The Dark Side of Desire

The Dark Side of Desire She could run but she couldn t hide No longer the shattered teenager who had left Thornley vowing never to return Rebecca Shaw had come to terms with the legacy of Jay Lorence s betrayal and had buil

  • Title: The Dark Side of Desire
  • Author: Michelle Reid
  • ISBN: 9780373115334
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • She could run but she couldn t hide.No longer the shattered teenager who had left Thornley vowing never to return, Rebecca Shaw had come to terms with the legacy of Jay Lorence s betrayal and had built a new life on HER terms But her mother needed her now and nothing could keep Rebecca from going home.Ten years melted in Jay s embrace his kiss reopened old woundsShe could run but she couldn t hide.No longer the shattered teenager who had left Thornley vowing never to return, Rebecca Shaw had come to terms with the legacy of Jay Lorence s betrayal and had built a new life on HER terms But her mother needed her now and nothing could keep Rebecca from going home.Ten years melted in Jay s embrace his kiss reopened old wounds and ignited forgotten temptations Every instinct warned her to run before her hard worked for peace and stability came crashing down.Rebecca had a new life one she had no intention of letting Jay invade But keeping a man like Jay at arm s length was next to impossible especially when it wasn t what she really wanted to do.

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    1. Michelle Reid

      Hi, my name is Michelle Reid and I ve been writing for Harlequin Mills Boon for the last twenty years, and the crazy part about it is that I only realised it had been twenty years while updating this page So, hang on for a minute while I take this huge milestone in.Twenty years with almost forty books published or in the pipeline I know it isn t a great average when compared with some authors but it sounds pretty good to me So what was I doing twenty years ago before I wrote books Well, I did the all of the usual things, like growing up and attending school, finishing at secretarial college, which I hated, then spent the next several years wandering aimlessly from job to job Eventually I met my husband, we married and produced two daughters who then grew up and between them presented us with two gorgeous grandsons and one beautiful granddaughter But I m getting ahead of myself Somewhere in between my girls growing up and the grandchildren arriving on the scene, I started writing To this day I don t know why, unless it was a natural progression from my never being without a book close by often several because books have always been an important part of my life for as far back as I can recall.So, I started to write, by hand at first, scribbling short stories in notebooks which never saw the light of day At some point I discovered Mills Boon Romance books and that was pretty much it for me I d found my new love, as in reading romantic fiction and inevitably writing it too.So twenty years on and almost forty books on, here I am still writing and still loving it

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    1. I am one sick puppy. Yes, I am.Why, you ask?Because I am unable to not like these angsty reads. The secret babies, the cruel heroes, the nasty other women! Oh! How titillating! :)In real life, if somebody told me…’Well, my ex, the one I suspect asked me to have an abortion after calling me a whore, made me remember why I fell in love with him-but then he told me it was all a plot to make me give him his son. He then proceeded to touch me sexually, and I had to surrender to him.’i would say [...]

    2. Re The Dark Side of Desire - Michelle Reid does the emo wrecki angstfest trainwreck in this one and in that respect, this book is an HP classic. I vacillate a lot on this one, it never fails to keep me enthralled, but I almost always have to do some drywall repair after I re-read it. I just can't seem to help the gut wrenching reaction I always have when I read this book, so for that alone, I give it high marks. The premise of this one is that the h is 26 and a budding English version of Coco Ch [...]

    3. This is Michelle Reid at her finest. We have a secret baby plot, an uncompromising father who sets the heroine up to abort his own grandchild, an evil evil OW who manipulates and destroys everything that gets in her way, a mother who turns her back on her child to uphold an antiquated class system, and above all a love that transcends everything. Phew.It does not get better than this.

    4. Oh, lots of angst here for you angst lovers as H/h were victims of forces in their family and community, which were beyond their control. I can't rate if higher because of the extremely young age of the heroine when she was sexually involved with the university grad hero. 16 might be legal, but it doesn't show the hero in a good light. It certainly didn't show the h's housekeeper mother in a good light when she said she knew about the affair, but was hoping her daughter could one day end up lady [...]

    5. It seems as though I automatically reach for the really intense and dramatic Harlequin Presents books when I need to escape in a book. "The Dark Side of Desire" is definitely a book of that caliber.Rebecca and Jay learn that you can only run from a painful past for so long. Rebecca had excellent reasons for leaving the small village she'd lived her whole life, the man who she adored so much. She was driven away by ugly lies and collusions of people who didn't want her and Jay to be together. She [...]

