • Title: Rising Storm
  • Author: Wayne Stinnett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Miles from the laid back lifestyle of No Name Key, and just shy of the raucous nightlife of Miami and South Beach, lies Coconut Grove, a tropical oasis with a distinct Bohemian flair Lately, a seedy underside has emerged along the Grove s waterfront, preying on adventurous young women Somewhere amid all the glitz and glamour, hides a thief who stole a fortune in Aztec emMiles from the laid back lifestyle of No Name Key, and just shy of the raucous nightlife of Miami and South Beach, lies Coconut Grove, a tropical oasis with a distinct Bohemian flair Lately, a seedy underside has emerged along the Grove s waterfront, preying on adventurous young women Somewhere amid all the glitz and glamour, hides a thief who stole a fortune in Aztec emeralds Or did he Jesse McDermitt must first determine if the victim herself is a thief The trail of clues leads him to evidence that the thief may be involved in a string of heinous crimes Jesse and Chyrel enlist the help of the recently returned Charity, and the trio go undercover at a floating swinger s party headed for the Bahamas, which may well be a front for torture and murder When a sudden violent storm strikes Stiltsville, Jesse finds himself alone on the ocean, trying to recover the treasure and put a murderer behind bars but first he must win the battle with Mother Nature.

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    1. Wayne Stinnett

      I m a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and now, a full time novelist Between those careers, I ve also worked as a deckhand, commercial fisherman, divemaster, taxi driver, construction manager, and truck driver I live in the Sea Islands, near Beaufort, SC, with my wife and youngest daughter We also have three grown children, five grand children, three dogs and a whole flock of parakeets I grew up in Melbourne, FL and have also lived in the Florida Keys and Cozumel, MX.You can like me on Facebook, to get updates at facebook WayneStinnet

    568 thoughts on “Rising Storm”

    1. AC-D.C.Really?As usual, Wayne has produced another edge of the seat thriller. However, from my perspective, the book was a little " long on character details" and a little short on "knock down, drag 'm out" actionBUT it was a good way to bring Charity back for this tale and leave the door open for her to join future adventures. Personally, I didn't need the AC-DC side issue which was irrelevant to the overall themee emphasis could have been placed elsewhere. Read it in two sittings and I'm looki [...]

    2. Just the bestLove reading about Jesse and Charity. Seems like a long time between books, Wayne Stinnett. Wish you could churn them out a little faster. Guess I'll just have to wait like all the other Jesse groupies out there. I thought Jesse and Devon would have had a serious talk about her possible bi activity. He seemed a little upset about what Charity mentioned in this book. Thanks, Amarillo Turtle

    3. Wayne, you did it again it was great read Semper Fi brother can not wait for the next installment for those that have not read any of the books please do so all of your books in both series deserve a 5star rating like I said I can't wait for the next bookWayne, You did it again it was a great read Semper Fi brother can not wait for the next installment

    4. Travis McGhee was Wayne Stinnett's Hero Too.I discovered Travis McGhee when I was about 10 or 11 years old, and, Thanks to my Maternal Grandmother, I eventually read them All. Grandma Vice worked in a big Indianapolis Drug Store, one with a big magazine and paperback section, so I got every John D McDonald novel as they came out. This is the last Jesse McDermott Novel thus far, and I've thoroughly enjoyed Every single one. This one though, has to be my Favorite, because it's an Ode, or Homage to [...]

    5. Stinnett borrowed heavily from John D McDonald's Deep Blue Goodbye when writing this one. He gave a lot of credit to McDonald and Travis McGee in the preface. Very good tale of McDermitt working for an army widow to recover what was taken from her and unborn child. For those who follow this series, Charity makes an appearance and is very much a part of the story.Those looking for a fun series to read, I highly recommend the Stinnett/McDermitt offerings. Good action in the Florida Keys and surrou [...]

    6. Only one flaw, IT'S TOO SHORT!As a HUGE fan of Wayne Stinnett's work of course I think that "RISING STORM" is another great story. The characters Wayne created are loveable hero's and despicable villans acting out the story in a beautiful part of the world full of interesting places and people. The storyline takes just enough twists and turns to keep you turning pages longer than you should! And I must say that I especially enjoyed the ending. Thank you once again Mr. Stinnett!

