White Cargo

White Cargo Cat Catledge is a happy man A self made multi millionaire at he has a loving wife and a beautiful teenaged daughter And after years of hard work he is taking his family on the ultimate dream sabb

  • Title: White Cargo
  • Author: Stuart Woods
  • ISBN: 9780061014239
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cat Catledge is a happy man A self made multi millionaire at 50, he has a loving wife and a beautiful teenaged daughter And after years of hard work, he is taking his family on the ultimate dream sabbatical a two year cruise to the South Pacific via the Panama Canal, aboard his custom built forty three foot yacht.He gets as far as Colombia.Off that country s cocaine dusCat Catledge is a happy man A self made multi millionaire at 50, he has a loving wife and a beautiful teenaged daughter And after years of hard work, he is taking his family on the ultimate dream sabbatical a two year cruise to the South Pacific via the Panama Canal, aboard his custom built forty three foot yacht.He gets as far as Colombia.Off that country s cocaine dusted shores, Cat s bliss and his dearly loved family are permanently shattered by an event so unexpected, so savage, and so tragically final that it leaves Cat completely devastated Consumed by terrible guilt, he returns home alone, a broken man Investigations by both the Colombian authorities and the U.S State Department prove fruitless.Then, late one night, Cat is awakened by the telephone and, from far away, over a static filled line, an achingly familiar voice utters a single, electrifying word.Driven by a mixture of hope and anguish, Cat slips back into South America on a desperate search for the daughter he cannot bring himself to believe is dead a search that will take him down the corridors of cocaine financed palaces Aided by an Australian ex convict, a beautiful television journalist and a man known to him only as Jim , Cat follows a trail of blood and graft, white powder and white slavery, and discovers in himself an unsuspected capacity for ruthlessness and cunning, and even surprising a rekindled capacity for love.

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    1. Stuart Woods

      Stuart Woods is the author the New York Times bestselling Stone Barrington series and Holly Barker series He is an avid private pilot, flying his own jet on book tours You may see his tour schedule and learn about the author on his website.

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    1. Engrossing - pulled me right inThere are two Stuart Woods out there, at least in my mind. There's the early Stuart Woods that wrote great books like Chiefs and there's the Stone Barrister-writing Stuart Woods that just writes a formula plot, mails it in and collects a check. In White Cargo, a wealthy American, Wendell Catledge, is yachting off of the coast of Colombia when he is attacked by pirates and his wife and daughter are kidnapped and end up in the underworld of the narco-traffickers. Cat [...]

    2. This is the first Stuart Woods book I've read. I have to say I am a big fan of his writing!! Great story line and an easy read. Cat Catledge's story is one of loss and revenge. I felt as though I were traveling through Columbia with him as he sought out the pirates who took his life and family from him. I won't give too much away because a lot happens just in the first few chapters, but this is a great book filled with action and adventure. I couldn't get enough! I will be reading more by Woods [...]

    3. OK, so they thought they killed Cat. A shotgun blast to the chest and sinking of his boat should have done that. Oops, he survived. Two years later his daughter, presumed dead, called him. Um, by the end of the story we learn that she is in a fugue state, only speaks Spanish and can't talk much to anybody. But she remembered his phone number and called him. Go figure. The ending of this book is just awful. Unlikely, badly assembled, improbable, and what the hell was Dell doing anywhere? Take it [...]

    4. First of all, I tend to rate books on my reaction to the book. I prefer mysteries, action-adventure, thrillers, and what I consider to be well-written books. I read a lot of books and I am a quick reader.So it will come as a surprise that I have rated White Cargo as a 5 star. Surprising because I have read at least 20 books written by Stuart Woods, mostly Stone Barrington stories, mostly rated 3 stars with a few rated 2 stars with appropriate explanation.White Cargo is a stand-alone book publish [...]

    5. Wow! I read this in one sitting. Fantastic book. Some plot holes, but otherwise great. Cat a billionaire, is left for dead on his yacht, and his daughter and wife murdered or so he thinks. Later when he gets a phone call that one of them is alive, he does everything in his power to rescue her. Plot is pretty fast, intense, have you flipping pages. I have to say, he spent a lot of time researching this book and it shows. Its a book that has this realism attached to it as it details the Columbian [...]

