Grizzwold Grizzwold the lovable bear is having a tough time finding somewhere to live He s too big for most places and too clumsy for others He s not even any good as a live bearskin rug Will Grizzwold ever fi

  • Title: Grizzwold
  • Author: Syd Hoff
  • ISBN: 9780064440578
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback
  • Grizzwold the lovable bear is having a tough time finding somewhere to live He s too big for most places, and too clumsy for others He s not even any good as a live bearskin rug Will Grizzwold ever find a home that s just right

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      443 Syd Hoff
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    1. Syd Hoff

      Whether you re seven or seventy, the chances are you ve probably come in contact with one of his many books 150 plus , or cartoons that have appeared in over 200 magazines in the course of his lifetime, including Laugh it Off which was syndicated for 20 years His comic strip Tuffy, about a little girl who did funny things, was declared essential for national morale during WWII by William Randolph Hearst.Syd has worked in diverse genres He had the distinct honor of working with Alfred Hitchcock and Ellery Queen as a contributor of short fiction writing He was awarded national advertising commissions for large companies such as Chevrolet, Maxwell House Coffee and others He had his own TV show Tales of Hoff on CBS , traveled the world as entertainment on cruise ships and entertained children and teachers in schools and libraries across the country.

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    1. Synopsis: Grizzwold the lovable bear is having a tough time finding somewhere to live. He's too big for most places, and too clumsy for others. He's not even any good as a live bearskin rug! Will Grizzwold ever find a home that's just right?Review: One of my childhood favorites. While it's initial premise is a bit on the depressing side, Grizzwold continually perseveres. Yes, his happy forest home is being destroyed by logging but the loggers are nice, apologize and smile throughout. So somehow [...]

    2. Not a bad book, but I hated the part where the forest was cut down, and the only explanation was "we had to do it - all the trees will be sent down the river to make paper" Really? This is what we teach our kids about conservation?

    3. This one made me laugh as it's entirely random and unpredictable - your child will *not* get bored with this read. It's pretty guaranteed. Reading Level: K -2nd grades

    4. Reason for Reading: My son read aloud to me as his reader.Grizzwold is typical Syd Hoff. Wonderful, expressive, humorous illustrations decorate a funny story with a subtle message and an oversized lovable main character. Grizzwold is a huge bear, the biggest in the forest. Soon there is a bang and he sees men chopping down trees until one day there are no trees in the forest. Grizzwold takes the men to task and they apologize but explain they are loggers and how paper must be made. Grizzwold can [...]

    5. easy to read book number 5 - this book starts with grizzwold and how big of a bear he is. Three bunnies can fit in his footprint and the river only goes up to his knees. There are lumberjacks who come and cut down all the trees and grizzwold can not live there anymore so he tries to find another place to live. He asks the mountain goat, prairie wolf, and desert lizard where the forest is and they tell him to keep going. He then tries to be a bear rug in someone's house and a bear in the circus b [...]

    6. Hoff, S. (1984). Grizzwold. New York: HarperCollins Publishers. This is a good book of a loveable bear that has a hard time finding a place to live, after his forest starts to disappear when the trees get chopped down. The bear searches everywhere for a forest and finds different homes that are not for him. The bear seems to have outrageous and humorous adventures throughout. What a catchy way to fictionalize this humorous bear with yet a realistic reality of our vanishing forests and animals of [...]

    7. Honestly this is a classic easy reader and it was nice to share it with my kids who enjoyed it as much as I did years ago. Grizzwold lives in a forest that is being cut down so he leaves to search for a new home. He almost doesn't find one until a park ranger steps in to assure him a spot in a national park. Of course, the hunters with their guns will completely freak out some parentsbut c'est la vie!

    8. Reading Level: Pre-KGenre: FantasyReview: How sad it is that this book wasn't a part of my childhood--it is just wonderful! The story follows Grizzwold the bear, who travels from place to place looking for a new home after his forest is cut down. I found myself laughing out loud the entire way through. The colored pencil illustrations are just perfect, and add a wonderful sense of humor to the book.

    9. Follow Grizzwold on his journey to find a suitable home! It's a very cute story about a bear finding his place in the world. You will fall in love with all his quirks and relate to him easily! Perfect for your little ones who are just learning to read! When I was little we had this book so long it was torn and doodled on! Everyone needs this book on there bookshelf!

    10. This book is about a bear named Grizzwold who has to find a new home because men are cutting down the forest he lives in. Grizzwold goes all over looking for a new place to live, and eventually finds a national park where he decides to live. I enjoyed this book, and I thought it had a good message behind it as well.

    11. A great little tale for indoctrinating your child against two of the greatest human evils--you know, cutting down trees and hunting. Poor, poor, Grizzwold. Let us be thankful for National Parks, though, where friendly bears, if only left unmolested, will happily smile and wave to people!

    12. This is a good book to read with beginning readers. Syd Hoff's simple narrative and cartoonish illustrations are sure to entertain young children and encourage them in their reading. Our girls like Syd Hoff's stories.

    13. This is a great book for first-graders. It tells the story of a bear who is too big for his home (which is being cut down). He struggles to find a place to live, and eventually settles in a national park. It's a great book because it's readable and has some character development and plot.

    14. He was climbing up a tree and looking for a new forest. He went along and he saw a city. Then, people were wanting to have him and then he almost became a carpet.

    15. My favorite book as a youngin'. I didn't want to give it back to the library and cried when I had to. My mom gave me my own copy when I graduated from college.

    16. I don't know what it is about this book, but I really like it. That's good because I have to read it every single night for three weeks now.

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