    7. Jesse to the rescue!Another good read about Jesse & his connected friends. Nice to see Charity back in this book. A feel good novel that always let the good guys win. Starts with a simple request & develops into another great mystery. Love the bond & continued loyalty for those who serve our country. Hope to see more of Jesse & his friends in another novel in the near future.

    8. The Caribbean Counterterrorist Command has been disbanded, and Jesse and the gang are doing contract "security" work now. Through the daughter of a deceased friend of his, Jesse learns of the pregnant young widow of an Army officer who has been robbed of a "treasure" her husband acquired through various bartering transactions. This is enough information for the gang to don their shining armor and change to the rescue.

    9. 'Rising Storm' was a great and insightful book that held my attention throughout. The storyline was pretty eventful. I loved that the whole team was back together, even if it's for a short time. Jesse playing the role he did in this book was quite funny. I loved that Charity and Chyral pretty much rendered Jesse speechless quite a few times. It gave me, sort of, an inside look at what makes these women tick. I look forward to the next book. A great add to your tbr list. Recommended read.

    10. Never DisappointedI have read every book in both the Fallen series and the Charity Styles series. I'm happy to find out that the Rising series is continuing the adventures of Jesse, Deuce, and the rest of the gang. All the books are a joy to read. But there is one problemey are all just too hard to put down! Looking forward to the next one. And the next and the next.

    11. Another Great ReadWayne Sennet is is a great story teller. His characters are not super heroes but are capable of performing amazing feats. Keep telling stories like this and people will keep you writing for a long time to come.The attraction between Charity and Devon could prove interesting.

    12. A definite must read!!!11 down and still making me want more!!! Mr Stinnett has a way with story telling that makes you feel like you are right there beside Jesse and his crew! Impatiently waiting for #12, in the meantime gotta go rinse off the salt. :)

    13. Another good read, hope these never endThey seem to have more of a beginning lately and more of an end, use to be you wondered what happened, now it gets tied up, instead of wondering in future novels whether more will appear, Thanks Mr Stinnett for giving us more.

    14. I loved this series.I can't say enough about how good this series is. Once I read the first book, I was hooked and couldn't stop reading. I hope there are more Jesse McDermitt books coming up.

    15. I enjoyed this latest installment in the Jesse McDermitt series. I liked that everyone was in the story, Of course they did not have very big parts which was not good. This story was a mix of Jesse and Charity. Another character the author writes about.

    16. I've read (and re-read) all of Wayne's books about Jesse. I really enjoy the action as well as the character development in his books. As an aspiring author I hope I can write half as well as he does!Please keep them coming!

    17. WonderfulLove the way that the author gives us a look at what will come of this group now that they are retired. I sat down and read it in one day. Couldn't put it down! Another chapter has opened!

    18. Another good turn leads to a great adventure.The whole crew comes back together in an adventure involving "lifestyle" serial killers. The story line is classic Jesse McDermitt. I have been yearning for another story from the ( pen? ) of Wayne Stinnett. Always a good read.

    19. Enjoyable storyA fast read. Left me wanting more. Have enjoyed all your Jesse stories & Charity too. Will await your next book.

    20. Excellent Book I have read all of the Jessie series and have loved all of them . Don't make it so long between books.

    21. Another great read.Jesse is as good a character as Reacher in some ways much better. Very hard to put down. You won't be disappointed.

    22. Another great bookAfter the Fallen series, I wasn't sure what to expect. However, I enjoyed this book immensely as well and look forward to the next one!

    23. One more adventure This series never fails to engage. I hope to see more adventures of Jesse and the gang. I'll be waiting patiently.

    24. This is the 12th book of Stinett's that I have read, but this one has too much dwelling on sex and perversion.

    25. As always, Jesse and gang are a fun read, lots of action. This series is pure entertainment, and that is why I read!

    26. I love this series !!! This book after waiting for awhile to come out was worth the wait. Great to see the crew back together again.

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