In Service

In Service Malla only wanted to serve a few good men As a sexual companion that sustains Luo troops with human energy she s eager for her first assignment Fresh out of training she s assigned to a hell of a te

  • Title: In Service
  • Author: Mima
  • ISBN: 9781596327733
  • Page: 156
  • Format: ebook
  • Malla only wanted to serve a few good men As a sexual companion that sustains Luo troops with human energy, she s eager for her first assignment Fresh out of training, she s assigned to a hell of a team in a hellish situation and promptly falls for all four of them Three of them accept her immediately, bound to her in the searing sexual circumstances of her arrival.ButMalla only wanted to serve a few good men As a sexual companion that sustains Luo troops with human energy, she s eager for her first assignment Fresh out of training, she s assigned to a hell of a team in a hellish situation and promptly falls for all four of them Three of them accept her immediately, bound to her in the searing sexual circumstances of her arrival.But Shon is her hard case He accepts her body and her energy just fine, but holds his heart back The team leader doesn t trust his gift of berzerker rage, and his own team doesn t trust him either She s happy to prove them wrong by taking all of him in his darkest momenty to find the team doesn t see it as the confirmation she does When her men disagree despite the proof she presents, Malla sees she s not really the equal partner she thought she was If her team won t trust her judgment, then she can t trust them with her heart.When a lonely warrior who has never fully let himself go because of his gift of berzerker rage meets a woman who actually expects him to do so, he s shockingly tempted In the fight of his life, Shon s team is saved because of Malla s open spirit and dazzling sexuality But the thrill of success after the mission is ripped away when he discovers she has faced his berzerker stateShe trusted him to be human than he is, and he tragically, horrifically proved her wrong There s no way he deserves her heart, he no longer deserves her body, and he can t possibly continue with his team, facing their knowledge of what he s capable of No one should ever face his Fury again Broken, the team scatters, the defeat of their enemy small comfort to the shattering of their family War takes its toll on all of them, until Shon finally sees the truth of what it means to have someone believe in him.Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal play intercourse, domination, dubious consent, exhibitionism, male male sexual practices, masturbation, M nage m m m f , spanking, violence, voyeurism.

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    240 thoughts on “In Service”

    1. The part I liked best? Malla gets to keep all FOUR guys!!! She made no bones about loving sex with all of them and I immediately thought of Laura! LOL!I would have given this 5 stars but the action aspect of the story was underdeveloped and Shon's berzerker rage sequence was anti-climactic after all the build-up. The sex was hot, though there were instances I couldn't follow who was doing what to Malla. Hey, it's not easy trying to follow sex with four alien men AND watch the Mumbai terrorist at [...]

    2. I actually really enjoyed this story although the world building at the beginning could have been more detailed. I assume we're in the future but a date is never mentioned and I'm never sure what planet we're on. There is a war going on with the "Bugs" who can come through portholes and wreak havoc. The humans are working with the Luo but we don't know how they met or how this collaboration was struck.Maybe it was the author's intention to leave a lot of blanks so that we could just go with the [...]

    3. Yes, this is erotica, so everything is about sex. Still, this author writes the best kind of erotica, books with a storyline and a world. She gives you the chance to a get all bothered, because you get into the story.

    4. The story of Mella the server, trained to give sexy times to a group of four deadly aliens who need the power that sex gives. It was quite a novel idea. There was a lot of sex. Sometimes I didn't really know who was who and wished I had a diagram of whose hand was there and whose head was here. The story was good though with some action and crime solving thrown in. I would read more by this author. Why only three stars? Well, they fall in love pretty quickly and I didn't believe in that love. Th [...]

    5. I really liked this book. If there were a way to give it 4.5 stars, I would have done that! Heartless me - I don't usually round up. I totally should though, given the number of times I've read this bookwhich is easily over a dozen times at this point. (Topped only by Beyond Complicated by Mercy Celeste, ReneCade by Cameron Dane the Brothers in Arms series by Samantha Kane, and Beyond Eden/Finding Eden by Kele Moon -- 2016 can't get here fast enough so I finally can have more stories from those [...]

    6. Pure erotica, full of sex, but a story where the sex is the plot, not a distraction. Malla is a Server on a mission to find her new team. Servers are trained to serve the Luo and transfer energy to them during sex. It's the only way the Luo can receive energy. The Luo are in a battle against huge bugs and for some reason the four man team made up of Shon, Vel, Grady, and Kor have been hit particularly hard and their requests for more servers have gone unanswered.Malla serves and the men take. It [...]

    7. Pretty entertaining. Four Luo troops that depend on human energy to keep them alive + one well-trained caring horny Elite "server" (said human that provides energy by unleashing it through orgasm) = a lotta hot sex. Not a bad plot at all, and this alien world was explained very well with all the concepts, definitions, and reasoning behind why things were done a certain way. The orgy scene at the endwell, I had no idea that five people could have sex together at the same time but these people mad [...]

    8. I was needing a book for a challenge and this had been on my recommended book list for a while. Once, you accept that this book is stocked full of sex. A lot of hot, menage sex. Yeah, the book was very steamy and I actually could not put it down. There was an actual story line as well. I usually cannot read a book with m/m elements but I was able to put that aside and enjoy the story. If you are looking for a good, hot steamy read give this a shot.

    9. I actually really enjoyed the menage in this far more than I usually do menages, and especially had a soft spot for Shon. However, the lack of attention paid to fully exploring the political aspect of the plot, as well as the ending that jumps forward and leaves a lot of the emotional development happening off the page, lowered my overall enjoyment of this.

    10. This got 4 stars, simply because of the ending. I felt many things were left unresolved, and I love novels that (unrealistically, of course) heal the scarred heroes scars. XD They were really only starting to heal in the sequel, so not quite.This book was hot. Confident girl having sex with great guys. Each of the guys had different personalities. The action wasn't overwhelming.

    11. Wasn't sure about this book before I started it. There was the danger that the heroine could be needy and pathetic. She was much stronger than I thought she would be. I enjoyed this book and will be reading other by this author.

    12. Mima is one of the best at building worlds, stories and the characters to inhabit those worlds and stories. She excels at drawing the reader in from the beginning. In Service is very sexy and hot and totally ncessary to the story. Highly recommended!

    13. Who can explain taste? On some levels this book did not work for me, but I could not put it down. Maybe I found the concept of a woman sent to be of service to 4 men because it was needed. Yes, that was it. Funny it is on my keeper shelf

    14. I liked itought the story was interesting and the sex was pretty hot too! I'd actually give it a 3.5 rating if I could.

    15. couldn't put it down. wish it was a little more in-depth & had a bit more explanation but other than that two thumbs up!

    16. My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

    17. Ok so the underlying plot is totally crazy - a race that need constant sex energy from a 'server' in order to function But it is outrageously filthy and not bad written at all.

    18. I'm absolutely in love with this book. Gave it ★★★★★!When you mix sex with warww you get the most dramatic combination!

    19. reread - much better the second time, good enough that I'd read another by this authorcould have been sexy but too much distancend of existential

    20. Yes, this is erotica, and therefore there is a lot of sex. But there is also a great storyline, dynamic characters and a great love story. Very enjoyable read.

    21. Wow. Sci-fi erotica! I really liked this book. The author starts with an outlandish (heh, heh) premise and makes the best of it. Hard not to sympathize with the heroine and her mind processes.

    22. Le happy sigh. Sometimes you have to wade thru the subpar erotic scifi menage stories to discover wonderful gems like In Service by Mima.

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