கி.மு கி.பி [Ki.Mu Ki.Pi]

Ki Mu Ki Pi

  • Title: கி.மு கி.பி [Ki.Mu Ki.Pi]
  • Author: Madhan மதன்
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  • Page: 310
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      310 Madhan மதன்
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    About "Madhan மதன்"

    1. Madhan மதன்

      whose real name is Maadapoosi Krishnaswamy Govinda Kumar, is a famous Tamil cartoonist, journalist, writer and film critic who works for Ananda Vikatan magazine, a leading Tamil weekly During 1970s, he started his career as cartoonist at Ananda Vikatan magazine Later he was assistant editor of Ananda Vikatan and Junior Vikatan Tamil weekly.

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    1. வரலாறை அவ்வளவு சுவாரசியமாக சொல்ல மதனால் மட்டும் தான் முடியும்.முதல் "ஆதிமனிதன்" ஒரு பெண் என்பது விஞ்ஞானபூர்வமான உண்மை. இதுதான் இந்த புத்தகத்தின் முதல் வரி. ஆதாரம் : மூன்று லட்சம் ஆண்டுகள [...]

    2. உலகில் முதலில் தோன்றியது பெண். அதாவது, ஆதாம் அல்ல "ஏவாள்' தான் என்கிறார் மதன். விஞ்ஞான அடிப்படையில் அதை உறுதியாகக் கூறிவிட்டு, "அட, சக்தி இல்லையேல் சிவம் இல்லை என்பது உண்மைதான்!' என "லோக்கல் [...]

    3. Book starts off with the beginning of time. The writer Madhan emphasizes that first man on earth is not a man but it’s a woman from Africa. That’s an interesting fact. Book touches on various empires throughout the time that shaped up the culture of the earth that we live including the great Persian Empire and Greek Empire. But the book misses so much on Roman Empire that has played the key role in the human revolution. Books wraps up after covering up about “Maurya Empire” and how they [...]

    4. An interesting book, written by Madhan, in a very interesting language! Written in 190 pages, Ki.Mu Ki.Pi talks about the history of mankind. This book is a lot of things in one, filled with amazing stories and facts.

    5. வரிகள் உரையாடலைவிட எளிமையாக அமைத்தது அற்புதம்.மனிதனுக்கு மனிதனைப்பற்றி அறிய வேண்டிய அத்தியாவசிய செய்திகளை இதைவிட தெளிவாக சொல்ல முடிவதென்பது சற்று கடினம்தான் :)

    6. 'கி.மு கி.பி' என்று புத்தகம் பெயர் கொண்டிருந்தாலும் இது விவரிப்பது கி.மு மட்டுமே. ஒரு வரலாற்றுப் புத்தகம் படிக்கும் களைப்பு சிறிதும் இல்லாமல் படிக்க முடிந்தது. காரணம் - மதன் . கார்ட்டூன் ப [...]

    7. To make it short and sweet , it was a time travel. The history before the birth of Christ is very well redefined in an elegant manner, which would attract the attention of even the history haters in deed. As it started from the birth of the first homo sapien, there were many new facts which knocked my mind and put me in awe. Which is the first gender in the earth ? Female. Is our fore fathers are monkeys ? Did the human sapien lived in the era of dinosaurs ? Who is the first eve ? Is that Lilith [...]

    8. Read this, if u are curious and ever thought to get answers for these questions?or wondered why very often we use many words in English evolved from greek? Do u know the reason for the naming of Police? Why do medical students take HIPPOCRATIC oath during their convocation? Why MARATHON race is called so? Why Socrates was given poison and he willingly accept it? Why Mauryas are always remembered by greatest ever dynasty of Indian Kingdom and what is the role of Chandragupta Maurya in it? We all [...]

    9. Nocover-blank-133x176கி.மு கி.பி [Ki.Mu Ki.Pi]byMadhanOther editionsReadRate this book1 of 5 stars2 of 5 stars3 of 5 stars4 of 5 stars5 of 5 starsகி.மு கி.பி [Ki.Mu Ki.Pi]

    10. Best book in history which deals with the great dynasties,philosophers in a neat mannerIt creates interest and made me read continuously

    11. மதனுக்கு வரைபடமும் நகைச்சுவையும் மட்டும் தான் தெரியும் என்ற எனது எண்ணம் மாறிப்போனது.

    12. I think everyone hate social science in school, but the way the author describes is making us to seet and read. when I see the tittle I thought author going to give some brief and events of both BC and AC, but author did not say anything about AC just 2 page. but the book is really good.

    13. The Author has explained the history from the origin of human species to ashoka emperor in a neat and chronological order. The history before BC(Before christ), the major emperors, oldest civilizations and philisophors are covered neatly. This book is for someone who wants to learn little insight on what was happening in the world in BC.

    14. புக் என்னமோ 190 பக்கங்கள் தான். ஆனா மதன் கலெக்ட் பண்ண விஷயம் இருக்கே.!!நம்ம உலகம் உருவானது தூசி துகள்கள் & கண்ணா பின்னானு மோதிய பாறைகளால் ஆனதுன்னு ஆரம்பிச்சு, கொரங்கு, ஏவாள், ஹம்முரப்ஹி, எகி [...]

    15. This book gives you the detailed info of the various civilizations which made us what we are now. Made me travel backward through the time machine to the unseen world of our forefathers. It entirely captured my imaginative skills, some of the facts in this book made me dumb stuck and astonished

    16. The book started with inspiring information and geological findings, but lost its root and way getting confused on how to go about. It could either have concentrated on other parts and while coming to india could have continued on the same. But covering world here and there in parts and coming to india and covering them in part was something made me feel disappointed.Having read vandhargal vendrargal earlier expected that kind of a book with so much information but at-last when the expectation d [...]

    17. An amusing historical ride! If you are interested to read history and dont know where to start then this book will be a good choice. It is just a prototype and can help to decide what you want to read next if you are new to history. And now I am interested to read more about indus valley civilisation and Chandragupta Maurya. Ironically, this history book never bores you and thats because of the way it was narrated. Eventhough I can finish it in a day, I took a week just to prolong the excitement [...]

    18. One of those rare books in Tamil that are on world history and at the same time is quite readable. Even though there are some inaccuracies, the point here is to introduce regional readers to world history. Madhan covers topics ranging from Babylon and ancient Greece to Chankya and the Mauryan dynasty. This is an easy read and I highly recommend it to everyone looking to read a Tamil take on world history.

    19. Nice history of worldGood summary of the world in a manner which is understandable by common manAnyone who is interested in evolution and world history and it's relation with India should read this book

    20. a book on the search of evovution of mankind and thier culture that too in tamil <3 this is why he is one of my favourite author

    21. Looked more like cut and paste type of book. Was not enjoyable or knowledgeable. But can be kept as reference book.

    22. Good readingCould get a comprehensive understanding on the world history before Christ era. Most of the contents are apparently fact based and made it realistic

    23. A to Z journey about the earth. I was already a fan of Mr. Madhan but after reading this, Im a die hard fan of him. Im fascinated by how his brains work

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