Too Good to Be True

Too Good to Be True When Grace Emerson s ex fianc starts dating her younger sister extreme measures are called for To keep everyone from obsessing about her love life Grace announces that she s seeing someone Someone w

  • Title: Too Good to Be True
  • Author: Kristan Higgins
  • ISBN: 9780373773558
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Grace Emerson s ex fianc starts dating her younger sister, extreme measures are called for To keep everyone from obsessing about her love life, Grace announces that she s seeing someone Someone wonderful Someone handsome Someone completely made up Who is this Mr Right Someoneexactly unlike her renegade neighbor, Callahan O Shea Well, someone with his looksWhen Grace Emerson s ex fianc starts dating her younger sister, extreme measures are called for To keep everyone from obsessing about her love life, Grace announces that she s seeing someone Someone wonderful Someone handsome Someone completely made up Who is this Mr Right Someoneexactly unlike her renegade neighbor, Callahan O Shea Well, someone with his looks, maybe His hot body His knife sharp sense of humor His smarts and big heart.Whoa No Callahan O Shea is not her perfect man Not with his unsavory past So why does Mr Wrong feel soright

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    1. Kristan Higgins

      Kristan Higgins is the New York Times and internationally bestselling author of than a dozen novels Her books have been honored with dozens of awards and accolades, including starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, Library Journal, the New York Journal of Books and Romantic Times.

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    1. Just in case my other reviews of her books haven’t adequately conveyed my feeling, I’m completely smitten with Kristan Higgins’ storytelling—the sarcastic humor, the big beating heart at the center of it all, and her always easy to adore characters, seem to get me every time.Seven books in and it’s quite clear she has a formula to her madness:-There’s always a 30-something woman looking to settle down (time's a tickin')-The man this so-called woman wants to end up with (let’s be ho [...]

    2. When it comes to writing a review about a Kristan Higgins book, I honestly feel like a broken record. All of the things I love about her other books, I loved about this book. From the community of characters that give me a sense of belonging while I tag along for the story, to my feelings of wanting to defend the heroine against all of the situations and peopler doing her wrong. Too Good To Be True was no exception.This story, told in the first person, was about Grace Emerson. Grace, when she wa [...]

    3. Grace Emerson is a history teacher at a stuffy prep school, devoted sister and daughter, and a Civil War buff (who participates in re-enacting the battles), but she also has a small problem: she invents imaginary boyfriends in time of crisis. For instance, in middle school she wanted to be accepted by the cool kids, so she invented an older, much cooler boyfriend who attended a different school. Worked like a charm. The same thing worked for her in high school when she invented a beautiful, Fren [...]

    4. I should have thought this book was Too good to be trueAfter reading the title.Seriously :(This story might have had a history teacher and an ex-convictbut I only ended up like the dog.I know :/Initally, I picked up this book with high expectations in regards of humor and romance but ended up being thoroughly disappointed until the very end.o very boring.In facy,Im pretty sure I cultivated a migraine,after skimming through the glowed up pages on my phone.So yes well.As the title so ironically st [...]

    5. The writing was good but the plot was not very believable?, interesting?, appealing?And the characters well I liked the dog!I loved Cal until the lying thing, then he went bersek and made a huge deal about someting so stupid!, the whole scene didn't make sense to me.Grace ugh! I just feel soooo sorry for Grace, she's so busy worrying about what other people think of her that she forgets about living and ejoying life. But forget about that, my main problem with Grace is the fact that her fiancé [...]

    6. Once again, I'm reminded why I'm such a fan of Kristan Higgins. Her work just resonates with me. Loved this book although it was lighter on the emotional angst than her usual fare--and that's okay. You can't always have us in tears, Kristan! This time around we're treated to a sexy neighbour next door in the form of Callahan O'Shea. Even his name is sexy! One hockey stick injury from a freaked out Grace Emerson, and Cal falls hard. Poor Grace is trying to get past being dumped for her sisterat w [...]

    7. Meet Grace Emerson. She's thirty, she's a prep school history teacher, Civil Was enthusiast, member of a Civil War reenactment group, proud Highland Terrier owner, old Victorian house owner, middle child, jilted three weeks before the weddingBut that was more than a year ago.Now, her ex-fiancé is dating her younger sister (that's the reason he broke up with her), she's indulging in too much Ben and Jerry's, she invented a boyfriend so people wouldn't pity her, and she recently assaulted her hot [...]