    6. I like this book just for the novelty of it.The heroine is the housekeepers daughter, she and the boss's son start something up. Of course he has to date the neighbor and take her to all the events because he can't take the heroine. For one thing she's too young16? to his 20. His father wants him to start from the bottom up in the company so he goes to America for a year to do just that. The heroine finds out she's pregnant and writes to him. What follows is so stupid that it can only happen in [...]

    7. Awesome read. As a teen, Rebecca loves Jay, and she believes he returns her love. After he leaves the country on business, she finds herself pregnant, and writes to him. The letter is stolen by jealous Olivia, and Rebecca is ultimately forced to leave home and have her baby alone.Ten years go by before the two lovers meet again. With Olivia is still around, trying to cause harm again,trying to re-start the rumors Jay-Rebecca both truly loved each other but manipulations,lies n deceit destroyed t [...]

    8. 4.5 starsMichelle Reid's books are either a big hit or a giant miss for me. This one hit almost all I wanted except a public humiliation of the OW. Well written, likable, well developed characters, sound plot. good amount of angst.

    9. This was another good, angsty MR HP. The hero wasn't an asshat in this, which is often the case. He certainly acted like one at times, but it was clearly not his true nature. All the conflict/misunderstanding was the result of the manipulations of others. The poor h was put through the ringer. Lots of angst and I did like how the H handled the situation once he realized that she'd never betrayed him. Still, I'm not sure how he couldn't find her as he claimed he'd tried to do during the 10yrs she [...]

    10. Good angsty story but it really needed an epilogue. Plus hero lost 10 years of his sons life. I wanted to seem them bonding accepting and loving each other. I felt that Kit never accepted his father and that was kind of sad. Bittersweet book.

    11. I pulled this one off the pile as part of my Old/Vintage HP Binge today. And I'm glad that I did. It has all the elements that make the older HP books packed a very powerful punch! The anger, the angst, and the passion all sucked me in that I read it in one sitting - to the point that I've forgotten about my lunch. I was completely moved and my heart broke while reading this love story of Jay and Rebecca. Their love for each other radiates off the pages even after ten long years. The Dark Side o [...]

    12. It says a lot about an author's writing when there is a couple of major things I hate about the book and it still ends up with a 4 star.Heroine is 16. I hate this with such venom that I could puke, collect it and imagine throwing it violently at the H. Unless he was 18/19, then ok, I can get with the program. Hormones. Youth. Got it. But he's NOT. He's about 23. And worse, we find out later in the story that her mum kind of guessed thier sexual relations and so did the nice gardener but instead [...]

    13. I just love this book. I just reread it and gave it a higher score. I was just so glad that he never slept with Olivia the snake. I really hated the hero when he found out about his son and was so mean to her. He actually hit her and that was inexcusable. I understand why he was angry but it was just so awful. And then at the end, he said he knew that the baby wasn't Joe's but he treated her like he didn't know. That was confusing. I did like that he really really loved her and let her know that [...]

    14. Still on a reunion binge at the moment. I love this story of young love betrayed and the strength of that love even after ten years apart.Jay and Rebecca were young lovers at the opposite end of the social divide, he the favoured son and she the housekeepers daughter. The machinations of those around them tore them apart and left them both bitter and angry.When they meet again, that emotion explodes, but cannot hide the strong attraction they still feel. When Rebecca's long held secret is reveal [...]

    15. Normally, a book with a secret baby theme will turn into an instant wall-banger for me. However, in this book, I didnt find it offensive since she did everything she possibly could to tell the hero (all a misunderstanding).All in all, this was an enjoyable book about a childhood friendship and of a everlasting love that endures all hardship.

    16. 4 1/2 Stars ~ Not yet 17, Rebecca had fallen in love with Jay, 23. They'd grown up together on Jay's family estate - she's the housekeeper's daughter. Having completed his university, Jay's home and they share a glorious summer before he must start working for the family firm but in America. Vowing that after his year away, he'll be back to marry her, Jay leaves. But he's gone barely a week when Becky discovers she's pregnant and so she writes him a frantic letter to come home to her. A week aft [...]

    17. This was a fairly entertaining read. At least 3.5 stars rounded up if not a firm 4.The h, Rebecca, is the lowly housekeeper's daughter who grows up coming in second to the rich and snotty employers of her parents. The H, Jay, is the snots' emotionally neglected son who looks past the h's lower status and falls in love with her and they have a secret summer of love when she's 16 and he's 23. (FYI, we're not to be horrified by the statutory rape angle. It's a non-issue here ;D). The very minute he [...]

