The Parasites

The Parasites When people play the game Name three or four persons whom you would choose to have with you on a desert island they never choose the Delaneys They don t even choose us one by one as individuals We h

  • Title: The Parasites
  • Author: Daphne du Maurier Julie Myerson
  • ISBN: 9781844080724
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Paperback
  • When people play the game Name three or four persons whom you would choose to have with you on a desert island , they never choose the Delaneys They don t even choose us one by one as individuals We have earned, not always fairly we consider, the reputation of being difficult guests Maria, Niall and Celia have grown up in the shadow of their famous parents the When people play the game Name three or four persons whom you would choose to have with you on a desert island , they never choose the Delaneys They don t even choose us one by one as individuals We have earned, not always fairly we consider, the reputation of being difficult guests Maria, Niall and Celia have grown up in the shadow of their famous parents their father, a flamboyant singer and their mother, a talented dancer Now pursuing their own creative dreams, all three siblings feel an undeniable bond, but it is Maria and Niall who share the secret of their parents pasts Alternately comic and poignant, The Parasites is based on the artistic milieu its author knew best, and draws the reader effortlessly into that magical world About The Author About the Author Born in London, the daughter of an actor, Gerald Du Maurier, and granddaughter of the novelist Goerge Du Maurier, Daphne Du Maurier was educated in Paris Of her early life she wrote, The Du Maurier family, like every other family in England, lived without fear of the future, happy in the security they believed to be enduring In 1932 she married Lieutenant General Sir Frederick Browning and moved to Cornwall, where she has lived most of her life Du Maurier began writing short stories of mystery and suspense for magazines in 1925, a collection of which appeared as The Apple Tree in 1952 Her first novel, The Loving Tree, was published in 1931 She followed with two novels that enjoyed moderate success Then, in 1936, she published Jamaica Inn, the first of the mystery suspense romances that were to make her famous Her most successful novel, Rebecca, appeared in 1938 Du Maurier s tightly woven, highly suspenseful plots and her strong characters make her stories perfect for adaptation to film or television Among her many novels that were made into successful films are Jamaica Inn, Rebecca, Frenchman s Creek 1941 , Hungry Hill 1943 , My Cousin Rachel 1952 , and The Scapegoat

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    1. Daphne du Maurier Julie Myerson

      If Daphne du Maurier had written only Rebecca, she would still be one of the great shapers of popular culture and the modern imagination Few writers have created magical and mysterious places than Jamaica Inn and Manderley, buildings invested with a rich character that gives them a memorable life of their own.In many ways the life of Daphne du Maurier resembles a fairy tale Born into a family with a rich artistic and historical background, the daughter of a famous actor manager, she was indulged as a child and grew up enjoying enormous freedom from financial and parental restraint She spent her youth sailing boats, travelling on the Continent with friends, and writing stories A prestigious publishing house accepted her first novel when she was in her early twenties, and its publication brought her not only fame but the attentions of a handsome soldier, Major later Lieutenant General Sir Frederick Browning, whom she married.Her subsequent novels became bestsellers, earning her enormous wealth and fame While Alfred Hitchcock s film based upon her novel proceeded to make her one of the best known authors in the world, she enjoyed the life of a fairy princess in a mansion in Cornwall called Menabilly, which served as the model for Manderley in Rebecca.Daphne du Maurier was obsessed with the past She intensively researched the lives of Francis and Anthony Bacon, the history of Cornwall, the Regency period, and nineteenth century France and England, Above all, however, she was obsessed with her own family history, which she chronicled in Gerald a Portrait , a biography of her father The du Mauriers , a study of her family which focused on her grandfather, George du Maurier, the novelist and illustrator for Punch The Glassblowers , a novel based upon the lives of her du Maurier ancestors and Growing Pains , an autobiography that ignores nearly 50 years of her life in favour of the joyful and romantic period of her youth Daphne du Maurier can best be understood in terms of her remarkable and paradoxical family, the ghosts which haunted her life and fiction.While contemporary writers were dealing critically with such subjects as the war, alienation, religion, poverty, Marxism, psychology and art, and experimenting with new techniques such as the stream of consciousness, du Maurier produced old fashioned novels with straightforward narratives that appealed to a popular audience s love or fantasy, adventure, sexuality and mystery At an early age, she recognised that her readership was comprised principally of women, and she cultivated their loyal following through several decades by embodying their desires and dreams in her novels and short stories.In some of her novels, however, she went beyond the technique of the formulaic romance to achieve a powerful psychological realism reflecting her intense feelings about her father, and to a lesser degree, her mother This vision, which underlies Julius , Rebecca and The Parasites , is that of an author overwhelmed by the memory of her father s commanding presence In Julius and The Parasites, for example, she introduces the image of a domineering but deadly father and the daring subject of incest.In Rebecca , on the other hand, du Maurier fuses psychological realism with a sophisticated version of the Cinderella story The nameless heroine has been saved from a life of drudgery by marrying a handsome, wealthy aristocrat, but unlike the Prince in Cinderella, Maxim de Winter is old enough to be the narrator s father The narrator thus must do battle with The Other Woman the dead Rebecca and her witch like surrogate, Mrs Danvers to win the love of her husband and father figure.