    8. 4 "God's Nightgown! It's another fake boyfriend!!" stars.Best bit: It's a toss up between Higgins' sarcastic humour, heartfelt storylines, and the heroine (Grace). It's not often that I like the heroine more than I do the hero but I really felt a tremendous connection with the adorable civil war buff. Perhaps it's because I share her love forGone with the Wind(I often refer to Rhett Butler as my most favourite hero of all timed while James Fraser comes awfully close, in truth, there is no one be [...]

    9. Well this was an interesting surprise. This was a solid romance that I ended up enjoying despite some elements that threw me out of the story. Grace was engaging, despite some elements that bugged me. Mainly, though, my engagement was driven by a huge crush on Callahan.Grace has, well, issues. She has taken some recent hits and her coping mechanism is the protective lie. Which is exactly the recipe for landmines you'd expect it to be. I was a bit worried by the presence of so much farce early in [...]

    10. I was really disappointed with this one. Grace was one of the biggest push overs ever! I'm all about being there for your family but this girl took it too far.She was engaged to Andrew who 3 weeks or maybe 5 weeks before the wedding calls it quits (due to being in love with her younger sister).She is heart broken over it, but hooks them up, it hurts her to see them together yet she goes to each event she is invited to.Her grandmother calls her nasty names yet she visits her 3x a week.Push-fuckin [...]

    11. 3.5 starsSo, here is the thing I like cats. In case my name hadn't clued you in, yes, I'm a cat person. When I go to other people's houses, I either glare at their dogs or run from them. Even the ones I like, I would never have. Dogs are smelly, drool and require more attention than what I'm willing to give to anything alive.And seriously, some dogs are cute. But cats? Way cuter!Kristan Higgins is a dog person. I knew this going in. This is not the first KH book I read. Plus, every single one of [...]

    12. This was a sweet little contemporary, though I didn't feel as if it had the emotional punch as the other Kristan Higgins that I've read. Grace was quite the doormat up until the very end, and Callahan was quite the jerk except for a thirty page stint. His reaction to Grace's made up boyfriend thing is over the top. Still, the writing is clever, with lots of laugh out loud moments and the requisite adorable dog. I love how Grace's pup has the big dog syndrome so prevalent in smaller breeds and is [...]

    13. DNF at 86 pages.This book wasn't too bad from what I read, but I felt bored and annoyed at times with the main character Grace. I have a feeling this will be focused purely on her and the romance will feel like its a back story. So no thank you, this isI'm leaving this unrated, because in my imagination (where I have all the time in the world) I'll one day be able to come back to this and finish it.We all have our flaws LOL

    14. This book is so fantastic, i laughed so many times. It is honestly one of the funniest books i have ever read. Absolutely amazing book. There is a scene in this book in a restaurant, i laughed so hard I thought I might pee my panties. seriously :)Favorite lines - "Jesus is my wingman." & "Was it me, or did a lot of men leave in handcuffs when i was around"

    15. Loved the writing, loved some scenes, but most of the heroine's family were assholes and the hero, though great for the whole book, had to swallow a stick in the very end that made him stiff as a stick I guess and me mad at him . Still, a very entertaining story ;I think I am becoming addicted to Higgins' stories!

    16. A Chick Lit after a long time and I quite enjoyed it!Book CoverThe cover is really pretty and all girly with a sexy pose of a couple and yes.lor pink! And then there is cute little dog too which according to the story should be Agnes. So, yes a very nice-looking cover.PlotThe story is of Grace Emerson who is a teacher and lives with her cute little dog Agnes(I guess this is the name!)She has two sisters Margaret and Natalie. Margs is a lawyer and married to Stuart. Natalie is like a beautiful pr [...]

    17. This book was funny and I enjoyed it.Grace is a kick with her love for Civil War reenactments, her Scottish terrier who doesn't obey and lying to her family. Callahan was a great love interest and I love how they first meet in the book. I was dying.The secondary characters were hilarious from Grace's oldest sister, her parents (loved them!) and her gay best friend who teaches senior citizens how to salsa. They each had their own personalities and I would laugh or smile at their antics.Sometimes [...]

