The Haçienda: How Not to Run a Club

The Ha ienda How Not to Run a Club The Legendary musician and cofounder of Joy Division and New Order tells the whole story the fun the music the vast loss of money the legacy of Manchester s most iconic nightclub Peter Hook has bee

  • Title: The Haçienda: How Not to Run a Club
  • Author: Peter Hook
  • ISBN: 9781847371355
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Legendary musician and cofounder of Joy Division and New Order tells the whole story the fun, the music, the vast loss of money, the legacy of Manchester s most iconic nightclub Peter Hook has been shaping the course of popular music for 30 years He provided the propulsive bass guitar melodies of Love Will Tear Us Apart, as well as Blue Monday and many other songs AsThe Legendary musician and cofounder of Joy Division and New Order tells the whole story the fun, the music, the vast loss of money, the legacy of Manchester s most iconic nightclub Peter Hook has been shaping the course of popular music for 30 years He provided the propulsive bass guitar melodies of Love Will Tear Us Apart, as well as Blue Monday and many other songs As co owner of Manchester s Hacienda club, Hook propelled the rise of acid house in the late 1980s, then suffered through its violent fall in the 1990s as gangs, drugs, greed, and a hostile police force destroyed everything he and his friends had created This is his memory of that era and it is far sadder, funnier, scarier, and stranger than anyone has imagined As young and naive musicians, the members of New Order were thrilled when their record label Factory opened a club Yet as their career escalated, they toured the world, and they had top 10 hits, their royalties were being ploughed into the Hacienda and they were only being paid 20 per week As Peter Hook tells the story of that exciting and hilarious time, all the main characters appear Tony Wilson, Barney, Shaun Ryder and he tells it like it truly was a rollercoaster of success, money, confusion, and true faith.

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    1. The Haçienda: How Not to Run a Club: "How Not To Run A Club" is spot on. This is a highly readable account about how Manchester's Factory Records launched a nightclub called The Haçienda, in Manchester, that traded from 1982 to 1997, reinventing UK club culture in the process. After a slow start, which saw the club half empty for most of its events, it finally became a symbol of the Madchester era, a global phenomenon, with the club's legendary nights packed out with people from far and wide. [...]

    2. It was huge, enormous, throbbing with noise. No not the club, Hooky's ego. Like being sat next to some middle aged geezer in a pub rambling on about those were the days, we started that, man we was having it largec etc.

    3. This was a personal joy to read: it took me back to my teenage years in the late 80s when I used to frequent the club.It was a great time for me personally and for the city generally. Everything felt energised and exciting and I can still remember my first time inside the Hacienda.It broke a lot of ground and I found myself mixing with people I wouldn't ordinarily have bumped into.Hooky conveys all the traumas and adventures with a remarkably casual, conversational tone. It makes for great insig [...]

    4. I had put this one aside as I'm not a huge 'Hooky' fan. He rather grates sometimes.Reading the first chapter of the book I thought I'd done the right thing. The guy's arrogant stupidity and his actions described made me cringe. However as the book goes on he's less irritating. This was a book I couldn't not read. Everyone's account of those days differ wildly. Sometimes in fact and always in opinion. This is a guy who has probably the most invested in the story of the club. Both financially and [...]

    5. Many people in mine and other generations have periods in time that they wish they’d been a part of. Beatlemania took over the 1960s. The punk subculture emerged in the 1970s across Britain and America. In the late 1980s and early 1990s grunge surfaced from Seattle. As a fan of both Joy Division and New Order, I wish I could have been around to witness their formation and transformation over the years. Although seeing New Order in 2012 was a great experience, it was hardly the same as it proba [...]

    6. Overall, a good read about a club only know through my interest in the music of New Order and the film 24 Hour Party People. I just wish the copy-editor had paid a little more attention and caught the many typos that pop up throughout. Pretty sloppy for a book from Simon & Schuster.Here's my Hacienda playlist, limited though it is:Joy Division – “Love Will Tear Us Apart”The Smiths – “Hand in Glove”Gun Club – “Sex Beat”New Order – “Blue Monday”New Order – “Bizarre [...]

