The Golden Fool

The Golden Fool Fitz has succeeded in rescuing Prince Dutiful from the clutches of the Piebald rebels and has returned with him to Buckkeep castle With Dutiful safe again Queen Kettricken can proceed with plans to

  • Title: The Golden Fool
  • Author: Robin Hobb
  • ISBN: 9780006486022
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Fitz has succeeded in rescuing Prince Dutiful from the clutches of the Piebald rebels, and has returned with him to Buckkeep castle With Dutiful safe again, Queen Kettricken can proceed with plans to marry him to the Outislander princess, Elliania.However, with tensions building among the peoples of the Six Duchies over Kettricken s tolerance of the Wittted, even BuckkeepFitz has succeeded in rescuing Prince Dutiful from the clutches of the Piebald rebels, and has returned with him to Buckkeep castle With Dutiful safe again, Queen Kettricken can proceed with plans to marry him to the Outislander princess, Elliania.However, with tensions building among the peoples of the Six Duchies over Kettricken s tolerance of the Wittted, even Buckkeep is no longer safe A reluctant Fitz is assigned to protect the young prince, and also train him in the Skill, and in doing so he finally makes contact not only with his estranged daughter, Nettle, but with someone in Buckkeep who may possess a greater Skill talent even than Fitz And who may represent a terrible threat to the Farseers.Meanwhile, Elliania arrives and, before she will accept Prince Dutiful s betrothal, challenges him to undertake an impossible quest He must kill a legendary Outislander dragon.

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      I am shocked to find that some people think a 2 star I liked it rating is a bad rating What I liked it I LIKED it That means I read the whole thing, to the last page, in spite of my life raining comets on me It s a good book that survives the reading process with me If a book is so so, it ends up under the bed somewhere, or maybe under a stinky judo bag in the back of the van So a 2 star from me means,yes, I liked the book, and I d loan it to a friend and it went everywhere in my jacket pocket or purse until I finished it A 3 star means that I ve ignored friends to finish it and my sink is full of dirty dishes A 4 star means I m probably in trouble with my editor for missing a deadline because I was reading this book But I want you to know I don t finish books I don t like There s too many good ones out there waiting to be found.Robin Hobb is the author of three well received fantasy trilogies The Farseer Trilogy Assassin s Apprentice, Royal Assassin, and Assassin s Quest , The Liveship Traders Trilogy Ship of Magic, Mad Ship and Ship of Destiny and the Tawny Man Trilogy Fool s Errand, Golden Fool, and Fool s Fate Her current work in progress is entitled Shaman s Crossing Robin Hobb lives and works in Tacoma, Washington, and has been a professional writer for over 30 years.In addition to writing, her interests include gardening, mushrooming, and beachcombing She and her husband Fred have three grown children and one teenager, and three grand children.She also writes as Megan Lindholm, and works under that name have been finalists for the Hugo award, the Nebula Award, and the Endeavor award She has twice won an Isaac Asimov s Science Fiction Readers Award.

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    1. This was almost another 5 stars read, this was almost as good as Fool’s Errand, but it wasn’t due to the second book syndrome that is quite evident here.The Golden Fool is almost completely a preparation and transition book for the big conclusion in the next installment. It’s all about laying foundations and moving the characters to have the right convictions and motivation to save the world. Though, knowing Fitz, he’ll probably brood about it still. Because of this plot direction, there [...]

    2. Fitz is in a bad way, and it’s not surprising considering what happened at the end of the last novel. We all knew it was coming eventually, but I honestly didn’t expect it so soon. I guess age finally catches up with us all. But for Fitz, he has lost half his soul; he will never be quite the same again.Is this an excuse to finally return? What his loss has granted him is loneliness. And this forces him back into an old life. He picks up the old tools of the trade, his axe and his poisons: he [...]

    3. Loved this to bits! Especially the last few pages. Cannot wait for book 3 to arrive so I can dive right back in!

    4. "If you think I've never known love, then you don't know anything about me."This is a five star novel, Heaven knows it to be true. This novel second in the Tawny man trilogy continues the story of our older FitzChivarly, or as we've come to know him: Tom Badgerlock. Hobb delivers yet another remarkable read; the plot, the characters, the Wit, the Skill, the dialogue- oh gosh the dialogue, it was insane! I loved every moment, yes, it may have taken me longer than usual to finish, but I'm glad I t [...]

    5. After reviewing 7 previous Robin Hobb books, I feel like a broken record. So instead of making a new review, I decided to dig up all the previous ones and mash them together:Some of the biggest sized words read: I just really love.And I do!I love her writing.I love her characters (well, most of them. the others, i just love despising them) I love how she makes me care.I love how she keeps me guessing. And most of all, I love how I have five more books to go set in this world. Four more days and [...]