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    1. i'm still thinking about this book three days later. it differs from other du maurier works in that there isn't anything gothic or spooky about it. the parasites is a novel of three siblings, two of whom are not related to each other by blood: maria, the daughter of a famous singer who marries an even more famous dancer who has a son named niall born in the same year as maria, and celia, the daughter the two artists come to have together. it is told mostly in flashback: the three siblings are ca [...]

    2. Was it all illusion?The Delaney siblings, nearing 40, are startled tohear the husband of one call them "parasites." Hisnasty liner isn't true. Maria (wife of a stuffedshirt landowner) is a top actress in the West End.The popular songs of her bro Niall have made himrich & famous. The youngest Delaney, Celia, has spenther life doing for family. All three are compositesof DdM.She comes w a brand name : grandfather George wrote"Trilby." Papa Gerald, a celebrated actor-producer, gave Tallulah her [...]

    3. I was not prepared for how fascinating and beautiful this novel is. Yes, Sketchbook and Maureen of had recommended it, but I suppose I had Du Maurier's biographer (Margaret Forster) in my ear: there are three Du Maurier novels that remain masterpieces; this was not of them. In fact, checking now, I do not even find it in her index though I know it was mentioned, at least a couple of times, in her text. Richly imagined, original in its execution, this is a novel as much about art, the life of ar [...]

    4. اصلا انتظار نداشتم اینجوری تموم بشه! اصلا!و خب تو شوکم الاناز خط اول تا آخر با سه شخصیت ماریا، نیال و سیلیا خو گرفته بودم و واقعا انتظار چنین پایانی رو نداشتم. احساس کردم همه چیز درونم خالی شد :|خود داستان جالب بود. از حال شروع میشه و از یه جایی به بعد میره تو گذشته و دوران بچگی ای [...]

    5. 1. Dahphne du Maurier lesen? Ich muss mit einem Geständnis beginnen: ich habe diese Autorin unterschätzt. Sie hat die Vorlagen für Hitchcocks DIE VÖGEL, JAMAICA INN und REBECCA geschrieben, und auch die Erzählung WENN DIE GONDELN TRAUER TRAGEN, die 1973 Vorlage zu einem erfolgreichen Film wurde. Es scheint, als sollte man sich ihrer, wenn überhaupt, vorzugsweise erinnern als Autorin von Romanen und Erzählungen, die durch großartige Verfilmungen bekannt wurden. Und eben das hieße, Daphne [...]

    6. Holy underrated book, Batman! I actually liked this one quite a bit more than Rebecca and the only thing keeping it from being five stars was that I kept getting distracted by the weird choice for the book's narrator. This story followed the lives of three semi-related siblings, Niall, Maria, and Celia. All of them having at least one parent different from the other. The narrator appears to be either a conglomeration of all three siblings or an omnicient unnamed, unvoiced fourth sibling. A littl [...]

    7. I am really beginning to become a du Maurier fan. I find that her books are very easy to read, while still well written. There was nothing "spooky" about this story, as most of her other novels seem to have that common theme. The story revolves around three siblings who "feed off of each other" in a negative way throughout their lives. The story and the interaction between the characters really had me engrossed from the beginning. It might have been a five-star read for me, had the ending been b [...]

