James Herriot's Yorkshire

James Herriot s Yorkshire A Guided Tour Through the Beloved Land of All Creatures Great and Small Takes readers on a delightful walking tour of the land he brought to life in his memoirs Glorious color photography is supplemen

  • Title: James Herriot's Yorkshire
  • Author: James Herriot
  • ISBN: 9780553204964
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A Guided Tour Through the Beloved Land of All Creatures Great and Small.Takes readers on a delightful walking tour of the land he brought to life in his memoirs Glorious color photography is supplemented by Herriot s own irresistable descriptions.

    James Herriot s Yorkshire A Guided Tour With the Beloved Apr , James Herriot s Yorkshire A Guided Tour With the Beloved Veterinarian Through the Land of All Creatures Great And Small And Every Living Thing, Gloriously Photographed and Memorably Described James Herriot, Derry Brabbs on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Here is James Herriot s best selling personal tour through the beautiful, almost magical land of All Creatures James Herriots Yorkshire James Herriot Apr , James Herriots Yorkshire James Herriot on FREE shipping on qualifying offers James Herriot writes about the glorious moors, the gentle dales, dry stone walls and sturdy farmhouses James Herriot s Yorkshire Nov , Directed by Joy Perino With David Wilkinson, Ruth Hudson, Jack Watkinson, James Herriot Filmed in super mm widescreen format JAMES HERRIOT S YORKSHIRE features the breathtaking scenery of Wensleydale, Swaledale, Coverdale, Thirsk, Sutton Bank, Captain Cook country, Scarborough, Robin Hood s Bay, York and Harrogate as well as featuring the people and animals so often associated with Herriot World of James Herriot Thirsk All You Need to We recommend booking World of James Herriot tours ahead of time to secure your spot If you book with TripAdvisor, you can cancel up to hours before your tour starts for a full refund See all World of James Herriot tours on TripAdvisor James Herriot s Yorkshire by James Herriot James Herriot s Yorkshire A Guided Tour Through the Beloved Land of All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot Bantam . James Herriot walks through the land where he lived and that he loved so well My rating , finished . James Herriot s Yorkshire A Guided Tour with the Beloved Apr , James Herriot s Yorkshire A Guided Tour with the Beloved Veterinarian James Herriot, Derry Brabbs on FREE shipping on qualifying offers The dedicated British veterinarian conducts a guided tour through the land of All Creatures Great and Small with walks and drives over the beautiful rolling countryside where he lives and works James Herriot s Yorkshire Revisited James Herriot, Jim Jul , James Herriot s Yorkshire Revisited James Herriot, Jim Wight on FREE shipping on qualifying offers James Herriot lived and worked in North Yorkshire, England, for over fifty years, first and foremost as a vet Private Tours of North Yorkshire Herriot Country Tours Herriot Country Tours will take you on a private tour of James Herriot s Yorkshire Dales, the North Yorkshire Moors, Lake District Northumberland.

