Unknown Cassie Martin is used to being shuffled around in the foster system so when her newest guardians want to send her away to a camp for exceptional youths she sees it as their way to deal with a trouble

  • Title: Unknown
  • Author: L.A. Kirk
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cassie Martin is used to being shuffled around in the foster system, so when her newest guardians want to send her away to a camp for exceptional youths she sees it as their way to deal with a troubled teen She never could have guessed they were telling the truth Soon Cassie finds herself surrounded by other kids her own age who display unusual aptitudes for learning.Cassie Martin is used to being shuffled around in the foster system, so when her newest guardians want to send her away to a camp for exceptional youths she sees it as their way to deal with a troubled teen She never could have guessed they were telling the truth Soon Cassie finds herself surrounded by other kids her own age who display unusual aptitudes for learning Faced with a camp bully, and hot guys who seem determined to get to know her better, Cassie s life has just gotten a lot interesting, but maybe not for the better Unusual things are happening at the camp, and the counselors are determined to keep everyone in the dark But in a camp designed to encourage brilliant minds, it s only a matter of time before the truth will be revealed.

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      L.A. Kirk Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Unknown book, this is one of the most wanted L.A. Kirk author readers around the world.

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    1. I really liked the concept for this book and I was pretty sure I would really enjoy this one. But in the end it just fell a bit flat for me. There were parts I really enjoyed, but overall I felt like the book didn't fully came alive for me. I liked the camp setting, for some reason I just like reading about camps and the setting was one of the things that caught my attention about this book. Unfortunately the writing style didn't fully work for me and I didn't get that camp feel as much as I had [...]

    2. *Sigh* such a great read, I need more!Hooked from the beginning, Cassie has not had a great start in life, however she is feisty and strong. She is sent to camp and is not particularly happy about it! She is not a people person and plans to run away if she does not like itHowever, she is enjoying herself more than she thought she would, she has made some female friends and her team mates really click with her, but there are strange things happeningWell written this story captured my interest fro [...]

    3. Cassie is a product of the foster system. Her latest family is a good one, but they want to send her to a camp for the gifted. She assumes that is just a codeword for troubled, but when she gets to the camp, she soon realizes that the campers are indeed gifted. She doesn't settle in without a glitch or two. The camp has her listed as a boy, so her room assignment and team assignment are with guys, not girls. The room is easily changed, but team assignments are set. This is fine with Cassie as he [...]

    4. There are so many things I like about this reverse harem series starter. I adore the concept - a summer camp for gifted teens (examples include knowledge of multiple foreign languages, hacker-level computer skills, or prowess in a physical pursuit such as martial arts, etc.) where they are assigned teams and then complete tasks/assignments to earn points towards being the "winning" team at the end of the summer. The reverse harem aspect is solidified when the heroine, Cassie, is assigned to a fi [...]

    5. It’s rare I return ebooks for refunds, especially when they’re only 2.99, but this one offended me. The sample was okay, so I downloaded the full book. But I wouldn’t really call this a book, it’s a serial installment that follows an extreme Mary Sue character around while nothing happens at a summer camp for gifted teens. The writing quality takes a pretty steep dive downhill after the sample section and there’s no real plot. There’s some random mysterious gun shots, jealous bitchy [...]

    6. Cassie Martin finds herself being delivered to summer camp for exceptional kids by her newest and best foster parents so far. She's not thrilled but has plans to stick it out, since she might like these girls and the boys are nice too.I enjoyed the camp story very much with team building and challenges. I would have enjoyed the getting-to-know-me stories spaced over a wider range of time. The four main guys are quite likable and I look forward to learning more about them and their special talent [...]

    7. Cassie Martin gets sent to Camp Odysseus which seems to be a camp for the pretty smart kids. Cassie can speed read, mimic voices and knows multiple foreign languages. As in such books there is a girl, Mindy, who is a total bitch to Cassie.Cassie does have some male friends (they're just friends) who join with her to form a project team. For some reason the camp has the students work on various types of projects almost all the time.This would be pretty normal except she is being lied to frequentl [...]

    8. Cassie, our main character is sent to a camp for gifted teenagers. Sent by her latest foster parents (which from just the glimpse of them they're way better than her last few homes) at first she think it's just to get her out of the way but this camp really is for the gifted and it turns out Cassie is gifted.Cassie meets a few of the other guys. And it turns out they're her team members! The firsted mixed sex team! I really liked the guys and there is something hinky going on at camp, things uns [...]

    9. As a huge fan of the Reverse Harem genre, I found Unknown by LA Kirk to be a fabulous addition to the genre. Unknown is a great start to what promises to be an excellent series of books. Set in what seems to be modern society, the book follows the life of Cassandra, AKA Cassie, Martin, a foster child. As far as main characters go, Cassie is a breath of fresh air. She's sassy, strong, and opinionated with a big heart that she wears on her sleeve similarly along the lines of Lexie from BL Brunnerm [...]

    10. I thoroughly enjoyed Unknown. Cassie is a strong, self-assured character. The trope of the loner foster kid is well used, but I don't think over-done in this instance. My only pet peeve with her character was her tendency to go on screaming rants when defending herself or, more often, the boys. I can respect her standing up for herself to the counselors, but none of the interactions warranted yelling, in my opinion, yet they always ended up there. The boys are fun, and distinctive enough that I [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this new start to a series. LA Kirk gave us a young woman who knows she is different but doesn’t give a damn. Cassie is a young woman who is exceptional in the brains department but hides it. As her foster family sends her away to a summer camp for talented kids she makes new friends. But this summer camp is not all that it seems and there are questions brewing. The intrigue and suspense of what is going on at camp and also the new friendships being formed make for a great sto [...]