    18. Grace Emerson's ex-boyfriend is a prick. Seriously. And her younger sister? A spoiled moron. Grace sure isn't perfect either.Luckily, she has better luck next time around in the love department with her neighbor Callahan (I love the name Callahan, by the way). She accidentally hits him with a hockey stickd then a couple of other times too. Luckily, he has a well-developed sense of humor. He also appreciates that Grace's neurotic tendencies can be construed as cute instead of completely insane.On [...]

    19. I enjoyed the couple’s relationship, but I didn’t care for Grace’s ponderings and the Margaret subplotORY BRIEF:Grace is a high school history teacher engaged to Andrew. Andrew fell in love with Grace’s younger sister and broke up with Grace. Grace made up a fictitious boyfriend. Grace’s family is an eclectic mix of people who cause a variety of discomforts for Grace. Grace has a good heart, and she wishes her family would stop doing certain things. She continues making up lies to deal [...]

    20. I absolutely loved it! This is the first book I've read by this author but I'm positive it won't be my last. Between Grace, her grandma Meme, and her sister Margs, you'll be laughing out loud from page one. All the characters are well developed and it makes you feel like you're apart of it too. Callahan. What can I say. The almost perfect man, he's looking for the same things she's looking for. There's only one slight imperfection, at least in the eyes of her family. The only thing I didn't like [...]

    21. Eh. What's sad is that I liked it quite a bit until the last 50 or so pages. H/H have a fight about something really stupid ((view spoiler)[Seriously, how does it even make sense? She can look past the massive and frankly damaging lies he has told, but one lie that hurts no one is a deal-breaker for him? That's completely stupid. (hide spoiler)]), and it really wrecked the couple for me. I was hoping the author would salvage it with the hero having a come-to-Jesus moment of realization (view spo [...]

    22. Funny book. Great characters. I hated the heroine's family with the passion of a thousand burning suns. I still wish they had been eaten by zombies, but, alas, that would be a different genre.

    23. Normally, I prefer reading historical romances to contemporaries, but Kristan Higgins is among the very, very few exceptions. It's finally dawned on me, though, that I gravitate so strongly towards KH's contemporary romances because most of them aren't truly romances. As many other reviewers have noted, the majority of Higgins' novels seem to qualify more as 'chick lit' (argh---hate that term!); fiction that explores myriad facets of a woman's life. Romance is PART of her novels, of course, but [...]

    24. Grace feels the need to once again create a fictional beau. It worked when she was a girl and a teen, and it should work now. This time it's to fend off the sympathy and concern generated by friends and family because her fiancee cried because he fell in love with her perfect little sister. (For once, little sis is not a conniving bitch and genuinely loves Grace, but, heh, Grace still got dumped three weeks before her wedding.)Grace's lies take little effort as she's been down this road before, [...]

    25. This was funny , very well written but it lacks strong bonding between H n h . h was such a pushover , yep she was too good to be true but she gets dumped by H for not being honest hahaha crap .History teacher and an ex-con , living next door . Well it sounds pretty exciting but it isn't, its more about h's ex-fiance who fell in love with h's sister 3 weeks prior to their marriage . Gosh I didn't like her oh-so-sweet-sister , smiling sympathetically always but not a bit shameful for setting up [...]

    26. Grace is a little too saintly. I mean, come on, her fiance broke up with her in favor of her younger sister! Higgins writes wonderful characters, but Grace needed a backbone.

    27. You can find this review in English below.No estoy muy segura de que esto de las Chick-Lit vaya a ser para mí… Esta es la primera que leo y aunque empezó muy divertida acabó como el rosario de la Aurora.A ver, la cosa se veía venir. Mentir para salir del atolladero es algo que todo el mundo ha hecho alguna vez. Lo malo (y difícil) es la continuación de esa mentira. Para mí ha sido el jarro de agua fría. Lo que empezó como algo gracioso y un poco embarazoso terminó siendo digno de lá [...]

    28. This probably deserves more than one star, but nope. I am giving it a simple emotional rating. As in I really didn't like this book. This was one of those intentionally awkward romantic comedies and was all about the ridiculous, over-the-top, embarrasing situations this woman kept getting herself into. If you remove that from the story there wasn't anything else left to carry the plot, so no thank you. I finished it just to say I finished it, and because I didn't (quite) hate it enough to DNF.

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