Rose of No Man's Land

Rose of No Man s Land When there s nowhere to go but up why bother going anyplace at all Fourteen year old Trisha Driscoll is a hungry machine taking in her hometown of Mogsfield Massachusetts a place that has shameless

  • Title: Rose of No Man's Land
  • Author: Michelle Tea
  • ISBN: 9781596921603
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When there s nowhere to go but up, why bother going anyplace at all Fourteen year old Trisha Driscoll is a hungry machine, taking in her hometown of Mogsfield, Massachusetts a place that has shamelessly surrendered to neon signs, theme restaurants, and cookie cutter chain stores Cynical but naive, Trisha observes the disappointing world from the ignored perspective ofWhen there s nowhere to go but up, why bother going anyplace at all Fourteen year old Trisha Driscoll is a hungry machine, taking in her hometown of Mogsfield, Massachusetts a place that has shamelessly surrendered to neon signs, theme restaurants, and cookie cutter chain stores Cynical but naive, Trisha observes the disappointing world from the ignored perspective of a teenager creepy guys, the unfathomable sadness of the elderly, illegal tattoos, and the wild kingdom of mall culture After being hired and abruptly fired from the most popular shop at the absurd and kaleidoscopic Square One Mall, Trisha finds herself linked up with a chain smoking, physically stunted mall rat named Rose, and her life shifts into manic overdrive A whirlwind exploration of poverty and dropouts, Rose of No Man s Land is the world according to Trisha a furious love story between two weirdo girls, brimming with snarky observations and soulful wonderings on the dazzle flash emptiness of contemporary culture.

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      168 Michelle Tea
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    About "Michelle Tea"

    1. Michelle Tea

      Michelle Tea born Michelle Tomasik is an American author, poet, and literary arts organizer whose autobiographical works explore queer culture, feminism, race, class, prostitution, and other topics She is originally from Chelsea, Massachusetts and currently lives in San Francisco Her books, mostly memoirs, are known for their views into the queercore community In 2012 Tea partnered with City Lights Publishers to form the Sister Spit imprint.

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    1. How to describe this.Okay, how about this. Take Blake Nelson's "Girl" and have her embark on lesbian sex-fest with "Mrs. Dalloway" and jack her on up crystal meth and make her sweaty and grimy and tattoo-covered and roll her around in some period blood and you'll have "Rose of No Man's Land." (The reference to "Mrs. Dalloway" is not about literary quality as much as it's about the whole conceit of using stream-of-consciousness to track a day in a character's life.) This is the thing about Michel [...]

    2. On-hiatus indefinitely/DNF. DNF on page 17.I really don't have the urge to read this right now, and I'm sure my friend (irl) wants this book back. I feel bad that I've borrowed her books for so long.

    3. Tonight, as I read the explosive conclusion of this book in the unseasonable heat my head was rushing and I could almost feel Rose's touch, burnt out on liquor, sweat, and the amphetamine texture of Tea's prose.That's what it feels like when you're waiting and sometimes searching for someone to love or something to change everything or something, anything to reach out and touch, to connect to on some level just so something will change at all and you don't fucking rot under the crushing weight o [...]

    4. Wow, this book is quite a trip. The first half is mostly just gearing up for the second half, in which our protagonist, Trisha, goes on an adventure with an exciting girl she's just met, Rose. There's alcohol and heavy drugs, there's stealing, there are creepy men, there's trespassing and tattoos. and there's some romance between the girls, of course.But the thing is, I liked the first half of Rose of No Man's Land better than the second half. Did I mention that these are fourteen year old girls [...]

    5. Following on the heels of her graphic novel Rent Girl (2005), the award-winning Valencia (2001), about San Francisco prostitution, and The Beautiful (2003), a collection of poetry, Rose of No Man's Land is Tea's first novel. Critics describe it as raw, honest, confident, hilarious, unpretentious, cynical, and poignant__and agree that among coming-of-age novels, Tea's voice rings true. Narrated by Trisha, the novel takes place over one day, which stretched credibility for some critics. Yet Tea's [...]

    6. Gulpable YA that I was kind of surprised to like, since the plot features teenaged girl-girl betrayal, shoplifting, hitchhiking, destruction of property, and snorting crystal meth while drinking vodka energy drinks (and then getting tattooed). And I loved it. The androgyne-female narrator speaks in capitalized letters ("Whatever, I Don't Really Give A Shit About Hair, I said") and everyone else's utterances are in italics, a bold technical move that gives the novel its flavor. It was just really [...]