    12. This is so far the best read I've had from this author; has improved so much in keeping things interesting all throughout and keeping the characters grow naturally. Only downside is I have to encounter petty characters having no relation to the story except being petty to the MCs and irritating the hell out of me. I hope this one stays contemporaryough lbh, I'll still continue reading even if it comes out and ends up paranormal lmao PS Oh and I would like more povs from the guys hahaha though th [...]

    13. An interesting idea that seems at times poorly-executed, Unknown flips between cringey monologues and an extremely-skilled main-character. As far as the reverse-harem aspect goes, this introductory novel seems pretty generic with it's beginning of the romance-aspect. Cheek-kisses, while cute, seem at odds with Cassie's demeanour (despite her constantly-reaffirmed trust with the boys).I'm curious if this series will head into the supernatural side of reverse harems, but with the intrigue built fr [...]

    14. This book is such a great start for a new series. I loved it so much and I will tell you it seems like it's working it's way up to a great storyline. In this book you get to meet Cassie (she hates being called Cassandra) an orphan who is sent to camp by her current foster parents. While at camp she meets four guys who become really close with her. All through this story we learn more about the group and we watch the bond between all 5 of them grow. Now I love Jay, Parker, Lucca and Noah, and as [...]

    15. It was goodI wasn't sure what rating i wanted to give this book. Originally, I was going to give it three stars due to the short length and cliffhanger. I bumped it up to four stars because the book kept my attention, it was interesting, and I liked the boys. I liked Cassie as well but I didn't like some of her attitude and remarks. I would read the next one if the book was longer. I felt slightly ripped off because I preordered the book unknowing it was a short read.

    16. Possibly the worst book I’ve read that’s written in 1:st person view. I think it might have been better from a third person or at least a change of 1:st person through the book. The epilouge is a nice change. The dialogue is lousy, the characters actions often unrealistic and weird. There is no real character development and the main charactar is uninteresting, which might be the doom of the book since it’s told from her point of view. The idea of story is good, but the result is sadly lac [...]

    17. Fine.I don't really feel like unknown finished a story arc. It seemed to justend. I get it was suppose to be a cliffhanger, but it feels like Kirk hit a predetermined word count and just stopped. I'm giving the Mary Sue maincast a pass because of the setting, but geniuses can (and often do) have flaws. That's what makes them interesting. I didn't regret reading Unknown, but I'm not sure I'll read the sequel.

    18. This was a good book to read. L.A. Kirk gave us a strong female MC who learned to stand up for herself. She isn't a pushover so we don't have to deal with her wilting away from confrontation. The boys are wonderful, supportive, and get her. They protect her but also know she's capable of protecting herself. I love how they get to know each other and I like the team idea. I look forward to the next book and what the mystery is.

    19. I enjoyed this book a great deal. I liked the premise and the characters. The main character has a tough girl persona due to the circumstances of her upbringing but she does show some insecurities and such to make her character believable. I would like to learn more about all of the characters' backgrounds, we only got a glimpse in this first book. I did think a few parts seemed like time rushed by but the overall story was still quite enjoyable. I do look forward to continuing the story!

    20. This book was an amazing start to a new series. Kirk never leaves you disappointed, well she does when the book ends and you have to wait until the next book! I loved Jay. He is by far my favourite guy. I found the guys backgrounds so wrenchingly heartbreaking. They are all semi broken in ways like Cassie. Can not wait for book 2

    21. wow just wow i absolutely loved this book. I was sucked in right away. I love cassies attitude she dosnt take crap from anyone yet sje has a huge soft spot for the boys. The boys are great I love that tjey like her but there friendship means more to rhem then her knowing they like her. I would definitely recommend this book. I cant wait for book two.

    22. Sooo good!!I really liked this book and can't wait for book 2 to see what happensI love Cassie personality an the fact she doesn't take any crap but at the same time you can tell she has a big heart and doesn't want other people sadif you haven't purchased it you should it is a great read!

    23. LA Kirk has another epic start to an intriguing tale with a reverse harem twist. She has drawn us into these characters in a way that has us falling right along with Cassie. The characters were all introduced so well that we have no problem differentiating each one. Of course there is still a huge mystery here that has us avidly anticipating the next book! Well done!

    24. I could not put this book down. Absolutely, read it as fast and as soon as possible. Ignore those Holiday leftovers calling your name and read! I was left wanting more. I want, no, need the sequel urgently. The characters are believable and the background spun for Cassie has the right air of mystery and I can't wait to find out more about her. You're going to love this read from L.A. Kirk.

    25. Loved!!!I really enjoyed this book about super smart kids and the camp they go to. Cassie is my favorite with her fearless, brave, courageous, sweet, loyal, and cool attitude! I loved Parker, Jay, Lucca, and Noah, too. I’m really curious in finding out more about Mr. Smyth and Ms. Carlton, and Kelly’s connection to them too. Can’t wait for the next book!

    26. Unknown was a good mix of mystery and budding romance. I liked the way Cassie’s relationship with the guys wasn’t super obvious. And the mystery of who her mom was and why the people are after her kept my mind thinking. I’m looking forward to book 2.

    27. Loved itThis was a fantastic read. Fun new storyline that I just can't wait to hear the rest of. I love Cassie and her men. I enjoyed the character development and a little stories about each of them. This is really a book that you can get into. Highly recommend it.

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