    6. What is this book? Well, it's the continuation of Fitz's storyline. It's also the continuation of the Fool's storyline and Bukkeep's storyline. I would also go so far as to say that this is the continuation of the Elderlings world. This book, although focused on Fitz most of the time, is actually a story which traverses the boundaries of the two series we've previously read in this world. Whilst before now we have had small easter egg references to events or people within one of the other series [...]

    7. I can't say this is my favorite Robin Hobb book, but that is like saying it is not my favorite type of chocolate. It's still fucking delicious.I just felt that this one dragged a bit more and while a lot happened there was really no resolution. It is the second book in a trilogy, but in the first book I felt like things were accomplished even though it was nowhere near the end.Then I started this and so many plots were set into motion that I'm not sure how she can wrap them all up in one more bo [...]

    8. Close to 5 stars. This trilogy is murdering me right in the feelings. I'm almost afraid to read the third book - I need an emotional breather for a bit before I dive in. I'll be doing a video review on Hobb's first three fantasy trilogies (no spoilers) after I finish Tawny Man, so stay tuned for more thoughts.

    9. I'm enjoying this Trilogy so far even more than the previous two in the series. Robin Hobb's writing is either getting better or I am just increasingly more invested in the characters of her world - probably both. Either way, Hobb's characterization is second to none. She can make you feel the joy of friendship rekindled or the rift of a lover's quarrel or the grief that come's with a close companion's death. Let us now pause a moment to remember NightEyesThe other thing that made this book very [...]

    10. My dear goodread friends Halima says I should totally read this book. Let's find out if she is right about it ;)

    11. This book was good, but for the most part I felt like it was just filling in the story between the first and the third book in this Tawny Man trilogy. Not a lot happens, and everything is a build-up to the big adventure we will encounter in book three.I wasn't at any point eager to get back to this book and read it, but when I did read I liked it because it is entertaining and in many ways thought-provoking. Fitz is a likeable man, and that goes for almost all of the other characters as well. So [...]

    12. It's getting more and more difficult for me to articulate what I love about these books. It's a combination of so many things. Fitz has become one of my all-time favorite characters, along with many of his friends. The world of the Elderlings is endlessly fascinating. There's a deep history there - in the Six Duchies and beyond - that I want to know about. The magic in this series is captivating and mysterious - I always want to experience more of the Skill and the Wit. Robin Hobb's writing is m [...]

    13. Right then. Firstly, this isn't really going to be a proper review. All the Realm of the Elderlings books that I have read to this point have been unique, well written and have impressed me. This one is no different and I would hate to sound like a broken record. Also if your looking at reviews for this book then you should already know by now how good Hobb is at grand stories, real characters and character development, and tormenting the reader with a fantastic plot. If your looking at reviews [...]

    14. This is my third time of reading The Tawny Man series and I still enjoy it just as much as the first time. The Golden Fool doesn't have middle book syndrome, there isn't much of a plot but a lot happens and it's all about exploring and building relationships between Fitz, Fool, Dutiful, Chade and of course Thick. It is in fact my favourite of all the books in the series. It's extremely painful to read in parts, especially the explosive argument between Fitz and the Fool. It was upsetting to see [...]

    15. Here we are again, the middle book of a Hobb trilogy. I really think she hits her stride in these second books. The pace has built up a bit from the first, and it sets up the third one nicely. There were a couple of emotional scenes in this that are certainly appreciated by a long time reader of this overall series. I won't go into it, but they alone made this book something special. I hope they are a good preview of what's to come in Book #3, which I'll be starting soon.

    16. More of the same, if that more included staying up way too late each night, ignoring my life so I can pretend I'm a 30-something royal bastard assassin and visceral emotions running the gamut from horror to delight to despondency to the sad slow head shake of inevitability. So crazily well written it hurts.My only complaint is people in this book need to stop concerning themselves about what goes on in two consenting adults's bedchambers. Evolve already!

    17. It's hard to be objective, because this is one of my favourite books of all time. After seven volumes, we're now so deeply into the mind of FitzChivalry Farseer that it feels like a second home, and while some may complain that nothing whatsoever happens in this book (they'd be wrong - a lot happens in this book, there just isn't really a plot), I rejoiced in being given the time and space to see more of Fitz dealing with ordinary life. Hobb's great stylistic strength might be the way that she t [...]