    7. That meth binge was the most uplifting thing about this book about a disadvantaged lesbian coming of age. Also, I was not a big fan of Michelle Tea's overly descriptive writing style. This book took place over the course of about three or four days in a young woman's life and yet, it felt like years.

    8. Holy crap its GREAT! I forgot how much I adore her and want to be her. Quiet my mind and remember the details of all the fkd up shit that has happened. Details baby, it's in the details.

    9. Overall, I felt a little let down by Michelle Tea's Rose of No Man's Land. I probably ought to preface that statement by saying that I have unreasonably high expectations of young adult literature, at least when judged against the common standard these types of books are held to, but that notwithstanding I still felt let down - the kind of let down that can only come from an experience that was decent but had the potential to be so much more.First off, the characterization. Michelle Tea crafts t [...]

    10. oh boy. here we go. michelle tea. is there an author i like less? i don't think so. why do i torture myself by reading her books? i have hated all of them, with the exception of the chelsea whistle, which i merely disliked quite a bit. she's like francesca lia block for queers--substance-less, mind-breakingly boring, content to rest of the laurels of sub-cultural associations in lieu of actual plot & character development, untaxingly insipid (i imagine this works well for people who have to [...]

    11. My opinion on this book is pretty much the opposite of the rest of the reviews here. I found it at the library & thought it looked interesting, which it definitely was. It was disturbing. I thought the 1st 10 or so chapters were great, reading about what Trisha's life was like & trying to figure out where she fit in, & reading about the mall, plus the writing is really good. The names the author gave the stores were pretty obvious which ones she meant (she called Hot Topic "Dark Subj [...]

    12. Pretty rare to find a coming-of-age novel that's not drenched in polemic. I thought Tea captured that teenage moment pretty well: a kind of impotent self-awareness, longing for what seems inaccessible and maybe some fear that things won't ever change. (I'm still holding onto that fear when it comes to the world, but the personal dimensions have shifted radically.) The protagonist is pretty kick-arse, too, which is always fun - ey reminds somewhat of the working class girl in My Summer of Love, m [...]

    13. I loved this book, but there's no way I would recommend it to a teen. It has a lot of scenes about doing crystal meth and it's edgy and gritty. That said, I really enjoyed it. The premise begins when a gender neutral girl named Trisha takes a job at a clothing store called Ohmigod! in a mall in her town. She is soon fired, but meets a girl named Rose, who works at Clown in a box, a place in the mall that sells all varieties of fried food (deep fried veggies, corn dogs, Mars bars, everything!).Th [...]

    14. This was an impulse read from the library. It wasn't fantastic, but definitely not horrible, and better than just okay. It's your typical down-and-out girl's coming of age story, complete with a strange new friend and a drug-fueled lesbian experience. Yadda yadda yadda.Some major points were scored in my eyes by the author using The X-Files as an adjective.And as a completely irrelevant sidenote, I kinda wish my last name was Tea.

    15. I loved this book, a queer, outsider, working class story. This kind of writing makes me really happy, I just wish there was more queer guys writing stuff like this.

    16. Plot: This book covers Trisha's first few days of summer after 9th grade, (I think this makes her 15 I'm not overly familiar with the american grades and what they need). Trisha's family consists of a Mum who is a hypochondriac, her Mum's slob of a boyfriend Donnie and her bossy big sister who is obsessed with the idea of getting on the reality tv show called 'Real World'. The main plot of the novel is Trish getting a summer job at the mall, meeting Rose. This is a bad ass coming of age story fu [...]

    17. I'm not sure calling this a "fun" read is quite accurate, though it is a lot of fun if you have the necessary constitution. A sort of Catcher in the Rye for folks who appreciate New England teens losing control in the depths of a crystal binge, it's the story of a 14-year-old girl in a failed family growing up in Connecticut, making her first friend and then some bad decisions, though it all turns out fairly well in the end. Definitely not a YA book for anyone under 18, I'd say, but at that age [...]

    18. It was really fun to read, but it felt a little disjointed. It's a novel that maybe should have been a short story? The first half and the second half feel like two separate narratives, the second being much more captivating.