    7. This is the first of three books written to date by ex-Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook. It chronicles how he and a motley crew of other Factory Records idealists managed to create a now legendary nightclub that played a central role in Manchester's music scene despite a comical lack of business acumen and competency.While an entertaining read, I found this to be the weakest of Hook's three books. There was a great deal of overlap between this book and his other two, with many of th [...]

    8. This is a difficult one to review as in many ways it's a really unique book. It worked well in the sense that it conveyed the music and club scene in 80s and 90s Britain (and beyond, with reference to the U.S. and Ibiza clubs that influenced and were influenced by the Hacienda). It was also interesting to get an insight into how much money the club was haemorrhaging each night, and shows that even those who are talented and savvy in one field are totally not in others. Hooky's life away from the [...]

    9. I am going through a British pop star memoir thing at the moment, and I couldn't resist Joy Division/New Order's bass player Peter Hook's book on his (well co-owned by all of New Order) The Hacienda. It's interesting that he didn't write a proper memoir of life with Ian Curtis, etc. But perhaps he feels that there is already too much literature on that subject matter. So, instead he focuses on the legendary Manchester music club The Hacienda. As a business venture it was a total disaster. Peter [...]

    10. "The other highlight of The Tube day was an interview with Morrissey and Rob. Now I don't know why, but Morrissey had always hated Joy Division. Maybe Rob got it right when after a lively debate as the cameras were turned off he turned to Morrissey and said, 'The trouble with you, Morrissey, is that you've never had the guts to kill yourself like Ian. You're fucking jealous.' You should have seen his face as he stormed off. I laughed me bollocks off.""One young lady, a very wacky Hacienda regula [...]

    11. Riding on the publishing (aka selling) success of Mister Hook's first book, about his days and nights in the seminal cold wave 80s band Joy Division, it seems the publishers and his handlers thought they might be able to squeeze one more out of 'im.Sadly, that's exactly what this it: a hodge-podge of random recollections of Peter's wild times back in the nightclub 90s at their own personal money pit of a northern nightclub, Factory Records/New Order's own THE HACIENDA. Sounds like a juicy read, [...]

    12. Hooky is such a great story-teller. At first I thought 'How not to run a club' is just a fancy sub-title, but as it turns out it is actually hard to believe that these events actually happened for real. But I suppose Hacienda fulfilled its purpose. It created a legendary tale.This book is one amazing read! Far from 24 hour party people. Here it is described as the full story, the true legend, all the facts and behind-the-scenes. I just couldn't help laughing hard at some stories. Especially the [...]

    13. I think its just hilarious, and how running a club today is no different. somehow, many people still have not learnt, why? I don't know, everybody wants to make a quick buck, but realizing of all the procedures, and consquences.Lots of great episodes of incoincidental moments! And close escapes Peter and his gang had!

    14. Every anecdote is tripped out flatly. No real colour, or detail or emotion apart form flippancy. I spose that's what you get for being off your face the whole time, like stories about things under the influence of drink, I guess you had to be there at the time.

    15. After absolutely loving the Joy Division book, I ordered this as well as the New Order book - which I have already started before writing this review.Now I didn't really know about the Haçienda before this. But I'm really interested in Joy Division and New Order and their history, as well as Peter Hook's writing style, so why not.I already knew that this was going to be the story of a trainwreck - but I had no idea how bad it was going to be. The prologue tosses you into a night at the club in [...]

    16. Madchester and Hooky. I had to give this book three stars as I was under impression that I am sitting in some pub in Manchester and Hooky is telling a story, still bitter from realizing how much money he actually lost running a club, yet at the same time extremely proud of doing it. Every now and then, some third party at our table has to remind him of some interesting episode, thus moving the conversation from the yearly financial overview (which appear at the end of the most chapters). If it w [...]

