Ahead Full

Ahead Full The Kurtherian s which rule the Leath have made a fatal mistake Their prime intelligence officer finds what they have done in his past Other people have made moves against the Queen Bitch s people an

  • Title: Ahead Full
  • Author: Michael Anderle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Kurtherian s which rule the Leath have made a fatal mistake Their prime intelligence officer finds what they have done in his past.Other people have made moves against the Queen Bitch s people, and she sends Baba Yaga after them Bethany Anne goes Ahead Full on taking out enemies of the Empire, while Ranger Tabitha helps uncover a Skaine effort and brings the Bitch s The Kurtherian s which rule the Leath have made a fatal mistake Their prime intelligence officer finds what they have done in his past.Other people have made moves against the Queen Bitch s people, and she sends Baba Yaga after them.Bethany Anne goes Ahead Full on taking out enemies of the Empire, while Ranger Tabitha helps uncover a Skaine effort and brings the Bitch s themselves to help clean up the mess.Read the latest Bethany Anne adventure that can make you laugh out loud, shed a tear, and yell for the good guys as they fight evil in another galaxy One ass kicking at a time.

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    1. Just keeps getting betterWhat can I say? The Queen Bitch is back. In this episode we lost a few well loved characters in striving for peace with the Leath. They sacrificed themselves to save their friends and family. As you can imagine BA is pissed. She's escaped her bitches and wondered off alone in search of the Kurenthian's who subjugate planets playing God. She is out for revenge with a capital R. I now have to wait til Christmas eve for number 20. I am waiting with bated breath. Enjoy!

    2. Author is forgetting core competencies.First of all I did enjoy this book, but I gave a three star rating because it was rushed, not enough was paid attention to the bitches and Tabatha subduing a planet. Because there is some situations in the book that I thought deserved more storyline such as the death of someone very important. I felt that part was very rushed and run through very quickly. There was more solemnity in the last book then and this one for the characters who lost their lives in [...]

    3. This series is going down faster than a drunken prom date.What was the point with the scenes with Christina, Nathan, etc? it was gratuitous action with no real point. What was the point of freeing the planet with Tabatha and co? After they completed their bit, they were gone for the rest of the story; there was no tie-in.Once again, NONE of the characters face anything resembling a worthy adversary and the only time someone is injured is if it's then used for a cheesy rallying cry like an 8o's a [...]

    4. 19 books and still going strong. The books in The Kurtherian Gambit series manages to stay reasonable true to their core story, more of the same if you want, and yet continue to be enjoyable reading (as in not getting boring) even after 19 books.As the book blurb states Bethany continues to take care of the Kurtherian problem one ass-kicking at the time. This time it is the Leath that finds themselves being the target of Bethany’s tender care.As I wrote in a previous review I was a bit doubtfu [...]

    5. My goodness BA lets her other self out again! Wow, I always look forward to the new releases. This installment took me by surprise. I think I read it in six hours. Dinner? No, Sleep? No, Work? Called in for an insanity day, I think you get my enthusiasm. I loved it so much I made my cat read with me. LOL.I am sad that this part of the series is going to come to an end. But Hey, there will be a whole new branch out to look forward to Thank You Michael Anderle!! You are a force all your own, and [...]

    6. Baba Yaga ConquersBaba Yaga and the bitchs roll! That is steamroll over a criminal organization that has ruthlessly and sadisticly taken over an isolated planet. Ranger 2 and the Tontos ride again! Roughshod that is over the bad guys. Bethany Anne is troubled by all the blood that has been spilled and is still being spilled. But she is even more troubled by the enslavement and bullying of people. To that end she unleashes Baba Yaga to liberate the Leath and kill the rouge Kurtherian clan control [...]

    7. I was slightly worried at the start of the book when I started to think; this isn’t written by one author, it just seemed like an almost random collection of snippets from at least half-a-dozen different writers. Also it appeared that the banter was more important than the story, I quite enjoy the joking and teasing between characters, but at times that is all there was.Fortunately it eventually gets going and it turns into a decent story, but I still didn’t understand all the different stor [...]

    8. Holy Smokes, Need More!!!Wowzer! Of course it's a good five star rating. I've been going on strong reading each and everyone of these books in the series and have loved each one tremendouslyokay maybe some a little less than others but there's still love there. All I can honestly say is that this series is well worth your time, you'll love BA as much as I do, maybe even more, and even though we are near the end, you will be anxious to see what happens next. You rock Mr. Anderle! Christmas cannot [...]

    9. Couldn't Put It DownAs Usual Mike Did it again, wrote another book that You won't want to put down if you've been following the Series. They books have just gotten Better and Better writing wise. I was Disappointed with the Cover of this one, Baba Yaga\QB\Bethany Anne looked Frumpy and like she had gained 40lbs. But don't worry, I'll still read the Series because I'm hooked and don't need to get attracted by the Cover.

    10. I can't believe we have to wait till February!!!Come on Master Mike, Yoda extraordinaire!!! February!! Ugh I guess I will have read the rest of the other KGU offshootsanted I do not have many left to read. I will consider Capture Death as a birthday present in Feb!! But I have to warn you I may cheat on you if I am desperate for something to read but I promise I will always come back to you for more!!!

    11. Love Baba Yaga!!!I'm feeling a bit sad that BAs series is coming to an end. I loved this book and as much as BA has gone through she still has her core values intact, mostly. I was also a bit sad to see one of my favorite support characters life end. But such is the price of war. Really happy and eagerly awaiting the next book. Keep on writing Mr. Anderle and I hope you never loose your muse.

