Mortals, Gods, and a Muse

Mortals Gods and a Muse What if you were Sherry Duncan successful romance novelist with a bad case of writer s block And what if you meet someone who could pass for an ancient Greek god a would be lover who was rich who

  • Title: Mortals, Gods, and a Muse
  • Author: Suzette Vaughn
  • ISBN: 9781935171072
  • Page: 247
  • Format: ebook
  • What if you were Sherry Duncan, successful romance novelist with a bad case of writer s block, And what if you meet someone who could pass for an ancient Greek god, a would be lover who was rich, who could cook and who only had eyes for you And what if your life suddenly became full of intrigue and romance the lives you write about

    Gods and Mortals Ten Novels Featuring Thor Apr , The authors of Gods Mortals come from all walks of life we re parents, teachers, nurses, coders, the US Marines, and What we all have in common is a love for mythology, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance. Wonder Woman Gods and Mortals Gods and Mortals Fourteen Free Urban Fantasy Paranormal Gods and Mortals is a compilation of several different stories written by several different authors Each book separately seems to be part of a whole other series I didn t really realize that when I bought it I read Dead Radiance by T G Ayer I really liked it It was incredibly unique. Mortals Archives Greek Gods Goddesses Heracles is one of the most recognised and famous of the divine heroes in Greek mythology The son of Zeus and the mortal woman Alcmene, he was considered the greatest of the heroes, a symbol of Deified Mortals Theoi Greek Mythology DEIFIED MORTALS The Greek pantheon of gods included mortal born heroes and heroines who were elevated to godhood through a process which the Greeks termed apotheosis. Wonder Woman Gods and Mortals DC Database Fandom Mortals Greek Mythology Mortals on GreekMythology including Achaeans, Acrisius, Actor, Admetus, Adrastus, Aeacus, Aeetes, Aegeus, Aegialeus, Aegisthus, Aerope, Agamemnon etc.

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      247 Suzette Vaughn
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      I was a stay at home mommy My son needed his mother but I was going stir crazy I baked, sewed, cleaned, shopped, and read everything in my house.In telling my sister everything I d read, she told me to try romance I laughed trust me this comes backd back The next day I went to a new Mexican restaurant, and next door was a little bookstore with Romance Books in big red, black and white letters on the window I went through their used section and took home ten A few days later, talking again to my sister, I laughed and told her I could do better than the books I d read so far So, do it I laughed.Then I thought long and hard about it Why not I wrote when I was in school I enjoyed it It wasn t half bad.That book is still in editing.But I was writing.I learned a lot with that book and reading other up and coming authors Then I hit inspiration Driving across the Mid Atlantic states, my mind was wondering It does that at times It wandered across what ifs and possibilities.I got home and spent three days sitting at my computer typing, skipping sleep, forty thousand words poured out and Badeaux Knights was bornAnd the story goes on After editing and cleaning up Badeaux Knights I continued to write, working on concepts that came from anywhere I could get them I entered a conteset and met many great author with the thought of getting feedback, alright fine publication would be cool but feedback, right I received much needed feedback and I met my future publisher Well I ll get to him.We started a critique group with around ten romance writers with promise Watching these fine writers receive rejections from agents or big publishers was painful and so, one decided no I m going to start a publishing company We laughed He added crime and mystery authors and started putting out books and Second Wind Publishing was born Then it grew.And the story goes on I want a bookstore to sale our books in Again we laughed at him I want wine in my bookstore laughed harder.A year later I sat in a different state than the story started in helping to open a bookstore And the story goes on

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    1. Suzette Vaughn's Mortals, Gods, and a Muse is the perfect book for readers who are looking for a fun read. The writing is light with an emphasis on dialogue and wit. It feels as informal as emails or journal entries. The characters, especially the narrator, Sherry, are fun, likable, and a little insane. The plot pulls readers along with a comfortable level of predictability that suddenly changes into a wild ride loaded with surprises. It's a romance, a fantasy, and also a page turner that's hard [...]

    2. Mortals, Gods and a Muse is a delightful read. The blending of magical timetravel, a quest for love and the ultimate story muse comes together to carry the reader away on a Caribbean romantic adventure. Ms. Vaughn's story revisits the realm of Greek gods with with an intriguing plot interlaced with healthy doses of humor.~ Aithne JarrettaAuthor of CONCENTRIC CIRCLES

    3. To say that I feel in love with Sherry Duncan would be an understatement! I am usually not one to enjoy romances, but this book added a twist that kept me up most of the night reading. Thank you for introducing me to Suzette Vaughn. A writer with a wonderful imagination. Who has helped me to enjoy romance again. No cliches here. Again I can not give this book enough praise

    4. Sherry Duncan, successful romance novelist with a bad case of writer's block, decides to run away from her muse on a paradise vacation--to the Virgin Islands.She meets someone who could pass for an ancient Greek god. And finds her life suddenly so full of intrigue and romance it rivals the lives of her characters.

    5. mortals, Gods and Muses was not what I expected, but I really enjoyed it. Xander was the best character. And the way the story was resolved was unexpected. I received this book free as part of a first-reads giveaway.

    6. Well it's my book but I'll keep my five star rating to myself. lolIt's quirky and fun and serious all in one.

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