Пише го в книгата

  • Title: Пише го в книгата
  • Author: Mickey Spillane Max Allan Collins Мики Спилейн Макс Алан Колинс Венцислав Божилов
  • ISBN: 9789546557506
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    • Unlimited [Religion Book] Í Пише го в книгата - by Mickey Spillane Max Allan Collins Мики Спилейн Макс Алан Колинс Венцислав Божилов ✓
      361 Mickey Spillane Max Allan Collins Мики Спилейн Макс Алан Колинс Венцислав Божилов
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Religion Book] Í Пише го в книгата - by Mickey Spillane Max Allan Collins Мики Спилейн Макс Алан Колинс Венцислав Божилов ✓
      Posted by:Mickey Spillane Max Allan Collins Мики Спилейн Макс Алан Колинс Венцислав Божилов
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    About "Mickey Spillane Max Allan Collins Мики Спилейн Макс Алан Колинс Венцислав Божилов"

    1. Mickey Spillane Max Allan Collins Мики Спилейн Макс Алан Колинс Венцислав Божилов

      Mickey Spillane was one of the world s most popular mystery writers His specialty was tight fisted, sadistic revenge stories, often featuring his alcoholic gumshoe Mike Hammer and a cast of evildoers who launder money or spout the Communist Party line.His writing style was characterized by short words, lightning transitions, gruff sex and violent endings It was once tallied that he offed 58 people in six novels.Starting with I, the Jury, in 1947, Mr Spillane sold hundreds of millions of books during his lifetime and garnered consistently scathing reviews Even his father, a Brooklyn bartender, called them crud Mr Spillane was a struggling comic book publisher when he wrote I, the Jury He initially envisioned it as a comic book called Mike Danger, and when that did not go over, he took a week to reconfigure it as a novel.Even the editor in chief of E.P Dutton and Co Mr Spillane s publisher, was skeptical of the book s literary merit but conceded it would probably be a smash with postwar readers looking for ready action He was right The book, in which Hammer pursues a murderous narcotics ring led by a curvaceous female psychiatrist, went on to sell than 1 million copies.Mr Spillane spun out six novels in the next five years, among them My Gun Is Quick, The Big Kill, One Lonely Night and Kiss Me, Deadly Most concerned Hammer, his faithful sidekick, Velda, and the police homicide captain Pat Chambers, who acknowledges that Hammer s style of vigilante justice is often better suited than the law to dispatching criminals.Mr Spillane s success rankled other critics, who sometimes became very personal in their reviews Malcolm Cowley called Mr Spillane a homicidal paranoiac, going on to note what he called his misogyny and vigilante tendencies.His books were translated into many languages, and he proved so popular as a writer that he was able to transfer his thick necked, barrel chested personality across many media With the charisma of a redwood, he played Hammer in The Girl Hunters, a 1963 film adaptation of his novel.Spillane also scripted several television shows and films and played a detective in the 1954 suspense film Ring of Fear, set at a Clyde Beatty circus He rewrote much of the film, too, refusing payment In gratitude, the producer, John Wayne, surprised him one morning with a white Jaguar sportster wrapped in a red ribbon The card read, Thanks, Duke Done initially on a dare from his publisher, Mr Spillane wrote a children s book, The Day the Sea Rolled Back 1979 , about two boys who find a shipwreck loaded with treasure This won a Junior Literary Guild award.He also wrote another children s novel, The Ship That Never Was, and then wrote his first Mike Hammer mystery in 20 years with The Killing Man 1989 Black Alley followed in 1996 In the last, a rapidly aging Hammer comes out of a gunshot induced coma, then tracks down a friend s murderer and billions in mob loot For the first time, he also confesses his love for Velda but, because of doctor s orders, cannot consummate the relationship.Late in life, he received a career achievement award from the Private Eye Writers of America and was named a grand master by the Mystery Writers of America.In his private life, he neither smoked nor drank and was a house to house missionary for the Jehovah s Witnesses He expressed at times great disdain for what he saw as corrosive forces in American life, from antiwar protesters to the United Nations.His marriages to Mary Ann Pearce and Sherri Malinou ended in divorce His second wife, a model, posed nude for the dust jacket of his 1972 novel The Erection Set Survivors include his third wife, Jane Rodgers Johnson, a former beauty queen 30 years his junior and four children from the first marriage.He also carried on a long epistolary flirtation with Ayn Rand, an admirer of his writing.

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    1. Пет книжни убийства: knigolandiafo/book-review/m“Пише го в книгата” е на тандема Мики Спилейн и Макс Алан Колинс. В нея едно ченге се забърква с опасна игра, след като се оказва един от малкото хора, на които стар дон от мафията се е доверявал. И когато той най-сетне умира, настава търсене [...]

    2. GESTATTEN: MIKE HAMMERDer raubeinige Privatdetektiv Mike Hammer ist überraschenden Besuch in seinem Büro gewöhnt. Doch nun überschlagen sich die Ereignisse. Unbekannte Polizisten und bekannte Gangster geben sich die Klinke in die Hand - und alle sind nervös. Denn Don Nicholas Giraldi ist tot, der Mafia-Pate aus New York. Hier geht es nicht nur um die mögliche Nachfolge, sondern hier geht es vor allem um ein Buch. Ein höchst brisantes Buch, das alle fürchten, denn es handelt sich hierbei [...]

    3. "Мистериозно-виртуозно" в link: Wanderbook Пише го в книгата" на Мики Спилейн и Макс Алън Колинс започна точно като детективска история в стил ноар. Тесен офис, детектив с бутилка в ръката, красива секретарка, която държи пистолет под бюрото. И тайнствена книга, принадлежала на бос о [...]

    4. “It’s In The Book” is a short 36-page piece Mike Hammer piece. Hammer is the legendary private investigator that Spillane invented and is indeed known the toughest one-man army ever. This is a short little treat about a Don who kept a ledger of transactions and left it to someone he trusted when he died. The feds want Hammer to find the ledger and the Don’s son, who is the heir apparent, wants the Don’s secrets as well. Both are willing to pay Hammer a terrific sum for finding it. What [...]

    5. Don Nicholas Giraldi had passed away. The legend was that he kept a ledger with every crooked payoff, whether it be cops, politicians, business rivals, all listed. His dying wods were that he left it to the one he trusted the most.And to most everybody that was Mike Hammer.Hammer had done a number of jobs for the Mafia man over the years and the old man had reciprocated, helping Hammer out of the occasional mess with other Crime families.Now everybody wanted it, from a U.S. Senator to the late D [...]

    6. Like a number of stories and novels that weren't completed at the time of his death, friend and collaborator, Max Allan Collins finished and polished this e-book story thought to have been started in the 80s.A tale of a late mob boss's hidden ledger, and the criminals and cops who will stop at nothing to get it, this is classic, hard-boiled fun.Although never in the same league as Raymond Chandler, Mickey Spillane nevertheless always managed to deliver a good time.

    7. Good quick hit. Felt a little more MAC than Spillane (which is fine in my opinion, never been a big Spillane fan). Recommended, as are all the books in the Mysterious Bookshop bibliomystery series.

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