    12. Epic read! A definite hit!I have been a dedicated urban fantasy and science fiction reader for decades. I haven't felt a pull to a series as strongly as The Kurtherian Gambit series has. Bethany Anne is a vampire after my own heart. Strong, compassionate, dedicated to saving lives while stopping a powerful evil from spreading further, and that didn't even begin to describe this wonderful woman. This series is worth every dime.

    13. Still interestingMost long run series either use a formula that gets boring or forget who their characters are and have them do things against their nature. Not so, this series. It moves ever forward and ever up, staying true to it's vast cast. While each book can stand alone, its more fun all together. I'm sorry I tore thew it so fast, I have to wait for the next one to come out.

    14. Never disappointedDaaaaaaang Baba Yaga and Bethany Anne are the drivers of this rollercoaster thank u Michael for writing these stories that keep me riveted and my family know when not to bother Mom reading her books can’t wait to read how she rips those pisses of crap apart and delivers justice u sir have a twisted mind but what does that say of me that loves ur stories keep it up and I will continue reading like Bethany Anne and her cake I MUST HAVE MY STORIES!

    15. A good continuation of the story, although at 19 books plus all the side stories I'm going to be excited to see everything wrap up in the end. Michael's set a lot of wheels in motion that need conclusions and wrapping up. Overall this is still a fun series to read, and I'm happy and excited to see the success of the numerous authors who contribute to the KGU. Having dates for the last few books also helps with the anticipation! Thanks for everything Michael.

    16. Long live the Queen This was a rather gritty story, but who doesn't love Baba Yaga. I can almost feel sorry for the Seven almost because the only thing worse than having Empress Bethany Anne angry at you is having her Avatar hot on your tail. Loved it as I have loved all 18 others before this one. So liking forward to reading the next book, we will definitely be seeing more Baba Yaga.

    17. Portside or Starboard?Bethany Anne hasn't been given much relaxation time in her role as empress. The stress of seeing friends known and unknown perish in releasing the Leath from Kuthurian from subjugation has not engaged her nice buttons one bit. So a straight shot on revenging them as Baba Yaga is as relaxing as it can get don'cha think?

    18. Just wowThis review us for books 1-19 I started this adventure not knowing what to expect . I have now fallen in love with the characters and all the different shenanigans and chaos ! Looking f forward to seeing where BA and the Bitches go from here. Thank you for this new world to explore love laugh and at times hate ! Great story

    19. Intense!That was intense. Bethany Anne and her extended crews have conquered space, mastering intergalactic travel and harvesting the Etheric to create a sun and laser weapons. The consequences of an extended war has taken its toll on the Empress and the Leath people. On to book 20.

    20. Can't stop!I love this series so much that I keep re-reading it. I can't stop reading this compelling series. Every time a new book in the series comes out I read the series again through to the newest book.It keeps me awake nights reading these books. Thank you Mr. Anderle for writing book crack!

    21. Another great readEvery time you get a book by or co written by Michael Anderle you know it's going to be a great book. Never disappointed. I'm so glad he started writing with other authors. It's easy to find the next book I'm going to read. Thank you for some great entertainment.

    22. Galaxy spanning excitement.This book and series has been an enjoyable ride, Michael Anderle has brought to life an enduring character who satisfies our need for a heroine who can be incredibly kind and and understanding to those in need, to an unrelenting force of pain and merciless justice for those who have earned it! Well done Michael!!!

    23. Simply amazingThis is one of my favorite series of all time. So many things about the story bring smiles and all sorts of other reactions. Not just the story though, but the many stories that have sprung from such a simple idea. It will be sad when this story finishes, but, this author has not disappointed so far. Here is to hoping that BA stays true to herself.

    24. Love, love, love this series!I have read and then re-read the entire series every time a new book came out. Each time I found more reasons to love the series. Exquisite character development that gets better with each new book. The only problem is having to wait for the next book.

    25. WOW!!I have read the whole series so far and eagerly check to see if there is a new book out and I have been addicted from the beginning. However, Ahead Full is the best of them all! I have never cried while reading any of the other books, in this one you can really feel every heartbreak, every burden she carries. Absolutely love Michael Anderle and his writing.

    26. Michael has done it again!Thank you for Bethany Anne who is smart, devious and unpredictable. She is the person rivals love to hate. The Universe is believable and funny with characters who have very human traits so that makes the book fun. An excellent read and a fascinating universe. Keep up the writing.

    27. Still increasing in speedNo doubt, and I mean No Doubt! Michael Anderle is on a serious trip. That's sf fantasy nerd words for he's nailing it! This is a fun and fast world, and what you've done with all the other writers to create all the other story lines? Excellent! Write on, and read on!

    28. Baba Yaga bites backHaving read the whole series back to back!I can say unreservedly that these just get better with each book.A complete bitch stomping full on ball busting righteous revenge for the Empire. I cannot wait for Christmas Day 2017.

    29. FinallyBA is finally back in center stage. I have pissed off about every book in this series where she just made appearances outside the plot. I am back to restlessly waiting to read more BA in the next book.

    30. Awesome!!!Great book. It was so good, I ended up staying awake all night reading. I couldn't put it down. I love Baba Yaga and how she puts the fear into everyone. I can't wait until the next one comes out. Great job Mr Anderle on writing some truly awesome books!

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