    19. I enjoyed this queercore coming of age book from Michelle Tea. Tea explores the life of a working class, gender bending teen who discovers her sexuality/sexual orientation in one crazy day during the first week of her summer vacation. All in one day, Trisha gets hired at the mall, steals, lies, assists others in stealing, gets fired, does crystal, loses her virginity, hitchhikes, gets drunk, rips off a child pornster, and wreaks havoc on the glittering oceanfront strip filled with gawdy, neon-gl [...]

    20. Mogsfield, Massachusetts is a nowhere town, a backwater with little to offer. There’s the high school and the vocational school and strip malls as far as the eye can see. Trisha Driscoll is a 14-year-old loner with a hypochondriac Mom who lazes on the couch all day and lets Trish drink beer, a disgusting-excuse-for-a-man step-Dad-type who eats ramen like it was potato chips, and a popularity-hound sister, Kristy, whose big dream involves getting onto MTV’s Real World. Here is how the film [...]

    21. This is one of those novels that is so achingly, uncomfortably realistic that it left me thinking about the main character, Trisha Driscoll, long after I closed the book. Fourteen year old, Trisha thinks of herself as a loner. She has no close friends and spends a lot of time in her room, drinking beer stolen from her mother's loser boyfriend. Her mother rarely leaves the house, actually rarely leaves the couch, and she invents new diseases each day to explain her situation. Her older sister, Kr [...]

    22. Funny and profane account of teenage Trish's first few days of summer, starting when she misses the last day of ninth grade because her family doesn't care enough to wake her when her alarm clock shorts out. With a couch-ridden mother who diagnoses herself with every disease discussed on TV, an aggressively optimistic sister angling to get on MTV's Real World, and a long-departed dad who is probably getting high in the Louisiana swamps, Trish seems headed for a summer of loneliness and closet al [...]

    23. Young, but I had expected that. I wanted to pick up Valencia in anticipation of the film, but this is what the Free Library of Philadelphia had, so this is what I got.Michelle Tea's writing style is always a treat, but I can't help but wonder how many books she can write about teenaged lesbians doing drugs and discovering their sexual identities. There are a lot of gems in here (particularly the bathroom scene with Trish and Rose ahhhhh I understand completely how that feels!), but it fizzled ou [...]

    24. Interesting coming-of-age story that revolves around the main character, Trisha, meeting a girl named Rose the first day of her first ever job at the mall (which she held for only part of a day). They go on a whirlwind adventure together, and a great many firsts happen, including Trisha's first romantic encounter, which is with a girl.The dialogue is real, feels very teenage, suburban and hopeless the sexual content is fiery in spots. Reminded me of my first experience with a girl (the identity [...]

    25. What was I just part of?This reads like an unedited manuscript, complete with writerly errors: your instead of you're, it's instead of its, then instead of than. The formatting on my ebook was messed up and the punctuation was inconsistent.And then there's the matter of plot, or somewhat lack thereof. Trisha, a gender-bendy lone wolf goes on an unexpected adventure, starting with a day-long stint in a thinly-veiled Wet Seal, then going on to a drug and sex fueled hitchhiking excursion with a gir [...]

    26. Trisha's life is not exactly thrilling. Her mother is a hypochrondriac on disability, and her father is a junkie and is rumored to be in Louisiana somewhere. The best thing that can be said for Donnie, her mother's boyfriend, is that he doesn't try to molest Trisha or her older sister, Kristy. Kristy's the only one who has any ambition -- and her main ambition is to get on MTV's "The Real World" by documenting how screwed up her family is. Trisha feels like she's ready for something -- anything! [...]

    27. I loved this book. I loved the characters, the plot, the writing style I ended up reading this all at once because I couldn't put it down. It made me think about some kind of intense things that have happened in my own life, and I kind of like it when a book does that to me. I like Michelle Tea's writing style and the way she isn't afraid to talk about intense subjects. The tragic way that Kristy was so desperate to get on the Real World and the way working at a mall hair salon was the best job [...]

    28. Dude I fucking love this book. It's fun, honest (or raw if you're into that), worrisome and cathartic. It derives it's value from the fact that with a step or two down on the social latter the events of this book could have easily happened to anybody. Think of, how close you were to the places Trisha and Rose terrorized, All those hours you spent in Chinese buffets as a teen, or in the mall, and of all the sick looking kids in high school, or even your sick looking self at 14. With some edgy twi [...]

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