    17. "Do it in style, do it in Manchester" Hooky has reminded me how scared I was living in Manchester at the end of the 80s, start of the 90s! Manchester became Gunchestrr and the Hacienda was taken over by gangsters. My rose tinted specs about my younger days in Manchester! Don't think much of Hooky - or his writing. It's a bit like a sweaty stream of consciousness and that is when admittedly he was 'off his head' most of the time. I remember why I didn't like Scallys and they didn't like students. [...]

    18. Entertaining jaunt through the ups and downs of te Haçienda in Manchester. Whilst I knew about it as a cultural center for the city I never quite realized the role it played in defining all that came after it in regards to EDM. The book feels like sitting down with a friend and reminiscing in the most informal of settings. And if you've got a nose for accounts there's some interesting ins/outs running through it to just show why you shouldn't run a club in this manner. A nice little read if you [...]

    19. The second in Peter Hook's trilogy (the first being Joy Division, the third being New Order autobiographies), this is a great account of the infamous Hacienda. I never visited the Hac so never got to experience it first hand but if you are going to read the story of a nightclub, it might as well be this one. The humour comes from the jaw-dropping mismanagement of the club and the fact that it was run by a bunch of people that knew nothing about running a night club.

    20. A great insight into a great period (some of it, at least) that I was unfortunately too young to experience first hand.I've already read Hooky's other biogs surrounding Joy Division and New Order. This didn't quite reach the heights of these, but then I can relate much more to music than business - if the running of the Hacienda comes under that banner!?Definitely worth a read for fans of Factory, Manchester, Madchester, Clubs and music.

    21. Really good behind the scenes look at how the bassist of New Order was involved in the running of The Hacienda. Gives a great first hand account of the history, and the ups and downs of running a club. Or in this case, how not to run one. Great read! Especially if you clubbed in the late 80s and were a fan of the scene back in the day.

    22. The way he tells his past is a good read in itself. This is a story about how to be in one of the best selling bands in the world, running a club and consume whetever substance that u can get. Very good read if you also would like to know about the birth place of rave in Europe, Manchester scene and Hooky himself.

    23. Acieeeeeeeeed!!!!d lot of other narcotics are trailed through the story of one Britain's finest institutions. But there's more to the story than meets the eye. In turns depressing, hilarious, outright bonkers and extraordinary. Hooky presents his side of the story with no holds barredI wish I'd picked this up earlier. A cracking read.

    24. Love Manchester Music?Brilliant read. Even at the top of there game Hooky and his mates where down to earth working class hero's Highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Manchester music (except Simply Red) from the 80's to 2000

    25. How did anyone survive???Not sure if would pay full price but well worth a read.God alone knows what it would read like if there was no risk of legal repercussions.

    26. In “The Haçienda: How Not To Run a Club” Peter Hook, bass player in two of Manchester’s greatest bands: Joy Division and New Order and also co-owner of the club itself explains how it vacuumed up the bands income and brought him to the point of bankruptcy.This is a candidly entertaining short’ish read written in a personal and chatty style. While Manchester in the early 1980s probably wasn't quite ready for a New York style disco it wasn’t long before the popularity of the club soared [...]

    27. Though it was written earlier, I read this book after reading Hook's book about Joy Division, Unknown Pleasures. And I must say, this one was a bit of a disappointment after the latter. Unknown Pleasures was a warm and loving book, full of Hook's feelings toward his friend Ian Curtis, and even extending to his now-estranged colleagues. This book is more of a typical kind of rock bio. There's lots of substance abuse, and some hijinks. Not much music, really. But perfectly fun. Didn't transcend th [...]

    28. An enjoyable tale of a legendary time and place, from a master story-teller - former bassist of Joy Division & New Order, club owner, DJ, author, and all around wild man Hooky. Unfortunately, unlike his second book "Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division", you can tell that Hooky hasn't yet quite perfected the art of translating his oral story-telling skills and wickedly brilliant humor to the written page. The tale of the Hacienda is a fascinating one that I had been intending to read up on [...]

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