    8. "Parasites affect their hosts by feeding upon their living tissues or cells, and the intensity of the effect upon the hosts ranges from the slightest local injury to complete destruction." The Encyclopedia Britannica (quoted from the book). My, my, another highly ambiguous ending from Dame Du Maurier and I'm still scratching my head wondering what to make of it. The three Delaney siblings are Maria the actress, Niall the song-writer and Celia the only child parented by Maria's father and Niall's [...]

    9. The Parasites has a funny status among du Maurier books. Lacking the popular appeal of her thrillers, it bemused readers on first release and has remained virtually unknown ever since. This attitude seems all the odder when you consider it's probably the most autobiographical of her works. The superficially charming, high maintenance Pappy, given to ringing declarations such as "I pack for all eternity," is her father Gerald to the life.Simply put, it's the story of three 'siblings' (family is a [...]

    10. Filled with character stories and sordid affairs, this book had me riveted. I couldn't put it down. The only reason that I didn't give it five stars was I was highly disappointed in the end. It's not like one of those endings where it's not what you want, so you're disappointed - no, it just kind of trails off. I suppose du Maurier wants the reader to draw her own conclusions, and I always hate endings like that.I loved how suggestive du Maurier could be without crossing the boundary into smut. [...]

    11. I have a hard time rating this book. It's not so much of a novel as a character study. In fact, I think most of these chapters could stand on their own as little character study short stories. This is not any kind of mystery or gothic book like Rebecca but rather just a kind of "day in the life" with lots of flashbacks. The slow pace, relationships focus, and tiny movements that represented or eventually developed into something large reminded me a bit of Edith Wharton.The thing is, The Parasite [...]

    12. Unlike so many of du Maurier's novels, there's nothing gothic-romantic about this book, but there is a mystery, namely: Why would a writer capable of Rebecca, Frenchman's Creek, The Scapegoat and so many others take the trouble to write a whole book about the Delaneys? "Pappy" is so selfish that it never even occurs to him that he has destroyed his youngest daughter's life by insisting she remain his personal nursemaid. Maria is amoral, petty, manipulative, neglectful of her children. Niall is a [...]

    13. i liked the premise but the execution was kind of lacklustre. Like it had the element of ~things are dark but we are too posh and uptight and english to talk about it properly~ that Rebecca has but it was a lot less compelling? A little bit disappointing tbh

    14. Now that I've finished The Parasites, I'm interested in finding out how it was received back in 1949. Content-wise, at least, stepsibling incest and statutory rape are well-trodden literary grounds by now; however, du Maurier's subtlety--the way she creates the explanations in the gaps, the way she portrays the unspokenness of the "shocking" elements through vivid, suggestive details--was pretty neat.This is the third book by du Maurier I've read this year, and I'm finding her work immensely ski [...]

    15. Despite loving du Maurier, I had never heard of 'The Parasites' until I discovered it in a local second-hand book store. Despite not really having a clue what this novel was about, it really cemented my belief that sometimes reading a novel by a favourite author can be a really wonderful experience, and that is certainly true of my reading of this novel.'The Parasites' begins with the Delaney siblings; Maria, Niall and Celia, being in Maria's marital home with her husband Charles. When he sudden [...]

    16. I parassiti (The Parasites) è, credo, un'opera minore di Daphne du Maurier, che è nota ovviamente per il grande Rebecca. Dopo aver letto Rebecca e La cugina Rachele, ho trovato I parassiti molto diverso: non c'è un'ambientazione gotica o una persona misteriosa che potrebbe o meno essere un'abile assassina. Si tratta infatti di un'indagine psicologica e di una saga familiare insieme. I Delaney stanno trascorrendo una domenica piovosa in una magione di campagna. Sono Celia, Maria e Niall, non p [...]

    17. I read this immediately after I had read Captivated with its description of the entanglements between The playwright J.M. Barrie, and the Du Maurier family so this gave the novel extra elements for me. Though the tone of the novel is classic Du Maurier laced with nostalgia and loss and the sense of time passing the plot is a departure from the high romantic tone of many of her other novels. In this novel she writes of a theatrical setting that would have been familiar to her as a child and uses [...]

    18. For this novel, I'd put du Maurier in the same box as Waugh and Fitzgerald. But it wasn't enough to be in the same box as Shelley.Her writing was exquisite and the character building was magical. However, I found the storyline a little bit dull. Every time I wanted to stop reading this novel, one of the characters will burst into series of riveting monologue and open interesting philosophical exploration; on allusion of God, intricate relationships between a Mother and her son, between a Father [...]