    18. Ridiculous and stupid. Oh, and there's the fact that the hero gets the heroine pregnant when she is 16 and he is 23 years old. In the Western world he would be considered a pedophile. Want grosser than that? Consider the fact that he had been sticking his tongue down her throat since she was 15 and he was 22!!!!!As for the storyline it was completely and utterly implausible, unbelievable and just plain stupid. Home girl finds out that she is pregnant while the hero is away in America. She writes [...]

    19. This one was just so so for me. Somehow I didn't care about the angst quite as much as I have with other MR books. I think because a lot of it was based on miscommunication. Even at the end the story dragged on because the heroine didn't want to tell the hero that his father was the one who sent her away. She had no real reason for that, no reason to try to protect the hero from this knowledge. It just hadn't been set up to be any big deal about the dad and the heroine should have been able to s [...]

    20. I can't stand darn secret baby books! They really upset me. This is the only case, however, where she was justifiedI just think she should have tried to contact SOMEONE in the 9 years since her forced departure.

    21. It was a good oneI really felt too bad for the heroineShe was just 16 & nobody was by her sideMost of all her own mother, inspite of knowing the truth didn't careAlso, in the flashback, hero wanted her not to go with any boy but why did he go with another girlOk, even if I understand he could 't take heroine with him due to his father, there was no need for him to goHe could have avoidedHypocriteAnyway, other than that it was not his fault what happened with her as we come to know laterGosh! [...]

    22. 4 OMG!!! Stars “You've always been an inconvenience, I decided years ago that it was to be my karma to have Rebecca Shaw as the inconvenience of my life.”This book….I just have no words…A 23 year old Jay Lorence has a torrid affair with the housekeepers daughter over the summer and then leaves to work in America. Once he’s gone, Becky learns she’s pregnant and instead of being supported or helped, she is given money, told to about her baby and thrown out of the only home she has ever [...]

    23. “ The Dark Side of Desire” is the story Rebecca and Jay.The book involves a teenage couple madly in love, separated for years by lies of evil family and friends and reuniting by circumstances in a whirl of passion.I really liked all the three characters- Rebecca, Jay and Kit. There is so much love and angst- but very justifiable.Yeah there’s a slap scene and loads of “bitch” but his anger was justifiable. On the other hand, the heroine was a strong successful lady well until she was ov [...]

    24. By reading "The Dark Side of Desire" i have come to realize thisis is my ABSULUTE FREAKING FAVOURITE BOOK BY REID!!!I love this one far more than i loved "The Ultimate Betrayal","Bellini Bride" and "Sicilian Seduction".His hands took hold of her again, tugging her around to face him, tall and dark, the power of his attraction hammering down on her senses, their mutual anger, their disdain of the other, their mutual exchange of insults adding an awareness of a different kind, and she shuddered in [...]

    25. I am in the midst of a binge-reading session and picked up this book because one of the forums promised that this had a scheming OW. Unlike the other books I've been reading, she's only present for about 20 per cent of this book, but the damage she causes is quite shocking. She probably is one of the most vindictive OWs I have read.The H and h are full of angst, but that changes quickly when the h finally fills her H on the full story. I really feel bad for couples that have stayed apart for ye [...]

    26. Rebecca made a life for herself after she was turned away from her hometown. Jay believed the worst of her and circumstances pushed her to come back. She tried very hard to keep her personal life to herself but things got out of hand and Jay was after her. And she was trapped.Jay was determined to have her at all cost and he will stake his claim on her and she cant do anything about it.********This is one great read. I enjoyed the fact that the h was able to redeem herself and made her life bett [...]

    27. This book has all my favorites ingredients: a reunion, an alpha male, a secret baby, a strong heroine and the Michelle Reid's writing style.So I couldn't help but fall in love.The build up tension between them was exciting. How much Jay loves his son and fight for him was heartbreaking. Plus Kit was a great kid, really real, a very well developed character.Also another thing that I love in most Michele Reid's books is that all mistakes, misunderstandings and secrets are revealed and solved yet i [...]

    28. Michelle Reid is the master of emotional stories! This is another winner. The Hero and heroine are childhood friends that become young lovers in their teens. However because of the lies and vicious scheming of another woman, they are separated for 10 years. The heroine Rebecca comes back when she finds out her mother is ill, this is the chance for them to meet again and repair a relationship that has been damaged by so many misunderstandings and years apart. It is patently obvious that the hero, [...]

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