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    1. James Herriot

      James Herriot is the pen name of James Alfred Wight, OBE, FRCVS also known as Alf Wight, an English veterinary surgeon and writer Wight is best known for his semi autobiographical stories, often referred to collectively as All Creatures Great and Small, a title used in some editions and in film and television adaptations.In 1939, at the age of 23, he qualified as a veterinary surgeon with Glasgow Veterinary College In January 1940, he took a brief job at a veterinary practice in Sunderland, but moved in July to work in a rural practice based in the town of Thirsk, Yorkshire, close to the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors, where he was to remain for the rest of his life The original practice is now a museum, The World of James Herriot.Wight intended for years to write a book, but with most of his time consumed by veterinary practice and family, his writing ambition went nowhere Challenged by his wife, in 1966 at the age of 50 , he began writing In 1969 Wight wrote If Only They Could Talk, the first of the now famous series based on his life working as a vet and his training in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War Owing in part to professional etiquette which at that time frowned on veterinary surgeons and other professionals from advertising their services, he took a pen name, choosing James Herriot If Only They Could Talk was published in the United Kingdom in 1970 by Michael Joseph Ltd, but sales were slow until Thomas McCormack, of St Martin s Press in New York City, received a copy and arranged to have the first two books published as a single volume in the United States The resulting book, titled All Creatures Great and Small, was an overnight success, spawning numerous sequels, movies, and a successful television adaptation.In his books, Wight calls the town where he lives and works Darrowby, which he based largely on the towns of Thirsk and Sowerby He also renamed Donald Sinclair and his brother Brian Sinclair as Siegfried and Tristan Farnon, respectively Wight s books are only partially autobiographical Many of the stories are only loosely based on real events or people, and thus can be considered primarily fiction.The Herriot books are often described as animal stories Wight himself was known to refer to them as his little cat and dog stories , and given that they are about the life of a country veterinarian, animals certainly play a significant role in most of the stories Yet animals play a lesser, sometimes even a negligible role in many of Wight s tales the overall theme of his stories is Yorkshire country life, with its people and their animals primary elements that provide its distinct character Further, it is Wight s shrewd observations of persons, animals, and their close inter relationship, which give his writing much of its savour Wight was just as interested in their owners as he was in his patients, and his writing is, at root, an amiable but keen comment on the human condition The Yorkshire animals provide the element of pain and drama the role of their owners is to feel and express joy, sadness, sometimes triumph The animal characters also prevent Wight s stories from becoming twee or melodramatic animals, unlike some humans, do not pretend to be ailing, nor have they imaginary complaints and needless fears Their ill health is real, not the result of flaws in their character which they avoid mending In an age of social uncertainties, when there seem to be no remedies for anything, Wight s stories of resolute grappling with mysterious bacterial foes or severe injuries have an almost heroic quality, giving the reader a sense of assurance, even hope Best of all, James Herriot has an abundant humour about himself and his difficulties He never feels superior to any living thing, and is ever eager to learn about animal doctoring, and about his fellow human creaturecmillan author jamesh

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    1. If all of All Creatures Great and Small and Every Living Thing is not enough for you, in essence, if you are a James Herriot junky, I've got just the book for you!James Herriot's Yorkshire: A Guided Tour Through the Beloved Land of All Creatures Great and Small is what you want! Herein the author of all those wondrously delightful tales about the life of a country vet in (approximately) 1940s Yorkshire, England takes his fans on a walkabout tour of the Dales where he once practiced. This is an o [...]

    2. Very nice coffee table book showing the parts of the Yorkshire dales in the All Creatures Great and Small series.

    3. This beautifully-photographed book prompted me to spent a week discovering Yorkshire about twenty years ago. The book came with me. Yorkshire was even more beautiful than the book had promised: rolling dales, becks, sheep everywhere, wild moors, cobbled market towns, wonderful food and drink. Our brakes failed on a steep hill and we were forced to take refuge in a pub in a tiny village for hours while the mechanic fixed our car; that was how we found the best beer in Yorkshire and the best sandw [...]

    4. If you loved this series the way that I do ( I even have the entire DVD set of the BBC series) this book is awesome. As it shows some of the areas that Mr. Herriot talks about in the series. What a terrific man who led a terrifically wonderful life!

    5. Just the thing for a walking tour of the Yorkshire Dales. I've actually driven through there. That part hadn't changed much after several decades.

    6. A short tour through the actual countryside the beloved vet traveled with some explanations on how he changed things for his stories. Pictures are included & not bad. It is beautiful countryside.

    7. James Herriot, author of All Creatures Great and Small, presents a descriptive and pictorial work on some of his favorite places in Yorkshire. He presents places, towns and landscapes through rambling walks, day trips, vacation and getaway spots, periods in his life and locations associated with specific people and friends. There is no doubt that Herriot loved Yorkshire and between his work and his explorations visited most of it. The book has some great photography taken in the late seventies, [...]

    8. This is a fairly old book, first published in 1979. The book covers many of the areas of Yorkshire that James Herriot wrote about in his books.If you are a fan of his books, or the TV series, you will enjoy this book. He writes about a number of places which have enchanted him over a period of more than 40 years. The book is accompanied by pictures, albeit black and white, and not always high wuality.The book is a quick and easy read.