    19. I've rather shamefully never read any of Du Maurier's books aside from Rebecca so picked this up to rectify that! I'm glad I did as I really enjoyed it. It seems Du Maurier is very good at writing about spoilt upper classes and that is effectively what this book is about. It takes place, in the most part, over the space of one day and the story unfolds in flashback. There's also a fantastic 'Weekend in the country' scene which made me laugh out loud. Worth reading for that alone.The characters ( [...]

    20. Not one of Du Maurier's most famous novels, but one of her very best, maybe because, for once, it's not a gothic mystery. Du Maurier's style isn't extraordinarily inventive, but it's very solid, accurate, and she has a gift for telling compelling stories with great characters. This novel about a family of artists and the complex ties that bind them all has more depth than one could expect and is the kind of book you want to read by a fire on a winter night.

    21. I wasn't sure at first. This is very much a character study rather than straight forward narrative but crickey, once you get absorbed into their world and lifestyle it's compelling stuff. And like all du Maurier, has a great ending that left me contemplative and satisfied.

    22. A story about dissipation, inappropriate family ties, and the perversity of the rich and famous. Salacious, but also genuinely literary and unsettling. Loved it.

    23. The backward glances at the careers of the young Delaneys reveal vistas of a vanishing Europe rich in colour and throbbing with old gaiety. The clash of the impulsive, artistic family with the calculating, aristocratic one is extremely well worked out. Above all, the three young Delaneys are characters one accepts as authentic.One of the few books - if the only book - by du Maurier that is set at roughly the time it was written (it was published in 1949 and set in the 1930s and 1940s) and is a s [...]

    24. Daphne du Maurier è chiaramente conosciuta e associata ad Alfred Hitchcock per "Rebecca, la prima moglie" e per "Gli Uccelli", ma in realtà è una scrittrice coi contro-fiocchi. Giochi psicologici nella descrizone dei personaggi, ossessioni e ansie popolano tutte le persone che incontriamo in questo libro. Libro ambientato in una Londra degli anni '50 tra artisti attori e palchi. Accidentalmente questa mia copia dei 'Parassiti' regalatami a natale era una copia 'fallata', mancante di circa 30 [...]

    25. Having read many of Daphne Du Mauriers other books I was not disappointed with The Parasites. The complicated relationship between Maria, Niall and Celia is explored through revisiting the past in a way that Daphne does so well. The passage through their lives does enlighten you in some way as to why the children behave as they do. You can also tell that Daphne writes from experience as the children live in France for a time, just as she did herself. The ending is again rather strange and you ar [...]

    26. Loved itThis book is really good, well written as always with Du Maurier's work. The siblings have a sad childhood which carries over to adulthood. The parents who cherish their careers over the children actually mirror those of today resulting in troubled children growing up lost and needy. Celia was basically a saint, while Maria and the boy were selfish and obviously unnaturally close. I didn't like Maria but did pity her. This is a good book club book as there are plenty of topics to discuss [...]

    27. There wasn't a lot to this book, the characters were not very likeable, whether they were selfish or mean or just pathetic, but there was a sense of some kind of big climax. This climax just never happens. There isn't much of a conclusion, the story just sort of fizzles out and no one really concludes anything. I read this on a recommendation and think I would read more Daphne De Maurier books but maybe I would pick something with the promise of a bit more of a story to it.

    28. Recommended by Slightly Foxed Books: "Novels You Must Read". Thanks Slightly Foxed! I'm such a Daphne du Marier fan, but I hadn't been able to get my hands on a copy of this until now. This is what she does best- the layers in relationships, the inner workings of a mind. I enjoyed it from start to finish.

    29. This is a classic - it reaches into the darkest part of the human mind and soul and then drags your innermost thoughts out to be exposed. One may have hidden your tots and fears beneath your job, yur family, your talents - but this book challenges you to think about the truth

    30. I really enjoyed reading the Parasites. Du Maurier writes beautifully, the characters were lively, unusual, even fascinating and the plot had everything a plot should have. In one scene I just laughed out loud - rare treat in many modern novels. I was so sorry to finish it.

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