    6. What a phenomenal story! This was my first experience with Stuart Woods. It kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire book. It was one of the best suspense stories I have read in a long time. Make sure to set aside time, as it is one of those books you can't put down until you finish it!It has been a few years since I read it, and I still remember how impressed I was with the way Mr. Woods weaved this story and pulled the reader into it as if you were really there, experiencing all of [...]

    7. The novel depends on an unlikely string of coincidences and deus ex machinas (is that how you'd pluralize that? Dei ex machina?) for momentum, and is pretty poorly written (for instance, the author has a few crutch words and phrases that he falls back on repeatedly, which is distraction to the reader). It was tough to suspend disbelief long enough to get through this one; I probably wouldn't even recommend it for junk beach reading.

    8. This was GREAT action packed, suspenseful and fun.I recommend itThe author writes great and the characters are believable and my kinda people.Give it a try I fell asleep reading it on my kindle the other night and dreamed of the jungles of South America and saving the dayKeep reading especially stuff like this!Greg

    9. This was a good book I think I enjoy Woods earlier writings much more than I do his current Barrington novels This book had pirates, drug dealers, bad son, very bad people, armies, a jungle, and much more that made very fun to read and very interesting I highly recommend this book I am glad that it was republished and that I noticed it on the shelf

    10. Interesting, engrossing book about the drug trade in Colombia. Stuart Woods is well known for his series novels--Stone Barrington, Ed Eagle, Holly Barker, etc. But this one is a stand-alone novel. It is one of his earlier works. I really enjoyed reading it.

    11. Extremely good story: engaging, fast-paced, unexpected turns, good writing, and great plot. I loved this as it served such a great distraction when I was going through a busy period of work and school. It just wasn't long enough. Only book I have read by Stuart Woods but I'd read him again

    12. This was my first Stuart Woods novel. Easy read, fast paced, thriller. Although the story line was great and the excitement starts from the first chapter to the last, it's not a heavy stick with you story.

    13. I read this book around 1977 and I remember I could not put it down. I read the book in one sitting and read until 4:00am. I couldn't stop talking about it to people. It was an exciting and intriging book with lots of adventure. This book I highly recommend.

    14. I you like Stuart Woods other books you are going to love this one. I think this is a amazing book it has everything that could happen to one of use and that is a scary thought.

    15. Read this a long time ago. Long before . And wanted to add it to my "Read" collection. Best I recall -- Loved it!

    16. I started and abandoned this book within 40 pages. The language from the father in the first 40 pages as it related to his daughter was very disturbing to me. In just 40 pages we have the father speaking about his daughter:"She seemed to be wearing only a t-shirt; the girl rarely bothered with underwear, and it made Cat nervous""She had slipped a t-shirt over the bikini, but it wasn't long enough. Her creamy buns protruded from the bottom.""She was still not fully aware of the effect her bun-rev [...]

    17. Millionaire 'Cat' Catledge is attacked, his wife killed, and teenage daughter kidnapped by Colombian drug lords. He recovers, learns to be a pilot, then goes into the jungle to rescue her. Some good action, but climax when villain is decapitated seems somewhat unexciting after a tense buildup. Great story telling with well drawn characters.

    18. I made it to 45% and I gave up. It isn’t horrible, but it didn’t captivate me at all. I didn’t like the way Cat (father) looked at his daughter “she never wears underwear” and “familiar boobs” when he is searching for her. It’s just weird. The characters aren’t endearing and I formed no attachments to them. I got bored very quickly.

    19. Easy read and fast story with lots of action and surprising twists. The story location is in South America which made it even more exciting for me to read. There was a great deal of research done to make it as descriptive and as realistic as possible which I always appreciate.

    20. Great bookReally great book I enjoyed everything and couldn't believe they made it out. Sorta sad the son died but someone had to die

    21. This was an edge of your seat book. I loved all the plot twists and surprises. I highly recommend this if you like mysteries and suspense/thrillers. I look forward to reading more by this author.

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