    9. I got this book for Christmas when I was a child, and it's been a great pleasure to revisit it after all these years. One side of my family is from North Yorkshire, so I enjoyed the photos of the area near where my ancestors lived. The text is warm and rather sentimental, with many references to the author's famous books, but it's the photographs that really make this volume shine.

    10. Lovely pictorial and tour of Yorkshire, including a map showing the areas. I am prepared to follow this tour in the fall as we visit the area. Now I can read the series books and visualize where James Herriot leads me.

    11. I loved being able to see the places that were described in James Herriot's books. How amazing to think that he was able to spend his life surrounded by such beauty.

    12. Five stars for all sorts of reasons, not least of all nostalgia. One of my grandmothers loved the PBS series All Creatures Great and Small; she always made time for the weekly episode, and would say, without fail, "Mr. Herriot knows what it's really like to be a farmer." (All four of my grandparents were born at the tail end of the 19th century, and they were farmers--so my grandmother's words were high praise, indeed!) I, too, loved the series, and have enjoyed rerun after rerun. The Yorkshires [...]

    13. If you seek out this book, get an edition with color photographs, which are glorious. My first copy had only black-and-white photos--and those looked unfocused--which couldn't do justice to the gorgeous Yorkshire scenery. Later I found a full-color edition, printed on much better quality paper, before my own trip to Yorkshire. Herriot's writing makes me feel like I'm there in person; the beautiful color photographs make the experience even more vivid.

    14. A book to be read in bits and snatches. The photographs and memories give a sense of serenity and calm to your own life. I first picked up the book before I had kids and tried to read it in one or two sittings. I only made it through a third of the book before I put it awaywhere was the excitement? Now when a moment or two is all I seem to have it was the perfect book. Someday I would love to visit Yorkshire.

    15. If Yorkshire still possesses an iota of the beauty evinced in this book, I will need to spend quite a few years in the exploration of its marvel. Those who enjoyed the All Creatures series will love this look into the splendor of the countryside, towns, moors, gills, field walls, hedges, and castles recounted in his stories, but if you haven't yet read his veterinary tales, or are still in middle of them, you can get an appreciation for Yorkshire and a glimpse into its alluring beauty.

    16. A charming and heartwarming read. Even if you're not an animal lover as I am, you'll find Herriot's words take you right to the countryside of Yorkshire filled with zany and memorable characters. This book is just as much a loving tribute to the animals Herriot tends to as a veterinarian as the people who own them.

    17. Second time reading this one. Few anecdotes, but more pictures! It did again make me want to visit and hike these moorshe makes them sound almost magical. I think I am now finished with my Herriot revisitation!

    18. I received this book as a Christmas present a very long time ago, and I loved pouring through the gorgeous pictures and being lead on by the warm, witty, infinitely humane voice of the author. I still want to go!

    19. I love James Herriot's books and his beautifully depicted Yorkshire so much that I did a pilgrimage in 1995, just missing meeting him by a few months. (He had just died.) But Yorkshire didn't disappoint!

    20. This was read aloud to me while I was pregnant and had me dreaming about beautiful countryside. His descriptions of the people and places he worked are absolutely charming, breathtaking and hysterical by turns.

    21. James Herriot's Yorkshire: A Guided Tour Through the Beloved Land of All Creatures Great and Small (by James Herriot (Bantam 1987)(914.28). James Herriot walks through the land where he lived and that he loved so well. My rating: 7/10, finished 1988.

    22. Fantastic guided and photographed tour of Yorkshire by James Herriot (Alfred Wight)–the real locations, farms, etc. where he served as an animal vet for fifty years.

    23. This book inspired wonderful travels that I took with my mother to Great Britain several years ago. I never tire of revisiting this book.

    24. I loved it , Warm down to earth family values you feel like you have gone back into the 1930s 40s 50s and you have gone to see some very dear friends in time.

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