    18. This series man. I loved this series and wanted to throw it against the wall so many times. The main character especially challenged me as a reader. Fitz is, without a question, a immensely believable character. If for no other reason then that there are so many times you want to slap him for being so often fallible. He is by no means perfect and he makes many selfish or foolhardy decisions. But that only wants you to want that much more for him to improve and succeed. The relationship between h [...]

    19. ”To recognize you are the source of your own loneliness is not a cure for it. But it is a step toward seeing that it is not inevitable, and that such a choice is not irrevocable”Often times we blame a situation or a person for our own misery and I appreciate Fitz accepting that ‘his unwillingness in changing what is within his psyche’ is to blame and realizing that acknowledging the pain is only but a step towards healing.Fitz is put into situations that there is no escaping from; Chade [...]

    20. Superb second part! There are a lot of things which relates it to the events from The Liveship Traders, a lot of revelations and some other turnabouts which I did not see coming. And even if Fitz’ misfortunes did not forsake him, yet I get the feeling that the wheel is starting to spin – very slowly but there is a movement; I really hope I’m not mistaken.Now, lets see where the path takes our heroes in their ultimate quest and what happens with the black one from the tales

    21. Ghosts of notes:~ When I can face pain and regrets and meaningful friendships again, I should reread Chapter 5, "Shared Sorrows." It is sublime.~ Also, Chapters 15 ("Quarrel"), 16 ("Fathers") and 20 ("Coterie").Flow, my tears .

    22. Lo ha vuelto a hacer.Amo a Robin Hobb. Tanto por su escritura como por los personajes que es capaz de crear. Siguiendo la historia de Traspié, podemos adentrarnos un poco más en la historia de los mañosos, de las Islas del Margen y de todas aquellas ciudades que hemos conocido en los libros anteriores.Es verdad que, en parte, se me está haciendo más pesado: y es que cuando terminas el libro piensas en lo que ha avanzado y es muy poco y mira que el libro tiene 1000 páginas. Pero el libro te [...]

    23. Golden Fool takes the foundation that Fool’s Errand establishes and just adds so much more in a familiar setting that any Hobb fan would be happy in, Buckkeep Castle. It is difficult to tell what this book is about without spoiling other Robin Hobb books but suffice to say that there is a greater emphasis on the Wit, the magic that allows people to commune with animals, and also foreign relations. The Six Duchies is establishing itself in the world as a powerful ally and other kingdoms are now [...]

    24. I may have expressed some disappointment in my review of ‘Fool’s Errand’ that there just wasn’t enough court intrigue to get my teeth into. Hobb more than makes up for it in the second volume of this trilogy – there is court intrigue at every possible vantage point; Fitz spends so much time hidden in spy tunnels I pictured him constantly covered in dust and cobwebs – so why have I still come away feeling not completely satisfied?As befits a middle novel, there are numerous strands co [...]

    25. The more I read of Robin Hobb's books, the more I berate myself from not reading them earlier in my life. I don't know how they escaped me, but I'm catching up, at a pace! Having read the Assasins Trilogy, and Fools Errand I am already deeply in love with the Fool and deeply frustrated with Fitz. He blunders his way through life with rarely a lesson learned. He cannot see the love is in front of his face, and longs for a dream of Molly and a family that he chose not to persue. This story continu [...]

    26. Executive Summary: I really enjoyed this book, and found myself staying up till 2 in the morning and rudely reading while visiting with family on Christmas Eve just to finish it.Full ReviewThere isn't a lot for me to really say about this book without getting into spoilers. Robin Hobb seems to find a way make you really care about her characters and suck you into the story even when it's just day to day living. Of course Fitz's days are a tad bit more interesting than your average person.It also [...]

    27. Según iba avanzando el libro más me iba enganchando. No sobra ni una letra ni un signo de puntuación. En todo momento pasan cosas que le dan más emoción si cabe a la historia.Vamos a por el último, por una parte con pena por terminar la saga y por otra deseando de ver como la culmina.

    28. Este libro ¡ha sido muy emocionante! (Sobre todo la segunda mitad, la primera ha sido Hobb mostrándonos el día a día de nuestros Traspié).

    29. I couldn't put this book down but it made me hella angsty, especially the parts about Fitz and the Fool. Although it's clearly Fitz and his culture who are anti-gay, I still felt like Hobbs does a disservice by casting the Fool in the role of the "tragic homosexual" (glbtq/arts/film,2ml if you need some context - a lonely gay person who is hopelessly in love with a straight person and/or doomed to spend their life alone and unhappy). Admittedly, my romantic wish for Fitz to be in love with the F [...]

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